Air Dry Clay

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Hi everyone! In this video I share with you some knowledge about Air dry clay. I hope you find this video helpful! Thank you so much for watching! Please give this video a like and subscribe for more :) Lets get in touch :) ♥ Instagram – @clayandpastel ♥ Facebook Page – Interested in purchasing Air dry clay and Clay tools feature in my videos? ♥ Facebook Page –!
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Our first summer break project was a huge success...this homemade clay will be a homerun for kids of all ages! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F SUPPLIES • ½ cup of cornstarch • 4 oz white glue • 1 TBS lemon juice • 2 TBS oil STEPS 1. Add ½ cup of cornstarch, then 4 oz of glue. 2. Mix them together until there’s a smooth icing like consistency. 3. Add 2 tbs of oil and 1 tbs then give a quick mix...!
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♥ NEW! DIY Cute & Cheap Xmas Gift Ideas! ♥ ♥ Subscribe to my second DIY channel! ♥ I realised that some questions came up a lot in the comment section under my clay tutorials so I created this video to cover all the useful tips on air-dry clay! Air-dry clay is a fantastic alternative to polymer clay because you do not need to bake anything, its cheaper and more versatile. You can use paint to mix almost any colour you nee...!
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Hello everyone! In this video Im showing how I imprint Air Dry Clay with different leaves and grasses and how I make jewellery trays out of that. follow me on instagram @janakunnert also check out my last video: In this video I used: DAS Modelling Clay Acrylic Matt Paint from KREUL Acrylic Matt Vanish from HOBBYLINE MUSIC: from Epidemic Sound and Stars & Constellations -!
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Hi guys! In this weeks video I am making cute little illustrated #trinketboxes using #airdryclay. I love making these types of #DIY projects and sharing the process with you guys. They are by no means perfect but i think they turned out pretty cute. Also as a disclaimer all the materials used in this video are not food safe and you should not store food in items made from air dry clay. I would love to hear your thoughts on this video. Also check out my patreon if you are curious for more cont...!
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This is a jam packed episode to help anyone thinking of using air dry clay. Hope this helps all beginners out there. If you have any questions please feel free to write it comments section. Click on this Link to Buy the DAS CLAY: To buy coloured clay Click on this Link: Twitter- facebook- INSTAGRAM- fatemasar...!
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Potter and Create and Craft presenter Kevin Millward, shows you how to construct a pinch pot vase using the Air Dry Kit available to buy at Create and Craft! Shop the full Pottery and Clay range at C&C here:!
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Join me for the first sculpture in my new series of potplant creatures. For this project I will be using air drying clay as my primary medium. Materials and tools required: Aluminium armature wire Plyers Aluminium armature mesh (optional) Steel Kneed It (Or other epoxy putty) Wooden base Clay (Pebeo air dry clay) Ball bearings or marbles - for eyes (optional) Variety of sculpting tools After sculpting the clay need to air dry for 4-5 days before its ready for painting. It does not need to be...!
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♥ Follow Me On TikTok Here!! ♥ @maqaroon ♥ DIY Paper Clay ♥ ♥ Easy Lockdown DIYs ♥ Enthält Werbung durch Markennung / Contains advertisement due to visible brand logos Ive always wanted to try out DIY clay recipes and figured now seems like the best, or rather sadly fitting, time. Ordering clay online is very difficult now and also raises the question of whether its worth putting delivery people at risk for non-essential ite...!
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Edit from 2018: This is a very old video, Im no longer active on Crafty Amino. Sorry! ^_^ ♥ SUBSCRIBE to Cute Life Hacks HERE!: ♥ ♥ 10 Things To Know About Air-Dry Clay! ♥ Hi all! This is a video that Ive been planning to do for so long, and its taken such a long time to put together. I debated which brands to try out and decided to go with the most common ones sold in Europe, Asia and the USA. Of course, there are many ot...!
Channel Title : Ceramic Jim Views : 64289 DisLikes : 43 Published Date :2020-03-24T13:42:27Z
Air dry clay is a fun and easy craft to make at home but there are a lot of recipes out there. In this video, I mix and test out three recipes. I am a ceramics teacher and all of my students are currently E - Learning at home due to virus social distancing measures. You can imagine how hard it is to teach clay to students online, so I made this DIY video to give my students some sort of clay alternative. Again, this is air dry clay. These are all no cook, no bake recipes. OTHER VIDEOS YOU MAY L...!
Channel Title : Mont Marte Art Views : 38783 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-07-26T00:12:33Z
In this fun lesson we show you how easy DIY home decor can be as we create a beautiful tea light lantern with air dry clay. So get your supplies and lets get busy! Check out the lesson PDF and materials here :!
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Hi guys! This week i decided to try something new on my chanel. I bought some #airdryclay from DAS and started experimenting with it . This is my first try at air dry clay so it might look a bit rough around the edges but i think its a fun medium to work with and i hope you find it useful. I made a jewellery dish and some pins and i show the process of painting the jewellery dish Make sure to subscribe for more I put out videos weekly. And thanks for watching! • • • • • • • • ...!
Channel Title : Anca Pora Illustration Views : 2586 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-07-18T07:33:33Z
Hi guys! In this weeks video i am back to making #airdryclay friends :D. This time i actually wanted to make a pen holder for my boyfriend and i ended up making something else entirely. Many of you have asked if i could make a #plantpot so i decided that it was the right time. Now in the video i added fake plants because i am a terrible plant mother but i actually think this could work for real plants as well :D. I always love sharing these #diy projects and i would love to see your creations if...!
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Watch this tutorial video from Annies Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club to learn how to use air-dry clay in your craft projects. Air dry clay is easy to work with, can be molded, painted and used for many craft and DIY projects. In this video, you will learn how to soften air-dry class and how to press it into molds. Annies Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club offers you the opportunity to try a variety of fun, exciting crafts. Members of this kit club received craft kits about every month....!
Channel Title : Michele Ogilvie • Artist Views : 3829 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-04-16T22:02:49Z
This is an intro to making simple shapes with Crayola Air Dry Clay. Remote learning for Ceramics. Skill-builder #1 For more detailed info and tips about Crayola Clay check out: If you are ready to move on to creating a small sculpture be sure to check out this video: How to Make a Cartoon Frog Sculpture using Crayola Air Dry Clay How to Make a Cartoon Chameleon Sculture using Crayola Air Dry Clay Water P...!
Channel Title : Anca Pora Illustration Views : 36024 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2020-02-22T07:00:11Z
Hi guys! In this weeks video i am comparing #airdryclay to #polymerclay and telling you side by side what are the pluses and minuses of each of them. I am more familiar with air dry clay as i have done a few projects now using this material. However this is my first time using polymer clay and i actually really loved the whole process. They are very different to each other,overall but you can obtain the same results with both of these materials as you will see in the video. I used acryla gouach...!
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Preorder my terrain book here - In this Back 2 Basics vid, we delve into the world of Das air drying clay, once again giving you everything I know about working with Das Clay. Covering techniques commonly used in terrain and model making, including how to get better adherence, avoid cracking, easy texturing, using molds and additives. How to Support the channel and help me share my passion ... 1. Pledge $1 on Patreon - http://www.patr...!
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#besthomemadeclay #coldporcelainclayrecipe #airdryclay Best Homemade Airdry Clay/ Homemade Cold Porcelain Clay On Gas Stove By CreativeCat This is requested Tutorial on How to make Homemade Airdry clay or cold porcelain clay on Gas stove and Tips to keep in mind while working with this clay. Hope you all will find it helpful Materials Used: 1 Cup Cornflour, 1 Cup Glue, 2 Tablespoon Vinegar or Limejuice, 2 Tablespoon Oil(Any cooking oil or baby oil), 1 Teaspoon White acrylic color Check how t...!
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A couple of these are quite old, but thought the LoreCraft primary subscribers might like to see some of this stuff. Making these for free, so if you like the work, please consider supporting LoreCraft through Patreon: Or you can tip LoreCraft through paypal, here: Got an Influencer Shop on Amazon now, so you can stock up on the materials I use more easily! (US)!
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4/9/2018 NEW name for My Instagram Thesucculentgreenhouse...!
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Super excited to share todays video all about diy projects you can make with clay for your home! In todays video, were going to create a super cute minimal chic jewelry dish, a boho mid-century modern inspired wall hanging, and a Scandinavian inspired plant hanger! All of these projects are very easy and affordable to create and also are very therapeutic. I love how much doing arts and crafts can really relieve stress and ease your mind. I hope that you all like this video, it was so much fun to...!
Channel Title : Well Crafted Studio Views : 22856 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2019-07-22T03:25:09Z
For full project step out, supply list, and pro tips: Learn how to glaze air dry clay ceramics to get a look similar to traditional kiln-fired​ ceramics. Be sure to watch the first part of this video for how to cut and shape these bowls, as well as how to add patterns and textures. How to Make Small Bowls with Air Dry Clay- 💌Subscribe to my Creativity Resource Library for even more freebies @...!
Channel Title : Art Prof: Create & Critique Views : 45602 DisLikes : Published Date :2018-11-20T17:05:28Z
Sculpting a figure with air dry clay is a terrific option if you wont want to bother with firing your sculpture in a kin or casting it in plaster. RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu demonstrates how to build a wire armature using aluminum armature wire on a wooden base and then how to block in the largest shapes in the portrait sculpture. Lieu shows sculpting techniques, discusses various sculpting tools, and how to sculpt details, the advantages and disadvantages of using air dry clay. PURCHAS...!
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Do you like the new view? I dont plan on doing this for every video, so if you want to see more videos like this, comment down in the comment section below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This DIY was voiced by Ro! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Video: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music used: YouTube Audio --------...!
Channel Title : Mix it up Marci Views : 10932 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-05-05T16:15:12Z
Hello Friend, would you like to make an air dry clay tray or dish? In this video I show you how easy and simple it is to make clay dishes, or trays, they can hold jewellery, or art supplies, or what ever you will like to put i them. This air drying clay dishes make great little presents, for mothers day, birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion really, nice gift Idea for anyone who likes hand made personalised presents. As always if you feel inspire to make some, share your project with me on I...!
Channel Title : Anca Pora Illustration Views : 31900 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2019-04-07T00:00:02Z
Hi guys! In this weeks video i will show how I make some #airdryclay #catpins in just 10 easy steps. Its a pretty simple process however you need to take into consideration the fact that the clay needs to dry for about 24 hours minimum. Anyways i hope you will try making some and tag me if you do :D Make sure to subscribe for more I put out videos weekly. And thanks for watching! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ...!
Channel Title : Social Crafts Views : 17360 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-07-31T19:12:32Z
Using air-dry clay learn how to create an ombre effect (one color fading into the other), learn how to make a lace bowl, learn how to make a leaf bowl, and many more techniques. Social Crafts specializes in demonstrating crafts that are great for craft parties with your friends... of course, you can do these crafts individually as well. Check out our other videos for more ideas! We have discontinued shipping our craft supply boxes, however, all the supplies are listed below for easy purchasing...!
Channel Title : ABS stuffs Views : 1234070 DisLikes : 1413 Published Date :2017-04-10T10:18:27Z
In this video i show you how to make homemade air dry clay and this clay is very easy to make and it not take too much time to make and I made this without cornstarch. material you will need for making this - flour ( all purpose flour ), salt, water and glue *optional*. Measurement you need to do - you have to be take correct measurement of flour and salt the quantity of salt is always half of the flour and if you will not take correct measurement so clay will become sticky. How to store this...!
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Easy Pinch Pots made with ** Air Drying Clay - step by step on the blog with more on the care of cacti and how to waterproof your pots... Hi friends thanks for watching… Hit the LIKE button! ***More exciting links and information below*** SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL for weekly Thursday videos - Add Ali on Snapchat: incredibusy - Follow Ali on Instagram: - Join in with Instagra...!
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Hand made bowl, made from air dry clay and a wagamama takeaway bowl as a mold. Paint Air dry clay Glaze!
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Make Bruni with air dry clay. Please subscribe and like! Thank you!...!
Channel Title : Aavarana Creative Studio Views : 298050 DisLikes : 327 Published Date :2020-04-19T14:57:20Z
Hi friends Anupama here. I make and sell Jewelry - terracotta, polymer clay, quilling, make craft videos, teach art and craft (online and direct), supplies a few art and craft materials (details given below). Please get in touch with me for more details. Follow me on Facebook Instagram Whatsapp 9972485121 email - [email protected] Our Products Fridge magnet base (MDF) - circle, oval, rectangle and sq...!
Channel Title : Craftiosity Views : 14043 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2017-02-13T08:44:32Z
The subscription box of modern craft kits. Click here to learn more! → Love crafting? Learn how to make your own DIY clay pot at home, with air dry clay, copper paint and a few key tools. Air dry clay’s pretty addictive, and these little pots are a perfect introduction to working with it – as well as great way to brighten up your desk! Join us for this DIY tutorial to make a some lovely air dry clay pots - easy crafting from your kitchen table! Want to m...!
Channel Title : VM Clay Views : 19737 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-10-07T15:38:13Z
Hi guys!!! Its actually my first time recording a video tutorial on how I sculpt a figurine. At the same time, its also literally my first time using a lightweight/foam type air-dry clay in this video so it is far from perfect haha. Well practice makes perfect~ But I hope you like it! Watch video in HD for better quality. Also check my other video: Tutorial #02 Cold Porcelain Clay Figurine Follow my new facebook page:!
Channel Title : Lovely4U Views : 263848 DisLikes : 256 Published Date :2017-08-23T22:28:25Z
Hi Sweetie Subs :) This is cute clay anime figure is 100% made by clay. We use light air dry clay most. Sometimes we use resin clay and polymer clay too. All clay types are very good and can make beautiful figures. The skills matters. So keep practicing and never give up, youll finally make it! We used our own requested factory to make ones. You could try: 1.Loveclay(Hobbyclay) from Korean 2.Hearty from Japan 3.Search top ranked ones on Aliexpress 4.Search silk clay on Amazon 5.Our clay o...!
Channel Title : Chronic Crafter Views : 7519 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2019-10-02T17:25:22Z
Let’s get high and play with some air dry clay, cannabis leaves, a cannabis leaf cookie cutter and a cannabis leaf rolling pin. Yup, this is going to be one stoney craft project. Air Dry Clay: Cookie Cutter: Rolling Pin: BLOG ☞ FACEBOOK ☞ INSTAGRAM ☞ TWITTER ☞!
Channel Title : Polymer Clay Artist Views : 182289 DisLikes : 101 Published Date :2015-04-02T09:16:40Z
Welcome to the beginning of a new sculpting series where I make a sculpture using air-dry clay. This will also be my first video series uploaded in 4K!!! I know this is a little different but I first started sculpting using air-dry clay and only made a few things before I found polymer clay so I figured it would be cool to show you guys how I went about making them old sculptures back in 09. In this video I talk a little about the differences between the 2 clays and prepare a armature using a...!
Channel Title : clayitnow Views : 4031 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-05-07T23:10:26Z
Sharing decorative pottery jar DIY craft idea, working with air dry paper clay. This is my copycat pottery craft where I have so much fun experimenting with the technique to imprint the weeds, grasses and rosemary leaves on clay surface. In the video youll see it kind of work well with homemade clay but I really happy if you can comment and advise for improvement in my next project. I want to have black and white jar in the beginning but at the end I paint it with acrylic paints. I also ...!
Channel Title : Chibipop 24 Views : 1478 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-06-27T02:25:08Z
Hello guys...this chujhin from chibipop.. this is my first time posting a heres an airdry clay chibi face tutorial I dont know if its a tutorial or should I say this is how I made.. this would be the face of my own design for personification of raymond wearing his maid outfit from animal crossing.. after this Ill made the rest of his part. I use super light air dry clay.. Im planning to make some anime characters and other character that I love, so stay tuned and subscribe to my ch...!
Channel Title : Loom Geek Views : 163386 DisLikes : 634 Published Date :2015-12-05T18:45:03Z
*HELLO CRAFTERS!!* In this video I will be showing you 5 AIR-DRY CLAY HACKS!*Dont forget to leave a like to see clay hacks part 2!* This is a different kind of video--never uploaded something like this.So I really hope you enjoyed it+let me know how I did!! cold porcelain recipe: *WHAT TO EXPECT*: -A clay tutorial -A bands-to-buy video! Real soon! *CRAFTY AMINO:* username: LoomGeek...!
Channel Title : DIY Parties Channel with Maria Views : 13321 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-03-29T15:56:54Z
Learn how to make these adorable monster storage bowls or planters using air dry clay! Products used: Air dry clay (I used 2 packets to make 3 bowls): Mod Podge: Acrylic Paint: DIY Clay sculpture vase flower pot planter bowl bowls crafts #clay #sculpting #diy...!
Channel Title : Little Figures Views : 2324 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-04-01T02:03:37Z
MATERIALS USED: Air dry clay(cold porcelain) paint toothpick clay tools chalk pastel GLUE Character: Mirai Kuriyama Anime Series: Kyoukai no Kanata(Beyond Boundaries) Mirai Kuriyama (栗山 未来, Kuriyama Mirai ) is the deuteragonist of the Kyoukai no Kanata series. She is a first year student and a member of the schools Literary Club. She comes from a bloodline of Spirit World Warriors who possess blood-manipulation abilities. However, because these abilities are considered heretical among ...!
Channel Title : Cristhian Crafts Views : 184899 DisLikes : 112 Published Date :2018-03-23T15:50:47Z
Hey guys! Welcome to another polymer clay tutorial! Today I will show you how to create Monster Rat of the game Five Nights at Candys 3. I hope you will enjoy this video :) Please leave some feedback and subscribe if you liked the video! ⋆ All my Five Nights at Candys videos: ➩ Supplies: ⋆ Follow me on Social Media: ✔ Facebook: ✔ Twitter: @CristhianCrafts ✔ Instagram: ✔...!
Channel Title : Gathering Beauty Views : 56817 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2018-02-21T11:32:05Z
If youve been following my blog for a while now you might recognise these stamped clay bowls. Theyre one of my most popular diys and I still get so many questions about them so I wanted to make a video tutorial to hopefully answer some of those questions. Dont forget to check out my blog Gathering Beauty - And you can follow along on Facebook - Pinterest - https://uk.pinteres...!

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