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since the new album is coming and they are doing their first performance todayyyy (all songs are in here btw) in order alexs story: alexs face during sweet dreams: that one interview we all know: alex vs mic stand: alex gone wild: cheese burger in the groin: https://www.youtu...!
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Scenes of Submarine, directed by Richard Ayoade. Original Soundtrack composed by Alex Turner, of Arctic Monkeys....!
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open for sources 0:00 dont be the guy with a beard 0:20 alex trying to eat the apple 0:26 that one interview 0:32 were you acting? 0:37 the PEACE SIGN 0:46 not sure exactly what happened but apparently the interviewer accidentally hit alex!
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So polite and personable...!
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Alex from The Arctic Monkeys chats to Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast September 2013...!
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as any video on this channel, i dont know why i made this be my patreon: main insta: art channel: in case you didnt get enough of me: live insta acc: art insta acc:!
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MEGA LINK:!0TRmBALA!Yo6mswCX4HcsNkVtNoeD20yY3L7tcFsrPHn4okbGIkk enjoy loves...!
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Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys swaggers his way through Tame Impalas Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Subscribe | Like A Version on Spotify | Like A Version on Apple Music | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own son...!
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enjoy! (sources are in here btw) ask me stuff: SOURCES: - alex saying OKAY ( 0:00 ) and BUT YEAH ( 0:21 ) - ( 0:02 ) alex slowly goofing with his guitar in the air during bad habits: - ( 0:23 ) alex opening the door during his intro on the late late show: - ( 0:30 ) Alex looking into the camera during used to be my girl: htt...!
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thought id make a video comparing how alex acts around zane lowe compared to other interviewers as sometimes people think hes on a tonne of drugs but i think hes just more comfortbale around some people more than others, hope you enjoy x i dont own any of these clips clips used: piledriver waltz - miracle aligner - zane lowes interview - ...!
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Alex Turner in an interview with Annie Mac for BBC Radio 1 on 10th May 2018, the eve before the new album release, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino....!
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wanted to make another one of these and also i think someone recommended me to do one for this song but i cant remember (OPEN FOR SOURCES) contact/social media instagram: @smolsbiggie & @lennonelle twitter: @lennonelle email: [email protected] ask me stuff: SOURCES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...!
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A great deal had changed. Alex Turner talks to BBC Radio 1s Annie Mac and shares his memories of the Arctic Monkeys debut. Plus, how himself, and the band, have changed over time. Part 1 - I ended up making a world of my own”: Part 2 - My fear was hed be underwhelmed: Part 3 - I remember being quite unsettled:!
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now look at the mess u made me make (wanted to put the full thing of take it or leave it but youtube kept blocking it ) sources: 1: 2(this is the full version of take it or leave it): 3: 4: 5:!
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*Mis redes c: - Instagram: - Twitter: - Facebook:!
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In this video, we analyse what makes Alex Turner so stylish. In this Alex Turner fashion guide, we cover how to dress like Alex Turner. ▶️ Enjoyed this video? Please subscribe to see more (its free): ▶️SOCIAL LINKS: Style Upgrade Group: Instagram: ▶️MY AMAZON STORE: SPONSORED CONTENT PLEDGES: WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO:!
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open for sources 0:00 0:13 0:15 0:20 0:22 0:24 0:31 0:37 0:38 0:40!
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i did not make this video, and i take no credit for it. this is a reupload. subscribe to the original creator:!
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Alex Turner talks to BBC Radio1s Annie Mac about revealing his new music to the other members of Artic Monkeys. Part 1 - I ended up making a world of my own”: Part 2 - My fear was hed be underwhelmed: Part 3 - I remember being quite unsettled:!
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How to get an Alex Turner inspired haircut. This haircut is a rockabilly quiff style teddy boy hairstyle. 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER OF THE REGAL GENTLEMAN MATTE CLAY. Use code: REGALNEW - ► ► AMAZON (£12.99 for limited time): FOR THE FULL UNCUT BARBER TUTORIAL - VISIT OUR PATREON PAGE - ► SUBSCRIBE - ► https://w...!
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like for a part 2 !!...!
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This was completely random, I swear. Ihope I satisfied your trash content needs. Thanks for watching. Leave a like, comment and subscribe, please. Thank you for your support ♡ videos I used:!
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not every cover hes done but these are a few of my favs alsooo happy birthday to the meme himself sources/full versions: Moonage Daydream: All My Loving: Walk On The Wild Side: SOS: Is This What You Wanted: Strange: I Want You: https...!
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Done this very quickly for a laugh Spotify: iTunes: Google Play: Deezer: DM me on Instagram for requests: @fanieldox Made for Leila Pitt x...!
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I made it up as I went along! Alex Turner speaks to BBC Radio 1s Annie Mac about writing the Arctic Monkeys new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Part 1 - I ended up making a world of my own”: Part 2 - My fear was hed be underwhelmed: Part 3 - I remember being quite unsettled:!
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open for sources 0:00 im sorry i couldnt find the original video (i once did ??), if you know it let me know 0:04 audio of 0:08 0:12 song: the worlds first ever monster truck front flip 0:15 0:17 0:21!
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The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner from Everything Youve Come To Expect released 2016 on Domino Record Co. Subscribe to The Last Shadow Puppets on YouTube: Buy ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ Digital: CD/LP: Stream: Follow The Last Shadow Puppets: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter:!
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This is up as a result of request. Alex Turner (Artic Monkeys) Alexa Chung (TV presenter). Most Annoying Couples BBC3 6th and 10th September....!
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Lyrics: Im not the kind of fool whos gonna sit and sing to you About stars, girl But last night I looked up into the dark half of the blue And theyd gone backwards Something in your magnetism must have pissed them off Forcing them to get an early night I have been searching from the bottom to the top For such a sight As the one I caught when I saw your Fingers dimming the lights Like youre used to being told that youre trouble And I spent all night Stuck on the puzzle Nobody I asked knew ho...!
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Curiosidades básicas del vocalista de Arctic Monkeys: Alex Turner. #alexturner #arcticmonkeys #canalMo ♦ Correo: [email protected] ♦ Twitter:!
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Exactly what it says it is Ive had this done since July 28th lol...!
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open for sources! contact/social media instagram: @smolsbiggie & @lennonelle twitter: @lennonelle email: [email protected] ask me stuff: SOURCES: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:!
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ACTORS & MUSICIANS. Do you want more exposure. Check out services at PLEASE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @Hollywood2YouTV & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL You may link this video to your social media account(s) or website but this video is copy-written and can not be copied and re-uploaded....!
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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? from AM, released 2013 on Domino Recording Co. Subscribe to Arctic Monkeys on YouTube: Buy ‘AM’ CD/LP: Digital: Stream & Save: Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Buy & listen: Follow Arctic Monkeys: Newsletter: Spotify:...!
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Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys performs a solo acoustic set live in the KEXP studio. Recorded 8/10/11. 0:42 - Reckless Serenade 10:05 - Suck It and See 14:00 - Love Is a Laserquest Host: Kevin Cole Audio: Julian Martlew Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore Editing: Jim Beckmann...!
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I know, i know that they are not together now.. but I miss them a lot. Its just a fanvideo. Dont believe the hype Song : Arctic Monkeys - Love is a laserquest i dont own anything about the material!...!
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Get BRIT Awards 2014: The Album - Subscribe to the BRIT Awards channel - Get more BRITs at: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:!
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Directed by Jesus Rivera (Demonbabies) The Great Pretenders’ - Available Now - Download: // Stream: Vinyl: Music video by Mini Mansions performing Vertigo. (C) 2015 Capitol Records, LLC...!

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