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Here are all my American Girl Doll Brand Clothes. I needed to sort them out so I thought it would be fun to make a video talking about them :) I have been collecting AG since 2009! Find me on: Instagram: Facebook: Thank you guys so much for watching! - AGOSF...!
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Ahhh! Heres the updated all my homemade doll clothes collection! I apologize since the video is so long! It was actually 30 minutes long originally haha! Check out my etsy shop: Check out the tutorials I have! White Dress: No Sew Tutorial Part 1:!
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Hi guys! Im so happy that I am finally uploading this video! It took SO long to film and edit, but I love how it turned out!! Take the poll at the end of the video to vote which DIY was your favorite!! FAIRY LIGHTS: ➤ SOCIAL MEDIA♡ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INSTAGRAM: BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] ➤FAQ♡ - - - - - ...!
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Hey guys! It feels like forever since I made a video. I hope you all will enjoy this one, it took quite a lot of time to make! Please turn notifications for my channel, so you never miss another video :) Hello! Thanks for watching my video! Follow me on Instagram: Email me: [email protected] FAQ: What camera do you use? I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i How old are you? Im a junior in high school. Is Kitty your real name? No, I choose no...!
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Taking a look in Walmart at the my life as section. There is still zero clothes for the Logan Everett doll. Can you believe it ?? I hope they come out with some. But I did find some my life as doll clothes for boys. They look really small. SNUG! I also saw some school chairs I would like to get for my dolls. I am really looking for a school desk. But for the price idk if I should invest in a nicer one idk yet. I am picky not going to lie. Thank you so much for watching My name is Rei in third...!
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DIY trendy ag clothes! (how to make a scrunchie, top, & skirt) HEY GUYS! IM BAACCCKKK! Im so sorry for the super long break, but it was much needed after a really stressful couple months. Ive missed youtube and all of you so much and Im so happy to be back!! I hope you enjoy this video on diy trendy clothes for american girl dolls and no sew easy clothing to make. I love you all!! → social media ✰ - - - - - - 🌻 instagram: 💌 business email: ag4l...!
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Make some fashionable fall outfits out of socks to keep your doll looking fab! #AmericanGirl #DollDIY Share your AG crafts using #AGDIY Watch all the most recent American Girl videos: Watch all DIY videos here: SUBSCRIBE: About AG Crafts: Oh my American Girl, we have all your video needs for crafts, DIYs, and recipes! Get inspired with some doll crafts, doll DIYs, and crafts for yourself! We have new crafts ...!
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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, i hope you enjoy this new type of video where i show you some no-sew doll clothing:) thanks for watching! Click on these for the pdf downloadable files:) -Lace Crop Top Pattern: -Tank-Top Pattern: Find Me On Instagram:!
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Play Toys sets up new doll bedroom for American girl doll with pink bed miniature furniture, huge wardrobe closet full of cute and fancy clothes in this family friendly video for girls....!
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Hey Kids, In this video we went searching for American Girl Doll Clothes. Watch to see what we found. Check out our Family Vlog Channel: Subscribe here:!
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YALLLL my doll was FIRE, her fits were HOT and she was ALL THAT and a BAG OF CHIPS. Thats FACTSSSS MY MERCH: FOLLOW ME Instagram: @localblackchild Snapchat: @gabrielle1130 Business: ; Instagram: @helloblackchild Email: [email protected] INTRO SONG: 5unny x 5EB BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS! Whats In My Lil Purse (Everyday Necessities) !!!! Whats In My MAKEUP BAG! My ...!
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Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! :) VISIT MY STORE: hey yall! i apologize for the poor production value but would it really be a dolly d3lights video if i had high production value? probably not. anyways, im really looking forward to this release and i hope despite the quality of this video sucking, you still see pieces you like! PRICES: Item Quantity Price Blue Kanken $15.00 Blue Hoodie $20.00 Yellow Button Dress $25.00 Gr...!
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PART 2!! Since part 1 received a lot of positive feedback, I decided to do a part 2! I hope you guys enjoy the video! If you havent seen part 1, then make sure you go check it out! ALSO, SHOUTOUT TO MY FRIEND , SENA FROM AGLOVERSTUDIO 123 FOR HELPING ME PICKING THE THUMBNAIL! Check out her channel! Can we get this video to 50 likes?! If you have any further questions, comment them...!
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New Our Generation Items! ------------- MUSIC: Title: Drive Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Standard License: CC by 4.0 Title: Above and Beyond Artist: (Silent Partner) Standard License: CC by 4.0 Title: BACK IN SUMMER Artist: Standard License: CC by 4.0...!
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Hello Everyone! I had so much fun picking out these outfits for my new dolls! I hope you enjoyed the video and styles! Thanks for the support, ~Crystal Music: Bensound Royalty Free SpringStyleAGStudios is my Youtube channel handle and my screen name is Crystal because its the name of my look alike doll! (#30) Im a young adult who bought her first doll March 25th, 2008 with her own money which launched her into the world of AG. My love has only grown for these top of the line 18in dolls and ...!
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I finally organized all of American Girl Doll stuff. Youll be shocked at how much time it took. ♥ Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos every Wednesday and Saturday ♥ See more videos from Chloe: ♥ Chloe Doll Merchandise 🎵 (TikTok): ChloesAmericanGirl ♥ Instagram: ♥ Website: ♥ Address: Chloe’s American Girl PO Box 25...!
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Check out this HUGE My Life As Selection of dolls & accessories perfect for AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS! Let me know what you think :)...!
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Alright, I shouldnt even promise anything anymore since the package Im expecting hasnt shipped yet (that I know of) so just expect an opening video sometime in the future. So heres this video thats been requested time and time again. Yes, some of the items arent in the correct area like Maryellens shall thingy was in with the etsy tops. Please know Im not perfect and none of you are either. Previous video: Subscribe:!
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Previous video: Subscribe: _____________ Business Inquiries ONLY: Contact me through [email protected] If you see any of my videos that isn’t on this channel (agwebkinz010) you need to tell me ASAP so I can take care of it! Thank you! _____________ Follow me: Instagram: @beach.dollies (don’t question it) Account for my Etsy. Instagram: @officialagwebkinz010 (Youtube update account) I don’t have any other social media accounts or I might ;)...!
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long time no see! it has been a very long time since Ive uploaded on this channel but I have had a lot of free time recently and got a few requests to make another diy no-sew clothing video so here it is :) stay safe! Patterns: skirt: wrap top: bandana:!
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 60,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!! I will try and get my stop motion up ASAP! I kinda had to start over so the motivation just wasnt there until now. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Im so sorry this video was probably so boring because it is over 16 minutes long. I promise a more exciting video coming this Friday ;) (not the stop motion lol). Previous video: Subscribe: _____________ Business Inquiries ONL...!
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hey guys! today Im going to be cleaning out my american girl doll closet, redecorating it, and selling some of my old ag doll clothes. This is kind of like a spring cleaning video, and Ill be showing you almost all my doll clothes (Ive been collecting for like 10 years). I hope you guys like this video! Love you! AHH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 30K I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!! → social media ✰ - - - - - - 🌻 instagram: 💌 business email: [email protected]!
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#americangirldoll #adorabledollstuff #adorableamericangirl SHOP MY NEWEST RELEASE 7/20 @5pm cst Hey Dollie Friends Today Im opening some retired american girl items from pleasant company! which item is your favorite. Do you have any AG retired items?! This channel and all of its videos are not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. §312.2, and are not intended for children under 13 years of age. Ado...!
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Check out these great NEW outfits for my American Girl Dolls See all these outfits and much more on Etsy at: ♥ Subscribe to my YouTube: ♥ Chloe Doll Merchandise 🎵 ChloesAmericanGirl ♥ Instagram: ♥ Website: ♥ Address: Chloe’s American Girl PO Box 251307 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Music by Epidemic Sound (http:...!
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Hey guys! In this collective haul Ive stitched together several clips of me opening Etsy packages for my dolls. Be sure to check out all these great sellers, and follow me on Instagram (@ag.primrose) to see these clothes put together! Dont forget to comment, like, and subscribe!...!
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American Girl invited me to visit their new doll hospital in Chicago. See her whole trip to Chicago: ♥ Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos every Wednesday and Saturday ♥ See more videos from Chloe: ♥ Chloe Doll Merchandise 🎵 TikTok: ♥ Instagram: ♥ Website: http...!
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Its always a challenge when it comes to organizing our AG doll stuff especially when you have 2 daughters who love to play with AG Dolls and you have to clean up after them constantly. This year I have decided to move our AG Dolls items to the craft room for a bigger storage and organizing space. So far this is the best solution for us at this moment. Hope the space will stay as tidy as in the video for a little while and hope this video gives you some organizing ideas and solution for your d...!
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FREE T-SHIRT PATTERN (: Hello everyone! I made an intro and outro! I really like how they look. I hope you enjoyed tutorial. If you have any questions, please DM me on Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and I will see you next week! Love you all :) —————————————————————————- FAQ: How old are you? I am 1...!
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hey guys! hopefully this video helps you to find doll items for cheap! Thank you so much for watching! ----- ForeverAndDollways is an American Girl Doll based channel. I make how-to videos, lifestyle videos, fixing up videos, and much more! I would greatly appreciate it if you would show your support and subscribe! ------ SEND ME MAIL!♡ Heart ForeverAndDollways P.O Box 25567 Rochester, NY 14625 ------ commonly asked questions♡ ➡what camera do you use? In my older videos, I used the Cano...!
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How to make a American Girl doll dress without a pattern. This can also be for an 18” doll. Sewing clothes for a doll is fun. More Doll Crafts Your One-Stop Crafting Resource Center! Find us on: Web Site: Facebook: Google+: Twitter:!
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I went shopping at #Michaels for some doll outfits for my 18 dolls. They have some really cool items and clothes sets for your dolls . Tons of American girl crafts . Did you know they have American Girl Stickers? I didnt lol . Pretty cool. I am actually hoping they would fit my journey girls . Toy hunt American girl doll clothes thanks for watching my name is rei in third grade I love sharing #toys #toyhunting #toyhunts #shopping #kids #fun #life #journeygirls #americangirl #mylifeas #do...!
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Design your own outfit at the American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio! What would you create? Tell us in the comments. #AmericanGirl Watch all the most recent American Girl videos: SUBSCRIBE: About American Girl: More than ever, it’s time to focus on how our girls are growing up. At American Girl, we believe in character. It defines who she’ll become: honest, confident, determined, and just…happy. For over 34 years, we’ve be...!
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All my time collecting AG, Ive accumulated quite a bit of doll clothes haha. Heres just the behind-the-scenes of me going through them all! If you guys want an All My Doll Clothes type video just let me know in the comments below! My Mercari: My Instagram: @ag.primrose Dont forget to comment, like, and subscribe! :)...!
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My American Girl doll is going back to school. Check out some of the new stylish outfits and shoes for her. She also has a new backpack, laptop, and items for her science class. I hope you enjoy this video :D FREE Subscription Never miss a video! Click here : Watch More Cookie Swirl C Toy Videos: ❤️ Cute Mini Scented Ice Cream + Cupcake Lip Gloss Makeup Haul with American Girl Doll ❤️ Giant Sale Haul - American Girl Doll Clothing,...!
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Its American Girl HAUL time! Check out these super cute sets, clothing outfits, dogs and more all on sale for American Girl dolls. FREE Subscription Never miss a video! Click here * Cookieswirlc is a unique channel bursting with fun, positive, happy energy featuring popular videos on Disney Frozen, Princesses, Littlest Pet Shop LPS, Shopkins, mermaids, My Little Pony MLP, Lego, Barbie dolls, Play Doh, and much muchy more!!! Everything form stories, series, movies, play...!
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Link to Closet4Chloe: Link to Minipparel: Thanks for watching:) -Sewcraftyag...!
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Hope this answers your guys questions on where I get my clothing :) Elysiandollapparel: TulipandPineMerch: Sewcuteforever: Theglamdoll: Dollogie: Qtpiedollclothing: Elitedollworld:!
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Custom American Girl Doll Clothes From Silly Monkey! ♥ Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos every Wednesday and Saturday ♥ See more videos from Chloe: ♥ Chloe Doll Merchandise 🎵 (TikTok): ChloesAmericanGirl ♥ Instagram: ♥ Website: ♥ Address: Chloe’s American Girl PO Box 251307 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Welcome to my A...!
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I have so many new items from Buzzin Bea, Tulip and Pine, Elite Doll World, Adorable Doll Stuff, and The Glam Doll. ------------- MUSIC: Title: Above and Beyond Artist: (Silent Partner) Standard License: CC by 4.0 Title: Paint It! Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Standard License: CC by 4.0 Tit...!
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