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Channel Title : Love Book Folding Views : 581777 DisLikes : 265 Published Date :2015-10-14T15:42:40Z
This video tutorial is designed to be used in conjunction with the heart book folding pattern which can be found here!
Channel Title : TED Views : 133580 DisLikes : 95 Published Date :2015-02-06T19:37:38Z
What do you do with an outdated encyclopedia in the information age? With X-Acto knives and an eye for a good remix, artist Brian Dettmer makes beautiful, unexpected sculptures that breathe new life into old books. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the worlds leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global iss...!
Channel Title : All in the folds - Book folding Views : 127266 DisLikes : 78 Published Date :2016-05-27T17:02:36Z
This video Shows you how to make the book fold shown. The flowers I made were 2 kusaduma with 5 petals each using 10cm square papers and the rolled roses were from approx 8cm circles. Butterflies are the Large Monarch punch by Martha Stewart. Feel free to join my facebook customer support group which has a few free starter patterns and up to date offers and test patterns for the more experienced. This group is great for ...!
Channel Title : theZimvideo Views : 20113 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2017-01-27T01:27:55Z
Thought I would make a behind the scenes/how to video about my tunnel books. I dont breakdown every step however it does give you an idea of how I put them together. Feel free to ask questions and be sure to subscribe to the channel. What I use for making this Tunnel book. 8 postcards news paper xacto knife cut mat glue stick straight edge for video: Nikon D5300 iPod 6th gen (time laps footage) Final Cut X More of my books on Etsy: Send me a me...!
Channel Title : Karine Diot Views : 2194 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-10-06T15:05:36Z
This video has been made to show the creative process of my book sculptures. I hope you will enjoy it ! Links: * Facebook fan page (for WIPs & updates) : * My Shop (Original sculptures & Fineart postcards): * Website : * Instagram: * Pinterest: Contact: [email protected] / apcreatio...!
Channel Title : Have Fun Book Folding Views : 40871 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2018-11-06T00:46:27Z
Hi, everyone. Welcome to the fun world of book folding. My name is Elizabeth Gale. I design patterns for book folding. In this class youll learn how to fold a book using my Butterfly design. To purchase the pattern as a PDF digital download, visit my Etsy shop by clicking on this link: The Butterfly pattern costs $5.99 USD. What you’ll receive: 1. PDF file of the Butterfly pattern t...!
Channel Title : Folded Book Art Views : 1277 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-09-10T14:59:19Z
Learn how to create your own piece of Folded Book Art by folding a small butterfly with this complete online workshop. Well explain our bookfolding method and show you where to mark the pages and how to fold them. All of our measure and mark patterns work in the same way, so if you know how to use this pattern, you can use all of our measure and mark pattern. The marks will appear in the video, if they go too fast you can pause the video after each new marking. You can also check the marks belo...!
Channel Title : Crafting Mamas Views : 56989 DisLikes : 67 Published Date :2017-01-22T22:10:14Z
Flip through of two altered books in progress. Fun easy way to create a junk journal, smashboopk, art journal or glue book. I live stream every Tuesday & Friday at 9pm EDT.... come join in and make along.... Join our FB group : Share your projects with me on Twitter! Check out my Etsy shop!!
Channel Title : Pernille Rahbek Views : 163209 DisLikes : 71 Published Date :2013-10-17T08:50:39Z
DIY - Book art...!
Channel Title : Shannon Amidon Views : 45062 DisLikes : 51 Published Date :2015-09-14T14:48:12Z
This is a time lapse video of me creating a book art sculpture. This piece took about 3.5 hours to create and has been condensed into about 1 min. Curling Keates, upcycled book art sculpture with encaustic.!
Channel Title : Alison Walker Views : 224783 DisLikes : 69 Published Date :2015-08-18T12:50:20Z
Hey! So today I decided to make my second video. Recently my friend became obsessed with a little hedgehog that I had made out of an old book so I decided to make her one and film the process. I recommend using a book that you no longer read or dont mind cutting and making into something new. If you dont have one then a charity shop can be a great place to find books - and youre supporting people in need when buying it. Hope you enjoy :) Follow me: Instagram: alicat_vi FTC - I am not being...!
Channel Title : dP Art Drawing Views : 27742695 DisLikes : 15545 Published Date :2020-07-29T01:16:29Z
HULK - Im always angry Flipbook . I have been making this flipbook for a long time, which was also a long time when my channel didnt have any new video. It took me more than 3 months to complete this video, it means i spent more than 60 days on 1093 Hulk drawings. So this flipbook is the largest flipbook I have ever made I hope you love it #FlipbookHulk #DPARTDRAWING #ImAlwaysAngry follow me : YOUTUBE : FACEBOOK : INS...!
Channel Title : Louloupurple Views : 69693 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-06-02T09:11:48Z
How to make Book Art. Heart. Open me...x Please help support my YouTube channel. My YouTube videos are free to view and available to everyone. Filming and creating YouTube videos takes time and money. With your help and support by making a donation, even a small one, I can continue to create free to view videos for everyone. Thank you for your support. Happy Crafting….x Louise…x Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Card Making and Paper Crafts in the UK. ═...!
Channel Title : Lacey Haskell Views : 139389 DisLikes : 55 Published Date :2016-05-13T22:39:26Z
This DIY segment is from the Season 3 Cabin Fever episode of Kims Kitchen that aired on Shaw TV Calgary. The accompanying blog post and links to items mentioned in the video can be found on the Feathering My Nest Blog:!
Channel Title : Rosy Journal Views : 1492 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-02-27T18:00:04Z
Celestial Themed Handmade Book Collection// In this video, I share celestial-themed books that Ive been working on. Im in love with this collection. I hope you do too :) You can purchase the books and the Blue Floral digital printable in my Etsy shop VIDEOS I mentioned - Blue Floral Vintage Linen Digital Printable Kits - Hand-painted Galaxy Junk Journal - ...!
Channel Title : Love Book Folding Views : 224928 DisLikes : 121 Published Date :2015-10-28T14:11:15Z
Lesson 1: Parts of the Book This is the first lesson in A Book Folding Course The course has 7 bit-size lessons to take you through the whole process of folding a book - free heart pattern included...!
Channel Title : DW Euromaxx Views : 96320 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2011-03-27T22:44:40Z
The traditional book might be threatened by the advent of E-books but there are some uses for books that the digital equivalent cant compete with. Apart from reading them, a growing number of artists are turning books into artworks of a more sculptural nature. And they can be incredibly diverse....!
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Découvrez de surprenantes oeuvres Book Art. A découvrir absolument! Sabonner à la chaîne : Découvrir le site : Vous aimez mes vidéos ? Soutenez-moi sur Tipee : Like sur la page Facebook :!
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Quelques conseils en vue de la réalisation dun book de graphiste, architecte ou designer. ↓↓↓Descend voir tous les liens pour me retrouver! ↓↓↓ MA BOUTIQUE EN LIGNE : Mail : ninon[@] Le blog : Twitter : Facebook Instagram : Pinterest :!
Channel Title : quasimai Views : 4330 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2018-11-08T09:01:51Z
Trailer of the making of I made with Piero Macola while he was working on the last pages of his comic book Les nuisibles....!
Channel Title : Bare Branch Blooming Views : 7185 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2015-12-24T18:59:02Z
A partially completed art journal altered book. I use this one often for painting practice and experimenting with techniques. It is a hard bound book with glossy pages, and I mod-podge two together and gesso them to prep pages for creating. Enjoy! foam stamp tutorial: IG: @barebranchblooming @fruitnseason!
Channel Title : Zach Wolfson Views : 4176 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2014-04-18T03:04:54Z
Join the discussion over at: Meet Alicia Bailey, a studio artist from Denvers Art District on Santa Fe, Colorado Certified. Alicia shares more on why she made the transition from working with images to working with objects as a studio artist, and the challenges that captivated her along the way: Did you know that Colorado has seven Certified Creative Districts? Learn more over at Colorado Creative Industries: htt...!
Channel Title : DW Deutsch Views : 47838 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2011-03-27T21:34:01Z
Ein neuer Bildband würdigt ein fast ungekanntes Kunstgenre - Book Art. Künstler wie die Briten Yvette Hawkins oder Jonathan Callan setzen sich mit dem Buch als Kunstobjekt auseinander. Sie bearbeiten sie mit traditionellen Handwerkstechniken wie Schneiden, Falten, Nähen oder Weben.In dem Bildband BOOK ART- Iconic Sculptures and Installations made from Books werden auf 220 Seiten Kunstwerke aus Büchern im Bereich Kunst, Installation und Gestaltung vorgestellt. Bücher strahlen trotz der zuneh...!
Channel Title : DIYMarta Views : 768118 DisLikes : 224 Published Date :2014-07-23T18:30:40Z
POR FAVOR SUBSCRIBE My tutorial for simplified book folding has produced a lot of questions. This video is an effort to answer most questions about book folding art. Also, I wrote a book to explain everything in detail. You can buy my book Folded Book Art Made Easy on Amazon here: This book has 10 free striped patterns! Buy my book Book Art Made Easy with TEN FREE PATTERNS (affiliate link): Brows...!
Channel Title : Hanny Tromp Views : 153480 DisLikes : 104 Published Date :2017-03-15T12:09:10Z
In this video I show you how I fold a heart in a book. FREE HEART TEMPLATE: or Music: https://www. More me: My Tip Jar: Hanny Tromp, Bouwe Harkemastrjitte 16 9281 PX Harkema Nederland...!
Channel Title : Matthieu LV Views : 16832 DisLikes : 21 Published Date :2019-01-20T13:00:09Z
Yo ! nouvelle vidéo ou je vous présente mon book de cette fin dannée Mon book : 🚩Nouveau sur la chaine? ABONNE TOI: Le fichier InDesign (si ça peut aider) ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ ➜ Me faire un dons en BTC 37FSaAqcP6cCrYv9M2LeEnZWWzpiuxrtd1 ...!
Channel Title : Art for Kids Hub Views : 191235 DisLikes : 93 Published Date :2017-08-09T11:00:03Z
Hey, art friends! Are you ready for school to start back up? Today we thought it would be fun to learn how to draw a book and pencil. This is a fun project to change and add to as well. You can add more school supplies in the background, maybe even draw the entire school desk. 🎨 ART SUPPLIES 📺 SUBSCRIBE to our channel here 👨‍🎨 BECOME an ART CLUB MEMBER 📷 P...!
Channel Title : GregSimkinsArt Views : 11119 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-06-01T20:10:02Z
Acrylic paintings, graffiti, drawings, and early art are just some of the ​things you will find in my self titled limited edition art book. Several of you have asked through DM about my book, so I thought I would share. All copies of my self titled Book purchased through my website come hand signed with my very own messy signature! ...!
Channel Title : DIYMarta Views : 685533 DisLikes : 151 Published Date :2014-02-02T02:29:40Z
Doing book art usually requires a lot of mathematical calculations. This method is much easier. Print a copy of the word or design with vertical stripes that are used as a template for folding the pages. I wrote a book to explain this art in more detail. You can buy my book Folded Book Art Made Easy on Amazon: It comes with 10 free striped patterns! Neste tutorial eu mostro um modo mais facil de fazer arte dobrando as paginas de um livro. Primeiro tem que fazer um pad...!
Channel Title : Parka Blogs Views : 12060 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-08-01T03:23:14Z
Visit for more pictures and the book review. This video is created for review purposes only....!
Channel Title : Lemon Creation - Asia Marquet Views : 4069 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-08-15T19:15:00Z
Hi everyone:) As I promised here is my art journal flip through (part 2) and this art journal is quite special- in it there is one of my very fav pages and also a lot of pages without any negative space- in short- many pages out of my comfort zone:) I hope youll enjoy it :) 🍒 Link to my other art journal flip through: 🍒 🍒!
Channel Title : Chad K.W.D.L. Views : 156315 DisLikes : 60 Published Date :2015-09-26T01:21:17Z
Will Eisner 4:06 | Harvey Kurtzman 8:46 | Jack Kirby 14:13 | Steve Ditko 19:31 | Neal Adams 26:29 Berni Wrightson 31:53 | Moebius 37:27 |Frank Miller 42:36 | Dave Sim 48:39 | Art Spiegelman 53:44 Meet the heroes behind the superheroes as award-winning(sic) author Harlan Ellison introduces ten of the worlds greatest comic book artists. Exclusive interviews and samples of their sensational art reveal the philosophy and creative process behind their finest characters, stories and series. Tr...!
Channel Title : PopCross Studios Views : 802981 DisLikes : 732 Published Date :2019-08-17T15:45:00Z
Alex Ross, Mike Mignola, Jorge Jiménez, Das Pastoras, Greg Land, Fiona Staples... All artists with an insane skill set working as some of the top industry professionals out there for Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse comics. They all have some insanely impressive art, and there is a ton that can be learned from analyzing both their best work and some of their less stellar work. So in this series, that is very much a rip off of shows like VFX Artist react to Great and Bad Special effects and Leg...!
Channel Title : Gwen Nevarez Views : 24719 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2017-06-03T17:52:12Z
In todays video I will be showing you some art books that I believe will help you improve your illustrations and artwork. (Im sorry about the shaky footage. I wanted to try something different with my camera but it obviously didnt work. ) Books in order: Color and Light by James Gurney Figure Drawing: design and Invention by Michael Hampton Bridgmans Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George Bridgman Creating Textured Landscapes by Claudia Nice Painting Watercolors by Cathy John...!
Channel Title : Tonia Eriksen Views : 5394 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-11-06T02:25:19Z
This video shows how to turn a discarded book into a paper vase....!
Channel Title : Art Cafe Views : 4370 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-05-05T17:00:09Z
Andy Park is Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, he worked creating art and art directing Marvel artists on most of all recent MCU shows, Captain Marvel, Avengers, Ant-Man and more. Follow me at: Instagram: Twitter: My Art Prints, T-Shirt, Hoodies and Mugs: https://www.kuciara.s...!
Channel Title : Dale Weinke Views : 10517 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2013-04-14T15:03:19Z
Art box that looks like a wooden book, that can hold 24 pencils storage area, and build in pencil sharpener....!
Channel Title : Crafty Aims Workshop Views : 649 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-08-27T01:46:37Z
Hi everyone! I am on vacation and needed to craft so here is what I worked on today. Enjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe. I check my account often and respond ASAP. If you have any questions for me, please put them down below. You can also find me on 2nd YouTube channel: My Journey Tidbits. Instagram: aims_office Music selection is from YouTube free music....!
Channel Title : Olivia and Pindot Views : 501 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-01-14T05:22:33Z
Hi everyone, As promised, here is the Alphabet Book Zine Project video I promised in my previous video. In this video, I provide some examples from my research on different types of alphabet books, with a focus on art and illustration. I hope that this gives you a source of ideas and inspiration for your own zine projects and please feel welcome to let us know in the comment section below if you are planning one! Im certainly really looking forward to working on mine. Have a wonderful week ah...!
Channel Title : Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge Views : 4018 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-02-14T16:34:28Z
Even with the advent of endless scrolling feeds of art and digital work, I still love a good art book. It’s a concentrated, focused curation of work, the thought behind it, and often times some practical insight. They also make great gifts for someone either interested in the craft or the subject matter itself. But art books aren’t exactly cheap. How do you know which ones will be worth your while? Art Of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Dinotopia by James Gurney: https:...!
Channel Title : freeinfiction Views : 2671 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2018-02-12T18:50:18Z
Thanks for watching! Ive been wanting to do this for such long time now and I finally have! L I N K S Instagram~ Twitter~ Goodreads~ Litsy~ freeinfiction E M A I L (Business) [email protected] M U S I C Adventures...!
Channel Title : Gal Shir Views : 23810 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2020-08-04T13:44:08Z
🎹 The Music I Use: 🕺 Pose: ✍️ My Texture Brushes: ✍️ My Pattern Brushes: 🎨 My Color Palettes: 🌘 Learn Shading: Digital art on iPad Pro with the Procreate app. 🧤 My Glove: 💎 Screen Protector: 🎨 Free Color Inspiration: 📷 My Cam...!
Channel Title : iLivieforbooks Views : 17627 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2017-01-29T01:28:47Z
I just found jpc13reads channel and he did such a fantastic defacing of Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children you must check it out!!!!!!!!! Like I said, once I finished editing and uploading this I would get started on shatter me so this is where I leave and go to get going on that!. Thank you for watching :D Here are my links to contact/connect with me (though I have been trying to use social media way less frequently): Goodreads: https://www...!
Channel Title : TheBoxOfficeArtist Views : 99984 DisLikes : 57 Published Date :2020-03-24T00:00:11Z
In this video, I ink and color 3 images from a #SUPERMAN Coloring Book! I also ink and color #LexLuthor & #Doomsday! Two guys who do this challenge extremely well so please go follow them: Draw with Jazza (congrats on 5 Million Subs!): ADC Art Attack: Join the Community! Join the Discord! Download the BoxOfficeArtist Weekly Podcast here: itunes!
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A short visit to the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst Massachusetts....!

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