Ball Jointed Dolls

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Hi everyone! I received my doll last Wednesday and I am so excited to share my one of the happiest moment of my life. You can buy doll to: For details todays episode check this link: For upcoming videos click here to SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Instagram: Recipes:!
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NEW DOLLS?! BUT THEYRE REALLY PRETTY GOSH! Opening some new to me BJDs!! If you like what you see, HEY! SUBSCRIBE! #balljointeddoll #bjd #unboxing LINKS TO DOLLS ON AMAZON: FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ▶ Twitter: ▶ Twitch: http...!
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***상품명*** ‘세미’(Semy) 노멀컬러 (메이크업 추가) ***상품 구성*** 세미 본체 / 헤드 14mm 글라스 안구(랜덤) / 안구 클레이 헤드캡 전용 박스 텐션줄 / S자 고리 / 인증서 조립완성 Twin Musicom의 Winter Ride은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 출처: 아티...!
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**하나엘~~이쁘당!! 함께 개봉해 볼까요?? ㄱ ㄱ ~~슝...!
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In this video you can watch the process of making Sofie Dolls porcelain ball jointed hands from casting to firing. Ball jointed hands are one the most beautiful yet complicated parts of my dolls, it takes a few weeks to complete them. More information on website: Contact us: [email protected] Instagram:!
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The doll in this video is, shall we say, detailed to a point that makes it inappropriate for children 12 or younger. This video is NOT MADE FOR KIDS, nor is the doll in this video. This unboxing is of a delicate artist doll designed for adult collectors, and this video is made for the reference of those adult collectors. You can check out other art BJD dolls by this artist at any of the following links: eBay: Etsy: https://www.e...!
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IMPORTANT: Be aware that this weeks video contains doll nudity for review purposes. Watch at your own discretion. I hope you will enjoy the unboxing and review of this silicone bust :) Ive included a tutorial on how to attach it and restring the Fairyland Fairyline MNF and A-line MNF body as well. Magnetic Duckling can be found here: Doll featured in this video: Cassie is a ...!
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**소파아헤드와 다락 바디 합체!!! 개인적으로 다락 42cm 바디를 너무 좋아해서 ~ 소피아 미백 헤드를 다락 와이트 바디로 꾸며보았느데~헤드와 바디 컬러도 문안하게 잘 어울리네요 :) Twin Musicom의 Hip Hop Christmas은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 아티스트:!
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*^^* 신장 : 16cm 머리둘레 : 5.8 inch 목둘레 : 4.4cm 가슴둘레 : 8.7cm 허리둘레 : 8.9cm 엉덩이둘레 : 9.8cm 팔길이 (어깨밑~손목) 4cm 허리에서 발목길이 : 6.8cm 발길이 : 2.3cm Twin Musicom의 Winter Ride은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 출처: 아티스트:!
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*** ★TOY GUMA★토이구마★!
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A redo of an old video that had some serious audio issues. Advice for artists and youtubers, store updates, channel updates: Subscribe: ~*Thank you for your support!*~ Website: Insta: Want to see your BJD character as a beverage?!
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Was very happy to have been able to purchase this Angell Studio Mermaid! This is another doll company that I really like, they make a lot of amazing Traditional styled dolls. If youre wondering about her tail not looking like a typical mermaid its because she is actually a Koi fish :) If you like Historical Costumes let me know which time period is your favorite! ________________________________________________________________ ♦ You can check out Angell Studios official website at https://www...!
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**제품구성** +헤드와 조립된 바디 ( normal skin ) +디폴트 아크릴안구(14mm) +디폴트 박스, 헤드보호캡 1개, 제품인증서 *리나슈슈 베이비 피요 개봉 : *티티야 누리 개봉 : Twin Musicom의 Winter Ride은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 출처:!
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77ㅑ아~♥ 너무나 사랑스런 표정을 가진 라비니아 ♥@[email protected]♥ 뚜둔 :D ***제품구성*** **인형 본체, 메이크업(속눈썹포함), 안구, 의상, 가발, 신발, 디폴트박스** *신장 43cm *가발 7~8inch *안구 14mm * Make up Design: Nornen * Skin : White * Wig : Blond pigtail * Eyes : Glass Cobalt (14mm) * Outfit Design : Lina chouchou Head dress, Dress, ApronPetticoat, Stocking * Shoes : White Maryjane (matt)...!
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*카와이~~피오니 개봉입니당!! 치아가~분리되는 신기한 아가람니당!! 공주님두울~~함께 보실까용:D Twin Musicom의 Winter Ride은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 출처: 아티스트:!
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*** 쎄이렌 I.자두 (make-up.선택) 가동형 바디 안구: 16mm, 아크릴 눈 포함(랜덤) 헤드 크기: 7 5/8 인치 (7~8 인치 가발 사용) 높이: 44.5 ㎝...!
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**HE IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE ON DEN OF ANGELS!***W*-Jointed-Claw-Hands-(Normal-Pink) Box opening video for my Loong Soul LE full set Hao Tian. He is in normal pink skin and I chose to have the painting and blushing done on his weapon and on the pair of jointed claw hands I ordered along with him. The weapon came along with him in the full set, painting on that was I think fifteen dollars. The cla...!
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My main Instagram: Heather_Explores How to contact me to purchase items: Instagram: Pastel_Sales Official listings will be posted after the holiday weekend....!
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~너무 사랑스런 미우!!! 개봉임당~뚜둔!!! ㄱㄱ :D **Summer of Openmouth Miu **Make up Design : Lina **Skin : White **Wig : Blond Bobcut **Eyes : Glass Light gray (16mm) **Outfit Design: Lina chouchou Ribbon hairband , Dress , Pumpkin pants , Socks , Bunny doll **Shoes : Navy Loafer (matt)...!
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Get the full set of DVDs at or Watch Online at Sign up for free tips and tricks newsletter at In this video I show you how I sculpt a BJD Torso. First 6 min is high-speed, then live speed. Notice how I keep refining the piece. I smooth in gradual movements. Facebook: Facebook page: Pinterest:!
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앙 ♥ 넘나~카와이~~한 아기!!!! 쪽~♥ 사랑스런 레모니~개봉!!!미우야 친구당!!! ***제품구성*** *인형 본체, 메이크업(속눈썹포함), 안구, 의상, 가발, 신발, 디폴트박스 ***Sugary Lemon*** *Make up Design : Lina *Skin : White *Wig : Blond Perm shortcut *Eyes : Glass Deep brown (14mm) *Outfit Design: Lina chouchou Bear head dress, Dress,Pumpkin pants,Socks *Shoes : Red Maryjane (matt) ★TOY GUMA★토이구마★!
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***우리 공주님들~인아도 많이 신청하셨져!!?!! 드뎌 인아가 왔어요! 친구네 꼬마친구가 구입한 아기입니다~~ ---*인아*--- -구성품:헤드,바디,파우치,인증서 -메이크업 추가(옵션) -미백바디 선택 -안구:14mm 사용 -가발:6~7 가발사용~ Twin Musicom의 We Wish You a Merry Christmas은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 아티스...!
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Sorry in advance for my voice... I have a cold but I really really wanted to get this video done! This is a journal of my progress so far in making my own BJD. I hope to have her completed soon and be able to make a part 2 ^^ Viola is ~40cm high (MSD size) but has a girth more similar to a SD. I made her (mostly) out of La Doll and Premier stone clay. She has been a labor of love over the past few months. I hope you like her! Links to BJD Sculpting Resources: The Joint Forum - http://www.bjd-a...!
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*** 시니어 델프테라 *** 시니어 델프테라, 16mm 아크릴 안구(색상 랜덤), 솜이불, 박스, 설명서,인증서, (메이크업 선택, 가발, 의상, 악세사리 등 미포함, 조립완성) Twin Musicom의 Hip Hop Christmas은(는) Creative Commons Attribution 라이선스(에 따라 라이선스가 부여됩니다. 아티스트:!
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* ***드리밍돌 러블리 벳시*** -바디선택:미백 ,메이크업 추가- [구성] *조립 완성된 인형 1체. *아크릴 안구 14mm [색상 랜덤] *가발 6 ~ 7 inch [랜덤] *인형박스, 인형보호용 쿠션,인증서...!
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*** 유튜브를 하고있는게~자꾸 알려지면서!! 지인분들이 선물을 보내주셨어요( (__) 감사합니당 )~바니바니 사랑스런 메이플 ~뚜둔 :) ***Maple*** -Bunny body (assembly completed) - Hand parts - Default box -certification - (option) Make-up (A-type), whitening body - Eyeball: 14mm - Wig: 6 to 7 inches - Costume: Sadol ***메이플*** -Bunny 바디(조립완료)(헤드포함:35cm) -편 손파츠 -디폴트박스 -인증서 -(옵션) 메이크업 (A-type),...!
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***사랑스런 나나~~개봉이예요!! 노멀스킨 메이크업 추가~임당^&^ 공주님~두울 :D...!
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***소담이 작은가슴 노멀스킨 메이크업 추가!!! (역시!! 작은가슴이 옷을 입혔을때 확실히 이쁨니당~ 더 슬림해 보이기도 하구여~참고하세욘)...!
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***봄아트돌~봄이 왔어연~~~유딩이 봄이 후기 보실까욘!!뚜둔 ㄱ ㄱ?? ***봄이 화이트 풀셋***...!
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77ㅑ~ 누리 뾰로통한 입이 너무 귀요미 하네요:D 의상들도 대부분 티티야 제품으로 찍어보았어요!! 자~ㄱㄱ *구성품* 인형 본체 - 헤드 + 바디 (조립 완료) 12mm 안구 (색상 랜덤) 헤드캡 1개 디폴트 박스, 강보, 인증서...!
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My first Disney Princess BJD! I was really excited to have been able to buy her, she was a limited run and was based on lottery. Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney Princess, and I really love how accurate she looks as well as her high quality dress! Let me know who your favorite Disney Princess is! :) ________________________________________________________________ ♦ You can check out VOLKSs official website at ♦ I also started crafting, and created some B...!
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Boy howdy, it sure is difficult to talk about doll sizes in a simplified way under 10 minutes. XD Anyway, if you couldn’t tell already, today’s video is all about the sizes/scales ball jointed dolls are made in. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this particular topic. :) ********** / LINKS Den of Angels: Instagram: Tumblr:!
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I change silicone baby Aria into an adorable Hawaiian dress from Disney Store while chatting about the pros and cons of ball-jointed necks in silicone babies. Aria is the Melina sculpt by Andrea Arcello. She is a sold out edition. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! xoxo...!
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ORDER DATE: AUGUST 2019-SEPTEMBER 2019 Store: The Show! 1/3 (62 cm) SD BJD Unboxing and order experience from Philippines. instagram: @chellebermudez twitter: @chelletrixia Music: Funny Day Site:!
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( Please watch in HD to enjoy the cuteness 🍭💕 ) Hello my beautiful friends! 💖 Today Im unboxing with you my new doll Candy! Isnt she SUPER ADORABLE?! 😭💕💕 Candy is a DDH01 Mini dollfie dream with Semi-white skin, I bought her from the same artist who did Sandy and another doll I have named Clara , I will introduce her soon in another video 🙈💕 So, I really couldnt help not falling in love with Candy when I first saw her, shes a very cute kitten and the perfect sister fo...!
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Pulled the first one to fix a few annoying mistakes. Sorry. If you watched this video before, give it a like! :) This video goes over some of the basics of Ball Jointed Dolls. It can be a confusing hobby to jump into, but hopefully this video helps you in your search for finding the best BJD for your doll collection. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter: Facebook: I...!
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No.3 손 완성. #craft#doll#bjd instagram :!
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Видео-мастеркласс по лепке шарнирной куклы Ториэль. Для лепки используется запекаемая полимерная глина фирмы Фимо. Ссылка на схему: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A video tutorial for Toriel Ball-Jointed Doll. The material used for sculpting i...!
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How to Make a Ball Jointed Doll Class Available now! To purchase this 18 hours full video class go to my Etsy: * Available in English and Spanish * Best rated online class for making BJDs FOLLOW me for some other interesting Free Videos Find me on Facebook: IG: #bjd #onlineclass #makingBJDs #balljointeddolls...!
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This tutorial will show you how to create a makeup look inspired by the soft and mystical faceups of BJDs. I hope you like it! Please like and subscribe if you enjoy my videos~ Music - Royalty Free Music - Comfortable Mystery by Kevin MacLeod...!
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get ur own cat people here- hashtag not spons obvi this is my second channel and i am invisible here woot w00t I DONT MIND secret swamp family space ITS A PARTY AND YOURE ALL INVITED but then not a secret? but still fun! CLICK HERE: tell me all about it ♡ GRAV3YARDGIRL PO BOX #2263 Pearland, TX 77546...!
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