Abandoned Mansions

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Exploring a beautiful mansion on the east coast. A lot of retro finds like an old N64 box and tompson computer. Place was a little looted but all in all awesome. I hope you enjoy this video just as much as I loved making it....!
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Here are some incredible homes that were completely abandoned. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy 8 Abandoned Mansions Worth Millions...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 77860 DisLikes : 217 Published Date :2020-06-24T21:00:10Z
Hey whats up everyone today we explored one of the coolest abandoned mansions Ive ever had the chance to visit! This 1980’s modern all glass mansion was apparently owned by a major criminal and ended up losing the house (thats what the tik Tok video said) this house is over 15,000 square foot and sits on 30+ acres. This mega mansion has 9 bedrooms not to mention indoor pool and ball room. hit me up on instagram @Kyle McGran if you want to know more about the history of this house. DONT FORGET ...!
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Photograph provided by http://www.bcd-urbex.com 12 Most Incredible Abandoned Millionaires Mansions ! What secrets are kept by the abandoned mansions of millionaires? What could have made the owners desert their home, leaving all the property inside? Unmade beds, dirty dishes in the sink, pools full of dry leaves, and unfinished game of billiards, it almost seems like time stood still… Today we will visit the most incredible and breathtaking abandoned mansions of millionaires, among which the...!
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This was one of the coolest places ive ever explored. it was awesome to see how the rich live. I can’t believe something like this can just go Abandoned. It was on the market for awhile but they just kind of gave up on trying to sell it. Who knows what it’s fate will be now. Instagram: @urbexandchill Twitter: @urbexandchill FaceBook: urbex & chill...!
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Started a Patreon to help cover traveling costs! https://www.patreon.com/exploringwithjosh MUSIC USED HERE - YOUTUBERS DREAM!! https://goo.gl/xpJ7cj Subscribe to Robin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAfoxbjGuR4vJlT9qq9uYw DONATIONS FOR TRAVELS/HOTELS/GAS/FOOD Paypal - [email protected] Business Inquiries [email protected] FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA facebook = https://www.facebook.com/exploringwithjosh Snapchat = exploringjosh Twitter = https://twitter.com/i_am_joshyo in...!
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Here we have a 16,000 SQ ft home that was started in 2012. but today, 8 years later, it sits unfinished and completely forgotten. what happened here is the person it was being built for ran out of money and construction completely stopped. and now it just sits here. https://www.instagram.com/_ethanminnie_/...!
Channel Title : Urbex And Chill Views : 139823 DisLikes : 93 Published Date :2020-03-27T21:01:58Z
I’m so happy I got an opportunity to explore this abandoned mansion. Some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as me....!
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Urban Exploration: Untouched Abandoned Manor in the Czech Republic with Everything Still Inside (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #132 ► Do you want to help us produce even better content? You can support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bwturbex ► Get our merch here: https://teespring.com/stores/bwturbex Secluded and lonely we discovered an abandoned manor-house in the rural part of the Czech Republic. On the last day of our road trip in May 2019, we were investi...!
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CHECK OUT MY CLOTHING LINE https://frdmxwndr.com/product/jacket/ You can also purchase all the photos that I took from here in the link below https://www.pictorem.com/profile/Steve.Ronin SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ON PATREON PATREON (BTS+Blog) http://patreon.com/steveronin Hi Ronins! And to those of you new, I just want to say welcome to my channel! I go by the name Steve Ronin on social media. Im a photographer/vlogger/filmmaker with a passion for urbex. My goal is to document all the forgotten plac...!
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As of July 21, 2020, this property is under contract (sale pending). Please do not trespass. It is a criminal offense in the state of Texas. By far the largest foreclosed property in north Texas currently on the market. This abandoned Texas mansion features 13,612 sqft, separate guest house, custom pool, basketball and tennis courts, multiple barns and storage buildings, and sitting on over 44 acres with large stocked pond. Constructed in 2004. BP $1,600,000. Home is in foreclosure, all offers ...!
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Start learning a new language today with Babbel! Sign up today and get 50% off: https://bit.ly/BabbelByRonin Thank you so much to Babbel for sponsoring this video! THIS IS A REUPLOAD DUE TO YOUTUBE DISPLAYING AN ERROR MESSAGE Please help share and leave a thumbs up! Thanks guys! In todays video we explore an abandoned mansion in America with European architecture. Rumors say the family ran away or was kidnapped. Support the channel here ■ PATREON (BTS+Blog) http://patreon.com/steveronin ...!
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In todays video we head to one of the UKs richest areas to explore a £15,000,000 abandoned mansion with one of the biggest swimming pools i have ever seen. Every room was very unique in this mansion i hope you enjoy and have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year. Check out Warrens Channel Below Warren Urbexing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqpRq4LtXJCX9TQKNXLlmVA #Abandoned #Abandonedmansion #Urbex...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 71238 DisLikes : 218 Published Date :2020-04-25T23:30:40Z
MERCH ►https://www.kylemcgran.com/ Hey everyone todays video is a child actors abandoned mansion. This House is such a cool explore especially touring around this whole house to see what was left behind and see what we found. Local people brag that an older man who lived here before passing used to be a child actor and was on television and advertisements worldwide. In this explore we found a bunch of old items and even some antiques! This mansion is about 9,000 square foot and even has ano...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 232837 DisLikes : 407 Published Date :2019-12-03T23:40:02Z
Hey Hey Whats up everyone! Todays video Kyle McGran explores an abandoned mansion in New York! In this abandoned house im not sure if it belonged to Donald Trump or the trump family but inside I found what appears to be items that have Donald trumps name written on them. The baseball glove said Donald Trump 1961 on it and since this video Ive done research and figured out that the president actually did play baseball and was actually pretty good. Im not sure if its legit or authentic but either ...!
Channel Title : Ethan Minnie Views : 19534 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2020-08-08T16:45:17Z
***the price in the title is based off the average price of a home in the neighborhood** here is a house i discovered a short time ago, and i am so excited to share with you guys! This large home was built by a Jewish family in 1965. they resided in the home until 2018 when it was bought out by a land developer. it sits on a very large property, and will most likely be replaced by an even larger mansion or multiple smaller houses. the inside was incredible, the wallpaper, the colorful shag...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 1940500 DisLikes : 2240 Published Date :2019-04-05T22:52:55Z
MERCH ►https://www.kylemcgran.com/ Hey whats up everyone today Kyle McGran explores an absolute amazing abandoned mansion that belonged to a mobster/mafia boss. This abandoned house has an indoor swimming pool and also contains a very rare car in the garage , essentially an old supercar! This mansion was last sold for almost 17 million dollars and is now abandoned and completely untouched. this is for sure the craziest abandoned mansion on all of youtube! Not to mention this house has multip...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 283169 DisLikes : 841 Published Date :2020-03-11T21:50:49Z
MERCH ►https://www.kylemcgran.com/ Hey everyone today I explored such an awesome mega mansion. This abandoned mansion actually belonged to Taylor swift! Yupp you heard that right, she had this 23,000 square foot mansion built for her parents close to her hometown but instead they ended moving to a house in Nashville, now this house sits vacant and is just rotting away in its beautiful neighborhood. This house is estimated to be worth 17 million in certain states but instead this house was l...!
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CHECK THEM OUT - Danny - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFxqjI_LPbv7W8D783Spbg Carlo - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCyberRealm Rekt Adventures - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXLYPRx_ZztmUThxqcyOwuw Music - epidemicsound.com/ FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA facebook = https://www.facebook.com/exploringwithjosh Snapchat = exploringjosh Twitter = https://twitter.com/i_am_joshyo instagram = https://www.instagram.com/exploringwithjosh Follow the Exploring Crew! Exploring Crew:http://www.youtu...!
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Isn’t it exciting when you find something hidden in the dark depths of your house that you had previously forgotten about? You can multiply that feeling by a thousand when you discover something exciting in an abandoned house. From hair locks in a ring from a famous novelist to one of the first comic books ever printed, here are some of the most incredible things found in abandoned mansions. ► For copyright matters please contact us: [email protected] ► FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:...!
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CHECK OUT MY CLOTHING LINE https://frdmxwndr.com/product/jacket/ Hey guys! Join The Ronin Discord Server! Im on there 24/7 chatting with everyone :) https://discord.gg/GDR8NYA We were one of the first to find this abandoned location! Unfortunately no information is known regarding the history of it! But we speculate that the owners passed away of old age and had no family to take care of the property. Support is much appreciated and goes towards making more + better content! :) YouTube MEMBER h...!
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Abandoned Log Mansion In the Woods (Forgotten Homes Ontario Ep.20) Today we explore (In my opinion) one of the most unique abandoned mansions Ive explored, the abandoned log mansion in the woods. This massive log mansion deviates from the typical abandoned mansions everyone seems to be obsessed with. Though Im not the first to explore it Im thrilled to show you my view of the home and hope you enjoy! If you enjoyed this video or you would like to support my channel, you can buy me a coffee at ...!
Channel Title : Ethan Minnie Views : 119149 DisLikes : 115 Published Date :2020-06-29T16:16:11Z
This 12000 Sq ft mansion was built in 1985, by an Italian Mob Boss and his family. It is unknown as to why it is now abandoned. Or how long it’s been abandoned. All I know is that this is one of the most amazing houses I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Such an elegant 1980s Mediterranean vibe throughout the entire house. And the attention to detail on everything is simply amazing....!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 668793 DisLikes : 559 Published Date :2019-05-30T22:52:38Z
MERCH ►https://www.kylemcgran.com/ Hey whats up everyone today im back with such an awesome explore! In this video i adventure to an abandoned mansion left behind by a once very rich family. This is a short story of how some people go from Riches To Rags (yes you read that right). This vacant home was first bought after a man who won the lottery decided it was time for a mansion. Due to poor purchase choices and bad investments this family only owned this house for about 4 years. The family ...!
Channel Title : MAD LAB Views : 1025200 DisLikes : 743 Published Date :2019-12-13T19:12:20Z
Dusty, creaking floors and empty rooms - abandoned mansions seem to be frozen in time, waiting for their owners. And if the houses of millionaires looked like this before they were abandoned, now they’re adorned with the terrifying prospect of going through an old rusty gate into an overgrown and wild garden. What is hidden in these abandoned mansions? Now we will show you the homes of millionaires with secrets that were kept for decades: double walls, secret rooms and mysterious pantries. Wh...!
Channel Title : Dark Exploration Films Views : 4159592 DisLikes : 4099 Published Date :2019-01-24T21:59:33Z
in todays exploration we visit a house that was abandoned about 10 to 15 years ago. It is clear that the family here had multiple kids and a generous amount of money. Located on the beach its a strange property to abandon but none the less it was left to rot. If you enjoy todays exploration leave a like & subscribe for more content. Instagram @dark.exploration...!
Channel Title : Carlo Paolozza Views : 69716 DisLikes : 92 Published Date :2020-03-08T15:00:01Z
WHAT IS UP GUYS!!!!! STAY POSITIVE MERCH https://teespring.com/stores/official-staypositive-merch www.lumecube.com Use Code Carlopaolozza10 to get 10% discount Subscribe to my VLOG CHANNEL!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATJaX9IzAB_I-Tbp2lC8Mg Built in the 1940s this 4 million dollar mansion has been sitting vacant for a long time , rumors have it there are underground tunnes that was put in place for the original owner wanted this is a mansion that was discovered and first filmed by...!
Channel Title : JPVideos Views : 405514 DisLikes : 297 Published Date :2019-04-06T00:57:43Z
This video is about one of the best and amazing Mansions that ive ever filmed. In the past, ive said that this is the best mansion ever, but this place tops all of those. Not only does it have historical significance, but the shear beauty that lies inside is almost indescribable. I will let the video speak for itself, so join me as we explore the Mansion of ALL Abandoned Mansions. Enjoy ►Rich Discoveries video: https://bit.ly/2VBPbG5 ►Jacob Smith video: https://bit.ly/2UU9YYt ►Jesss Insta...!
Channel Title : The Brothers Workshop Views : 1148274 DisLikes : 1267 Published Date :2020-01-06T15:28:43Z
Looking for a building to purchase and renovate; Dave and Sean take a tour one of the cheapest mansions currently listed for sale on the internet. Seriously contemplating if they should buy this abandoned mansion, and breath new life into this forgotten gem via what will surely be a full renovation. A quick ride out to this abandoned mansion in the shop truck (a 1966 Chevy C20), and the twins tour the home while Dave gives you an in depth guided video tour/explanation of what shape the house i...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 217290 DisLikes : 182 Published Date :2018-07-17T22:34:16Z
Hey everyone today i present you abandoned mansion that once were owned by celebrities! I had no clue that even celebrities had abandoned homes! I include Mike Tysons mansion, Pink Floyds mansion, Michael Jacksons Neverland ranch, Bruce lees mansion and even the Vincent Minnelli mansion! I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe even learned something. These abandoned houses are just rotting away with no plans besides a few. Hopefully these abandoned homes will one day be saved or maybe even provide a h...!
Channel Title : Terry Wilson Views : 170 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-08-09T21:00:10Z
Built in 1965 and lived in by one family. This time capsule of a mansion was an amazing explore! Check out photos and more about this location at: https://terrywilson.ca/urban-exploration/abandoned-1965-time-capsule-mansion/ Store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/vecordia/shop Instagram: @terrywphoto Carlo: https://m.youtube.com/user/TheCyberRealm Ethan: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCJEQw1w4fpol1OzySpo7Opw Music: royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound Music http://fre...!
Channel Title : Steve Ronin Views : 1300090 DisLikes : 5848 Published Date :2018-06-26T14:01:14Z
CHECK OUT MY CLOTHING LINE https://frdmxwndr.com/product/jacket/ Hey guys! Join The Ronin Discord Server! Im on there 24/7 chatting with everyone :) https://discord.gg/GDR8NYA ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/steveronin UKS DEVILS PALACE IS NO JOKE! CHASED AND SHOT AT BILLIONAIRES MANSION (ABANDONED) follow lost adventures for his perspective. he actually went inside in some parts https://youtu.be/kj9G_uCdEaQ follow the uk crew Daniel Robz http://youtube.com/user/danrobz Abandoned...!
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Top 10 Scary Abandoned Mansion Discoveries - Part 2 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: http://bit.ly/2Ibyk6i Abandoned mansions are often the playground for urban explorers. Who knows what they will find. On one hand you may find money and valuables. But on the other hand you may find bodies. Who knows, thats the risk youre willing to take when you step foot into an abandoned mansion. I mean hey they get abandoned for a reason right? #top10 #top10scary #abandonedmansions #abandoned #hauntedm...!
Channel Title : Abandoned World Explorer Views : 273758 DisLikes : 260 Published Date :2020-05-16T15:00:19Z
Hi there people hope you all well massive thank you for clicking on my video, PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SHARE MY CONTENT.. I cant wait to be out of lock down so i can start making new content for you guys, massive love and respect to you all. So this video is about a GREEK family that just vanished, exploring this place made me think they was forced out. Every door is smashed in and locks on every bedroom door. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO GIVE ME A THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO XXX STAY SAFE MY G...!
Channel Title : Urbex And Chill Views : 10469 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-07-03T21:05:40Z
Come with me as we take a peak inside this big beautiful mansion!...!
Channel Title : Kyle McGran Views : 4834849 DisLikes : 5948 Published Date :2017-09-28T20:10:04Z
ABANDONED MANSION OF TITANIC OWNER! YO YO! Today we explored Lynnewood Hall Mansion! Lynnewood hall is the abandoned house of Peter A. B. Widener and his family. The super rich family were investors of the Titanic and ended up losing 2 sons in the tragic titanic sinking! PLEASE LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! LYNNEWOOD HALL ADDITIONAL INFO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynnewood_Hall SNAPCHAT ► KyleMcGranagham TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/KyIeMcGran INSTAGRAM ► KyleMcGran Music - Myuuj...!
Channel Title : Factsopedia Views : 72911 DisLikes : 46 Published Date :2020-04-27T15:00:34Z
Those of us not fortunate enough to born into a millionaire family, or talented enough to become that rich off of our own skills, fantasize about one day getting to live in a mansion. Thatis why it is so surprising that there are so many mansions out there that have been abandoned. If you had a home quite that beautiful, why would you run away with it? Yet there are many mansions left to rot around, all the world, and some of them aretruly stunning. These are the most incredible abandoned mansio...!
Channel Title : OffTheRanch Views : 1215605 DisLikes : 672 Published Date :2020-07-10T15:17:14Z
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Channel Title : Chris Hopkins Views : 5595843 DisLikes : 3490 Published Date :2018-06-15T22:06:25Z
WE DO NOT STEAL OR VANDALIZE, JUST EXPLORE* My friend and I were driving around and we stumbled upon this abandoned house in the woods. We were surprised by the fact that someone had left all of these luxury cars behind. Knowing that the someone owned all of these expensive cars we are assuming that all of this property once belonged to a millionaire leaving this to be an Abandoned Millionaires Mansion With Luxury Cars Left Behind. We tried to find an owner online but could not find one. Follow...!
Channel Title : MostAmazingTop10 Views : 122566 DisLikes : 86 Published Date :2020-07-22T00:00:05Z
Top 10 Scary Abandoned Mansion Discoveries Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: http://bit.ly/2Ibyk6i I would love to explore an abandoned mansion. I think it would be fascinating wandering around beautifully scary old homes. But i might just get more than I bargained for because most abandoned mansions are said to be haunted or cursed. There are several reasons why people abandon their mansions.The first one being divorce. Maybe the owners both went their separate ways, and foolishly never sold...!
Channel Title : Tilted Tripod Media Views : 8508 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-07-23T01:00:09Z
This was an unexpected find here in Muncie Indiana. Come along as we dive deep into this old mansion. We will be uncovering many of the secrets it hides inside....!
Channel Title : Steve Ronin Views : 224673 DisLikes : 909 Published Date :2020-06-28T19:00:10Z
In this video we explore an Abandoned Glass Mansion From 13th Ghost Found In The Middle Of Nowhere Getting 13th ghost vibes from this place! It was built in the 80s and abandoned in 2003! So many rumors about this place that a druglord lored lived here or an Arabian prince but I think the dude just went bankrupt and left it. CHECK OUT MY CLOTHING LINE https://frdmxwndr.com/product/jacket/ Follow My Social Media For Behind The Scenes + Photos of my explorations! Instagram: http://instagram.com/...!

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