Barn Doors

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PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR BOOK! (Amazon link): GET YOUR BARNDOOR HARDWARE HERE (Amazon link): TOOLS LIST (Amazon links): -Miter Saw: -Drill and Impact Driver: -Tape Measure: -Safety Goggles: -Ear Protection: -Mask: MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links): -Trim Head Screws: -Wood Glue:!
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We looked all over Youtube for an instructional video on how to make barn doors. Theres a lot of great ones out there but we couldnt find JUST the right one. So I took the Youtubers ideas and combined them to make these doors. They make a great statement in our basement and make for a very versatile use of space allowing us to expand the main living room or close off an area to be used for a guest room. By the way - Im only SORT OF handy, had to borrow tools, Matt and I even made some mistak...!
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With this step-by-step guide you’ll have stylish, functional barn doors hanging in your house in no time. Learn how to install a barn door and what tools will be needed with this helpful video. Check out our All About Interior and Exterior Doors playlist for more information: #TheHomeDepot #HomeImprovement #DIY SUBSCRIBE to The Home Depot: See our How to Install Barn Doors project guide for the DIY details: Shop barn doors ...!
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Today I designed, built and installed a custom barn door in my dining room. Grab your own barn door hardware kit here: Free step by step written guide here: Special thanks to wes at industrial by design for the amazing hardware kit - Stop by my INSTAGRAM and say hi: Hang with my mom and I on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook....!
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Custom Barn doors are a lot of fun with the right help. Here is the link to build one: #justdoityourself #lovingit #perfecteverytime ► Subscribe NOW and hit the bell to get notified about new videos ► Subscribe NOW to our 2nd Channel -- Reality Renovision Music in this video may be used from Epidemic Sound. Download free copyright songs here:!
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Building in place is the easiest way to build barn doors. Closing in a pole barn with custom doors.!
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Hey everyone! I am making a modern farmhouse barn door for my master bathroom today! Its budget friendly and easy to make! It cost me under $40 for the wood to make this barndoor!(not including the hardware) This is part of the Girls Can Use Power Tools Challenge with NataLee from Designed to the Nines! Check out NataLees video linked below! Click on the playlist to watch how all these wonderful ladies use power tools for this challenge! NataLees Channel:!
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Looking for step-by-step instructions? Head over here: Affiliate links to things you see in this video: 6 ft. barn door hardware: 12-inch barn door handle: Sliding barn doors add great character to any room, and when you have the space, they do wonders to accentuate a bedroom closet. I recently replaced the closet doors in my daughters bedroom with these closet doors made form cheap pine lumber, plywood and hardware purchase...!
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Learn how to Timber Frame with the Shelter Institute This time we build the barn doors for the timber frame barn. Simple, yet timeless. These doors are built just as they have been for a hundred years...minus the screws of course. Subscribe and join the journey! Instagram Facebook @greatplainscraftsman...!
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In this part of the workshop build, I custom built barn doors and an overhang cover to keep the elements out. There were many aspects to building these doors, so I thoroughly explained every element of the build. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. If you have a solution to my center latch issue (as explained in the video), feel free to make a suggestion in the comments. Im super pumped with how these doors turned out. I hope you enjoy watching me build them! Follow me ...!
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In this video I go into more detail on installing a barn door using relatively inexpensive hardware and materials. Putting a barn door on a bathroom is something you should think about a little harder than other rooms for obvious reasons, but often when doing so in a master bedroom, the layout of the room can make it a workable option particularly if the bathroom is large and has a separate room where the toilet is located. This installation is a part of a major master bath remodel that incorp...!
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PLAYROOM CLOSET BARNDOOR THIS IS A HOLLOW CORE LARGE DOOR THAT IS SUPER LIGHT! I NEED IT TO WORK FOR KIDS TO PUSH OUT OF THE WAY AND TO NOT PUT TOO MUCH STRESS ON THE STUDS IN THE CEILING. So, this is video 2 in my playroom makeover series! The first discussed building shelving in a closet in our play room and this one is how I made a barndoor to cover the toy closet shelves. I have run into a number of bumps with this dang barndoor and I talk about those in this video. One of those was fi...!
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In this Video I will show you how I built this Modern Sliding Barn door for our bathroom for $150, including Hardware. Very easy project for beginners. Check it out. ➤SUBSCRIBE to Join the Mr. Build It Team. ➤Check out my MERCH ➤Support My Channel ➤FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- https://www.t...!
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BARN DOOR HARDWARE: BARN DOOR HANDLES: We used Toasty Gray in semi-gloss paint for our door. TOOLS LIST (Amazon links): -Miter Saw: -Drill and Impact Driver: -Tape Measure: -Safety Goggles: -Ear Protection: -Mask: MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links): -Trim Head Screws: -Wood Glue:!
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This is my second barn door build, this time we made two! It was a fun project to tackle Air Nailer: Double Barn Door Hardware: Good Tool Starter Set:!
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I made this barn door to solve a problem in my bedroom. This door is very unique to my space. I made this sliding door because I have a glass door in my bedroom. We were lacking privacy, I installed tint on the window but at night thats no good. I didnt want to install curtains. I like the look of the sliding barn door. So I chose to hide the exterior door with a sliding barn door setup. Problem solved! DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands Video - ------...!
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The barn on our new farm needed some new doors, so we made some out of steel and cedar. Want to see how we made these actual barn doors, come check it out! Subscribe to my channel: Second Channel: WE BOUGHT A FARM! : JIMMY DIRESTAS BARN DOORS: MAKING IT PODCAST: MORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS ...!
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Creative Design Ideas Barn Door. Music: Country & Folk, Video - RRDI....!
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Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert travels to Birmingham, Alabama to install a sliding barn door in an open-concept loft apartment. #ThisOldHouse #AskTOH SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Time: 3-4 hours Cost: $500 Skill Level: Moderate Tools List for Hanging a Sliding Barn Door: [YT] Gloves [] (for applying stain) Cotton Swab [] Drill Driver [] Level [] Socket...!
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In this video I show you how to install barn doors using a standard flat bar rail set that I purchased from Home Depot. These rails are available at most of the big box hardware stores and come with easy to follow instructions. I take you step by step on how to prepare the door, install the door hardware, and then the best way to hang the flat bar rail on which your doors will slide. Link below for the barn door rail kit: Tools used: Ridgid X4 Drill and Driver https://a...!
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How we built our own barn doors on a budget and our DIY wall in our living room. These modern barn doors gave our living room a complete transformation! Im so in love with how they turned out! I cant wait to decorate the rest of the living room. Hope this video inspires you to create 😄! Happy Independence day :) ! Heres the link for the door plans and supplies - #barndoor #modernbarndoor #diybarndoor...!
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I finally get started on hanging the doors I built for my barn. They were made from pulled up floorboards that came from the inside of the barn. Hanging the doors has been a little intimidating for me, causing me to procrastinate on the project for too long. But once I jump in and get started, I start making some good progress....!
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Modern Stylish Sliding Barn Doors Creative Ideas....!
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DOUBLE BARN DOOR HARDWARE (Amazon link): (a 6 1/2 ft. track will work for this project) TOOLS LIST (Amazon links): -Miter Saw: -Drill and Impact Driver: -Tape Measure: -Safety Goggles: -Ear Protection: -Mask: MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links): -Trim Head Screws: -Wood Glue: -Wood Filler: http:/...!
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Building a modern sliding barn door with your own custom design can bring a one of a kind flare to your room. There are the same old barn doors you get at the big box stores, and then there are unique custom looks. In this video well show you a way to create a unique design. But in the end, the design you end up for your own barn door is up to you. This method of construction allows for a wide variety of designs. Its limited only by your imagination. The base of this modern sliding barn door is...!
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Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from talks How To Build A Board and Batten Door. Visit Robs website where he shares his industry training and experience to provide solutions to your problems and to make appropriate PRO recommendations for purchasing products, tools and accessories....!
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Ive never installed one of these interior sliding doors or as some people call them barn doors. There originally was a pocket door on the left side of the entrance to the bathroom that the homeowners wanted to get rid of. So this seemed like a good solution. I didnt think there was much to the installation. The rollers bolt to the door. You mount the rail to a header board that gets screwed to the wall. Make sure the rail is level. Then hang your door on the rail. Not very complicated so what co...!
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How to make a sliding barn door with DIY Pete. This sliding barn door tutorial is detailed with step by step instructions to build your own custom barn door for your home. Pete will show you how to build your hardware from scratch. The barn door is made out of cedar pickets. For more info, project photos, and downloadable plans check out: Download FREE Plans/Guide: Tools Used in Project (Amazon Affilia...!
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Paul and Blake build beautiful barn style closet doors from 2x6 white pine lumber and 1/2 plywood for a bath remodel. These doors cost 35.00 each to build and they are AWESOME barn doors. FOR NOW the Links to Products and Tools are below but will be added on a page @ ASAP I am an Amazon Affiliate and a commission is paid to me from every sale through these links. There is no additional cost to you for purchasing them through these links, however, I always suggest shopping...!
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Follow along as I show you how I build a siding barn door. Also show you how to install it....!
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Sliding barn style doors for the Lean to on the garage....!
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Barn door hardware kit: Support the channel: Instagram Dewalt table saw Saw blades for $1 New Laptop DeWalt table saw DeWalt safety goggles Silicone wedding ring $1000 toilet seat Tile saw Cordless shopvac ht...!
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Dont want to build your own? Here is a link to a good budget set of hardware. Square Splinter version of the popular DIY Rustic Barndoor Hardware project complete with how to make your bolts and hardware look similar to old hammered steel rivets. Super cheap and easy DIY project at under $10 for the whole kit including the rail. No need for bending or welding any part of the pieces. Even the Rustic Hardware is optional and can just be painted black instead. Comple...!
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This video details how to build a barn door using tongue and groove. These doors are double sided and can be used in an entryway or window that is exposed on both sides (unlike a closet or pantry). With the right tools, these doors are easy and inexpensive to make. Full Build Tutorial: Instagram: Website: List of all my tools: List of tools used in this build: Prestige...!
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Make these sliding barn wood door window covers instead of boring blinds or curtains. This beginners guide video will walk you through every step of the process. Check out the shorter time-optimized video:!
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Learn how to make a plywood barn door for your kitchen or living space with our friends at Crafted Workshop, using Arrow’s PT23G Pneumatic Pin Nailer ( More projects:!
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BARN DOOR HARDWARE (Amazon link): TOOLS LIST (Amazon links): -Miter Saw: -Drill and Impact Driver: -Tape Measure: -Safety Goggles: -Ear Protection: -Mask: MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links): -Trim Head Screws: -Wood Filler: -Wood Glue: -Sanding Block:!
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This was my first time building a sliding barn door. A friend had asked me if I could help him build and install a barn door in their new house and we finally got a chance to put it together. The over all build was not very complicated, but took some time because it was my first time building a door. The Door ended up looking great and I am excited to tackle another one. Support me with Amazon Affiliate Links: Sliding Door Kit: Barn Door Handle:!
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How to build a barn door using reclaimed barn wood !...!
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I made a custom, modern sliding barn door for my parents new house in ONE WEEKEND. Heres how I did it (with a little help from my partner in crime)! This project is sponsored by DAP. Link to step-by-step instructions, printable template, & materials: Check out the budget friendly materials list for this project: Also, make sure to visit my Past Projects tab for more #woodworking, #howto, and #diy project ideas! »»»» Connect With Me On Social...!
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This particular project was commissioned by a client right here in sunny Arizona. I dont often get a chance to meet my clients face to face however it was really great to have the client stop by the shop and pick up the door in person. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video. I am a creator of things, a metal artist, a maker of stuff, a woodworker, a welder, and a bohemian traveler of the world. I hope to inspire, motivate, teach and be a part of the lives that seek to become creator...!
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Big Big Thank you to In this video me ad JD Brewer Build and install 4 doors. Each door is 6 wide x 12 tall using 4,3,2 angle all 1/4 thinck. The barn wood in the doors is 4-6 wide planks. JD Does lot of the heavy lifting and teaches me lots while we work thank you brother! The hardware i build to close the doors will be replace over time as i refine and re design the closures. The doors will also get fully...!
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A girlfriend of mine really wanted a double sliding barn door so that means I finally got a chance to put together a build video to go along with my written tutorial. You can find the step by step tutorial on how I built my original door here: Even though its a different door, the steps are pretty much the same. Follow and support me here: Facebook at Instagram:!
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In this video Ill show you how to build a wooden barn door for under a $100. This includes the hardware and track. Im wrapping up a project for a client and who has asked me to keep the barn door cost down as low as possible. Keep in mind, using higher quality materials typically come at a higher cost however they also yield a higher quality product. So I have done the best that I could while using inexpensive materials. And I feel that anyone with basic woodworking skills can do this project. ...!
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I replaced the barn doors on the barn a few years ago with a 36” door. I’ve been storing them in the shed ever since. After fixing up the shed this fall I framed the wall to fit the doors. I just needed to trim a few inches off the bottom. Instagram: Website: Subscribe to my other YouTube Channels: Jon Peters Shop Talk:!

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