1920s Mens Style

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In this video I explain the aesthetic idea of the early 1920s with a focus on Germany and the United States. This episode shall be the first part of a whole series about 1920s menswear. If you like to see more, please subscribe to my channel. If youd like to know where I buy my stuff, check my list of shops and brands here: http://vintagebursche.de/shops-and-brands You can also support me, by buying me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/vintagebursche Leave me a comment so I know what to ...!
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What Men REALLY Wore in The 1920s || Fashion Archaeology Ep. 2 Feel free to like, comment, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when I post something new to my channel! If you enjoy what I do, please support me on Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/uniquelymadison Welcome to the 1920s. The era of Art Deco, of Surrealism, of prohibition,of motorcars, telephones and electricity being available for the middle class. In 1920 women gain the right to vote. African Americans push for equality and bega...!
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For more style inspiration, follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vintagebursche (You will also find a lot of photos I used in the video there) Subscribe and leave me a comment on what to talk about next!...!
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This video is Fashion of the 1920s | Mens Fashion. Is a new series where i will talk about mens fashion trough the various decades (fashion history) and the first episode is about the fashion of the 20s. How to dress like 1920s HISTORY\STYLE 00:59 - 03:10 OUTFIT 03:19 - 04:14 Let me know in the comments if you enyojed this video so that i can do also other decades. Follow me also on: Blog:https://electroguide96.blogspot.com/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/noelbabatunde/ Facebook:https://ww...!
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Want to See the World’s Best 1920s Mens Fashion Style? Click here to visit our Gallery: http://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/1920s-mens-fashion-style-guide/ If you’re looking for the panacea of men’s fashion, you’d hardly have to look further than the 1920s. This decade was a time when fashion took a turn from the conservative, old styles into a new era of fashion. Although the early 20s didn’t see much in the way of new fashions, when you think of the dapper suits and dresse...!
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Whats up guys, there are a few way I feel you can improve your style and dress better..and these are them! Be sure to check out KK and Jay here: http://www.kkandjay.com/ and use the code COVE320 for 20% off!! So hopefully some of these tips can improve your style and get you ready for whatever you want to read :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: http://facebook.com/thejobrien Twitter: @thejobrien SnapChat: thejobrien I...!
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In todays interview, well talk to Ethan Wong, 20-year-old from Street Sprezza. In todays interview, Ethan shares: 1. How he was able to build a wardrobe on a few dollars & how you can do it too 2. What tricks he uses to find modern clothes that fit 3. Where he gets his stuff from & who inspires him 4. How people react to his outfits and more This interview is particularly helpful to young men, and teenagers who want to develop their own, classic style without breaking the bank. For more pictu...!
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Find out how they really looked in the Roaring 20s.See 1920s mens hairstyles and fashion featured on original trading cards that were issued during that exciting decade of decadence :)...!
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Video highlights include an illustrated panel discussion moderated by Tim Gunn of Project Runway, a vintage fashion show, and a dance performance by Fidgety Feet. Audience members were encouraged to dress in period-style costume. The program was free and open to the public and presented in partnership with the Art Deco Society of Washington. Watch the entire Youtube presentation: https://youtu.be/Gt2UHC9V240?t=900 This program was presented in conjunction with the exhibit Spirited Republic: Al...!
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100 Years of Fashion is back! This time, we’re giving the guys a go and recapping men’s style from 1915 to now. ★ Visit Glam for more: http://www.glam.com From seersucker suits and double-breasted blazers to Greased Lightning and hipster chic, we’re giving you 100 years of men’s fashion in less than three minutes. This is one history lesson—and hot bod!—you don’t want to miss. For more videos like this, visit us at Glam: http://www.glam.com ★ { Model } Matt https://instag...!
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As a young man developing your own style, you need to be out there experimenting and formulating your own opinion on what works and what doesnt work for you. And were here to help - in todays video, we give you 21 style tips for men in their 20s! 🔴Click here to read article: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/young-mens-style-tips/ Another great video? How to build an interchangeable wardrobe? - https://youtu.be/-I-Ep2o4PsU?list=PLbAUemeg-Kyd8oLh6BvETag5LYR-hkk6m Check out my favorite mens f...!
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Premium Grooming Products for the Modern Man: http://www.ZorianOfNewYork.com by Third Generation Master Barber Greg Zorian. Infused with Natural Ingredients. Made in the USA. Not tested on animals. Learn the art of barbering from Greg Zorian, streaming 24/7 in full HD, anywhere in the world. Start a free membership today! Learn from the world’s largest library of men’s haircutting videos, tutorials, step-by-step guides, and more! http://www.HowToCutHair.tv Like and Subscribe! Facebook: ht...!
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You will find everything in my list of shops and brands here: http://vintagebursche.de/shops-and-brands except the true vintage finds and the items that were made according to our sewing book. You can (pre-)order this sewing book here: https://vintagebursche.de/sewing-vintage-menswear/?lang=en (we also have a German hard copy version here https://vintagebursche.de/shop/) 00:00 Intro 00:26 The Working Class Shirt: Made according to our sewing book Tweed Trousers: John Crocket Braces: Thomas Far...!
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We talk about the progression from the Landsknecht legwear of the late 15th century to the popularity of Knickerbockers and Plusfors in the 1920s and 1930s. You can find Simon James Cathcart (the Norfolk jacket brand) here https://simonjamescathcart.com/ and here https://www.instagram.com/simonjamescathcart (Anzeige) Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! You can also follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vintagebursche My video/audio gear Camera: (DE) https://amzn.to/2TEDDUm (U...!
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How A Man Should Dress in His 20s. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses what he believes men should add to their style arsenals in their 20s. The key items that men should wear in their 20s are highlighted. New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing mens lifestyle topics such as mens style, mens fashion, grooming, and dating. Subscribe https://goo.gl/OrL9ro Contact [email protected] Cop A Feel by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https...!
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Help us to continue making quality content. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated. Please consider supporting us on Patreon. https://patreon.com/yesterdaytoday Check out more great photos on our webpage at https://www.yesterdaytoday.net and visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YesterdayToday5/ or on Youtube https://bit.ly/2wu2jCk...!
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In this video, Ill show you how I followed a 1920s mens bathing suit tutorial with no sewing required. I also share a little bathing suit history along the way. Blog I used for this tutorial: http://blog.americanduchess.com/2011/08/how-to-make-quick-and-easy-1920s.html#more Enjoyed this video? Support this channel by donating so I can make more videos. Upgrade my gear. Make better videos. https://www.paypal.me/my1928 For More, Find me here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/my1928/ Twit...!
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My Dior inspired hair tutorial to show you how to get slicked back gelled hair - perfect for parties with a brief description of trimming your beard....!
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Toni&Guy stylist Nick breaks down a 1920s & Justin Timberlake inspired haircut. Learn how to style 3 different hairstyles with this versatile undercut hairstyle. MUSIC PROVIDED BY: Jingle Junkies Interested in beauty school or becoming a hairstylist? Click here - http://bit.ly/WNsVEf - to find out more about attending Toni and Guy Academy & cosmetology school. Toni and Guy Academys cosmetology program prepares beauty school students to pass state board equipping them with a strong hair cu...!
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Try this classic men’s hairstyle using pomade. This is a 1920s inspired men’s hairstyle. Think Great Gatsby men’s hair and that’s what you’ve got. The hair is styled with a side part and swept across, close to the head. The pomade gives the hairstyle a high gloss and a great hold. #MensHair #MensHairstyle #MensHair2018 #Hair #Hairstyle #RobinJames #ManForHimself #HowTo #Tutorial #HairHowTo #HairTutorial #1920s #GreatGatsby _______________________ PRODUCTS USED: — Aveda Thickening...!
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Today were checking out some gear by order of the Peaky Blinders! im patterning up with TRU CLOTHING from the UK to put together an easy Tommy Shelby inspired look Check out TRU CLOTHING Here-https://truclothing.com/special/collections/peaky-blinders.html Items Featured: Gloves-https://truclothing.com/catalog/product/view/id/11986/s/kk-mg-6061-mens-real-leather-winter-gloves-thermal-lined-warm-driving-gift/ Overcoat-https://truclothing.com/mens-3-4-crombie-wool-overcoat.html White Shirt-http...!
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Male fashions. Location of events unknown. Actors / male models on stage, some seated and 1 standing. Another enters. All exit but one who sits on sofa. The other men return one at a time, modelling their suits for the man on the sofa. The seated man gets up, the other men hide behind the sofa. Various CUs of the men behind the sofa popping their heads up - possibly modelling hats? Very funny. Group of men standing around talking and smoking. Man in cape and top hat pacing. ...!
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One of the most beloved aspects of menswear - vintage clothing isnt all its cracked up to be and heres why. ➢Dress better and have a stronger Presence http://shop.masculine-style.com ➢Learn which Masculine Style Archetype is yours http://masculine-style.com/archetype-quiz/ ➢ Visit Beckett & Robb to improve your suit game immediately https://beckettrobb.com ➢ Instagram https://instagram.com/tannerguzy ➢ Snapchat tannerguzy ➢ Twitter https://www.twitter.com/tannerguzy ➢Get my FR...!
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Vintage 1920s men’s hairstyles exemplified the refined gentleman. As an era full of flat, slick and shiny short to medium length hair, 1920s hairstyles were typically gelled back or parted to the side, and then covered with a hat. To get the slick look and style their hair in place, guys used an oil-based product called Brilliantine. While this time period marked the boom of the automobile and telephone, not much changed in terms of men’s fashion trends. Nevertheless, some of these old schoo...!
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This video is Fashion of the 1930s | Mens Fashion. Is a new series where i will talk about mens fashion trough the various decades (fashion history) and the second episode will be about the fashion of the 30s. i hope you will enjoy all the facts that i found about 1930s style and history. How to dress like 1930s HISTORY 01:08 - 3:30 STYLE 3:35 - 4:37 If you want to watch the first episode about the fashion of the 1920s i will leave the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I3rFdqMPIw Fo...!
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First 1920 men collection, for Character Creator and Iclone...!
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Premium Grooming Products for the Modern Man: http://www.ZorianOfNewYork.com by Third Generation Master Barber Greg Zorian. Infused with Natural Ingredients. Made in the USA. Not tested on animals. Learn the art of barbering from Greg Zorian, streaming 24/7 in full HD, anywhere in the world. Start a free membership today! Learn from the world’s largest library of men’s haircutting videos, tutorials, step-by-step guides, and more! http://www.HowToCutHair.tv Like and Subscribe! Facebook: ht...!
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Hello everyone!! I might not be a History Expert but I wanted to make a little something to help give some inspiration to those looking to add a bit of the Edwardian Era into their wardrobe! I hope this can answer some of your questions! A note I would like to add for women’s fashion: dresses/tops were meant to be worn with a corset and were not cut to allow for the wearing of a dress without one. This is why a lot of items pre-1940s seems to run smaller than expected when shopping vintage! ...!
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1920s Hairstyles For Men...!
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In this second episode of our first series, well show you how to dress 1920s for any size and on any budget. We begin by looking at the shapes and elements of 1920s mens clothing so you can achieve your personal 20s look. https://www.patreon.com/ReconstructingHistory...!
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Sponsor this series: http://www.cut.com/sponsorship Fear Pong is now a game! Get it here: http://www.fearponggame.com » SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CutSubscribe Watch more 100 Years of Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJic7bfGlo3qlgmccaaNAXTChp_Ny8CE4 About 100 Years of Beauty: A face from the past tells us everything about the present. Blur past the last century in 100 Years of Beauty, the iconic hair and makeup time-lapse series. Dont forget to subscribe and follow us! Official S...!
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Glamour, sparkle, dropped waistlines, cloche hats, flappers, boaters--alcohol was prohibited--but in 1920s America, the evolution of fashion advanced forward in daring strides. From the everyday to the flamboyant, Roaring 20s fashion broke the rules. Join us tonight as we present an illustrated discussion and fashion show exploring this exciting period in American fashion history. Moderated by Tim Gunn, star of Project Runway, panelists include John Dunn, fashion director for HBO’s Boardwalk E...!
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[THE PINS ARE SOLD OUT SORRY!] btw, I forgot to thank you guys for 75k! (as always, lol. I suck at celebrating milestones). _____________ My Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ki6VTq My blog: http://bit.ly/2nnB89S My nudes: https://bit.ly/2rRQEeE You can also buy me a coffee!: https://bit.ly/2IvBsJY...!
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http://www.clkmg.com/shoptagr_inc/rmrs11 - Shop smart and click here to download Shoptagr on your phone or computer absolutely free! https://youtu.be/GsEaqUHtKmc?list=PL932097ADEEC46232 - Click here to watch 7 Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials 🔴Click here to read article - https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mens-style-life-lessons/ - Style-Based Life Lessons I Wish I Knew In My 20s Video Summary: 0:31 - Wearing oversized clothing 1:52 - Buying cheap basics 3:40 - Wearing graphic tees 4:17 - Sp...!
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Gatsby parties are always fun and this weeks is no different! This Gatsby event was a 1920s style party surprise for my friend Gloria Board whose missionary work in her native country Haiti deserves recognition. Join us as we celebrate an incredible person in 1920s style fashion. If your ready for high energy, laughs and heart warming moments, put on your best Gatsby threads and jive with us. Lol! This video is about: Gatsby surprise party - Gatsby themed fashion - 1920s style party- the roar...!
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Look your best with a new haircut! https://gentl.mn/classic-hairstyles-for-men #timelesshairstyles #hairstylesformen #notsponsored Some of the b footage is from our friends over at beardbrand https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeardbrand Guides you dont want to miss! Disconnected Undercut Guide: https://gentl.mn/2vlSsAA Best Hair Products For Men: https://gentl.mn/2EVbUDE 00:00 Introduction 00:34 The Prohibition High-and-Tight Hairstyle It was very popular in the mid-1920s and with shows like ...!
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Hello lovelies, I have a new series on my channel where I talk about the history of fashion. Today I will be discussing the history of 1920s fashion. I have always loved the 1920s because it is so unique compared to other decades. This was the first time in history that women showed their legs. Women were liberated after WW1 and now had the right to vote. Many women had to work during the war because all of the men were off at war. Women had to cut their hair short so that it wouldnt get caught...!
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Response to viewer request....!
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https://www.vitaman.com/starter-kits - Click here to check out my awesome Grooming Kits over at VITAMAN and save 20%! (Hurry - this deal wont be around forever!) 🔴 https://youtu.be/8gLQm1se4Bk?list=PLbAUemeg-KydmlAQpAsgWaNfK-BFlespb - Click here to watch the video 7 Hairstyles Women LOVE On A Man (#3 Will Surprise You) 👉https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/1920s-classic-mens-grooming/ - Click here to read the article 1920 Vs 2020 Men’s Grooming Routine Timestamps: 0:00 - 1920 vs 2020 Men...!
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How to Tie a Vintage 1920s Style Hair scarf - A modern flapper or Gatsby hair scarf tutorial This is my most worn 1920s style headscarf style. It is perfect for bobbed hair and you can use it for a 1920s costume or Gatsby costume too! Just use a long rectangular scarf to get the look, use it for a vintage 1920s modern flapper look! ___________ Hi! Im Evelyn Wood, and I am a vintage fashion designer, dressmaker and sewing instructor. I have been making clothes all my life! My love is vint...!
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This is my show where I take old thrift store clothes and I refashion them into beautiful vintage style outfits! This one is a great Thrift to Vintage ep7! I take this red cotton kaftan, along with some fabric I found at the very same garage sale, and with just a few tweaks, transformed it into this great 1920s style dress! Perfect for summer! ____________ *Learn with me at VINTAGE SEWING SCHOOL : https://www.vintagesewingschool.com *My favourite SEWING SUPPLIES : https://www.amazon.com/s...!
Channel Title : Evelyn Wood Views : 49903 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2018-04-09T21:00:01Z
I took this old thrift store dress from the 1990s, and I refashioned it into this fab early 1920s style dress! With just a few sewing skills you will be amazed at what vintage style outfits you can refashion and upcycle from old thrift store clothes! _____________ *Learn with me at VINTAGE SEWING SCHOOL : https://www.vintagesewingschool.com *My favorite SEWING SUPPLIES : https://www.amazon.com/shop/evelynwoodtv *Sign up for my newsletter https://www.evelynwood.com.au/signup #refashion #...!
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Download & Stream Juice Here: https://pmjlive.com/throwback_clapback?IQid=yt Experience PMJ Live: https://pmjlive.com?IQid=yt Shop PMJ Music/Merch: https://smarturl.it/pmjshop?IQid=yt Follow Us On Spotify: https://smarturl.it/pmjcomplete?IQid=yt Fresh from our recent Welcome to the Twenties 2.0 US #PMJtour, Mario Jose helps us takes a Lizzo hit back to the days of flappers and bathtub gin. Follow The Musicians: Mario Jose (Vocals) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarioJoseMusic Instagram:...!

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