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● INSTAGRAM ;) -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- DAN SCHWANK Instagram: Web: DYLAN IWAKUNI Instagram: Web: MATT PLUMLEE Instagram: Web: Facebook:!
Channel Title : Bobby Duke Arts Views : 10926979 DisLikes : 22150 Published Date :2018-01-12T20:13:36Z
Okay! Here is the description I promised (sorry it was late) this is the rotary Carver I use And the diamond burrs Also, the reason I wasnt wearing the RZ Mask is they have told me it has not yet been approved for silica dust, so until then, when I carve rocks, I will be using the 3M respirator. Check me out on Instagram @bobbydukearts and the Twitters @bobbydukeart Love you guys :)...!
Channel Title : Andy Rawls Views : 23107995 DisLikes : 14582 Published Date :2016-06-17T03:39:42Z
A brief video showing the process for carving our long leaf pine barn spoon. You can purchase these from our website at HAVE IT MADE: Follow on Instagram: Power Tools I use in Grizzly 14 bandsaw Hand Tools I use Hirsch #7 Gouge Crown Card Scrapers Starrett Combination Square Mora Carving Knife http:/...!
Channel Title : Stinnett Sticks Views : 1052782 DisLikes : 385 Published Date :2019-11-08T17:02:02Z
MIKE CARVES A WOOD WALKING STICK WITH A FENCE LIZARD ON TOP ALONG WITH A RATTLESNAKE. He and Pearl also search for live lizards to study for the carving. Along the way, they come across a real rattlesnake! * TOOLS * (paid link) As an Amazon Affiliate I earn fees for qualifying purchases UPDATES, TIPS, TUTORIALS ON PATREON: To Help Support the Channel and get Carving Tips and Tutorials, Photo Updates on m...!
Channel Title : Stinnett Sticks Views : 447649 DisLikes : 140 Published Date :2020-07-30T14:36:02Z
Mike Stinnett carves a Copperhead snake cane using naturally curved wood shapes that can be found in woodlands.  *SUPPORT THE CHANNEL* PATREON. Your monthly support is much appreciated and helps me keep the videos coming. TOOLS I USE (paid link) (as an Amazon Affiliate I earn fees for qualifying purchases )  Good Source for CARVING TOOLS from Treeline: (as an affiliate I earn fe...!
Channel Title : Doug Linker Views : 1593590 DisLikes : 666 Published Date :2018-06-30T03:50:54Z
#woodcarving #beginnerwoodcarving #5minutewizard This is my take on Tom Hindes 5 minute wizard.What i like about this carving is that once you get the gist of the cuts you can apply them in all kinds of ways using different mediums from sticks to pencils and still end up with a very satisfying outcome.I did not know what to name this video so although the title may seem alittle clickbaity I truly believe this is something that anyone can do and get almost immediate results that will only build c...!
Channel Title : Bobby Duke Arts Views : 3840953 DisLikes : 5176 Published Date :2019-07-11T18:30:23Z
Download TikTok and Follow me @BobbyDukeArts for a chance to win the casting of my hand! (contest Closed) #Sponsored Go check out Skottbiscuit! Check out my Tshirts! all music used was from epidemic sound. Go check them out and use my affiliate link! My Instag...!
Channel Title : BE AMAZED Views : 718732 DisLikes : 362 Published Date :2020-04-28T13:00:20Z
There are lots of satisfying woodworking videos online transforming logs into amazing artistic carvings and creations. Lets take a look at the most amazing log carving and chainsaw creations ever! Credit: Joshua Blewett - - - RS1 Tommy Craggs John Melo FB and YT - https://www.f...!
Channel Title : Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam Views : 152600 DisLikes : 56 Published Date :2020-08-05T12:16:16Z
One Piece: Jinbe, Knight of the Sea is a whale shark fish-man who is part of the Straw Hat Pirates as their helmsman, being the tenth member of the crew and the ninth to join. Today, i decide to carving Jinbei wooden statue. it takes me 15 days to make the wood carving. the next wood carving in series One Piece Wood sculpture i have being done so far. i hope you enjoy the video. For ordering my woodart , you can check! Website: https://w...!
Channel Title : Stinnett Sticks Views : 711895 DisLikes : 297 Published Date :2020-07-09T17:06:53Z
Mike carves a miniature Northern Pike from a piece of Tupelo wood. He also shows his own Pike that he caught on the Missouri River in Montana. *SUPPORT THE CHANNEL* PATREON. Your monthly support is much appreciated and helps me keep the videos coming. TOOLS I USE FROM AMAZON (paid link) (as an Amazon Affiliate I earn fees for qualifying purchases ) CARVING TOOLS FROM TREELINE:!
Channel Title : Most Satisfying ASMR Views : 38847410 DisLikes : 43832 Published Date :2019-11-24T14:30:14Z
soap cubes ASMR soap carving soap asmr #soapcubes #asmrsoapcarving #soapcarving #soapamr #asmrcarving...!
Channel Title : Curious & Wonderful Views : 603337 DisLikes : 295 Published Date :2019-11-09T18:49:21Z
Checkout our 4th amazing stone carving art video by Xiang Duan. Her stone sculptures of different animals are mind blowing and creative. A multi-faceted artist, Xiang Duan likes to define herself as an artistic explorer. A painter, draftswoman, sculptor and engraver, the young woman has studied all the techniques of sculpture and devotes a real passion to her work. On her Instagram account, videos show her creative impressive creations as well as those of her artistic partners. From the smalles...!
Channel Title : Good Woodworking Views : 14110093 DisLikes : 9226 Published Date :2019-01-10T19:28:41Z
Wood Carving Skill and Techniques, Amazing Fastest Wood Carving Skills With Chainsaw...!
Channel Title : Đồ Gỗ Hương Mạc Views : 142118 DisLikes : 150 Published Date :2020-07-01T10:22:47Z
Wood Carving - Honda Civic Type R 2020 ( Wooden Car ) - Woodworking Art - Top of wood art -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Car #woodworking #woodcarving --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING AND DONT FORGET TO LIKE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE!...!
Channel Title : BeaverCraft Views : 18344 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2020-05-20T23:00:10Z
Get Yourself a Chip Carving Knife C12: Take a Look at C15 Whittling Knife: Wood Carving Chisel K12/02 is Badly Needed for this Project: Make Sure to Get a Chisel K9/10: Want to get a pattern for the gnome and 50+ more? Follow TWO STEPS: 1. Subscribe to our channel: 2. Subscribe to our newsletter: And youll receive 50+ wood carving patterns delivered to you...!
Channel Title : Jonas Olsen Woodcraft Views : 130426 DisLikes : 74 Published Date :2018-05-19T16:29:24Z
This is me trying to carve a dragon egg. I feel like it might came out looking a bot too much like a pinecone, but it was a fun project :) I hope you enjoyed watching this. I have made a lot of subscribers lately and i just reached 6500 today which blows my mind! Thank you so much for that! Looking forward to start the next project. perhaps it will be a dragon skull? Patreon with monthly giveaway: SHOP: Social med...!
Channel Title : Linden Bark Views : 139224 DisLikes : 67 Published Date :2020-03-05T12:50:07Z
Wood carving is my passion. This is my first video. And I will show you the process of carving an owl using only chisels and knives. Since the process is long, the video is in time lapse mode. The owl is carved from an array of linden (basswood). You can find more of my work on my Instagram: Or in my shop: WARNING: Copying the work for the purpose of sale is prohibited. 1st Track: Jim Yosef - Lights [NCS Release] Musi...!
Channel Title : 959mari Views : 4172347 DisLikes : 4169 Published Date :2020-06-03T00:11:00Z
Soap Carving ASMR ! Relaxing Sounds ! (no talking) Satisfying ASMR Video | P415 soap cubes ASMR soap carving soap asmr youtube_20sec #soapcubes #asmrsoapcarving #soapcarving #soapamr #asmrcarving...!
Channel Title : Woodworking Art Views : 61353289 DisLikes : 51852 Published Date :2020-04-17T10:37:51Z
Wood carving - Ford F150 RAPTOR 2020 - woodworking art How to carve a wooden car? Please watch our video. Contact advertising and sales:: [email protected] Thank you for watching - please help us reach 1.000.000 subscriptions If you enjoy please Like, Share it and dont forget to Subscribe for more videos. : #woodcarving #woodworking #fordf150 #fordraptor...!
Channel Title : Carving Fusion By : Jordy Johnson Views : 1177 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-08-10T00:34:48Z
Carving a Whimsical house in a driftwood stump with my Dremel 4000 flex shaft. Kutzall carving burs I use link, 👇 Use code: CFUSION  to save 5% on burs and disks All the carving tools i use are in this amazon shop listed below👇 If u wanted to buy me a coffee here is a link to my pal pal👇 https://w...!
Channel Title : Bobby Duke Arts Views : 1979476 DisLikes : 650 Published Date :2018-03-09T21:01:53Z
Oh my gosh Duke-a-pods, this took a long time to make! It was worth it though. Dont you just want to shrink yourselves down and go exploring in it!? I know I do. Love you guys. My Instagram @bobbydukearts and Twitter @bobbydukearts and Patreon and P.O. Box Bobby Duke 9463 Benbrook Blvd. #1135 Benbrook, TX 76126 All music was used with a license from!
Channel Title : Kevin Coates Views : 513643 DisLikes : 214 Published Date :2020-03-21T13:11:24Z
Whittled from white pine. 2 1/4” x 3 1/2” x 1 1/2”...!
Channel Title : The Best Satisfying Views : 8470281 DisLikes : 7001 Published Date :2018-12-02T12:28:52Z
New Oddly Satisfying videos. SOAP CARVING - Most Satisfying Soap ASMR Video! Credits: Subscribe to The Best Satisfying:!
Channel Title : 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY Views : 649505 DisLikes : 393 Published Date :2019-10-07T16:00:01Z
Amazing ways to carve fruits and veggies One of the most time-consuming processes in our kitchen is the cutting of veggies and fruits. So, in this video, I show you some cutting hacks and satisfying clips that will get you in the mood to cook - You can create a beautiful rose by thinly slicing a tomato and then rotating its pieces together to form a floret. - To complete the fish, slice the side of the cucumber and then cut it in diagonal pieces. After that take the pieces and thinly slice...!
Channel Title : Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam Views : 2349661 DisLikes : 859 Published Date :2020-07-06T05:00:01Z
i found a piece of wood in my wood storage so i decided to make Itachi Uchiha from Naruto Shipuden. If you are fan of Naruto, you must like Itachi Uchiha. Itachi Uchiha is a great and unforgetable character in the series of Naruto, do you agree with me? Thank you so much and enjoy the video. For ordering my woodart , you can check! Website: donate here: Send me a message if you wanna order wood carving. WHATSAPP: +84905558581...!
Channel Title : Siente official Views : 723737 DisLikes : 63 Published Date :2018-05-17T12:50:07Z
SIENTE & AM-C - CARVING /УРАН СИЙЛБЭР/ Production : Monstar production Lyrics video by : Siente /Monstar/ Music produced by : Man on the moon /Monstar/ Lyrics by : Нарангэрэл & Am-c SOUNDCLOUD Follow SIENTE Follow AM-C https://www.facebook....!
Channel Title : Stinnett Sticks Views : 1359178 DisLikes : 596 Published Date :2018-12-28T16:57:01Z
MIKE STINNETT CARVES A WOODEN BROOK TROUT OUT OF A SINGLE PIECE OF WOOD In this wood carving video I show how I carved this life sized Brookie out a piece of Box Elder wood and painted it using a combination of hand painting and airbrush. I also show you a little bit about my day to day life and the wildlife in my yard. PURCHASE Channel Music by Mike Stinnett and his daughter Theresa Stinnett. HERE: *! * TOOL STORE (paid link)!
Channel Title : Snow Sensei滑雪老司機 Views : 210325 DisLikes : 59 Published Date :2019-04-07T09:27:45Z
Carving基礎教學,Lets Go! 上一回,Perry叔叔介紹了Carving的器材選擇 板子該硬該軟、要窄要寬、有效鋼邊的重要性,以及Binding如何設定等等 這次,我們要正式進入主題,告訴大家如何做出正確的基礎Carving 所謂Carving,有三個基礎元素 到底是哪三個元素呢? 快快來瞧個究竟! 已經熟悉基礎Carving的各位也別心急 下回的教學影片 Perry叔叔就會帶來進階版Carving的教學 別忘了追蹤Sn...!
Channel Title : ND - Woodworking Art Views : 656418 DisLikes : 720 Published Date :2020-07-02T12:20:52Z
Wood Carving - Honda Civic Type R 2020 ( video 4k ) Woodworking Art DIY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #car #woodworking #Art #wooden...!
Channel Title : Salavat Fidai Arts Views : 5854776 DisLikes : 3627 Published Date :2020-02-16T16:14:09Z
Best TikTok video about carving pencils DIY CRAFTS (Part 1) The video about pencil carving for beginners, pencil micro art or pencil lead micro-sculpture, tutorial how to do pencil carving, about pencil carving tools for pencil art and etc. THANKS FOR WATCHING! :) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! More TikTok video about carved pencil DIY and Pencil CRAFTS and Pencil Art (Part 2) you must watch here: FIND ME ON: TikTok: Instagram...!
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● INSTAGRAM ;) -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- 白大哥 Douyin: TRUSTIN TIMBER Youtube: Web: Instagram: WORKSHOP OF ROMANTIC Youtube: Shop: Instagram: http...!
Channel Title : Wood Carving Views : 459822 DisLikes : 511 Published Date :2020-07-02T13:46:09Z
Bright idea to build a DUCATI 1199 motorcycle by wood carvings | Making a wooden DUCATI MOTORCYCLE...!
Channel Title : Woodworking Art Views : 492189 DisLikes : 517 Published Date :2020-08-05T09:42:10Z
Top Level Toyota HiLux Build Your Own (Version 2021) // Wood Carving I built first-ever Toyota Hilux Build. The Toyota HiLux is made entirely of wood. I have been making this car during 20 days Website: Fanpage: Contact advertising and sales: [email protected] Thank you for watching - please help us reach 10.000.000 subscriptions If you enjoy please Like, Share it and dont forget to Subscribe for more videos: http...!
Channel Title : Woodworking Enthusiasts Views : 223951 DisLikes : 70 Published Date :2019-08-23T15:47:54Z
Hello Folks, A few months ago, many viewers emailed me to express their interest in the traditional Japanese carpentry, to show the most amazing view of traditional technology and its importance to the present life. We decided to make a video about: Japanese Wood Carving Skills and Techniques | The Most Incredibly Fast Yet Satisfying Carving Ever 1. Basic Wood Carving Techniques: Thin-Walled Peony 2. Gegyo - Gable pendant 3. Edo Wood Sculpture - 江戸木彫刻 I edited the script, rewrote the...!
Channel Title : Mr. Nong - Wood Creative Views : 884276 DisLikes : 897 Published Date :2020-05-31T16:34:09Z
Wood Carving - Lamborghini Aventador LP - 750 SV - Top of Wood Art How to make Lamborghini Aventador LP - 750 SV? Pls see this video make by Wood Creative Craft & Art Thank you for watching - please help us reach 100.000 subscriptions If you enjoy please Like, Share it and dont forget to Subscribe for more videos. Fb: CONTACT Email: [email protected] #woodcarving #woodworking...!
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Slime ASMR Relaxing Slime Satisfying Slime The Best Satisfying Slime Oddly Satisfying Videos Slimr #satisfying #slime #asmr Welcome to The Most Satisfying ASMR channel! This channel includes relaxing satisfying ASMR sounds videos. There are soap carving cutting crushing , slime videos , crushing crunchy , car crush asmr , foam crushing videos , slime diy , slimr , slime asmr , pressing , slime restock Thanks for watching ! Do not forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon! Enjoy!! Do you w...!
Channel Title : bunkerTools Views : 167488 DisLikes : 133 Published Date :2020-04-05T20:54:38Z
I make this hook knife from an old saw blade. I hope you like it. Instagram: bunkerTools...!
Channel Title : Wood carving Tesla Views : 165 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-08-10T11:44:05Z
this main door wood carving...!
Channel Title : Tode Sekuloski Views : 2767538 DisLikes : 1463 Published Date :2017-09-01T06:37:24Z
Hand carved dragon priest mask out of walnut wood. Follow me on Instagram: My Etsy shop: More pictures on my Facebook page:!
Channel Title : Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam Views : 1587490 DisLikes : 499 Published Date :2020-05-21T13:00:20Z
Wood Carving - One Piece : Mihawk I make a statue of The Greatest Swordsman - Mihawk. very popular characer in the manga, anime : One Piece. Mihawk was a strict teacher when he was Zoros swordmaster during the two-year timeskip. When teaching Zoro how to use Haki, he forbid Zoro from drinking alcohol until he fully mastered infusing his swords with Busoshoku Haki And i love the fact that Mihawk trained Zoro because ultimately he’s looking for someone who can rival him. He even muses about th...!
Channel Title : Doug Linker Views : 338790 DisLikes : 142 Published Date :2019-07-05T10:02:56Z
#woodspirit #woodcarving #whittling -not a real tutorial but thought it would be fun to try my hand at another Woodspirit in a Cedar log -still a long way to go yet but i can tell you its better than my first -practice, practice, practice!
Channel Title : MyChipCarving Views : 566 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-08-09T15:35:23Z for chip carving tutorials and patterns...!
Channel Title : Stumpy Nubs Views : 407633 DisLikes : 103 Published Date :2016-10-02T15:59:48Z
STUMPY NUBS WOODWORKING JOURNAL► YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE► Mary May Woodcarving courses: 4 Things to get you started in relief carving (The video referred to in the introduction of this video)-!
Channel Title : Vito ASMR Views : 206876 DisLikes : 172 Published Date :2020-07-18T15:00:36Z
#vito#vitoasmr Good to see you! I hope you have a relaxing time : ) 👇Support me : ) Join Vito Membership👇 📍instagram: 📍E-mail : [email protected]!
Channel Title : Most Satisfying ASMR Views : 29315 DisLikes : 45 Published Date :2020-08-06T23:57:04Z
Soap Carving ASMR ! Relaxing Sounds ! Satisfying ASMR Video | P231 soap cubes ASMR soap carving soap asmr #soapcubes #asmrsoapcarving #soapcarving #soapamr #asmrcarving...!

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