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SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► Oxford Union on Facebook: Oxford Union on Twitter: @OxfordUnion Website: English fashion designer Cath Kidston opened her first shop in 1993 and since then the eponymous British brand, known for its signature floral design and modern vintage style, has expanded to 136 outlets worldwide. The accomplished businesswoman has achieved global success and in 2008 designed shop...!
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Welcome to my latest video where I am sharing a review of my favourite Cath Kidston bags! I thought that I would compare the Cath Kidston bags for you so that you can see a comparison of their sizes and features in case you fancy treating yourself. This video is not an ad, I just really love Cath Kidston! Bags featured in this video include a backpack, foldaway tote, smart nappy bag and more. Hi! I’m Rhi, Mummy of Four & I help busy Mums make their lives easier with parenting tips, tricks, ...!
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Cath Kidston is the home of Modern Vintage designed products. The first store was founded in West London in the year 1993. In this video, our VJ Yasmine explores through the Cath Kidston store at Lagoona Mall. The store has various products ranging from kitchen utensils, iPhone covers to clothes. Also giving suggestions on what could be the best products you can buy. They currently have 5 stores in Qatar located in City Center, Mall of Qatar, Land Mark, Lagoona & Doha Festival City. Do visit ...!
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Shopping with me in Cath Kidston...!
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For those of you whove been watching me for a while youll know that I absolutely LOVE Cath Kidston! And I honestly cant believe that Ive never done a C.K Haul before! (Of what I can remember anyway!!) So enjoy as I swoon all over my lovely purchases*! ^__^ In my basket... - 25th Birthday Guards & Guests Mug - 25th Birthday Flag Tea Towel - 25th Anniversary Clutch - London Town (set of 2) Tea Towels - Mickey...!
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In todays video I am sharing a back to school bag haul from Cath Kidston, plus all of the items that I have bought for my childrens school bags, PE kit, pencil cases and outdoor learning gear. So if you want all of my top tips for back to school, keep watching! Links to everything mentioned in the video can be found here - The dress I am wearing in this video (affiliate) - Hi! I’m Rhi, Mummy of Four...!
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Cath Kidston Haul | Cath Kidston Sale | Homeware Haul | Kate McCabe Hello, Since filming this the Cath Kidston company has been in the news about financial trouble, I really hope they find a buyer and it can keep going ❤️ Here’s a few items I bought in the online sale xx Stay Home With Me vlog from yesterday - Stay home vlog from Friday - Come Dine With Me - Three little birds cover - https://youtu...!
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From inspiration to illustration, Fearne Cotton got the inside scoop on our SS17 print collection when she came to visit our designers. Read more and shop the collection here:!
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Cath Kidston Outlet Haul Dont Forget To Subscribe x ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Emma Mumfords crazy world of Couponing and Money Saving! Take a look at my website - Here is where it all started! - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - ----------------------------------------------...!
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A colorful way of living: Vera Bradley Amazon Store: Vera Bradley Ebay Store: Check out my blog follow me on facebook: follow me on instagram follow me on twitter!
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Whats in my Handbag! This Video is about my handbag, yeahhh! Its also my entry for a Cath Kidston staff contest. Wish me luck. Follow Cath Kidston on Instagram : @cathkidston_ltd @180piccadilly _____________ Giveaway Rules : 1. Subscribe to my Channel 2. Give that Video a Thumbs up! 3. Leave a comment below 4. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter Winners will be announced at beginning of September, you have until the 31st of August to participate. I will give this giveaway a little bit of more t...!
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We had a quick wander around Cath Kidston - come along and see what we found. There were so many things I could have brought but still to pricey for me. I would have brought a few more bits if they had been reduced more....!
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Hey guys Well I couldn’t resist the new Cath Kidston collection I had to get some bits especially as it’s the last Disney Collaboration the are doing. Release Date 22/8/19 The new winnie the pooh items are selling fast and are only on sale from their website and piccadilly store, According to the info on the Cath Kidston site. Link to the full colldction is below 👇. Thanks as always for watching. Take care & stay safe. 😘 🍯Disney x cath kidston collection 🍯 https://www.cathkid...!
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前回の#2と繋がってます!(同じ日) ☆前回のロンドン1人旅動画 【ロンドン女子1人旅】英語力3の私がフードマーケットでお買い物挑戦! #2 実はロンドン行く前にガイドブックでキャスキッドソンを知って、 行った後にこんな可愛いお店あったんやでー!って母に教えると 日本にもあるし有名やで!と!わろりん それで色々調べてみたら東京...!
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With a hint of nostalgia fashion and home decor, this is one of our favorite shop in the UK. Beautiful design of prints & products, giving vintage inspiration a modern twist. English fashion designer Cath Kidston opened her first shop in 1993 and since then the eponymous British brand, known for its signature floral design and modern vintage style, has expanded to 136 outlets worldwide. Music: Calling by Ikson!
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Hi guys! Heres an improved Spring themed edition of whats in my bag! I hope you enjoy this version better than my other one and dont forget to like and subscribe! :) -- PREVIOUS VIDEO: -- ABOUT ME: Hey, Im Fran, Im eighteen and welcome to my slice of the internet. I have a squidgy soft spot for pugs, and I love chocolate, pizza and of course coffee. In one sentence, you can describe me as the typical white girl that loves Starbucks, photography...!
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潤いと輝きを届けて25年 BRIGHTENING UP YOUR DAY for 25 YEARS 2018年、イギリスで最も愛されているブランドの1つであるキャス キッドソンが創設から25周年を迎えます。 25周年を記念し、特製ムービーを制作。ブランドのアイコンであるスタンリーが案内役となって、これまでの歩みを振り返ります。...!
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#CathKidston #UnboxingHaul #Collection UNBOXING HAUL : Cath Kidston Collection | Glenda Vlog this Cath Kidston Website : Hi Everyone! Im Glenda and welcome to my channel! Like, Share to Facebook & Twitter then Subscribe to our Youtube Channel by clicking that Big RED SUBSCRIBE Button! Dont forget to Turn-On Notification. After you subscribed, comment #Glenda Pelio FOR BUSINESS/COLLABORATION: *EMAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOKPAGE ▶ https://www.facebook...!
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Here is what I carry in my backpack for work!! ⭐Cath Kidston Wild Poppies Buckle Backpack: Out of stock! That was fast! Here is an alternative that is still on sale! ⭐Music: Carefree Melody by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: ⭐Hey! Im...!
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Hi Dolls This is a mini Cath Kidston Haul for you, I picked all these items up on my recent mini break to London. I hope you enjoy Katy xxx...!
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Hey dolls! I had to get these beauties in the sale as I fell in love with this collection 😍 The collection is called midnight stars (not sure why I keep saying midnight dreams in the video!) Ive been on the website and unfortunately can not find the coin purse style, sorry guys. Thanks so much for watching! 😘 Xxx...!
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사용 바늘 : 모사용 5호바늘 실 : 데일리코튼 112 - 아이보리 / 125 - 피치핑크 / 185 - 에메랄드민트 / 130 - 레드 대략적으로 모티브 10개를 만들때 112번 아이보리실 1볼 소요된다고 생각하시면 됩니다 (사람마다 뜨는 힘에 따라 실의 소요량이 차이가 나기때문에 정확하지 않습니다.) 테두리로만 아이보리 색상 1볼하고 조금 더 사용했습니다. 아이보리 색상의 실은 조금 넉넉히 준비...!
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#Cath Kidston #กระเป๋าขึ้นเครื่อง #กระเป๋าขยายได้ #ของขวัญวันเกิด #HBD #Happybirthday ติดตามมาดามแอนเพิ่มเติมได้ที่!
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CATH KIDSTON HAUL & UNBOXING - Pick Up Pink Hello and welcome to my channel. * This is a re-upload from 3rd July 2016 * I hope you like this video and please subscribe for more videos every week and dont forget my Blog on a Saturday morning too. #PickUpPink #CathKidstonHaul #LondonHaul #Unboxing MY BLOG: MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Amelia’s youtube. ...!
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REMEMBER MY BOOK IS AVAILABLE TO BUY: Sprinkle of Chatter : The bag of dreams - More of Me : Twitter - FaceBook - Snapchat - LouisePentland Insta- Louise Pentland Robin Wilde - About Me :: Hi, Im Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give...!
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#unboxing #bagreview #LondonViewLargePandoraBag #lazada I love bags, pouches, purses and things like that 😍 This Vlog is about the new Cath Kidston I purchased from Lazmall [Lazada] Cost: P2,499 My name is MariChu, living in the province of Sorsogon... sending you all happy positive and good vibes. May all your good wishes come true 💌 You’re welcome to smash the subscribe icon 🎨 Thank you 😊...!
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มาแกะของขวัญวันเกิด กระเป๋าสตางค์สีฟ้าลายดอกน่ารักๆ จาก Cath Kidston รุ่น Folded Zip Wallet Grove Bunch Grey Blue...!
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Join me and my family for a shop with me and haul! We visit the Disney Store for some shopping and a look at all of the new Frozen 2 merchandise including dolls and Elsa and Anna dresses. We have a look for Christmas gift ideas too. Come shopping in John Lewis, Cath Kidston, JoJo Maman Bebe and the LEGO shop. We even squeeze in some adventure golf in the Tree Top Adventure Golf. Mentioned in this video; ✰ CATH KIDSTON SCHOOL BAG HAUL - ✰ CARABINER CLIPS - ht...!
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Happy Mothers Day Everyone! In this video Im gonna show you how I did this Cath Kidston inspired floral print. Thank you so much Minnie (from Nailbees) for sending me these amazing nail art brushes, check out her channel She can paint beautiful detailed things on her nails! Enjoy this video! ----------------- Products used: Nail art brush S Nail art brush XS!
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We took to the road this summer, bringing our Cath Kidston tour van to festivals all over the country....!
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hey there, this is my cath kidston mini haul. I got a beautiful leather bag and a passport holder.. Online links to buy : Mallory Sprig Wine Printed Small Leather Duo Crossbody Bag: London Stamps Bright Blue Passport Holder : Please like this video and subsc...!
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Hope you enjoy seeing some cute finds I picked out they have the sale on with 10% off for the foreseeable so check it out if you fancy, stay safe all 💖 Thanks for watching! Fashion & Disney Instagram: Beinguniquemedisney Photography Instagram @beinguniquebeingmephotography Book Instagram: @beinguniquebooks Twitter @beuniquebooks Goodreads:!
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Open for more links: Coordinating blog post: Mini dot shopper bag: London Christmas PJ bottoms: London Buses PJ bottoms: Billie Christmas sweatshirt:!
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Love this shop!! At the Gunwharf Quays Outlets in Portsmouth. Find more travel adventures & pixie dust: EUROPE TRIP REPORT: ENGLAND PLAYLIST: BLOG: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Thanks for watching! Dont forget to subscribe, like...!
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呢排畀 Mickey 90 大壽洗哂版,白雪公主話要出來刷一刷存在感!與 Cath Kidston 聯乘一系列服裝、手袋、家品及童裝等, 除咗有大大個 Snow White 咬蘋果圖案、亦將 7 個小矮人、毒蘋果及經典許願場景變成圖案,靚! 【info】 9 月 21 日於網店 率先發售 9 月 22 日於指定門市正式推出 ============================================ 全方位緊貼《U Magazine》社交平台 facebook:https://www.face...!
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Its finally starting to look a little like Summer (almost!) so I thought Id upload a Summer Lookbook with lots of florals. Im a florals girl at heart and have a big love for Cath Kidston so I thought Id combine the two and film a little Lookbook! I hope you enjoy, please like & subscribe if you do! Blog: Instagram: harriep Beautiful music: Not From Georgia - Old Friend Love, Harriet x...!
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Un vlog di shopping londinese. Siamo nel centro di Londra, tra Chinatown e Regent Street, ed entriamo in diversi negozi: da Anthropologie, Cath Kidston, in una pasticceria cinese e infine al Japan Centre. Spero che il mio vlog, in giro senza meta, vi piaccia :-D 👉Seguitemi/Follow me on: 📷INSTAGRAM: 🐦TWITTER: 👤FACEBOOK: 📝BLOG: ...!
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kumako styleのくまこです。 こんにちは。 大好きなキャスキッドソンと突然のお別れをしてから1ヶ月が経とうとしています。 コロナのせいで、日本で手に入れられなかった今年の春物を、英国のオンラインショップよりおとりよせしました。 購入品紹介だけのつもりが、今持っているアイテムの中からほんの数品の使い方などのご紹介や、キャスキッドソンへの想い...!
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Thanks for watching! Fashion & Disney Instagram: Beinguniquemedisney Photography Instagram @beinguniquebeingmephotography Book Instagram: @beinguniquebooks Twitter @beuniquebooks Goodreads: Blog:!
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Check out my new stationary items from Zoella lifestyle, Cath Kidston Disney, Paperchase and Erin Condren. Please like if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more videos :) My Disney channel - My blog - Cath Kidston Disney range blog post - Erin Condren 2017 planner unboxing - October 2016 Disney World vlogs -...!
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Samorga: My blog:!
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Hello Doha , Have a look at the intriguing Floral Collection by Cath Kidston in this exclusive video where our VJ EILEEN takes you around the Cath Kidston store in City Center Doha. Cath Kidston GCC the home of modern vintage, was founded in 1993 when designer Cath Kidston opened a single shop in London’s Holland Park. As The Home of Modern Vintage, it’s become the brand’s signature to take inspiration from a variety of sources, including vintage finds, to create beautiful, distinctive pri...!
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DIY workshop 帶什麼? Cath kidston背包容量有幾多? 韓國咭片套形銀包有多方便? 🎀 Tracy 翠絲愛分享 💖 精油飾品 工作坊 DIY教學 手作 育兒分享 開箱文 團購 大家好, 我是 Tracy, 是一個香港全職媽媽 喜歡嘗新商品, 特別喜愛日韓貨品, 平常經常帶囝囝周圍玩, 一起成長 另也喜歡天然用品, 愛上了精油, 經常開 DIY workshop, 也會跟大家分享喔 喜歡我影片請比個 LIKE 我以作支持, 另也請訂...!

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