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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Todays video is all about pet furniture — so cute right?! Im here to show you that even your pets everyday items can be beautiful, and show you what a difference even a gorgeous cat bowl can make to your space. Video shot and edited by Carla Antonio: Products mentioned: Links marked with a * are affiliate links. That means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link but that does n...!
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Best Modern Cat Furniture If you enjoyed the video please Like & Subscribe to stay updated. Visit Our Website for more videos!!! Click [Show More] For links to the Awesome Inventions shown in the Video see below. Feel free to check out our Amazon Page! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products featured in the video: 5. HabiKatt by BeOneBreed https://...!
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Crowdfunded Products on Amazon - Modular Cat Tree A cat tree both you and your cat will love! The first cat furniture we designed was for our own home. It was in a state of evolution for years as pieces were put up, changed, improved and re-designed based on the feedback of Pickles, Peanut and Pumpkin... very demanding taskmasters, for sure. However functional the furniture was for us, though, it was all wall-mounted and didnt work for the majority of cat lovers who ...!
Channel Title : TheRefinedFeline Views : 441717 DisLikes : 205 Published Date :2009-11-14T21:10:00Z Video showcasing our high end cat furniture. Visit our web site for more information....!
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5 Amazing Cat Inventions You Must See If you enjoyed the video please Like & Subscribe to stay updated. Visit Our Website for more videos!!! Click [Show More] For links to the Awesome Inventions shown in the Video see below. Feel free to check out our Amazon Page! Cat Inventions Playlist 5. Myzoo Spaceship Alpha Starring @hosico_cat (USA Link) - (Amazon International) - http://ge...!
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Okawa Furniture is high-quality furniture crafted by artisans. We created “cat furniture” to demonstrate our craft and good sense. For details on the cat furniture and behind-the-scenes stories about their creation, please view the special cat furniture webpage. Contact us [email protected] Website for Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture!
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In this video I will show you how I built this Ultimate Cat Tree House. It works as a beautiful furniture center piece for your home. I hope you dont take offense of the I hate Cats sign. But I do however prefer dogs. All in good fun. T-SHIRTS MERCH BELOW ME INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!
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The gifts have been given and a New Year is on the horizon... But I suspect that theres at least ONE member of your family that was left with an empty stocking... Thats right, Ol Yacky McHairball. Left with nothing but the bones from the bird of your choice... Todays showcase features 7 of the most innovative new cat inventions that you can currently buy on Amazon. So if you think Scratchy McJumpy deserves some new swag... checkout these 7 revolutionary new gadgets and gizmos for kitty cats. --...!
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To keep his 15 rescue cats occupied, home builder Peter Cohen has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his California home. This is one fun house youve got to see to believe. We revisited Peter recently and our hearts exploded again as he now has 22 cats and is selling catwalks to raise money to fight kitty FIP. See new vid here:!
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This is the second generation of our fabric complexes. We added a lot of really cool features. website: Facebook:!
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In this video I review some of our cat trees by saying pros and cons about each tree. I hope this video is helpful and thank you for watching! Frisco 72-in Cat Tree, Large Base, Cream: 48-in Art-Deco Style Cat Tree by ContempoCat: Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree, 47.8-in, Oak:!
Channel Title : Zoo Land Views : 67292 DisLikes : 58 Published Date :2018-09-08T20:00:04Z
A woman builds the most amazing DIY cat tree for her kitties One of the downsides of owning cats is that, without something to scratch, theyll shred all your furniture. Enter this genius DIY cat tree! PLEASE FOR ANY COPYRIGHTS ISSUE CONTACT US FIRST ON : [email protected] . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE : ►Images credits: --------------------------------------------------------...!
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Ultimate DIY cat tree.This video is about how I made a cat tree for our cat Callie. Its has multiple levels, platforms, scratching posts and games to keep her entertained. The whole cat tree is covered in a fleece throw so she can play in comfort! Thanks for looking and if you would like to see more videos from me please subscribe to my channel. The floor area is 800mm x 600mm and the total height is 1500mm. Materials I used: 1/2 inch plywood Fleece throws Cardboard tubes approx 60 mm in dia...!
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step: 1. pedempulan 2. pengamplasan kertas pasir no:240 3. cat epoxy 4. pengamplasan No.240 bekas atau no. 400 5. Cat duco putih 3x 6. clear gloss 3x...!
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Our in-house veterinarians Dr Carla and Dr Kim explain how cat furniture - including scratchers or cat trees - can actually benefit your cats health. Some of these reasons might surprise you! Shop a range of super fun and quirky cat trees here:!
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Watch it & Make your Dream House......!
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How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture Items Needed: **Double Sided, Cloth Carpet Tape: A Good Pair of Scissors If you enjoy my videos, or find the content helpful, please consider using the links listed below for your online shopping. Amazon: Sephora: Nordstrom: Ulta: Kohls: Zappos: Other Places to Find Me: Blog: http:/...!
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►My cooking vlog channel: ►Patreon: ►Channel with my wife: I wanted to make a cat tree to complete my cooking room and decided to try making one out of driftwood! Ive never built anything before so this was a new experience for me but Im happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so are my cats! Also I asked my friend Ryo to do my new logo.Please check it if youre inter...!
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In this video, I show you how to build a cat tree for free! We upcycled some cans and turned trash into an upcycled cat tree. This DIY was about 90% repurposed and only 10% new. We borrowed power tools and turned trash into a zero-waste cat tree. UPDATE (July 2020): I fixed the cat tree, talk about how its holding up, and talk about the importance of repairing. Click here to watch: This was such a fun, low waste, cheap alternative to buying a cat tree. I am all ab...!
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Buy this modern cat bed online: The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed Product Review: Ragdoll Cat Colors and Patterns: Modern Cat Furniture - The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed™ Arrives for a Product Review! Kitty Ball Bed - Poly Rattan $99.99 Check out...!
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Hey guys! Im Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. New videos every Friday! In todays bonus video, Im sharing some of my favourite products from Ikeas new pet line, Lurvig. So many cute accessories for your pets that are also super decorative! Products mentioned in this video: Links marked with a AF are affiliate links. That means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. Products marked wit...!
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This DIY cat tree is easy to make and only cost $14 to make. Can be painted or covered to match any decor. can have cat scratchers added to it too! Want to know how I decorated the cat tree. Here is a quick video of how it turned out. Materials used: 12 foam poster boards Water based spray glue Low temp. glue/gun Optional- 8 Dollar Tree cat scratching pads and paint Dimensions: Base- Foam poster board, uncut and 2 thick 30x20 Base columns- 15x12 each (made into ...!
Channel Title : Product Gorilla Views : 17106 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2019-06-13T13:03:55Z
Best Cat Tree 2019, this video breaks down the top cat trees on the market. 1. Armarkat Tree Condo ✅ ✓US Prices - N/A ✓UK Prices - ✓CA Prices - N/A 2. Songmics Large Cat Tree Condo ✅ ✓US Prices - N/A ✓UK Prices - N/A ✓CA Prices - N/A 3. Adiva Extra Large Cat Leisure Park ✅ ✓US Prices - N/A ✓UK Prices - N/A ✓CA Prices - N/A 4. New Cat Condos ✅ ✓US Prices - N/A ✓UK Prices - N/A ✓CA Prices - N/A 5. Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree ✅ ✓U...!
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Visit to shop the full line of luxury cat furniture products. Have you ever seen cat furniture that actually blends in with a homes decor? Probably not. The Refined Feline offers modern cat towers, shelves, and litter box cabinets that actually complement the style of a home....!
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Instagram: Starbond Affiliate Link: Commonly Used Tools: Makita set Safety Glasses!
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We got a kitten for Christmas. His name is Hank. We wanted a place for him to get away from the dog (if he wants) and a place where the dog couldnt get his food. This is what I came up with. By the way, the math I used to calculate the forces within the shelf is called engineering statics, because it involves calculating the forces within static structures or structures which are not moving. I’m a civil engineer for my day job, so I’m trying to bridge that into my hobbies and videos. If you...!
Channel Title : Matt Heere Views : 499518 DisLikes : 202 Published Date :2015-12-26T15:19:49Z
My niece wanted a Kitty Cat Palace for Christmas. So its off to the shop to build a cat tree. The process is simple enough. A cat tree is nothing more than a 2x4 frame and some cardboard tube (concrete forms) that all gets carpeted. Lots and lots of hot glue and a couple of dollar store kitty toys and you have yourself one tree....!
Channel Title : Life with Maine Coon Cats Views : 8345 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2020-02-12T00:52:03Z
We have decided that its time to get rid of our 72 cat tree. We have loved having this cat tree for months, but in this video I explain some reasons as to why we decided to get rid of it. Frisco 72-in Cat Tree, Large Base: Follow Annie, Molly, and Susie on Instagram:!
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면줄을 처음 감던 영상은 날라가버려서... 쓴지 3주째, 보수하는 영상을 올려요. 고양이들이 참 좋아하고 안전하게 써줍니다! 북한산 산기슭에 위치한 냥꼬리(里) 마을... 냥꼬 셋과 이장 둘, 그리고 냥꼬들을 사랑하는 구독자 주민분들이 모여 한 마을이 되었습니다! 19층냥꼬네에서 냥꼬리로 채널명 변경! (이유 ) 냥꼬리를 소개해요!
Channel Title : Maisey Ward Views : 7597 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2019-06-10T20:22:15Z
This DIY Cat Tree is by far my favorite DIY project I have ever done! Only because I am really proud of myself for using power tools! Lol. Let me know if you try something similar! MEET COCO : MUSIC : The Age Of Wood by Savfk is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: Follow all my things! Instagram : Twitter : maiseyward Wanna Talk To M...!
Channel Title : Review Tube Views : 34787 DisLikes : 32 Published Date :2019-01-17T02:18:42Z
Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Cat Tree available to buy today in 2019. ⬇️Click SHOW MORE ⬇️ ✅1. Frisco 52-in Cat Tree: * Find a great deal on eBay : ✅2. GoPetClub 72-in Cat Tree: * Find a great deal on eBay : ✅3. Frisco 72-in Cat Tree: * Find a great deal on eBay : ✅4. Armarkat 68-in Cat Tree: * F...!
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Hallo gan balik lagi ke chanel kami yang membahas kegiatan kami di workshop interior dan beberapa tips Kali ini kami akan membahas kegiatan finishing cat duco di material kayu/plywood untuk di aplikasikan ke furniture. Finishing cat duco kali ini kami memakai sample ukuran 30 x 30 supaya agan – agan semua dapat mendapatkan informasi sejelas – jelasnya di video kami kali ini. Berikut juga kami sertakan deskripsi tahapan yang kami jelaskan dibawah ini; BAHAN – BAHAN 1. SANPOLAK + OBAT 2...!
Channel Title : eKitten Views : 13111 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2019-08-19T14:07:20Z
THE BEST CAT TREE IN 2019 HERE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Trixie Baza ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Go Pet Club ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Feandrea Multi-Level ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Vesper V-Line ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. Go Pet Club 62 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Paws & Pals Condo Tower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. Feline Nuvo Fine http...!
Channel Title : Andrew Jones Views : 1972 DisLikes : Published Date :2012-02-24T08:22:20Z
Dee and I entered to have our line of cat shelves and cat perches on the shelves in Walmart! We are so excited to be able to get this chance. So wish us luck, and if you like our product. (coming soon) Please Vote for us. :)...!
Channel Title : Hallmark Channel Views : 17927 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2018-07-24T18:44:44Z
Paige Hemmis is showing you how to make your own cat tree to keep your felines entertained for hours. When it comes to purchasing your ladders for this DIY, make sure they are the ones called towel ladders, which you can find online. Get more Home & Family How Tos here:!
Channel Title : Jinks Music Universe Views : 16163 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2015-09-18T05:14:55Z
Homemade real tree cat tree!...!
Channel Title : Jackson Galaxy Views : 1857090 DisLikes : 701 Published Date :2014-02-03T18:00:02Z
There are so many things you can do to protect against sharp claws instead of the cruel and painful procedure of declawing. Jackson Galaxy lists some of the ways to keep everyone happy. See Part 1 of Jackson on Declawing: ▶︎ Find Jacksons Favorite Cat 🐱 Products: ◀︎ #MyCatFromHell on Animal Planet: Instagram: https://www.instagram.c...!
Channel Title : USA Novelties Views : 1976 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2017-10-18T15:36:25Z
5 Modern Cats Furniture you can buy!!! Cone by WISKI, CatastrophiCreations, Lotus Leaf,Cat Condo If you like the video, please, Dont forget to like it :-)) Watch my videos #yengostech ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ All short URLs are safe You can buy the these Furnitures visiting the following web addresses below ✔ 0:22 The #Refined Feline Lotus Leaf -!
Channel Title : Happy Tails Views : 18300 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2017-09-28T17:52:04Z
How to setup the Vesper Cat Furniture High Base from Catit. Vesper Cat Furniture New Videos every week Store & Blog Patreon Instagram @Meghan_happytails Twitter @meghan_arriola!
Channel Title : Cityline Views : 24462 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2017-10-31T15:52:46Z
Chatelaine home editor, Alexandra Gater, has the ultimate kitty litter IKEA hack and a selection of extremely chic pet décor pieces....!
Channel Title : IBurnMetal Views : 3356 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-04-19T00:24:32Z
This is part one of the ‘Cat Tree Platform Wall’ that I will be making. It is going to be the first of several cat shelves. This is a 36” long wall mounted canvas bridge/walkway/hammock that I made for my cat Frankie (short for Frank). I made it from some ½” pine scraps scavenged from an old bed frame along with a partially used canvas drop-cloth. Both of these can be found new in most hardware stores, but I felt like being resourceful. Materials: an old canvas paint dropcloth some 2-...!
Channel Title : Furniture Exhibition Forum Views : 752 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2015-01-12T14:55:53Z
Refined Feline Cloud Shelf, let your cat walk along your wall rather than your furniture! On this shelf, cats appear to be floating on clouds along your wall space. We are sure your cat will love to lounge on our super strong metal platforms with soft comfortable pads covered in faux sheepskin fabric. Plus, this super-cool cat shelf frees up much needed additional floor space! Includes two large platforms, each 20 X 10 both facing right or left, depending on which model you choose (left facing...!
Channel Title : KletterLetter Views : 2716 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2015-03-15T21:25:42Z KletterLetter® • Das exklusivste Katzenmöbel der Welt • The most exclusive designer cat furniture of the world Made in Germany Sidewalk Shade Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0!
Channel Title : Alyssa Carvara Views : 70991 DisLikes : 54 Published Date :2017-09-07T02:17:30Z
DIY Cat tree out of wooden crates! ... Music:!
Channel Title : A Butterfly House Views : 643 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-11-04T16:57:04Z
Cat trees can be super unattractive, which is why I was determined to build my own! This DIY Cat Tree video comes with free printable plans, and walks you through the entire cat tree build. More Information/Free Plans: The Builders Challenge Original Plans:!

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