Cactus Garden

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This amazing cactus garden is located near the highway just out of the small town of Gilgandra. Behind this Cactus jungle there is an extraordinary collection of Cacti and succulents (over 1000 species). Gardening Australia 2019 episode 23....!
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Beautiful Cactus Garden Tour - Sherman Library Remember to Like and Subscribe if you want to see more! Song: Del - Feel Free (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:!
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Cleistocactus strausii (a.k.a. Snow Pole) Origin: Bolivia, South America Flower: Red Parodia langsdorfii (a.k.a. Wigginsia leprosorum) Origin: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Flower: Yellow Echinocereus pectinatus v. rubrispinus Pink Lace Cactus Origin: S.W. United States Flower: Pink Mammillaria zeilmanniana Origin: Mexico Flower: Pink Parodia aureispina Origin: Argentina Flower: Orange or yellow *** Do you have a blog? Youre welcome to embed this video on your website *** Our Address: 2...!
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This dish garden, which Debra Lee Baldwin created for the article that features her in Garden Design magazine, suggests a hike through the backcountry past rock formations and intriguing, otherworldly succulents. RELATED INFO Succulent Container Design Ideas: See Debra Lee Baldwins YouTube Playlist: Succulent Container Gardening (76 videos) ONLINE SUCCULENT SOURCES — Mountain Crest Gardens: -...!
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This is the yard of a friends house in Nevada. This is where I got various opuntia cuttings which I featured in one of my earlier videos, link below: Planting Various Opuntia Cuttings (Tips on Potting up Cactus) - I hope this gives people an idea of how to do a simple desert landscape in their backyard. All these cacti and other desert plants are exposed to the harsh desert environment of excessive heat during the summer and freezing cold during the winter. Connec...!
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This is the second part of the video documenting how I created a small desert landscape in one section of my backyard. This garden features very hardy cacti and plants that can thrive in a desert environment. My goal is to make a landscape that requires low maintenance and at the same time create a space that will be the focal point in my backyard. I also made another video revisiting this Desert Garden and making some changes. Link to Part 1 of this video - Link t...!
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Learn everything you want and need to know about succulents-- The Succulent Manual is now available as an eBook on Amazon, Apple and! (◕ᴗ◕✿) Watch and learn as I expand my succulent and cacti garden in Houston, Texas! I didnt think it was possible due to our rain and bizarro weather, but I was determined to give it a try and look at me now! I hope this video inspires you to find a space to xeriscape, even if its just a couple of feet w...!
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It is Day three of our succulent garden installation in Tustin! Comment down below your favorite part of the installation so far!!
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I was simply amazed by Bachs Cactus Nursery! The amount of rare cacti in this video is just...remarkable! Do you own any of the cactus that you saw? Was there any cactus you had never seen before?! Id love to know in the comments down below :) Hope you enjoyed this cactus tour!...!
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Garden designer Katie Rushworth shows you how to prepare an elegant Cactus Garden perfect for indoors SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BUY THE TOOLS: Silverline Tools How To videos are for reference purposes only. Undertaking these projects is entirely at your...!
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DIY Mini Cactus Gardens for indoors or outdoors. Cactus and succulents are slow growing and great for adding a splash of greenery to small spaces, windowsills, coffee tables, on a desk or bookshelf. Light requirements can vary depending on the species you choose and the climate you live in, but most will thrive in bright indirect light, filtered sun or morning sun. Other species may require full sun. Cactus and succulents thrive in dry conditions, the fastest way to kill a cactus or any other su...!
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The Most Beautiful Barrel Cactus Garden - Huntington Library Remember to Like and Subscribe if you want to see more! Music provided by No Copyright Music: Music used: Distant Tales by Jay Man Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0!
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Hi everyone, in this video I will discuss how to start and design a Succulents and Cactus Garden from scratch. I hope that I have shared some tips and some mistakes that I have made, so that you guys can have a successful beautiful garden in no time. Thank you so much for watching, thank you so much for subscribing, and welcome to all the new subscribers. I will talk to you guys later, bye. 💚💚💚✌️...!
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34 Sharp Cactus Garden Ideas | diy garden #diygarden #gardenideas...!
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If you are looking to create a mini indoor cacti garden I hope this video will help and inspire you! I started collecting Cacti when I ran out of room for larger tropical plants and I must say I think they are a fabulous addition to any plant collection! Im still new to Cacti but Im really enjoying learning about how to look after them. I cant wait for some of mine to flower next Summer. 💚PRODUCTS I USE & RECOMMEND: (Pls note some of the links below are now affiliate links. I use every singl...!
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Thank for watching this video with titel Home Cactus Garden Design Ideas - Nadin Decor, you can use this design ideas to create your own Garden. nadin decor is a youtube channel about home design ideas, garden design ideas, living room design ideas, bathroom design ideas, living room design ideas, bedroom design ideas, and kitchen room design ideas that can make your home more beautiful. ======================== * If you like our video dont forget to press the button Subscribe and Like !! * O...!
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Filmed by Ruthie 27th August 2018. This is an incredible lifetime private cacti collection, belonging to a very keen and knowledgeable gardener in Essex, England. His greenhouse is absolutely bursting with an amazing variety of unusual cactus plants (not for sale). I have absolutely no knowledge of cacti whatsoever, so am unfortunately unable to answer any technical questions....!
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H&H Nursery Cactus Garden 2020 Remember to Like and Subscribe if you want to see more! Inspirational royalty free music track suitable for corporate projects such as presentations. Features guitar harmonics, piano, drums and synths. Download here: License: You can use this music in your YouTube video as long as you credit us. For example: Music:!
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Spent a day taking a walk through Joylene Sutherlands garden in Victorias western district. The plants Joylene has here need to be seen to be believed. It is by far one of the best private collections of columnar and large cacti in Victoria. We were fortunate enough to be there on a sunny November day with many blooms out. The birds and bees take full advantage of what this garden has to offer....!
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Check out the videos and learn more about gardening ideas and tips for your yard, your garden or your front garden areas. Gardening can be more than just planting flowers. Gives an elegant touch to your outdoor space with these ideas of gardening with stone: Ideas for roads, patios, pharmacies, showers and more. In small gardens where space is too limited for the main focal points. Gardening can be more than just planting flowers. Creating nice and interesting garden designs or designing good ga...!
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Our first upload of the grand reveal was one HOT MESS! We went back up and shot it again to do this magnificent installation some justice! Comment down below what you think!...!
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Reseña de CACTUS GARDEN DE LOUIS VUITTON. UNA FRAGANCIA EVOCADORA FRESCA Y MUY PARTICULAR. REGALO A NUESTROS AMIGOS DEL CANAL. @ añade #HUELEMEMUCHO at checkout @ añade #HUELEMEMUCHO at checkout @ añade HUELEMEMUCHO at checkout @ añade #HUELEMEMUCHO at checkout Si te gusta, sigue nuestro canal para más reseñas. Estamos también en Instagram y en Facebook (Hueleme Mucho) Hola, Bienvenidos...!
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Upland Nursery Cactus Garden Tour 2020 Remember to Like and Subscribe if you want to see more! Music: Once Again by Bensound Video Link: License:!
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The largest cactus park in Europe. You will be amazed by the huge size of many of the species of the more than 1,200 to be found here. This 15,000 square metre space in La Aldea de San Nicolás, in the west of Gran Canaria can be visited in about an hour on a lively and entertaining tour. A cacti park with thousands of cacti imported from countries like Mexico, Madagascar, Guatemala and Bolivia, it’s set between palms, dragon trees and aloe. There’s also a Guanche Cave and a traditional rest...!
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How to propagate your Sacculents and cactus...!
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DIY Mini Cactus Garden with Arizona Rainbow Cactus, Echinocereus Rigidissimus Rubispinus, native to southeastern Arizona and northern Mexico. Where To Find Me:  Crystal & Jewelry Shop: Instagram: Twitter: Follow our new crystal shop IG and be the first to know when new items are added on the website: Thanks for watching! xo, Christine...!
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A beautiful and unique rooftop cacti garden, with a stunning view, at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Photos:,_Getty_Center_(3).jpg,_Getty_Center_(2).jpg brewbooks from near Seattle, USA This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Pra...!
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Winter hardy cacti...!
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Cactus Country is Australias largest cactus garden located in Strathmerton Victoria. Open to the public, it is a fantastic place to visit any time of the year. These photos were taken in mid May 2013 when I called in there with my family for a bit of a leg stretch on our way through. As you can see the place looks great no matter what time of the year you visit and, as you enter you feel as if you are entering another land. With a very extensive cactus garden, there is also a garden dedicated to...!
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Heres what you need to know (including materials used, the step by step tutorial & after care instructions) to make an indoor cactus garden. MORE DETAILS ON MAKING INDOOR CACTUS GARDENS IN THE POST: THE JOY US GARDEN BLOG: THE JOY US GARDEN AMAZON SHOP: Sign Up For Our BI MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: KEEP YOUR HOUSEPLANTS ALIVE :!
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Come join me in creating a small desert garden in my backyard. I chose the hardiest cacti and desert plants that can survive the extreme desert weather. My goal is to make a landscape that requires low maintenance and at the same time to create an attractive space showcasing desert plants in my backyard. Creating a Mini DESERT GARDEN (Part 2) - Link to Molly Chers YouTube channel - Connect with me: ...!
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Jardin De Cactus (Cactus garden) - Lanzarote (Spain) A creation of César Manrique....!
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Jake Mace Favorite Edible Cactus - Edible Cactus Garden. In this episode The Vegan Athlete shows you his favorite cactus to grow in the Phoenix, Arizona area for the edible Tunas or Fruits! Enjoy! Join My New Online Gardening School for $5 at (Scroll to the Bottom) Visit My NEW Gardening Store: Lets Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is $5 a mont...!
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Sailana State was founded in1716 by Raja Jai Singh of Ratlam. In 1960, his descendant Maharaja Digvijay Singh Ji established a cactus garden behind the palace. This garden of succulents has been a center of tourist attraction in the region and one of the most visited places near Ratlam. Not many know that the Sailana cactus garden has such a royal history and it is the most amazing tourist place of Ratlam. The place borders Rajasthan and the dry climate is very conducive to the growth of cactus....!
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Connect with me: Emaii - [email protected] MY PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking and purchasing through my links, it wont cost you anything more but it would surely help support my channel so I can continue making videos for free. Spider Farmer SF1000 grow light - CXhome 600W grow light - CXhome 7...!
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อาณาจักรแคคตัส ใต้ฟ้าบ้านกระบองเพชร (Cactus garden) Farm Station...!
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Visit to a cactus farm near Phoenix, Arizona. Home of over one million cacti!...!
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Marami pong salamat sa panonood😍 Kong bago po kayo sa aking channel WELCOME po kayo. At kong d pa po kayo nakaka subscribe. Mag SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and SHARE na po kayo marami pong salamt. 😍 Lets be friend😍 1)main channel: Adelina G. Losegro Pinoy Cactus Grower 2) 2nd channel: 3)facebook page: Pinoy Cactus Grower IG: [email protected] FB: Adelina Losegro...!
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This weeks vlog features a few very exciting things - beginning our personal study of botany, finding inspiration at the Berlin Botanical Garden, and making our own succulent/cacti garden! We really want our projects to inspire you to start exploring things that have sat on your to-do list for too long. Whether its getting yourself into the kitchen, starting a yoga practice, or for us growing a green thumb - nothing makes you feel better than learning something new :) The other thing that was...!
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It’s Ground Breaking in Tustin!!...!
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K6P Family Take On The Zombies In Hard Mode Garden Ops On Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Follow Our Twitter To Know When New Videos Go Up And When We Go Live On Stream Here Check Out The Last PvZ Garden Warfare Video Here Subscribe To Our Channel Here We Do Not Own Any Rights To This Video Game As They Do Belong To EA And PopCap...!
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केक्टस गार्डन सैलाना रतलाम II CACTUS GARDEN SAILANA NEAR RATLAM...!

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