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Its a story Of Photographer During Lockdown,This Video Is Dedicated To All Photographers & Creators. . CONCEPT,WRITTEN,DIRECTED & EDITING BY. Sagar Patel(Mr.Ocean) . CAST. Suraj Patel(SK) Sagar Patel(Mr.Ocean) . CINEMATOGRAPHER. Mihir Ganvit(MG) . MANAGEMENT TEAM Suraj patel (SK) Mehul Patel Kaushal Rajyaguru . INSTAGRAM SAGAR PATEL (@_mr_ocean) . Suraj Patel . Mihir Ganvit https://instag...!
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In this video I return.. I know I know AGAIN, to Palouse falls. I camped out, shot the blood moon, did some artsy fartsy abstracts during sunset, and some nice sunrise shots the following morning. In this video I also show you how powerful contrast can be in abstract water shots....!
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From idea to photo! Learn everything you need to take amazing photos of the Moon with your favorite subject in the foreground with a telephoto lens: how to plan your Moon photo ideas with PhotoPills (, all the gear you need and how to photograph the Moon step by step, including where to focus and all the camera settings! TIME INDEX 00:00 Introduction 00:44 The Plan 05:55 The Equipment 07:55 The Shooting 16:28 Final words GET PHOTOPILLS - PhotoPills on iOS: https://g...!
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See the sport of surfing as it’s never been captured before in John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny’s second signature release, in association with award-winning film studio, Brain Farm. The first surf film shot entirely in 4K, View From a Blue Moon ( follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. From the dreamy blue perfection of the...!
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In this tutorial I give you a full moon processing tutorial. I show you how to use PIPP to convert and crop your RAW files to TIFFs, use AutoStakkert!3 to stack your images, and use Adobe Photoshop to process your final image. PIPP is free software and can be downloaded here: AutoStakkert!3 is free software and can be downloaded here: **Subscribe here**!
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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Blue Moon · EARTHGANG Mirrorland ℗ 2019 Dreamville/Interscope Records Released on: 2019-09-06 Producer: Pete Scum Nebula Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Julio Ulloa Studio Personnel, Mixer: Juro Mez Davis Main Artist: EARTHGANG Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Joe LaPorta Composer Lyricist: Elan Parker Composer Lyricist: Olu Fann Composer Lyricist: Tyran L Donaldson Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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nice version of old classic feat. Brad Goldpaint Photography...!
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Subhashree Lenka and Sarada Prasad Badu marriage highlights.... a BLUEMOON productions.......!
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A spontaneous evening out to take pictures of the Blue Moon. I was quite sick, but managed to get the rare moon in my lens :) . Read more about my adventure up on my blog Blog: My Shop: Social Medias: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Gear: LG G3 for video Sony A7R...!
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Its Super Blue Blood Moon time! This wont happen again for a while so I put together some tips to make sure you capture everything right the first time. The tips are good for moon photography in general as well so even if its not mega super ultra moon the lessons still apply! Time and Date link: Photographers Ephemeris: ***VIDEO GEAR*** Camera: Backup Camera:!
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EARTHGANG - Blue Moon (Vevo Ctrl) Listening to EarthGang is like being transported to a cosmic utopia where black excellence and cultural pride reign supreme. Originally high school homies in southwest ATL, Olu aka Johnny Venus and WowGr8 aka Doctur Dot are a brotherhood, a pair of pals who attended HBCU Hampton University together, and returned home with insatiable music dreams. Playin’ the underground venue circuit and droppin’ mixtapes under the name Spillage Village, their creative soun...!
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Best ring ceremony Teaser ..a BLUEMOON productions.......!
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More ways to be creative with our Moon: While waiting for Episode 6 of Galactic Hunter, here is a tutorial video we made on how to make a photo like our moon phases panorama over Las Vegas. Galactic Hunter takes you on mysterious adventures to other worlds. Whether we are visiting planets, galaxies, nebulae, comets, or star clusters, the goal of Galactic Hunter is to teach you astronomy through one of the m...!
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This is how to photograph the moon during the super blood moon lunar eclipse 2019, or during any other normal moon-lit night. You dont need a tripod to photograph the moon. You want to use a fast shutter speed so your photo will be sharp. This video will show you how to shoot and edit the moon in Lightroom and Photoshop and then add your lunar eclipse photo into a landscape photo as a composite. There will be a blood moon lunar eclipse on Sunday January 20th, 2019 between 7:30 PM and 10:30 P...!
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On the 31st of July I captured the rise of the Full Blue Moon in Aquarius. It was a beautiful sight to witness & lucky for me to capture in a time lapse. This video is made up of 1038 frames/images & slowed down as close to real time as I could make it. I have been working on perfecting this type of time lapse for over a year now after seeing the work of a favorite photographer of mine Mark Gee - The Art of Night - The Photography of Mark Gee?. Mark helped by teaching me a few steps to get the i...!
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Subscribe: Click here to tweet me what you think it is. → ← ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ Thanks to Patrons for helping me do crazy things like rent 60ft boom lifts. You da real MVPs Thanks to the US Space and Rocket Center for turning on the lights! Trevors Photography: You can support him on Pa...!
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#BlueMoon #Canon #Timelapse #LongExposure...!
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Come along on the journey attempting to photograph this special event, something that hasnt been seen in North America in over 150 years. Sun Locator Pro Android: Sun Locator Pro iOS: Not available right now. #SuperMoon #BloodMoon #LunarPhotography qNdYRQnk...!
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Just sharing a fun little edit I did in the studio today with a leftover image from a recent shoot with my daughter!...!
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Quick test of the Nikon P610 Timelapse of the Blue Full moon 31st July 2015...!
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How to photograph a super moon from your home. In this video I show you how I like to set up my Nikon D850 to photograph a super moon or full moon. You can pretty much use these settings on any DSLR or mirrorless camera. Learn my D850 settings for best results including, aperture, ISO and shutter speed. I also show you how I like to get the sharpest focus possible. Included is a bonus Photoshop tutorial showing the quick post processing techniques I use. I should mention too, remember to s...!
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This is a little story on how I shot and edited my Super Blue Blood Moon photo. Alex | Lizi | Follow me: TalentSky Insta Snapchat @keppppy Beme @keppppy Strava!
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Blue Origin announced a a new lunar lander, Blue Moon, that will be delivering supplies, and eventually astronauts to the lunar surface within the next 5 years, and robots like Chang’e-4 are giving us an early glimpse at what we might find there! Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister SciShow has a spinoff podcast! Its called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ---------- Huge than...!
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Just a fun video of some sweet time-lapse action in 4K. Blue Moon, Storms, Stars, etc. Music written by Tuomas Holopainen....!
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John John Florence is a professional surfer who combined his love for the ocean with his passion for photography to create a one of a kind surf film, View From A Blue Moon....!
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Photographer and filmmaker Ben Moon always loved travel and adventure. But after beating colon cancer, he wanted a lifestyle that lent itself even more to being in the moment and connecting with people and nature. Now, he lives and works out of his 2016 Ford Transit, which hes customized to feel like a cozy cabin....!
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Another Jazz number I adore sung by Ella Fitzgerald in 1957. Recording this during the Covid-19 quarantine in my little home studio :) Hope you Enjoy! Photography credit: Mark Willshire Photography Represented by Chris Davis Management (Russell Hawkins) Spotlight:!
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MLPS Photography video ver. of the End of Year, XOKPOP Encore 2019! Thank you for to Crossover Dance Studios for inviting me to film! Crossover Dance Studios MLPS Photography YT Main: ⚠️ Notice ⚠️ Dance routines and any music used may be copyrighted and belong to ...!
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ITS WINDY! We arrive at the very cool and very isolated anchorage of Gili Banta, on the outskirts of Komodo National Park where Dylan heads up the hill on a solo photography mission and gets some killer shots. We spend our days wandering the hills, exploring seaside caves and relaxing to stunning sunsets with Saneang Api volcano as the backdrop. Gili Banta is untouched, sheer, rugged beauty and truly has our hearts - how do these places still exist? These videos are produced by us both! Follo...!
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Blue Moon by Rozita Fogelman Experimental art film Digital photography of the moon, color manipulation in stop-motion animation....!
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On August 20, 2013, storms off Floridas east coast were isolated enough that the beautiful full moon could be seen clearly above them. I photographed them from Cocoa, looking east over the Indian River Lagoon. This is a time-lapse of my still photography along with a closer look at a few of my shots from that evening. Video by Chris Kridler,,!
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Much of the western United States began the morning with the view of a super blue blood moon total eclipse. In this silent time lapse video, the complete eclipse is seen over NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains near Pasadena, California. Why was it called a Super Blue Blood Moon? It was the third in a series of “supermoons,” when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit – known as perigee – and about 14 percent brighter than usual. It was a...!
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The super blue moon lunar eclipse time-lapse, as seen from Sunset Crater National Monument in Flagstaff, Arizona. Taken with a Sony RX100V....!
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In which things go slightly askew...!
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Time lapse photography of the full moon using a Nikon D800 and a 70-200mm lens. Interval 10 sec for 90 minutes. ISO 3200....!
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In this photography tutorial you will learn how take pictures of the Moon, what will you need for it and how to set your camera. Music: Kevin MacLeod. (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)...!
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Fred Vanore Producer Blue Moon Studios James I. Pisano Editor This video has not been posted as a commercial for the product featured. It was posted by Blue Moon Studios, the company that produced the commercial. This is not an advertisement....!
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UNBOXING | Blue Moon Tea Check out Blue Moon Tea! Subscribe: _ Got to film an unboxing for Blue Moon Tea and LOVED IT. This was fun to make and I really enjoy the selections Blue Moon Tea offers on their site. Check them out! Missed my previous videos? See them here! Cooking With Home Chef | Mongolian Beef Dish: Why I Dont Pray: How To Make Avocado Toast | ...!
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See my lunar eclipse photos at: Scopetronix is no longer in business, so maybe try I dont know them, but they seem to sell the same kinds of adapters for about the same price....!
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In this Photo Manipulation tutorial, Learn how to create beautiful Blue Moon Light Night Photo effects. This Photoshop Tutorial youll learn how to easily create Fantasy Photo Editing. Its one of those quick and simple Photo retouching tutorials youll learn how to use Adjustment Layer tool, photoshop camera raw and Color Efex Pro to put dreamy moon Light photo effects. I am using Photoshop CC, but Im sure it will work with earlier versions or other programs. Please dont Forget ▶subscribe an...!
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Extreme zoom of the moon...!
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