Camera Cleaning

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Cleaning your sensor safely is a lot easier than you may think. In this video I share 2 different techniques I use and a simple hidden technique you can use in Lightroom to better check for dust spots. Awesome sensor brush - Full Frame Swab Kit - APS-C Swab Kit - Useful photography resources: FREE photography newsletter - FREE 19 page eBOOK -!
Channel Title : PhotographersOnUTube Views : 2941491 DisLikes : 1885 Published Date :2012-11-26T20:50:12Z (Budget Equipment) (For Extra Help) (GooglePlus) In this video youll learn how to clean your DSLR mirror and how to clean your DSLR sensor. Youre going to need a dslr cleaning kit to clean your DSLR and clean your lens. The link of the dslr cleaning kit is listed on my website. Equipment used in this video. DSLR - Ni...!
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One of the most important things to know is how to clean your lens properly without leaving scratches. Complete Cleaning Kit: More Lens wipes: TOOLS I USE TO GROW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL △ Get More Views Using TubeBuddy: △ Better MUSIC for your YOUTUBE (30 Day Free Trial): △ Color Graded using this software: △ Best Way to Get Captions (Free $10 Trial):...!
Channel Title : Kent Weakley Views : 94068 DisLikes : 35 Published Date :2012-09-27T13:17:37Z In this first video, of a three part series, I will show you tips and techniques to clean the exterior and lenses of your DSLR camera and make sure your camera is spotless for your next shoot. For a list of cleaning gear used, visit my blog. Photography Essentials by Kent Weakley Enjoy tons of great Camera and Photography Tips, Techniques, Tutorials and Information at my website __________ Curious about the deta...!
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Theres a right way and a wrong way to clean a camera lens. We show you the best – and worst – ways to do it! Music provided by ----------------------- is the worlds largest digital camera review website. Welcome to our YouTube channel! Subscribe for new feature videos, reviews, interviews and more. Discover the worlds most in-depth digital camera reviews at!
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NOTE: Some mirrorless cameras have a cleaning mode, too, that you might need to turn on. Check our cameras manual. You should clean your sensor on a regular basis because its easier than photoshopping out every piece of dust. Heres how I do it (and I dont follow the instructions). Heres how to buy it: Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic & Olympus): APS-C (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Pentax): Full-frame (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax): For more,...!
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How to clean your camera sensor, and keep your lenses and equipment clean! A must when shooting regularly and prolonging the life of your gear! Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : The Music I use: - AMAZING for YouTubers Camera Sensor Loupe : Sensor Swabs : (check your size!) Sensor Cleaner Kit : Rocket Blower : Zeiss Lens Cleaner :!
Channel Title : CNET Views : 499705 DisLikes : 250 Published Date :2014-05-30T20:40:07Z Instead of using Photoshop to remove dust and smudges from your photos, take the time to spruce up your camera lens before you take the picture....!
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Is the title a lil too much? Well too bad, Im really quite proud of how this video came out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Usually, i get one or the other, either the video is good or the audio is good, in this case, both a perfect. I also think I got the hand of soft speaking! This video doubles as face brushing and visual triggers video. I defiantly do not do enough of these style videos, so I hope you enjoy the change of pace. ^_^ PS. I know you miss the old setup, I do too. But we got everything out of tha...!
Channel Title : Photo Genius Views : 13239 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-10-02T11:00:11Z
Tips for looking after, storing & cleaning your camera & lenses. Recommended camera cleaning kit : Featured in this video . . . Moisture absorber : Silca Gel packs : Camera cleaning kit : Filmed on a Canon 80D : Rode Wireless Go Mic : Rode Lav+ mic : Get our FREE photography Tip-Sheets ⬇️!
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Basic Camera Cleaning...!
Channel Title : Tony & Chelsea Northrup Views : 152442 DisLikes : 162 Published Date :2019-07-20T15:35:29Z
Tony Northrup shows you his tips for maintaining your camera gear, including cleaning your camera sensor, cleaning your lenses to remove dust, and cleaning/tightening your tripod. Check out our #1 PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK on Amazon: OUR STORE: Use our 10% off coupon YouTube...!
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Cleaning and Maintaning DSLR & Video Camera for Relaxation Purposes, watch and listen to me as i explaing and show you what i do to maintain my DSLR & Video Camera for regular maintence. I feel it is important to maintain the appereance of your equipment to prevent dust getting into your equipment, to also prevent corrosion & to keep the vaule of your equipment high for resale vaule. Here on the Gold Coast living right next to the beach corrosion is a big problem. ** The first part of the vid...!
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ASMR Power Of Sound website: Become a Patron today ! Donate here: Click Here To Subscribe: Dont forget to rate, comment, share & subscribe! WEAR HEADPHONES FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE :) This ASMR video consists of a camera lens cleaning with gum chewing and other various triggers. Welcome to the ASMR Power Of Sound Youtube channel! ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Respo...!
Channel Title : MassageASMR Views : 251813 DisLikes : 89 Published Date :2015-05-16T21:56:03Z
Here i cleaning Canon C100 MK2 +70D + other equipment for Maintenance & Relaxation & ASMR Purpose. Ramble in Soft spoken voice, brushing and cleaning. Click 29:00 for camera lens clean. Click for first cleaning video Filmed on STM 18-135 Canon len face detection and auto focus first on 70D then on C100 Mk2 If you would like to help support you can in a number of ways: Patreon a monthly amount Donation through Pay...!
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Get yours here: 00:32 - Begin to clean the DSLR camera 00:50 - Using the air blower 01:44 - Using the soft brush 02:00 - Using the double sided lens cleaning pen 03:09 - Using microfiber cleaning cloth and lens cleaning tissue This comprehensive kit includes an air blower, a lens brush, a double sided lens cleaning pen, and a reusable fluid spray bottle, a pack of lens cleaning tissue paper, and 4 microfiber cleaning cloths. To begin cleaning your camera, first t...!
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Introduction to Photography Unit 1 Lesson 6 In this lesson we are going to learn how to clean a digital SLR! Following this will also be a lesson about cleaning SLR lenses! Other videos from this course can be found at:!
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ক্যামেরা পরিষ্কারকরণ কিট এর সাহায্যে কিভাবে আপনার DSLR ক্যামেরার মিরর এবং সেন্সর পরিষ্কার করবেন এবং পরিষ্কারের সময় কি করা উচিৎ আর কি করা উচিৎ নয়, তাই এই ভিডিওটিতে দেখানো হয়েছে। Learn how to clean your DSLR camera an...!
Channel Title : Adorama Views : 449100 DisLikes : 155 Published Date :2016-02-08T15:30:00Z In this episode Doug talks us through the Sensor Cleaning process for DSLR cameras. Related Products at Adorama: Canon 5D Mark III 50mm 1.4 lens!
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Your phones camera might be blurry because of the dirt in the scratches on the lens. You have clean it up to make the picture clearer again. Watch the video for more details. ________________________________________ DISCLAIMER - Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform. ________________________________________ Please dont forget to : Like 👍 my Facebook page @realdeve...!
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Welcome to our channel. Our family. Now your family. A safe space • Just a preface to this evenings video - this was shot in 4K and I will change the title once it’s finished processing according to what it processed to. Everyone always asks what’s wrong with the bump in my lip, since this was shot in 4K you can see exactly what’s going on! It’s a cyst (the ball you see on the left, your right side I suppose) that goes away with time. I personally don’t think it’s too distracting,...!
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The Angry Photographer: The PROFESSIONAL technique to cleaning your CANON DSLR...!
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Find this cleaning kit on Amazon: MY GEAR: Primary Camera: Backup Camera: 10-18mm Lens: 18-105mm Lens: 35mm Lens: 50mm Lens: Camera Batteries: Audio Recorder: Microphone: Tripod: Gimbal:!
Channel Title : CNET Views : 1258886 DisLikes : 375 Published Date :2014-09-05T20:21:25Z Dust inside your iPhone camera may be causing blurry images. Heres how to fix it....!
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This How-To video will show you all the tips and tricks so you can do it yourself. (Get yours here: #CommissionsEarned) Subscribe to our channel: Cleaning Kit w/ Refillable Spray Bottle: #CommissionsEarned Cleaning Kit w/ 2oz All Natural Cleaner: #CommissionsEarned Cleaning Kit w/ APS-C Sensor Swabs: #CommissionsEarned Cleaning Kit w/ Full-Frame Sensor Swabs:!
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Over time the plastic and rubber grips around your camera can become scuffed and dull. If you are wanting to sell your camera you want it to look in the very best possible condition. In this video I show a couple of techniques to make that possible. My photoblog!
Channel Title : RSG ASMR Views : 48704 DisLikes : 36 Published Date :2019-07-11T14:30:57Z
Hope you found this video helpful. This channel is no longer active so I cant take video requests or allow comments (due to not being able to review negativity) but thanks for watching and I hope you have a lovely day :) ©RandomSarahGrace/RSG/RSG ASMR 2011-2019...!
Channel Title : Nick Page Views : 13720 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2020-03-04T13:00:01Z
Cleaning your gear isnt exciting.. it isnt sexy.. but it IS a necessity. I get my gear filthy which means I have to maintenance it once in a while, especially after shooting seascapes. In this video i talk about cleaning sea salt buildup off my camera and tripod, as well as cleaning the sensor on my camera. full frame cleaning swabs - For APS-C sized sensor - Ziess Wipes - My camera - My Tripod - ht...!
Channel Title : Fix Old Cameras Views : 71986 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2014-04-14T13:55:19Z
Dust in the viewfinder of an Olympus OM-10. This video shows how to access, remove and clean the viewfinder screen of the OM-10. classic camera repair - A few tools and books -!
Channel Title : Mathieu Stern Views : 71725 DisLikes : 74 Published Date :2019-01-16T13:00:02Z
How to Clean a Really Dirty Camera Lens (Fast & Easy) Visit the Weird Lenses Museum here (for free) : Lens Pens are an expensive and mysterious tool to clean your lenses. Costing from $10 to $15 they have a very short life span and they cant clean a really dirty lens covered with finger prints and oil. In this video i will explain how to create your own lens pen tool for free and how to use it to clean a really really dirty lens. tools you will need : Microfiber Cl...!
Channel Title : ZY Productions Views : 3160 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2018-09-01T16:30:01Z
Ever wondered what my cleaning kit is made of? I share exactly that today! Purchase Links: Air Blower: Lens Wipes (Zeiss): Lens Wipes (Tiffen, dry):!
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Final Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj speaks about a well hidden secret in the world of photography. How to clean a camera like a pro - - - OF COURSE THIS VIDEO IS NOT SERIOUS AND A APRIL FOOLS DAY SPECIAL EPISODE:) DONT TRY THIS AT HOME! Or you can try but then you will cry 😆 💻 Download my EASY LEARN ADOBE LIGHTROOM Video Course ➡️ EQUIPMENT I USE ⤵️ INSTAGRAM: ➡️ ...!
Channel Title : Kunal Malhotra - The Photography Blogger Views : 21637 DisLikes : 54 Published Date :2018-06-22T03:30:02Z
In this video I have a special guest, Kapil InderJeet Vohra, also known as Doctor of Camera Gears. Kapil will demonstrate how you can clean your camera and lens at home. All you need is a simple camera cleaning kit and right technique as shown by Kapil. Video Part 1: Camera and Lens Cleaning Kit: Kapil InderJeet Vohra: Facebook: Facebook Page:!
Channel Title : Jared Polin Views : 281205 DisLikes : 459 Published Date :2011-09-06T17:37:32Z Direct Link the the FroKnowsPhoto Lens Cloths I get a lot of e mails asking all sorts of great questions and thought it would be fun to start a Quick Tip series. These Quick Tips will be less than five minutes and focused one giving you as much info as possible on the question. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how do I clean my lenses. This is the perfect question for this...!
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Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, Im always in hope you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR CHANNEL. I apologize for my inconsistency in regards to uploading. I will be recording everyday for the next couple of weeks. I am alive and well... sorry for scaring my geese with no uploads😢 Today’s video, is an extremely up close “cleaning the camera lens”, tweezing the camera, brushing the camera, mouth sounds, inaudible whispering, personal ...!
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IF YOU LIKE THESE VIDEOS, YOU CAN MAKE A SMALL DONATION VIA PAYPAL or BITCOIN LINKS HERE: (Paypal email: [email protected]) Contact me email: [email protected] MY BITCOIN: 19WnEPwjRHnnfiDpVFUni1A2Amqvxy4gud Join my Youtube channel for special perks: PATREON: Join me on INSTAGRAM at: https://www.insta...!
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another day of me cleaning out my closet woo! happy vlogmas day 14 where i completely broke my vlog camera haha hope you enjoy! xo -alisha marie BUY MY MERCH:: Twitter: @AlishaMarie + Instagram: @Alisha Snapchat: LidaLu11 Chloes Instagram: @itsmechloemae Subscribe to my Main Channel::: [email protected]!
Channel Title : Momentum Productions Views : 29166 DisLikes : 63 Published Date :2019-05-28T13:00:08Z
Skillshare (Free premium for two months for first 500 People): Click Here To See More! CLEANING BEGINS AT 2:03 Tools used in video: Cleaning Cloth- Air Blower- Lens Pen- =========================== CHEAP Camera Gear You NEED!: =========================== ► Ball Head: ► Camera Monitor: ► Sony NPF-Style Battery (USED A LOT!): https://a...!
Channel Title : Digital Goja Views : 4504 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2015-06-15T13:43:38Z
Check out this video to learn more about how to use the Altura Photo® Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras. Get yours here: #CommissionsEarned Features: - Alcohol FREE. - Ammonia FREE. - Odor FREE. - Ergonomic 2oz bottle provides a comfortable use. - The highest rated and top selling microfibers online. - Extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all surfaces and lenses. - The soft brush retracts into the pen body to stay clean...!
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Amazon Link - Flipkart Link - For any quick Tech Support,queries & help related to Youtube , blogging, android apps development , online earning suggestions. please visit - My Youtube Gears / devices & equipements 1. My DSLR Camera : 2. My Microphone : 3. My Studio Lights : 4. My Laptop : 5 . My Tripod : 6 ...!
Channel Title : DIY Pinto Views : 45576 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-04-12T19:06:16Z
Camera Lens Cleaning Wipes How to clean your rearview camera properly. Cleaning your rearview camera is something you should know how to do. Having a clean rearview camera will allow you to reverse your vehicle or car and have a clear view of whats behind you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks a lot! . Please Subscribe To My Channel For More Great Content:!
Channel Title : Allversity Views : 24968 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2012-06-14T14:56:09Z
Introduction to Photography Unit 1 Lesson 6 In this lesson we are going to learn how to clean a point and shoot camera! If you have ever wanted to know how to clean that finger-print on your lens or how to professionally clean you camera take a look! (please excuse the spelling error mid-way through the video... the correct spelling in aperture) Other videos from this course can be found at:!
Channel Title : Tomislav Mikulic Views : 137483 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2013-04-14T14:03:43Z
Seems that every Panasonic Lumix camera gets some dust on its sensor sooner or later. Dont despair, it is very easy to clean. It takes very basic tools and some patience and carefulness. ORIGINAL POSTING: Roger Chapman, vocalist of the Family sings the song Shadow on the wall in the background. It was written by Mike Oldfield and released in 1983. Sorry guys, had to replace the copyrighted song with one in public domain. :(...!
Channel Title : pal2tech Views : 10003 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-08-04T13:59:23Z
How to clean your Fujifilm mirrorless camera sensor. Tutorial and demonstration as well as special tips for XT4 and XH1 fuji camera sensors. Info applies also to: XT1, XT2, XT3, etc. NOTE: The intro to this video was meant to be a funny extreme. NEVER touch your camera sensor. Always handle with caution. If you don’t feel comfortable with cleaning your camera sensor, then by all means, have it sent out for professional cleaning. You are responsible for any damage to your sensor as a result of...!

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