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In this video, my friend Lisa the speech language pathologist works with my daughter Emily on her k sound while using a creative and fun color game. Big thanks to Lisa for your help with this video!...!
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A collection of articulation activities for speech therapy. Click to learn more....!
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This video is part 2 of the Early Sounds Articulation Drill with P, B, M, N/ in Initial Word Position. This video is also a part of the Interactive Video Series, which is designed to function as an actual speech therapy session for your child. I hope this video is helpful and brings about desired results of clear and correct speech production for your little one! God Bless, Ashely Sellers, M.Ed., CCC-SLP Owner-Operator of Speech Language and Beyond, LLC...!
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Articulation practice with high functioning autism...!
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Ideas for articulation therapy using Usborne Books & More books and activities, brought to your by SLP and educational consultant Tara Boyd....!
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Moving to an online service delivery model is a big change. While some articulation resources that you use for in-person therapy will still work, others will not. Today, Ive rounded up 5 teletherapy activities for speech therapy. *Digital SLP Membership - *Digital SLP TpT Store -!
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A Speech Therapy Video that describes articulation strategies and materials that children with articulation difficulties can use to increase their speech intelligibility....!
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To help you achieve the best results, Ive used the very best exercises from my 28-years of experience to bring you this... 8 WEEK ONLINE VOICE COURSE: Im offering the first week of my online course free to anyone who signs up to the newsletter on my website. Visit: 8-WEEK ONLINE VOICE COURSE: PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERY COURSE: https://vocabilities.teachabl...!
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This online course Ana Paula Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP, focuses on how to maximize articulation therapy through creative drill activities that yield a high number of repetitions per session. It also covers how to implement shorter and more frequent therapy sessions for faster results. Visit to learn more....!
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Hey PARENTS dont forget to join our Facebook group. This will help make sure you dont miss out on any videos that are posted or additional FREE resources! JOIN HERE: LEARN HOW TO SAY L: When working on saying the L sound follow these tips: - keep your tongue flat & straight - touch the tip of your tongue behind your upper teeth - do NOT round your lips (FIGURE OUT WHICH WORD YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH- T...!
Channel Title : Carrie Clark, SLP Solution Views : 3530 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-01-25T19:09:15Z Were talking ARTICULATION CARRY-OVER! Do you have any students who can say their speech sounds perfectly in the speech room but seem to lose them as soon as they walk out of your room? So frustrating! Carissa from Home Sweet Speech Room and I share our best tips and tricks for articulation carry-over. --------------- Carrie: Hey everybody welcome to the Speechie Show. Today we are talking about articulation carry-over and...!
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This is an articulation speech therapy lesson video for children having difficulties producing /r/ and /l/ in words. In this video, we review how /r/ and /l/ are made and practice correctly producing these sounds in isolation [alone without other sounds], in initial syllables, and in initial word position. This video can be used with children at home or as a part of speech therapy session; especially in the school setting where group speech therapy containing 3 or more children occurs. I hop...!
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Exercises to strengthen and balance muscles of the voice and improve the relationship between airflow, vocal fold vibration and tone....!
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From https://www.VideoCE.TV - Online Video CEUs. 100% Video Content. People love our CEUs. One year subscription to all of our CEU courses available plus ASHA certified. This seminar presents material on the process of improving intelligibility in children with severe apraxia and dysarthria, and other causes of severe expressive speech disorder. Pam Marshalla discusses practical ways to facilitate intelligibility through the development of a vowels, diphthongs, prosody, oral-nasal resonance,...!
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Tongue twisters are articulation and brain exercises that tackle particular consonant clusters in running speech. They are excellent for coordination of the articulation muscles together with breath use. See more in the series: Learn more about the book: Find out about our exhibition, This is a Voice: Find us on Facebook: - http:...!
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This e-lecture discusses the central aspects of converting a phonetic plan into an articulatory output. This includes a discussion of the physiology of speech production and the CNS. The focus of this second part is a detailed description of the CNS and the control mechanisms of speech....!
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Voice Exercises - A technique to increase voice control, pitch range and muscle tension release....!
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These exercises are designed for those who feel they mumble or speak with poor articulation. Doing these daily (or at least three times a week) will certainly improve your ability as a speaker, when it comes to the clarity of the words being spoken,. Remember that, as simple as these exercises may seem, being eveluated by a Speech Pathologist is a must if you show any pain or discomfort while doing these exercises; especially if you have already detected any voice pathology....!
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Les vidéos THEMPPO-Innovalangues en anglais vous guident dans des activités corps et voix et apportent les bases dune meilleure communication orale These THEMPPO -Innovalangues videos demonstrate body and voice activities for improving oral communication...!
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Les vidéos THEMPPO-Innovalangues en anglais vous guident dans des activités corps et voix et apportent les bases dune meilleure communication orale These THEMPPO -Innovalangues videos demonstrate body and voice activities for improving oral communication...!
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This is the first video in my interactive speech therapy lesson series. This is an interactive video that is designed to provide children with articulation disorders to practice error sounds as they would in a traditional speech therapy session. It can be used multiple times until they show mastery of the sound. This video targets /j/ in isolation, initial syllables, and initial word position. There are more to come. Please be on the look out for them....!
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Full Playlist: - - Watch more How to Do an Accent videos: Learn articulator exercises that will help you do a foreign accent from voice and speech coach Andrea Caban in this Howcast video. Here are some articulator exercises. So, first blow through your lips, and you can use your voice there, and you can go un-voiced. Blow through your tongue, and ...!
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Dr. Edythe Strand, Emeritus Professor and Consultant, division of Speech Pathology, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, differentiates CAS from other speech disorders. Video examples are used to show different levels of severity. For more information, visit:!
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After a stroke, it is common for people to have cognitive difficulties, including changes in attention/concentration, short-term memory, problem-solving, planning/organization skills and reasoning skills. The patient in this video, Joe, is completing a course of speech therapy to improve these skills....!
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This video has 4 Tricky Tongue Twisters to help sharpen your articulation and Improve your voice. When you work on yourself daily, the muscles involved with your voice can start to learn to remember how to create words and sounds better. These exercises can help you to become a better speaker. Practice daily with Darrens premier online home training course Improve Your Voice below... 8-WEEK ONLINE VOICE COURSE: PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERY C...!
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Learn the secret exercises actors use to speak with a clear and crisp voice. Improving your pronunciation and spoken English isnt just about learning theory. You can make yourself more understood by simply training your mouth muscles so that you can produce the sounds of English properly. After all, if youve been speaking another language your whole life, your mouth and tongue are probably trained in a different way, to make the sounds of that language, not English. In this video, Ill go through...!
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artic therapy...!
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When music is used to help children with Down syndrome, the results can be excellent. Please sign up for my free newsletter full of great tips and ideas at This Music Therapy and Down Syndrome video shows you how to use music and an articulation app to encourage children with special needs to practice speech and articulation....!
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Connect with a specialist: Learn more about speech therapy: Learn more about our hearing program: Learn more about Speech and Language Pathology: Meet the team: Nationwide Children’s Hospital hearing program speech pathologists and music therapy department have developed an extension of individualized speech services to offer group music and speech therapy sessions for children with h...!
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Use this fun activity to practice working on a variety of syllable shapes and consonants. The menu allows you to choose between syllable shapes and/or final consonants. You can purchase the activity on the Boomcards store by following this link: Boomcards Description: For Apraxia & Articulation! Activity packed with 80 Words! Menu allows you to navigate between the following categories: CV - 8 words VC - 8 words CVC with final /t/ - 8 words CVC with final /p/ & /b/ -...!
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A quick game you can play at home or in therapy for speech articulation drill and practice....!
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This is an interactive, kid-friendly articulation drill of the sounds /k/ and /g/. This video serves as an ACTUAL speech therapy session. You can sit your child in front of this video and let ME take care of the rest. Please check out the tutorial video for teaching your child the /k/ and /g/ sound. Look below for the link. Dont forget about our 40% off sale on all our articulation speech therapy products in our Etsy Shop. This sale will be running for the entire month of January. Lastly, pleas...!
Channel Title : PediatricTV Views : 11536 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2013-01-17T02:01:34Z in todays Webisode, a pediatric speech therapist discusses common red flags to look for in your childs speech development. Click here to read a blog that suggests articulation activities to practice at home:!
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I have been using this race page with stop signs to work on different phonological processes using my trusty artic cards! The cards I am using in this page are from Speechy Musings Cycles for Phonological Processing Bundle found on TPT....!
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Presentation by Karen Harrison Dening (Dementia UK) & Amy Pepper (Admiral Nursing Services) from PebbleBash 2016....!
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Three things to keep in mind while learning the TH sound: 1) tongue tip between teeth, 2) TH is gentle, 3) Keep tongue low. Private Lessons with Tom: Sign up for Rachels FREE 10-day mini-course in Accent Reduction and mailing list: Get Rachels Book: SUBSCRIBE!:, Fan! Follow! Improve your Ameri...!
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How to say the L sound! Instructions for young children from a speech-language pathologist! Practice saying the L sound in isolation. Tongue goes up, up, for L! Want a step-by-step workbook for teaching the L sound? Youre in luck! Ive got just the thing with this book, I Can Say the L Sound. Download it and use it immediately! You can get Merediths cute lips shirt at See the rest of ...!
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In this video, I provide a real-time review of my new product called Syllable Stamp Out with my son Ashton David. The Syllable Stamp Out Workbook targets the production of two, three, and four syllable words using ink stampers. This work book also includes pacing flashcards for the each set of words. In this video my son is a such a character and really helps to provide a real life snapshot of what it would be like to do this activity at home with your child. We enjoyed doing it and we know you...!
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For adult ESL learners from many language backgrounds, accurately producing the final consonant sounds in words is a major pronunciation challenge. In this video, the teacher demonstrates a series of systematic pronunciation activities with a beginning level adult ESL class that are designed to help learners improve their awareness of the importance of final consonants, develop listening skills, and practice articulating the sounds. The activities in this video can be used with any topic, and a...!
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Say and Do Rebus for Articulation Stories & Activities is packed full of fun rebus stories that target sounds S, R, L, SH, CH, TH, and S, R, L Blends in initial, medial, final, and combo positions in words. Let us know how you use this book in your therapy!!
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C1V1C2V2 words...!

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