Basketball Clothing And Equipment

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Unboxing some basketball essentials from Point 3. Head over to Point 3s website to cop yourself some gear! Help me reach 200K Subscribers! ▶︎ ▶︎ Download & Subscribe to my All-NBA podcast: ▶︎ Google Play: Nike Kyrie 5 Review: Under Armour Curry 6 Review/First Impression:!
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Todays sponsored video is a place to get gear in team colors for the upcoming season. Click to see the full collection: Thanks for watching!!! Support WearTesters by Joining the WearTesters Discord Community: Sign up for WearTesters Weekly: KD 12 Performance Review: Zoom Freak 1 Performance Review: ...!
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In this video, you will learn about all the basketball kit and equipment youll need to get started! This video is part of our series on basketball, with over 70 videos introducing you to all aspects of the game! Keep watching to find about the different types of violations that can be committed in a basketball game. Check out the full program: Using the right equipment is imperative to play your best and avoid injury. Find out how to pic...!
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Today I was able to walk you guys through what gear is in my college basketball locker! I think is is a cool way to compare what I use for basketball practices and what you use! So please comment below any similarities that we have and things you might have that I dont! If you read my descriptions! Comment below and say Only some will know .. Lets trick people. Also shout out to Clark Hazlett, better known as Adventure athlete for the idea! Go sub to my man below!!
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Testing FREE BASKETBALL GEAR From Wish #1! | Trying out and wearing Free Basketball Gear from Wish | Whats up everyone we’re back with another video, today we’re testing FREE Basketball Gear from the Wish App! Let me know what you guys think of the Free gear and would you get the gear for yourself? Thanks for watching! Remember to like, comment and subscribe! Subscribe to Evan here ►►: ►Video Key ► Intro: 0:00 Test: 2:27 Shooting Test: 4:53 Review: 7:03 Shi...!
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#BasketballPlayers #Basketball #Basketballplayer So we all know a few basketball players that have zero drip when it comes to what they wear on the basketball court.They love wearing arm sleeves and headbands know they not good at basketball. Basketball is game to where if you are weak you will get exposed!! I mean exposed is a game where you can’t look good and be weak. This video shows you what you should not wear . 5 Things basketball players should not wear on a basketball co...!
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Help me reach 60K Subscribers! ▶︎ ▶︎▶︎ USE PROMO CODE: ESSENTIAL25 to get 25% any three of these items at: Whats up guys! Today, were going to be doing a couple of performance reviews on some products from a company called Point 3. Theyre an apparel brand that makes products specifically for basketball. Well be reviewing a pair of 3/4 length compression leggings, a short-sleeve hoodie, ...!
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★FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA★ ●Instagram (@Jesser)► ●Twitter (@Jesser) ► Zack Mopi ⭐Use Code JSR in the Fortnite Item shop! ★BUCKETSQUAD MERCH★ ► ★MY SECOND CHANNEL★ ●My reddit 2...!
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Comment what sport you play if you play one !! Thanks for watching i hope you really enjoyed the video !! Like comment and subscribe!! ROAD TO 200 subscribers 🤟🏽 Wanna see more of me ?? FOLLOW ME ON ALL OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA instagram: 👻 : queen.micaiyah6 Tiktok: ._mcyh Thanks for watching !! Comment down below some video ideas y’all wanna see in the future !! Bye guys 🤙🏽...!
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Testing FREE BASKETBALL GEAR From Wish #2! | Trying out and wearing Free Basketball Gear from Wish | Whats up everyone we’re back with another video, today we’re testing MORE FREE Basketball Gear from the Wish App! Let me know what you guys think of the Free gear and would you get the gear for yourself? Thanks for watching! Remember to like, comment and subscribe! Subscribe to Evan here ►►: ►Video Key ► Preview: 0:00 Intro: 0:21 Test: 2:52 Review: 8:07 Shir...!
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Every year, my team is hooked up with some of the best Nike Gear to make sure we preform and look our best walking through, campus and while we are traveling. I thought it would be cool to show you guys the things i got issued this year! I am so excited for all of these pieces and it makes me even more excited for my season coming up. We have official practices starting up this Thursday. LETS GO COUGS! My instagram:!
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Hope you guys Enjoy the video and don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe for more quality content daily! Watch us live on Twitch: Follow us on Twitter: For cheap and fast MT use code “Poda” for a 3% discount at!
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Mason shows off his new basketball bag and everything that he keeps inside of it. And our crazy schedule gets busier as school practices begin. Subscribe for more videos: Bevo Adventures 1 Year Ago: Bevo Adventures 2 Years Ago: Bevo Adventures 3 Years Ago: Bevo Adventures 4 Years Ago:!
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This my basketball gear bag or basketball equipment video for you guys to see my basketball stuff for the upcoming season.This is some of the best basketball gear that you should pick up. Some of my gear is a little old but you can find it some places like my Kyrie 3 which is one of the best basketball shoes out there but it is a little old. So yeah thanks for watching and see you guys next time....!
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Thanks for watching I appreciate it ROAD TO 1,000 SUBS Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more Follow me on Social Media Instagram @ Killa.Dex Snapchat @ SleepOnTy Twitter @ twjr_1...!
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STACK editor Brandon Hall shares his collection of USA Basketball Olympic Nike gear including a backpack, USA warm-ups, Kevin Durants white uniform, Kyrie Irvings blue uniform and a pair of Nike Hyperdunk shoes. Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook:!
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Check out some of the gear that the Gopher mens basketball team wears each season, both during games and off the court....!
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Hey guys I hope you all enjoyed this video!! SUBSCRIBE if youre new here! Subscribe to channel!: SOCIAL MEDIA↓ ✧instagram:https:!
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Hey guys! So every basketball season Nike hooks us up with some sick gear: sweats, shoes, leggings, shirts, & more. We like to call it our Christmas. I am so thankful to be able to represent BYU through this Nike gear. I hope you guys enjoy:) Song is called Dope Rap Instrumental (produced by Reality)...!
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Find the Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball, Size 5 (0842899) here: Step out onto the court with confidence and develop skills that stay with a player using the Spalding® Rookie Gear® Youth Basketball. Ideal for young athletes learning the game, the multi-coloured Rookie Gear weighs 25% less than standard youth basketballs....!
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► Subscribe for more! ➣ ◄ ► Want to see MORE videos? CLICK THIS! ➤ ◄ =============================================== Went to Sportcheck the day after my parents came back home from a one month vacation. I was so happy and excited to use my new improved Basketball Gear for 2015! I was able to choose one of the Lebron 12s limited Spring Edition which was $265. It is bright reddish Crimson orange with HQ designXDXDX...!
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Whats In My Basketball Bag 2020. Take a look at whats in my backpack. A lot of you often ask me to make videos of my basketball experience, so here is one of the most highly requested videos! Comments are still disabled by YouTube so visit my community page and leave me a comment on the post for this video. Love you guys! 🥰 Be sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications to join the VeeHive! #veehive #lexivee03 SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE OF M...!
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Filmed, edited and produced by Nik Conklin, Clemson Athletic Communications...!
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► Subscribe for more! ➣ ◄ ► Want to see MORE videos? CLICK THIS! ➤ ◄ ========================================­======= my personal sizes n’ stuff: compression tights - XS (best fit up to 5’10) shorts - Medium mens 32 SOCIAL LINKS BELOW! ——————————————————————————————————————————————— Follow Me on Twitter! ☛https:...!
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The March Madness takeover of our “Royal Key” series continues, as we follow up the Oregon Ducks basketball tour with another Pac-12 notable, the USC Trojans. Check the video above to see George Kiel tour the USCs sneaker-filled locker rooms, its one-of-a-kind weight room facility and its famed arena that faces Downtown LA. *Note* Follow @coiskiMedia on Instagram to find out how to win some exclusive USC Trojan basketball gear this Thursday, March 15th. #RoyalKey #USCTrojans #CollegeBasket...!
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Road Trip 2.0 Backpack: Point 3 has the best basketball gear on the planet. I don’t care what you guys tell me, I’m taking Points 3 over anything. Check out my unboxing on this great backpack from point 3 Please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with the latest content! Click here to subscribe help me reach 20k CLINK HERE FOR THE LAT...!
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H i guys I went back again at my favorite sports store Decathlon to buy my favorite ball made of a car wheel. Thats Lit I was so excited for the 1st time I used it, I played with other customers there...!
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Every serious hooper should own a pair of these basketball shorts. Help me reach 200K Subscribers! ▶︎ Buy these shorts ▶︎ Follow me on: Twitter: Instagram: ▶︎Watch #NBAKicks: ▶︎ Download & Subscribe to my All-NBA podcast: ▶︎ Google Play: Ni...!
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Flew to Portland to visit Nike HQ and our hotel was FULL of SWAG!! Watch the full Nike Playlist here: Watch Sam Gordon Tear it up: The voting is OVER! Thank you for your help! Results will be announced soon at Thanks Nike for the free stuff and the awesome trip! P.O. BOX 750 KAYSVILLE, UT 84037-9998 Follow us on Twitter:!
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Everyone knows about Oregons style, but what about the people behind the scenes that make it all happen? Get to know everything about the Oregon Equipment team, what it takes to prepare for game days, the University of Oregons relationship with Nike, and even find out the equipment staffs picks for their favorite Ducks uniforms and gear....!
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West Chester University Athletic Training students displaying the equipment needed to play safe basketball....!
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Quick video showing what i bring with me when i go to games or just to the gym to play basketball...!
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Here we go. In todays episode, our March Madness 2019 “Royal Key” provides you with a behind-the-scenes, all-access look inside UNC Basketballs one-of-a-kind facility. Lets just say Michael Jordan has done well by his alma mater. *Note* Follow @coiskiMedia and @GeorgeKiel3 on Instagram to find out how to win some exclusive UNC Basketball gear this Saturday, April 6, 2019. Special thanks to our presenting sponsor,! Join our sponsor,, the #1 online betting site NOW ...!
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Reviewing Sklz basketball products and how helpful they can be if added to your game. We review 8 of the latest products created by Sklz. This video is sponsored by GameTime Performance...!
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A comprehensive look at the gear and equipment that a Clemson Football student-athlete receives throughout the course of the year. ---- Director: Nik Conklin || Clemson Athletic Communications Vocal & Grease Board Artist: D.J. Gordon || Clemson Football Boom Mic Operator & Impressed Spectator: Jonathan Gantt || Clemson Athletic Communications...!
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Fans gear up for mens NCAA basketball tournament...!
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In todays video I discuss what I think are some of the best basketball training equipment on the market today plus a ton more. /sww -- Visit Us Also if youre new make sure you subscribe here: There are so many different things you can buy out there to help you get better. The main thing you need to do is free. Thats to grab a basketball and get on a court somewhere to work on improving your shooting, ball handling, and more. Also you need t...!
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Vermont head coach Lori Gear McBride addresses the media at Vermont Basketball Media Day Presented by TIAA-CREF Wednesday afternoon at Gutterson Fieldhouse....!
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Gonna be posting on March 18th my birthday and plz let me get some subscribers cause I need some and this is my 4th video I think and lets get to 100 likes plz I would be happy if all of u guys out there got me to 100 bye!!!!...!

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