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Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori show you how to identify and value antique bottles based on their color, shape of their bottoms, number of seams, type of tops and more. Read how to date your bottle at Ask Dr. Lori to appraise your antique at or attend one of her events at Watch Dr. Lori on Historys The Curse of Oak Island....!
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Digging for bottles in Alabama with Russ Balbirona! We had a blast pulling some turn of the century bottles out! ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT AND DONATIONS: T-SHIRT LINK: EBAY STORE: TREASURE HUNTING SUPPLIES:!
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Antique bottles can be worth a fortune! We scored a few Coke Hutchinson bottles in the last year and this is a live look at an Ebay listing ending worth thousands! Buying for Resale can be tricky! But we Scored big time on this one! Sometimes bottle digging and collecting pays off! This is definitely on of those times. Bottle Flip! ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT AND DONATIONS:!
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How to clean old and antique bottles! The easy way! Cleaning old or antique bottles with a homemade bottle tumbler! TUMBLER FOR CLEANING:!
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We have started the process of Identifying some more small antique bottles. The four that I show here include Victory Glass, Owens, Vicks and an unknown cobalt blue bottle collector bottle. The Little Blue Bottle That Saved America is my historic highlight of the day! I created the Video Title at I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (!
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What makes an old, empty bottle so valuable? 22News went to a convention being held at the MassMutual Center to find out....!
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Hey guys We are constantly getting asked how do you get your bottles so clean? So after our dig I made you all a Bottle Cleaning Tutorial and if you need any bottle cleaning supplies hit up super awesome people and great service. I know I am horrible about doing shoutouts but I want to thank everyone of you who take the time to watch our adventures and to everyone who has given any kind of feedback. Also the tons of knowledge you guys share with us is awesome and lastly ty all for ...!
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In this video I went exploring a creek in a historic part of town that I had not walked before! I had a hunch there would be some awesome antique bottles, and sure enough there were some really cool ones here! I ended up finding the old dump site from the late 1800s - early 1900s. There were TONS of busted old bottles, and I found a few very nice complete ones as well. I hope to return soon and find some more complete bottles! SUBSCRIBE here: Here are some ways...!
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everything mention in this video is the knowledge ive gained from years of digging, collecting, researching and selling. link to the website....!
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DATING ANTIQUE COKE BOTTLES | HOW TO TELL THE AGE OF COCA COLA BOTTLES Quick tutorial on how to date antique coke bottles. There are so many bottle variations it can be difficult to tell the age or value of a bottle. After many years of bottle digging and collecting antique bottles I figured it was time to share a bit of what I have learned. ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT AND DONATIONS:!
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This video shows where to find the 9 Antique Alcohol Bottles that can be sold to Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online with the update Frontier Pursuits after the Naturalist update - video recorded on PlayStation 4 Pro in 4K 30fps and on PC in 4K 60fps. Red Dead Online - All Collectibles Playlist: ► YOUTUBE: ► INSTAGRAM: ► FACEBOOK: ► TWITTER: https://t...!
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Video content includes numerous pictures of several antique bottle and jar displays from various collectors across the United States. St Louis antique bottle collectors society holds this convention annually. This year marked the 46th show. Numerous fruit jars, bitters, crockery jugs, soda bottles and many other wonderful antiques of yesteryear were on display and for sale or trade...!
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Metal Detecting | Antique Bottle | BIG MONEY ! We are in search of a $6,000 antique bottle using metal detectors! Sounds crazy but you will not believe how we do it and the valuable bottles that we found underwater and on land. We have never sold a relic in the past that may change. When you start finding bottles worth BIG MONEY treasure, maybe it is time think about it? Join us for this treasure hunting exploring adventure like we have never shown before. We will even be doing metal detector ...!
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Nha is at the American Bottle Auctions to get a preview of the event....!
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Maia and Taylor go bottle digging and relic hunting at an old bottle dump! They find antique bottles and more! Check out Taylors channel RIBottleguy for more awesome bottle digging videos! If you liked this video please subscribe and check out my other pages on Instagram & Facebook! My Gear Camera: Detectors: Pinpointer: Shovel:!
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SHE FOUND A RARE ONE! ANTIQUE BOTTLE DIGGING AND UPCYCLING/RECYCLING OLD GLASS!!! A 2 day bottle dig turns up some good antique bottles and a bunch of broken ones....... which we show transform into beautiful upcycled drinking glasses! Old bottles left behind because of imperfections are transformed into modern day historical drinking glasses. My wife finds the best one of the day!! Treasure hunting comes in many forms and we have a way of thinking outside of the box! DRINKING GLASSES AND UPCY...!
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Finding a bottle dump can be hard work, here are a few tips to help you find an awesome dig location!...!
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Unreal! We find an 1800s Canadian bottle dump! We were metal detecting in the woods when Eric wanted to explore. Andre decides to take a short cut and finds a bottle dump.. Super exciting, cool antique bottles just sitting on the surface.. We dug just below and some cool and creepy finds started to appear! Andre finds an old gold ring in the dump!.. Thank you so much for watching! RDH Metal Detecting Relic Dirtyhands...!
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WHATS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS GIANT HOLE!?!?! ANTIQUE BOTTLES FOUND BY TREASURE HUNTERS!!! Digging in an old town dump yields rare antique bottles!! We have a blast digging this massive hole in search of some of the rarest soda bottles in Alabama! You never know what will come out of the bottom of these deep holes! Matt from Gone Diggin flys down for this once in a lifetime adventure! Check out Matt at Gone Diggin: ******BECOME A MEMBER**...!
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UNBELIEVABLE FIND OF A LIFETIME WHILE ANTIQUE BOTTLE DIGGING FORGOTTEN SITE!!!!! (OUTER BANKS) After finding a Coca-Cola bottlers dump last week I decided to go back and dig for left behind treasures. Little did I know this bottle digging trip would turn up a find of a lifetime for me with a bucket list bottle! I had been searching for this antique bottle for over a decade!! Possibly the first one dug in over 20 years!!! I scour the outer banks of this dump in search of the clear gold aka bottl...!
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This video is part 2 of a series Im doing to assist beginners with the great hobby of collecting old bottles in Australia. It is the first of a few videos dealing with dating bottles, and in this episode we look at the earliest bottles found in Australia, up to around 1900. The first video can be found here.. Many thanks to Travis Dunn, who allowed permission to use some of his great photos! Be sure to check out ABCR auctions - these guys are the best...!
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Underwater Treasure FOUND | Antique Bottles recovered by Treasure Hunters- WHOA What a epic dive and amazing time!!! I flew 3 hours to make this dive happen and it did not disappoint! Join The Gone Diggin Crew- Gone Diggin- Minelab GPX Users Group- My tools of the trade Gloves- Hand Shovel- Pinpointer- h...!
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ANTIQUE PEPSI BOTTLE AGE | HOW TO TELL THE AGE OF PEPSI COLA BOTTLES Quick lesson on dating antique Pepsi Bottles. Pepsi-Cola has some very collectible bottles and its important to be able to recognize them! Age of Pepsi Cola bottle! Questions answered in this video: How old is my antique Pepsi Bottle? ******BECOME A MEMBER****** ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT A...!
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So I found this gigantor bottle. Time to do your research. Let me know what you think it is. I have no idea! Please Subscribe and Like if You Like: Stick Around with Us Click the Bell to get notifications of new videos, thanks How to Contact Us: [email protected] Classic Mail Box: POB 104 DeArmanville Al 36257 I started an Instagram account. Come along with us more often! All my gear on Amazon:...!
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EXTREMELY RARE ANTIQUE BOTTLES FOUND! | TREASURE HUNT | RELIC RECOVERY ADVENTURE!! Clayton and I hit our honey hole after a fresh rain to see what treasures may have washed out! Needless to say we were not disappointed! Tons of bottles and relics along the way! This was a fun trip for sure! Urban archaeology can be a blast! ******BECOME A MEMBER****** ***** BLU3 NEMO HOOKAH SETUP: ***** **** VINTAGE SOFT DRIN...!
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FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! ANTIQUE BOTTLE DREAM COMES TRUE!!!! (RIVER TREASURE) In this video we search in 3 different locations for some of Alabamas rarest and most valuable antique bottles. We start the trip in a river for an epic river treasure hunt and then scout 2 new locations one of which is sadly being consumed by a construction project. Our time is limited but we are able to save some awesome history! Its almost time to do some more metal detecting and magnet fishing! As long as we are findi...!
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I went into the river exploring the river banks digging up old antique bottles from a 1900s dump site that was an old Mill Site. Subscribe Here: - Below are ways you can help support my channel so I can keep exploring the rivers. Cash App: $SCUBANUG Patreon: Tools used in this video: Pick axe: Orange gloves: My wetsuit: More Scuba Diving Videos: Found Civil War Musk...!
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Collecting Australian antique bottles is a very rewarding hobby and a fantastic tangible link to the early days of Australia. It seems though, that there is limited information online to help a beginner collector, or someone just looking for basic information - so I thought Id do a series of youtube videos to assist! For those keen to delve deeper into the hobby, Id highly recommend joining the Australian Antique Bottle Forum where you can tap into the infinite wisdom of many of the countrys top...!
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REAL RIVER TREASURE | ANTIQUE BOTTLES | AMERICAN HISTORY SAVED This wee on Adventure Archaeology we head to a local river/creek to search for lost history! Over 100 years old and highly valuable, antique bottles are just waiting to be found by the right treasure hunter. I stumble into several pockets that held exactly what I was looking for! **** VINTAGE SOFT DRINK SHIRTS **** Magnet Fishing Magnets: ******BECOME A MEMBER******!
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Working hard for a dollar an hour....!
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A quick review of my bottle collection in their new home. Shout out to my daughter for her great camera work. #bottledigging #antiquebottles #antiqueglass #hobbies #relics...!
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Hey Friends 💝 I hope you all are doing great. In this video Im sharing Antique Bottle art. This bottle art is very easy and Unique. You can use it as a vase. #BottleArt #winebottleart #Alteredbottle #Antiquebottle 💝If you loved watching my videos then plz Subscribe my channel 🔔And hit the BELL icon to receive regular updates whenever I upload a new video. Plz dont forget to give your feedback in comment section. Thanks for watching #Craftarena 🌸 Happy Crafting !...!
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I bought 82 bottles and jars. The Hutch at 2:22 is really worth $120, so I did better than I thought. 4:27 is really vaseline glass or uranium glass, the kind that glows under black light....!
Channel Title : Adventure Archaeology Views : 7181 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2020-07-03T16:00:16Z
SHE WINS.... RESCUE MISSION TO SAVE ANTIQUE BOTTLES FROM HEAVY MACHINERY!!!! We spend several afternoons saving as many Antique bottles from destruction as possible! We save quite a few but it never fails Miranda pulls out the show stopper! Fun times with the family on this week long treasure hunt! Saving history from a parking lot! Magnet Fishing Magnets: ******BECOME A MEMBER****** ****************SUPPO...!
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Hey all ❤ Subscribe my channel 👉 these bottle arts are so simple and elegant with antique finish....❤❤❤ I loved the can ask me if there is any query. and please let me know how do you like this video and what do you think about it... if you really liked and enjoyed the video then pls do me a little favour by liking 👍 and subscribing the channel. much love ❤ ❤ ❤ Crafty hands 🎨🖌 Materials required 🎨🖌 🎨🖌 glass bot...!
Channel Title : You and Craft Views : 23859 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2020-06-02T08:15:00Z
Hey Guys, In this video, we will see how to make this antique bottle art using an empty glass bottle and clay. This bottle Art will enhance the look of any corner and space of your home. The cool and curvy glass bottles itself are very attractive and alluring and if we could just add some colorful and sparkling touch, it can do wonders as an artifact. This DIY tutorial is very easy and simple to follow, perfect for beginners, explained step by step, and achievable at home! I hope you will love ...!
Channel Title : Adventurous 4Life Views : 767 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-06-12T13:00:09Z
We had a special guest out digging with us today! Please consider checking out J Steels Adventure and Variety! His channel and video from today is linked bellow, go check it out!! CHANNEL: HIS VIDEO: So today we are out in Sudbury Ontario digging a old 1900s mining/mill dump loaded with bottles and carbide mining lamps! This video is technically the last video of the 4 parts but becuase we had our special g...!
Channel Title : Adventurous 4Life Views : 274 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-08-07T13:00:04Z
We discovered a lost town site from the early 1900s that closed around 1918! No one has been to this site within 100 years and we appear to be the first people to walk this old town since it was abandoned! This forgotten town is a few kilometre walk into the thick Northern Ontario bush . Not to mention the long car ride out to it! Join us in this video to see what antiques and treasures we found that have been lost for 100 plus years! thanks for watching and think about subscribing if you haven...!
Channel Title : Adventure Archaeology Views : 6263 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-03-31T12:00:30Z
PICKING ANTIQUE STORE FOR BOTTLES TO RESELL!!! (ANTIQUE BOTTLES) Most people know me as a treasure hunter but I do occasionally do some picking. Being a Alabama Picker who specializes in Antique bottles is a bit odd but every now and then I score a few good items for resale. Far from having deep pockets like the American pickers I have to be careful on what I buy to make sure I do not lose money! ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT AN...!
Channel Title : Adventure Archaeology Views : 15886 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-05-03T19:00:08Z
ANTIQUE BOTTLES AND A CREEK FIND OF A LIFETIME! This was an amazing walk down a very historic creek that resulted in an great find! Nothing compares to a pictorial hutch which just so happens to be my favorite antique bottle!!!! So excited to take a break from bottle digging and still produce and amazing bottle! ****************SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING THESE LINKS TO BUY/DONATE*************** SUPPORT AND DONATIONS:!
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A short day out digging for 100-year-old bottles! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: General questions/business enquiries: [email protected] Feel free to comment, like and subscribe! Thanks For Watching!...!
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This video is the forth in my series of introducing beginner collectors to commonly found antique bottles in Australia. In this episode we have a chat about the different styles of enclosures in bottles from the mid 1800s through to the 1950s or so. Tops are one of the important parts to identifying and dating old bottles. There are many different styles and patents from different eras.. so heres a look at the more commonly found ones... If you wish to follow my bottles series, Ive created a sep...!
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Hey friends! Welcome back to the channel. In this video I head back to one of my favorite bottle hunting creeks the day after some heavy rains. To be honest I was expecting a lot more bottles, but I was still very happy with what I found and it was fun to get out and find some cool stuff, enjoy nature, and clean up the creek a little! Hope yall enjoyed the video, and if you did please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new to the channel! SUBSCRIBE here:!

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