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Today Ill be giving you guys all my thoughts on all of the weapons that were buffed in last weeks hotfixes. I have some decent opinions on these weapons and wanted to share it with all of you! Let me know what you think about these weapon buffs in the comment section down below because I want to know what you all think about it, and what kind of damage youve gotten out of these weapons. #Hotfix #Buff #Borderlands3 Stinger Zane Rakk Stab (stinger FL4K) https://youtu....!
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Those who cant handle the cold should just let it go...or pay large sums of money. Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Patreon: ►Discord: ►Instagram:!
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The looter-shooter genre was paved down this franchises world, but what exactly happened in this world? ►Support The Channel: Huge shoutout to reddit Moldeyawsome12 who made their own timeline which helped save so much time structuring events: Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►2nd Channel:!
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This is the definitive story recap of Borderlands 1. Also there are some jokes as well. Thanks Incompotech Impact Moderato Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Envision Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License The Builder Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributio...!
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Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced OUT NOW! If you already own the original Borderlands on Steam, you’re all set! Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced should already be in your Steam library absolutely free! What’s New Visually Remastered: The improved lighting, textures, and character models shine on PC. Enhancements apply to the base game, as well as all add-on content. Quality of Life Improvements: Significant updates to the game’s supporting systems allow for a smoother overa...!
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With Borderlands 3 out, let us take a look back at the crazy adventures of our favorite vault hunters. So join The Leaderboard as we recap the complete Borderlands timeline so far. Dont miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! Its been a while since we have explored the world of Borderlands, and what better time to recap the Borderlands story than now with Borderlands 3 coming soon. So lets do just that and unpack the story of our favorite vault hunters and there ...!
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Support my Borderlands Review and Download Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos: Here we are at the last New Game Plus of the Year. And at this time of year its best to sit and play some relaxing games with friends. Whats more relaxing than endless bullets filled with loot and carnage? Nothing. Its like fishing. You grab your pals, load up, and listen to Claptrap as you make your way through the wasteland. Borderlands 1 is one of my favorite FPS games to hang out with people...!
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Borderlands 1 2 3 Intros Subscribe! This is a video with the 3 Intros to the mainline Borderlands games editing together....!
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Like si crees que esa no era Billie Ellish... o Eilish. O Eyelish... O como se escriba. Compra el juego en la tienda de Epic con el codigo Rubiuh con h al final: Thx a 2k por contar conmigo #Borderlands3 #ad...!
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História + Análise Completa + Informações Nerds Extras. Instagram : @zangs_ Twitter : @zangadogames Baixe o APP para mais conteúdo: Web: App Android: Grande Abraço! Tudo de Melhor Sempre! #BORDERLANDS3 #BORDERLANDS #BORDERLANDS2...!
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#borderlands Im finally good enough to play Borderlands with my boyfriend! Do you like my hat? Support us on Patreon: Watch us play and capture our footage on Twitch:!
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Borderlands 3 a été annoncé, mais est-ce que cest mieux quavant? Mieux que borderlands 2? Ou est-ce encore une tentative de capitaliser sur une franchise à succès pour sortir encore à shooter à loot générique? Mais la vrai question : Est-ce que cest prévu sur gameboy color? Merci à 2K Games de mavoir invité pour tester le jeu et interviewer ses développeurs! La production de cette vidéo est financée par la communauté ici : . MERCI à vo...!
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With Borderlands 3 first DLC releasing today I thought it would be a great I do to have a little throw back to our roots and play the game that started it all. Can You beat Borderlands Without guns? The first Borderlands was not very innovative, but I will say, the fact that you can play Brick and potentially go a full melee build is what entices me to this very run. I have beat Borderlands 2 without guns. I have beat Borderlands 3 without guns, will I be able to beat the game that started it al...!
Channel Title : Rocket Sloth Views : 109231 DisLikes : 66 Published Date :2018-11-25T20:22:30Z
Borderlands was awesome back 10 years ago but is it worth it today; now; its backwards compatible? Is Borderlands good and is the coop fun with friends? Support us on Patreon: Subscribe to Rocket Sloth for daily gaming entertainment: Follow Us On Twitter: Join our Discord: 📅 Years Later Review Playlist: 🎮 Worth Buying It? Playlist: ...!
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Unboxing Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Collectors Edition and Super Deluxe Edition (steelbook & season pass). Ultimate MINECRAFT unboxing Borderlands 2 Collectors Edition loot chest All unboxing videos Borderlands 3 Click to Subscribe! TheRelaxingEnd Store!
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I see youve been looking for the history the 1 legged blind kook. ►Support The Channel: Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►2nd Channel: ►Instagram:!
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• Комментарии и обсуждения — • Ещё больше обзоров — Возвращения безбашенной атмосферы Borderlands фанаты ждали без малого семь лет. И после не очень удачной Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel и полностью сменившей жанр Tales from the Borderlands полноценная тр...!
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Borderlands has a wide cast of vault hunters that you can play as, each with different abilities and personalities. So join The Leaderboard as we unpack what your Borderlands main says about you! Dont miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! Borderlands has a wide cast of vault hunters that you can play throughout this looter shooter adventure from the Badass sirens like Lilith, and Maya, to the awesome soldiers like Roland and Axton, to even Gaige a mechromancer....!
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• Ваши комментарии и предложения — • Подписывайся на лучшие истории серий — Borderlands 3 выходит уже в середине сентября. А первой части серии примерно тогда же стукнет 10 лет. Есть ли более удачный момент, чтобы п...!
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Borderlands 3. Всем приятного просмотра! Ссылка на игру - Стать спонсором - Дешёвые игры Куплинов покупает тут (промо-код для скидки 3% - 26A3260CFEEA4CA4) Не забудь подписаться: ► Канал - ► Инстаграм - ...!
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Conviértete en un buscacámaras VIP: Al registrarte y completar misiones conseguirás puntos que puedes canjear por Llaves doradas y futuras recompensas para Borderlands 3! Mi Twitch: Streameo Borderlands mayormente, sígueme en Twitter, suelo avisar con tiempo para los directos! Mi twitter:!
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Si os ha gustado #Borderlands3 aquí tenéis el link para comprar el juego: Si lo compráis para PC en la Epic Store podéis utilizar mi código de creador “TheGrefg“ ★ ¡Hazte Miembro del Canal! ➜ ¡Mi NUEVO Libro! ➜ ¡Mi Mando Oficial! ► ¡Sígueme! • Suscríbete al Canal! • Twitter! https://twitter.c...!
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My Twitter Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 10 Graveward Build. Easy Legendary and Eridium Farming. BUY! Borderlands 3 I receive compensation from 2K when you order through my link Skill Tree Build: More Borderlands 3 helpful vids: HIDDEN Super Power 1 SHOT Boss! MOST POWERFUL G.R.E.N.A.D.E. in The Game (Borderlands 3) FAST TRICK to Solvi...!
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Zombies Face Masks: BUY! Borderlands 3 I receive compensation from 2K when you order through my link More Borderlands 3 helpful vids: HIDDEN Super Power 1 SHOT Boss! MOST POWERFUL G.R.E.N.A.D.E. in The Game (Borderlands 3) FAST TRICK to Solving the Puzzles (New Arcade Game) Borderlands 3 INFINITE Legendary LOOT TINK BACKPACK IS BACK!! (Hoader Tink) BORDERLANDS 3!
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Go check out Skillshare!! 💙 Subscribble for more viddles ► Merch! ► Twitter! ► Patreon! ► Facebook! ► Twitch! ► Instagram! ► Additional Animation - https://twitter.c...!
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Hope you guys enjoy what I think are the best farms for Amara! if you disagree or think I should have added something to this list, be sure to let me know! If you guys, enjoyed the video, be sure to like comment and subscribe! Get Your Merch and Support the Damage Nation! Support me by joining my channel and get awesome perks! Join My Discord! Follow Me on Twitch! ...!
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Will your rare legendary drop be good? Or will it shoot mini acid pop tarts that explode when they hit an enemy? Either way the answer is yes. Subscribble for more viddles ► Merch! ► Twitter! ► Patreon! ► Facebook! ► Twitch! ► Instagram! ► ht...!
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Brain Dead Familia oraz Prismatic Promotion we współpracy z CENEGA oraz Good Loot prezentuje luźny singiel Borderlands. Za beat oraz skrecze odpowiedzialni są The Returners. KUP GRĘ BORDERLANDS 3 na: 🕹 🕹 🕹 -- WIDEO: SZERSZEŃ 🎥 BEAT/SKRECZE: THE RETURNERS 🎧 🎧!
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Dans un univers post-apocalyptique, deux débiles tentent de sauver lArche Clique ici pour avoir ce merveilleux Borderlands 3 ▶️ Vidéo sponsorisée par 2K les frérots le sang de la veine, cest tout bon cest tout rond cest 2K Possède le tee-shirt le plus classe du monde sur: Montage par Foxie Musiques utilisées: https://pas...!
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EPIC GAMES Lambda, lambda, lambda nerds! Hoje Alexandre Ottoni o Jovem Nerd, Deive Pazos o Azaghal e Mau Faccio vão jogar Borderlands 2 é tiros e ninjas para todos os lados. CONHEÇA A NERDSTORE EDIÇÃO POR GAVETA FILMES ASSINE O CANAL DO JOVEM NERD NO YOUTUBE Ei nerd! Siga o Jovem Nerd no Twitter, Facebook, YouTube e Instagram, foi o Azaghal que mandou! http://t...!
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In this Borderlands 3 video we talk about the return of Krieg in DLC4 G2A EPIC Deals On Games & More - ►THUMBS UP & SUBCRIBE FOR MORE - ►Become A MEMBER - ►TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON BY PRESSING THE BELL BUTTON ►Join My DISCORD - ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Like my Facebook Page: ►Follow My Instagram: http://instagr...!
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Borderlands 2 is a massive open world RPG, so how do speedrunner beat Borderlands 2 in just under 2 hours? How speedrunners beat Borderlands 2 in 1:57:22. The full game of Borderlands 2 beaten in a speedrun. DarkSmoke11: Buy some Rocket Sloth Xbox 360/Xbox One Merch! Join our Discord: Become a Member and join our Channel! 📅 Y...!
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Borderlands 3 has made some great improvements since its release, but it still needs some work to be a great game. I want the best for Borderlands 3. Today we take a look at how its changed in 2020. I love borderlands as a series, but I cant ignore the problems that make Borderlands 3 one of the worst games Ive ever played. Borderlands 3 is the worst game in the Borderlands series. It just sucks. This video took almost 24 hours to make, so please give it a like and subscribe for more! (when I ...!
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★ Si me quieres apoyar, usa mi código de creador al reservar Borderlands 3 para PC en la Epic Store: TheGrefg ★ Descubre más sobre Borderlands y gana recompensas registrándote en su programa VIP #AD ● Vídeo de Goorgo ● Vídeo de Vicens ● Vídeo de Ampeter https://www.youtu...!
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Angel was born the daughter of Handsome Jack and was one of the Sirens with the Phaseshift ability. She lived a life of solitude and here is her history. Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Patreon: ►Discord: ►Instagram:!
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Si te ha gustado Borderlands 3, puedes ver más sobre el juego en:!
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Le test le plus objectif du monde sur Borderlands 3, de quoi vous donner un avis grâce à cette critique de qualité. Noubliez pas de vous abonner. ❤ Code créateur: Sheshounay ❤ Me soutenir sur Utip: ✎ Mes réseaux sociaux ✎ Mon Instagram: Mon Twitter: --- Je suis très actif! ❤ Mon Facebook: ☏ Le discord communautaire ☏!
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История серии Borderlands в полной её хронологии! Из этого видео вы узнаете всё необходимое о лоре игровой вселенной перед прохождением Borderlands 3, релиз которой состоится уже 13 Сентября. Тайм-коды: 00:36 - Предыстория Borderlands 03:01 - Borderlands 05:31 - 4 DLC к Borderlands 06:18 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 11:05 - 2 DLC к Borderl...!
Channel Title : AtomiK.O. Views : 160513 DisLikes : 122 Published Date :2019-09-11T22:00:00Z
Borderlands es un popular videojuego que mezcla varios modos de juego y tiene como historia principal las aventuras y desventuras de 4 cazarrecompensas y buscadores de una cámara secreta en el agreste planeta Pandora. -------------------------- ¡Únete a Átomo Network! -------------------------- Átomo Network es la comunidad para animadores, artistas y creadores en ESPAÑOL en YouTube. Es un proyecto que nace de la amistad entre Channel Frederator Ne...!
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• Ваши комментарии и предложения — • Подписывайся на лучшие истории серий — Второй выпуск истории серии Borderlands немного задержался в пути, однако хочется надеяться, что Borderlands 2 того стоит! Ведь это образцово-по...!
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Its the goatee isnt it. Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Patreon: ►Discord: ►Instagram:!
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WASSUP GIRL, I heard you like chocolate chip cookies...wait I meant EXPLOSIONS (Im not talking to you Torgue...raisin lover) Im talking about ya girl Tina! ►Support The Channel: Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►2nd Channel: ►Instagram:!
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Greetings Motherfactors! Today were looking at a shooty shooty pew pew game thats kind of cool and has a cool art style and theres a new one now so we made a video about it. This is 101 Facts About Borderlands! ► Subscribe to 101 Facts Here: ► Follow 101 Facts on Twitter: ► Follow us on Instagram:!
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Gearboxs famous looter-shooter went through many changes, from the design of the vault hunters as well as the cell shaded art. Heres what we know about Borderlands prototype Prototype Sound Clips: Pre-release Items: Trombonerist The Decision: Follow Me! ►Twitter: ►Twitch: https:/ ►Patreon: https://...!

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