Ceramic Sculptures

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Sculpture is the art of intelligence. - Pablo Picasso Sculpting is an excellent hobby that can be cultivated without any special talents. The most unique aspect of sculpting is it allows us to create three-dimensional objects. As one of the world’s oldest art forms, sculpting has been in existence for thousands of years. In this video, I will try and cover the basics of sculpting. To put simply, sculpting is the art of creating objects by shaping materials. This shaping can be carving, where...!
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Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atelier-Raku/456808887816460 The camera observes closely how Alexandra Engelfriet molds pieces of clay into an object of art....!
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What I love about ceramics is that you can make something so solid, permanent and tangible from something that is so intangible and is always changing in nature. To try and fix it, make it permanent, feels very grounding. In this video, ceramic artist Tessa Eastman discusses her work, inspirations, and the processes behind her Baby Cloud Bundle sculptures, which combines slab-building, press-moulding and coiling. Learn how Tessa makes her work in the full step-by-step masterclass inside Cerami...!
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www.craftinamerica.org. Ceramic artist Gerardo Monterrubio segment. NEIGHBORS episode PBS premiere Friday, September 29, 2017. For more on Craft in America, visit www.craftinamerica.org. All Craft in America programs are now viewable on www.craftinamerica.org, the PBS iPhone/iPad app and video.pbs.org/program/craft-in-america. To purchase DVDs: www.shoppbs.org...!
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Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Zemer Peled utilizes a process of creation and destruction to make sculptures consisting of thousands of handcrafted porcelain shards resulting in works that can be read in relation to art historical tradition, outsider art, and natural phenomena. The sculpture’s narrative impulses lean to encounters with the otherworldly—like complex topiaries marking a not-so-distant land--yet they remain distinctly tied to earth’s patterns. This conflation of the foreign and...!
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Slip casting is a great method to create ceramic sculptures. Using liquid clay and a plaster mould, Anyuta is sharing some useful tips. Anyuta is a Russian-born and classically trained Canadian contemporary artist. She works in fine arts media, such as multimedia sculpture and painting, and she is the creator and owner of Anyuta Porcelain, her signature brand of slip-cast porcelain functional and decorative objects. Her artistic style, combines principles of classical art with craft application...!
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RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu critiques a mixed media ceramic sculpture by high school student Lucy Saltonstall. Prof Lieu provides an explanation for what parts of the mixed media ceramic sculpture are working well, and offers solutions for how to improve the collage in terms of the art materials and techniques shown in the artwork. PURCHASE A PORTFOLIO CRITIQUE OR SKYPE SESSION https://artprof.org/purchase-a-portfolio-critique/ COMPLETE ART SCHOOL PORTFOLIOS GUIDE http://artprof.org/c...!
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Related Videos : Top 50 Cardboard Sculptures In The World (Part-2) https://youtu.be/eh_QA9Znp3U Top 50 Cardboard Sculptures In The World (Part-1) https://youtu.be/F4sTeBqHqbk Top 50 Most Cool Public Art In the World (Part-3) https://youtu.be/DEq0QeFsFk0 Top 50 Most Cool Public Art In the World (Part-2) https://youtu.be/8TUuZnHuHfg Top 50 Most Cool Public Art In the World (Part-1) https://youtu.be/BqDNjH9dksA Top 50 Most Awesome Land Art In The World https://youtu.be/nJ1Kn0sM9dc Top 50 Most...!
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www.craftinamerica.org. Cristina Córdova, sculptor, lives and works at Penland, NC, far from her homeland of Puerto Rico. Her beautiful figurative clay work is rooted in renaissance sculptural traditions and ceramics. Each piece represents our shared humanity while confronting contemporary issues of gender, race, beauty and power, and inviting the viewer’s participation. IDENTITY: Artists explore issues of gender, race, culture and place, offering true expressions of their experience in this...!
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Over the last 25 years, Linda Leonard Schlenger has amassed one of the most important collections of contemporary ceramics in the country. This exhibition features over 80 objects from the Schlenger collection by leading 20th-century ceramicists—including John Mason, Jim Melchert, Kenneth Price, Lucie Rie, and Peter Voulkos—alongside works in other media from the Yale University Art Gallery’s permanent collection by artists such as Hans Hofmann, Willem de Kooning, Isamu Noguchi, Mark Rothk...!
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Music : Mozart- Piano Sonata Rondo alla turca (Turkish March)...!
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NYC-based artist Sabri Ben-Achour uses the forces of nature, science, and Japanese aesthetics as inspiration to create distinctive ceramics. One of his art styles includes using magnets to manipulate clay into spindly sculptures. Many of his pieces are also coated in an overglaze made of real gold. See more from Sabri Ben-Achour: https://www.instagram.com/sabritree/ ART INSIDER believes in the discovery of new art and artists. Life is an adventure. Subscribe to our channel: http://insder.co/A...!
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One can trace the history of Japanese ceramics to the Neolithic era. The art form has attracted a long list of regional craftsmen and cultivated many longstanding traditions such as the traditional tea ceremony. Takashi Murakami collaborator, Shigeru Otani, widely-known as the singular artist behind the alias Otani Workshop, carries on the artistic tradition while injecting contemporary aesthetics to create a unique practice of his own. Humanlike subjects with eccentric features such as elongate...!
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This clip was exerpted from Figure Sculpting in Clay which is available at http://ceramicartsdaily.org/bookstore/figure-sculpting-in-clay-with-melisa-cadell/...!
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Susana Arias invites you into her studio to see how she builds her large ceramic boats. These sculptures are pieces in the series, Sailmaker. Susana builds the giant boats in her studio and then loads them into a wood fired kiln. The wood firing adds to the unique look of these impressive pieces. You can see the entire series and hear from Susana at her blog: http://susanaariasarts.com...!
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In this video clip we see the sculptures of Irish Ceramic Artist Michelle Maher. Michelle lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. See www.ceramicforms.com...!
Channel Title : ArtsySoul Views : 44181 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2018-06-17T20:59:53Z
Figurative artist, Edrian Thomidis shows how she makes a Chinese Crested dog in paper clay. A quick disclaimer: there is some background noise. I recorded the voice over outside while on vacation. I probably should have waited until I could find a quiet spot, but I really wanted to get the video finished and posted. I hope its not too distracting. If it is, just mute it and watch the process! LOL! For special commissions email me for details: edrian @ thomidis.com Subscribe and tick the noti...!
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A short, fast then slow slideshow of Ceramic Paper clay Sculptures. All created between 1992 - 2015 by international artist Graham Hay. See whats possible with this new material, and the unique creative style that has taken him around the world. Photograph: Victor France. More: http://www.grahamhay.com.au/paperclay.html...!
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Dino Locaputo Shooting - editing Antonella Giannuzzi...!
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Tutorial guide to learn the process of creation a plaster mold for clay sculpture. Full instructions: https://cherkov.com/sculpture/forming/ This video is accompanied by a textbook on fine art SCULPTURE, PAINTING, DRAWING AND NOT ONLY. וידאו זה מלווה ספר לימוד על אמנות חזותית פיסול, ציור, רישום ולא רק. Этот видеоролик сопровождает учебное пособие по изобразительному искусству...!
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In this video I am showing few techniques of finishing ceramic sculptures with wax. List of productsMINWAX Pase Finishing wax Sonite Wax by Smooth-on Rust-Oleum paint satin colonial red Tremclad paint gloss finish Regal red color Krylon Workable Fixatif Black Wax by Sculpt Nouveau (Patina and metal finish) Brown and Black Shoe Polish www.joannamozdzen Email [email protected] Instagram joanna.mozdzen.10 Facebook Joanna Mozdzen...!
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Ceramic creations by Eric Whollem. My ceramics have been inspired by Cucuteni, Sumerian, Mesoamerican, Jomon, Inuit, African and many other sources. My works are hand built, and often utilize as final coloration earth or ash pigments. The ash pigments include volcanic ash as well as wood ash. Clay bodies include Imco and Laguna clays. Primarily these works are low fire; but fired hotter than raku. See more of my ceramics: http://artblogericwhollem.blogspot.com/search/label/ceramic%20sculpture...!
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The Green Hill Centers Embodiment exhibit includes the sculpture of Holly Fischer. Her work is figurative and combines abstraction with realism. In this video she shares her process and influences. Influences include Gaston Lachaise, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Saville and Edward Weston. Websites Referenced: http://www.greenhillcenter.org http://www.hollyfischer.com Music from iMovie...!
Channel Title : Philippe Faraut Views : 218786 DisLikes : 70 Published Date :2018-03-26T20:26:21Z
This video shows Philippe Faraut demonstrating the step-by-step process of hollowing a water-based clay sculpture in preparation for firing. The original sculpting of this piece I Dont is the final exercise shown in Farauts book entitled Figure Sculpting Volume 2: Gesture & Drapery Techniques in Clay. The techniques above are not shown in the book....!
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Channel Title : Ceramic Review Views : 23003 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2016-02-09T15:30:20Z
Aneta Regel creates abstract ceramic sculptures that do not show forms that exist in nature, but react to the natural world and her existence within it. She shares her unique process of making here. Discover more inside Ceramic Review issue 277, which features the full step-by-step masterclass. You can order back issues of the magazine from ceramicreview.com. Film by Layton Thompson for Ceramic Review....!
Channel Title : Joanna Mozdzen Views : 291895 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2011-05-21T00:33:41Z
Hollowing sculpture and preparing for firing in a kiln. This isa technique used by ceramic artist ....!
Channel Title : Joanna Mozdzen Views : 3495847 DisLikes : 714 Published Date :2010-06-01T16:48:15Z
Sculpting a head. Sculpting demo how to sculpt female head in water based clay . This sculpting demo will teach you how to make realistic sculpture of beautiful women.You will learn about creating general shape of a head, tricks and tips thaught by master sculptors. This short sculpting demo will show you my sculpting technique of a beautiful women in ordinary clay. Sculpting by Joanna Mozdzen. www.joannamozdzen.com Instagram joanna.mozdzen.10 Email [email protected]!
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KEIKO ART INTERNATIONAL http://www.keikoartinternational.com Filmed and Edited by Yusuke Suzuki Music by Yoshiko Doi...!
Channel Title : KQED Art School Views : 7497 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2015-11-10T23:13:35Z
Click to learn more: https://wp.me/p4AWsA-dz Brendan Monroe is known for drawings, paintings and sculptures of organic landscapes and otherworldly creatures. Art School visited with the artist during a transitional moment when he’d just completed a new body of work in collaboration with Heath Ceramics....!
Channel Title : Blackmore Gallery Views : 18809 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2017-07-28T13:41:27Z
A short film on the acclaimed Ceramic Sculptor Peter Hayes produced by Blackmore Gallery Available works: https://www.blackmoregallery.com/product-category/peter-hayes/ https://www.blackmoregallery.com...!
Channel Title : Pinodan safras Views : 3463 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2016-04-24T23:44:48Z
Simple components to make complex pottery or sculpture . . . . . . Scott dooleys work looks to be anything but simple, with its wild angles and off kilter shapes. But if you break it down to the basics, you learn explore the virtually limitless world of ceramic sculpture. Meet the ceramic one starts out with a basic pottery form that everybody is familiar. Explore stephanie spencers board pottery & sculpture , a visual simple slip decoration inside a few small clay pottery bowls youtube ex...!
Channel Title : Eva Zethraeus Views : 13531 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2015-10-20T19:29:59Z
The making of ceramic sculpture - Bubble Cluster, by ceramic artist Eva Zethraeus...!
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Sculptures, ceramic sculptures, trees, ceramic trees, sculpting in clay, sculpting a sphere, sculpting in clay, sculpting tools, sculpting techniques, sculpting female figures, sculpting nudes, figure sculpting, illuminated sculptures, sculpted figures, clay sculpting, a round sculpture, sculpted sphere, American sculptor, Texas sculptor, Austin Sculptor, female sculptor, sculptress, professional sculptor, professional artist...!
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https://www.thegrommet.com/fish-in-the-garden A trio of ceramic fish garden stakes make a colorful splash in outdoor spaces.This threesome of medium-sized fish is made to mimic fluid movement and the fish are shaped to look like they are mid-swim. Handcrafted from high-fired stoneware clay and a steel rod, these fish are tough enough to live outside year-round. Made in Maine. SUBSCRIBE TO THE GROMMET: http://bit.ly/2RLLFaI CONNECT WITH THE GROMMET Web: https://www.thegrommet.com Facebook: htt...!
Channel Title : sumblinkfan Views : 1511 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2010-12-23T21:01:43Z
These are mini South Park clay figures that I made in my high school ceramics class. They stand about 4in. (11cm.) tall. I used acrylic paint instead of glazes. The song in this video is Tom Sawyer (Live) by Rush. This audio is property of Rush and Universal Music Group....!
Channel Title : Joanna Mozdzen Views : 87427 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2011-02-05T17:23:18Z
How to make ceramic sculpture. Sculpting head in pottery clay. Pottery to Art Demo how to change pottery into ceramic sculpture. I start with the vase made on a potters wheel by my friend Chris Snedden and keep altering and shaping it into a female head. Process of sculpting beautiful female face in water based clay . Sculpting female head. Art of sculpting by Joanna Mozdzen www.joannamozdzen.com...!
Channel Title : ArtsySoul Views : 934 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-11-02T18:47:21Z
Edrian Thomidis shares a bit about her process as she shows how her sculptural figures come to life with color. For more, visit www.artsysoul.com...!
Channel Title : Artistics.com Views : 4962 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2014-04-24T09:27:23Z
Studio Visit & Interview with Israeli ceramic artist Sharon Brill, who creates abstract porcelain sculptures. Check out her portfolio and buy her artworks at the online art gallery on Artistics.com: http://www.artistics.com/en/sharon.brill?onglet=oeuvre_profile...!
Channel Title : IlanStuffProductions Views : 295 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2011-08-30T07:49:37Z
Video with DSLR course, assignment #3: Conduct an interview at Nachalat Binyamin, Tel-Aviv. The sculptures featured in this clip can be viewed online: http://www.filtserstudio.com --------- Music: Friday by Rebecca Black...!
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Fish sculpture on etsy . . . . . . Add to added. Stoneware clay fish sculpture fish ornament pottery fish koi fish sculpture hand made fish ceramic koi, fish, koi sculpture,. Koi fish beautiful ceramic and stainless steel sculptures by maine artist tyson m. Weiss that deliver a fluid aesthetic to your home and garden explore cindy frenzels board pottery fish , a visual bookmarking tool pottery ceramic sculpture, fishy things, ceramic fish, pottery animals, explore joanna manns board sculpt...!
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Working on the 2nd of 12 piece series of rugby balls made from Raku Gold clay. Aiming for an end if year exhibition...!
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These unique ceramic sculptures are made by the artist Yiannis Nanouris and are all one of a kind pieces of art. Visit his web site or blog for further information. http://nanouris-artgallery.blogspot.com/ http://www.nanouris-artgallery.gr...!
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A Limited Collection of Ceramic Sculptures by Artist Ulisses Santiago for U ArtStudio available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/USantiagoARTStudio. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/ITWV/...!
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Instructor: Jon Nelson This tutorial shows how to make pinch-pots and how to use them to create basic sculptures. To find fun videos, art lessons, and more for you and your family, check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram! austintexas.gov/dougherty www.facebook.com/doughertyarts instagram.com/doughertyartscenter...!

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