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Episode 2: The Struggle. Take a look back at vet & animal care staffs fight to keep premature baby hippo Fiona alive with help from Cincinnati Childrens. To see what lead up to this please view Episode 1 Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find out more at Musi...!
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Fiona is here today because of the TLC she received from her care team. Here are some never-before-seen videos of moments they shared during Fiona’s first few months. A lot of love went into caring for Fiona and helping her become a healthy happy hippo! This is an Episode for season 2 of the Fiona Show. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: I...!
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Its hard to believe that baby hippo Fiona, born 6 weeks premature, is celebrating her first Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed our daily #TeamFiona updates and following her amazing journey to this milestone. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Fiona moments in this video. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find o...!
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Obi, our little baby Pygmy Hippo ventured out with mum, Petre, for a swim in the big pool for the first time. The name Obi means heart in the Nigerian Igbo language, and he is certainly melting a few hearts here at Melbourne Zoo :)...!
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An adorable male pygmy hippo calf has been born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Meet the zoos cutest new arrival in this video and we challenge you not to instantly fall in love with him! Find out more about the new arrival here:!
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Compilation of baby Hippopotamus or Hippos swimming and playing. Hippos are cute, however they are quite dangerous due to their territorial nature. They are incredibly able swimmings and although they are heavy (weighing up to 4,500 kilograms, or 9,912 pounds) they are quite quick. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE this video. COMMENT below and let us know what animals compilations you would love to see! Facebook ► Subscribe ► Link to original...!
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Baby Hippo Falls In Love With Orphaned Rhino | When Charlie the baby hippo lost his mom, he was rescued by a rhino orphanage and became best friends with a little rhino. There was only one problem — Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino too! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Charlie eventually learned to act like a hippo, even though hell always come back for snuggles with his favorite rhino. To sponsor the ongoing care of Charlie, Moomin and Makhosi, you can support the Zululand Rhino Orphana...!
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Hip Hip Hooray, it’s #NationalHippoDay! Take a look at Penelope over the last six months 🦛 💗#BabyPygmyDiaries...!
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It’s hard to believe that Fiona is 4 months old! We celebrate how far she’s come in those few short months. She was born on January 24, six weeks premature and weighing only 29lbs. Average birth weight for a hippo is 55-100 pounds. She required 24-hour critical care for several months. During that time she gained millions of loyal fans that have been following her progress and rooting for her health. We can now say she is a healthy young hippo, weighing in at 254 pounds this morning, and has...!
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When I last time visited zoo, I liked watching a small hippo swimming and eating with the mother, making the first steps and observing fish in the water. Music: Mr. Pink - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (Youtube Free Audio Library)...!
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Weighing only 4% as much as an adult, a baby hippo is completely dependent on its mother. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed it! **More info & videos below** “Hippos: Africas River Giants“ premieres Wednesday, January 15, at 8|7c on PBS. --------------- For full NATURE episodes, check out: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: In...!
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Hippo Giving Birth | Babies Hippo So cute ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome ! Have a nice time watching our content. Our channel shares the content of wildlife life, lively images, true ... like snake, lizard, python, lion .... and many other wildlife. New episode will be released each weeks. Follow and subscribe to for not missing any. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...!
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Episode 3 – Bigger and Better. After overcoming major medical hurdles premature baby hippo Fiona begins to thrive. To see what lead up to this please view Episode 1 and Episode 2 Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find out more at http://www.cincinnatizoo.or...!
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What better day than Endangered Species Day to announce the birth of our first successful pygmy hippo calf in 30 years!? Congrats to first-time mom, Mabel. Every birth brings hope to this endangered species, but today is also a day for celebrating all that YOU continue to do for the wildlife in our care and worldwide. 🌎 Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - https://twitt...!
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Episode 1 from the Fiona Show on Facebook. The takes you back to how premature baby hippo Fiona was born. Includes footage of the actual birth. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find out more at!
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Episode 5 - Family Reunion. The labor of love to get premature baby hippo Fiona strong and healthy would only be a true success if her care team could safely reintroduce her to her Mom and Dad. To see what lead up to this please view Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Subscribe: Facebook:!
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Snout first, Gloria the baby hippo took her first tentative steps into the deep pool in her enclosure at Frances Beauval zoo on Monday. Born on June 7, the baby had already swum in a smaller interior tank, where her mother Bolinhas helped her rise to the surface to breathe, but Mondays outing was the first in the main enclosure with its two-metre deep pool, which is to be her new home. Gloria, named after the hippo in the DreamWorks movie Madagascar, weighed 38 kilograms when she was born afte...!
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The Happos Family are trying to stop Baby Happo from crying. Party Happo decides to try and cheer him up Baby Happo by using his many tricks. Subscribe to The Happos Family’s channel: The Happos Family is not your ordinary family but a bunch of hippos. Each Hippo has a different fun personality. They live in a safari park and although during the day they behave and allow visitors to take pictures of them, when the ga...!
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A pregnant hippo leaves her pod in order to give birth in quiet waters, but when its time for mother and calf to journey back to their family, the newborn hippo struggles to keep up. Watch the Full Episode with your FREE trial for Smithsonian Channel Plus by signing up today at From: HIPPO GANGLANDS!
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The rhino calf Savannah plays with zoo keeper Thomas at GIVSKUD ZOO. The play isnt just for fun. By interacting with the animal the zoo keeper creates trust witch helps in daily management. Furthermore the calfs mother learns that the calf is in good hands....!
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This 130 Year Old Tortoise Saves Baby Hippo’s Life, Now They Are Best Friends images credit: YouTube\Vitaltheatre watch full video at: ►For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ►Audio by Scott Leffler: Thank you for watching this video if you like our video then hit the like button and dont forget to subscribe to #eMystery #epic_rescue...!
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An adorable baby hippo greets its keeper by nuzzling his arm. The adorable little creature, named Sam, greeted his human friend, named Benz, in his enclosure at the Khaokaew zoo, Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on January 7. Filmer Benz said: We play like this every time I visit him. Just look at how adorable he is. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching this video on ViralPress! Join our community by sending your videos and following us on YouTube....!
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Visit Our Store Lets Help Animals Together : OUR Website : Facebook : Twitter : For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] #did_you_know...!
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Happy 6 Month Birthday premature baby hippo Fiona! Youve come a long way!!! Now get ready to have this song by Chris Rowlands get stuck in your head for the rest of the day! Song title : Fiona the Hippo By : Chris Rowlands Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find out more at!
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Video captured a playful young hippo relentlessly pursuing a crocodile around a watering hole in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. ➡ Subscribe: #NationalGeographic #Hippos #Crocodiles About National Geographic: National Geographic is the worlds premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of whats...!
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The hippopotamus - fat and cuddly vegetarian or fearsome and aggressive killer? female hippos are hugely protective mothers as males often kill their young, and with only one in 10 males ever getting the chance to mate, fights between males are often to the death. Watch the full documentary here: Click here for more documentaries: For exclusive clips, follow us Fac...!
Channel Title : Bat World Sanctuary Views : 5597 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-07-29T16:22:58Z
Tiny Hippo is almost four weeks old now and her peach fuzz fur is coming through. Turn up the volume to hear her rat-tat-tat baby call for her milk formula. She was rescued at about 2 days old. Here is her original video:!
Channel Title : Kruger Sightings Views : 833283 DisLikes : 224 Published Date :2018-12-04T08:28:32Z
Elephants can be grumpy at the best of times and these hippos soon learned that this Ellie was not interested in visitors on his turf… This footage was taken by Evan Malsbury in the Umfolozi River in South Africa. Evan told “We were part of an organized tour group that had arranged for a river cruise. There were several other boats on the river, nothing too unusual prior to this sighting, just many hippo groups grazing along the river. According to the boat driver and...!
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Our baby hippo got tuckered out from a big day and found the perfect spot to take a nap! Learn more about our newest addition: Like Us! Follow Us! Gram With Us!!
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Hippo Finger Family Nursery Rhyme Lyrics: Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger Where are you? Here I’m, Here I’m How do you do? Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger What is your name? I’m the Hippo,I’m the Hippo I’m the Hippopotamus Mommy Finger, Mommy Finger Where are you? Here I’m, Here I’m How do you do? Mommy Hippo Mommy Hippo What do you eat? I eat fruits, I eat Grass, I eat eat eat. Brother Finger, Brother Finger Where are you? Here I’m, Here I’m How do you do? Bro...!
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Irfan bertemu dengan Mbak Martina yang memiliki pelliharaan Hewan Marmut. banyyak pengetahuan tentang Marmut dibagi mbak Martina selama ngobrol-ngonrol dengan Irfan. selain itu diperlihatkan juga jenis Marmut yang menyerupai Kuda Nil. perbincangan makin seru karena kedatangan Wanita cantik penggemar hewan Marmut ini. #marmut #bayikudanil #dehakimschannel #faunairfan Follow on Official Website : Twitter : Facebook : https://web.faceboo...!
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Two Big Male Lions killed a baby Hippo and eating on the carcass. I saw the Lions lying under a tree and then they moved towards the kill. They really had a feast and enjoy the soft meat while some hippos was watching from the other side of the river....!
Channel Title : Animal Africa Views : 1257807 DisLikes : 771 Published Date :2018-01-13T10:04:10Z
Big Battle: Lion Vs Hippo | Baby Hippo Protect His Mother Injured From Lion See more: #WOAanimals #WOAfunny ► About us : - WOA Animals Video: - New Uploads: - Popular uploads: - All Playlist: Welcome to Animals Africa Channel ! - Have a nice time watching our content. - The content we buil...!
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Meet Harry the cute baby pygmy hippo! ► Click to subscribe for more videos: ★ Download the free KidSafe Tube app for more videos with remote parental control - Harry was born in Oudtshoorn, South Africa and weighs only 11 pounds (5kg!) The cute baby struggled to eat from its mum so the staff at The Congo Wildlife Ranch decided to hand-rear him. He is a handful though, as he needs feeding every 3 hours and regular baths. There are only 3,000 o...!
Channel Title : wild123tiger Views : 373796 DisLikes : 230 Published Date :2009-03-05T14:05:26Z
Channel Title : Karen Pulfer Focht -Photojournalist Views : 341540 DisLikes : 116 Published Date :2017-04-06T06:04:48Z
“Binti,” a Nile hippopotamus, gave birth to a healthy, 76-pound baby girl on March 23, 2017 at the Memphis Zoo. Do you want to see her now? Current video of Winnie growing up @ “This is one of our most significant births in a long, long time,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs. “It’s also incredibly special – as Binti and her baby are carrying on our legacy of hippos in their brand-new home, Zambezi River Hippo Camp.” Memphis, was once...!
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A baby hippo was born Saturday night at the San Diego Zoo and is now freely exploring its habitat, although always under the watchful eye of her mother....!
Channel Title : The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Views : 1862655 DisLikes : 298 Published Date :2017-10-10T15:38:24Z
The Fiona Show Episode 6: The Fiona Phenomenon. Premature baby hippo Fiona has had a huge impact on her care team, the community and the world. A look at her relationship with people at the zoo and on social media. Is she the first animals to have stans? To see what lead up to this please view Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Episode 5 Su...!
Channel Title : The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Views : 2989522 DisLikes : 722 Published Date :2017-05-10T15:13:17Z
Fiona has some new incisor tusks peeking through on top and also some lower dental development. She enjoys the dental check and mouth massage, so it’s easy for care staff to assess growth. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find out more at!
Channel Title : AFP News Agency Views : 4096 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-06-24T11:46:03Z
Frances Beauval Zoo has fallen in love with its exceptional new guest, a newborn baby hippopotamus called Gloria. Gloria is the first baby hippo to have been born at the French zoo. Subscribe to AFP and activate your notifications to get the latest news 🔔!
Channel Title : The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Views : 4425022 DisLikes : 206 Published Date :2018-10-04T15:41:32Z
HallZOOween, presented by Frisch’s Big Boy, kicks off this weekend! Little ghouls and boys can trick-or-treat around the Cincinnati Zoo & BOO-tanical Garden on October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, & 27-28 from Noon – 5 p.m. Please BYOB (bring your own bag) to help the #GreenestZooinAmerica stay green! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:!
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Nile hippos spend up to 16 hours a day in water. They are often submerged in rivers and lakes and are sometimes referred to as river horses. Fiona can choose to be in her pool or out. She loves water play and its good exercise for her....!

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