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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid American Shibuya Chanel · Blacc Memer American Shibuya Chanel ℗ 1855509 Records DK Released on: 2020-03-26 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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↓OPEN ME PLEASE↓ Here is my ultimate Chanel classic flap guide 2020! Chanel classic flap bags are on many people’s wish lists so I thought it may be helpful to share everything I know about these bags! I go through size comparison, how to choose colours, hardwares and the different leathers. This video is filmed in 4K so hopefully you can see all the details really well! Thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day or night :) Xx Isabelle Watch these videos next: ♥...!
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Hi everyone, welcome back to the Opulent Habits Youtube Channel! PLEASE READ BELOW! This is the first of many unboxing videos we are going to do! Not only for Chanels new releases but also for handbags that come in on consignment with us. This will allow for you to see the bags in person instead of just pictures! We hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful. This is such a stunning bag and we have been so excited to get this video up ASAP so anyone who is on the fence about this 2017 So Bl...!
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Black. White. Beige. Gold. Red. In Chapter 11 of Inside CHANEL, five colors come alive as we delve into the history, the anecdotes, and the quotes from Mademoiselle herself that immortalized their significance for CHANEL. Five emblematic colors, five inspirations, five CHANEL codes. One signature. #CHANEL ➺ Watch our #InsideCHANEL playlist: ➺ For more videos, subscribe to our channel: https://www....!
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Small Chanel classic flap bag reveal | Medium Chanel classic flap bag wear and tear - 2 years old In today’s video I will reveal my new black Chanel classic flap bag with gold hardware in caviar leather. I bought this bag in Singapore at Takashimaya a few months ago. The bag is relatively new and I have only used a few times and I absolutely love it! I will also compare the Chanel small classic flap bag to a Chanel medium classic flap. If you would like to watch my previous video about ano...!
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SOUS TITRES FRANCAIS DISPONIBLES! CHANELs new artistic director VIRGINIE VIARD grants us a stroll on the rooftops of Paris! This is CHANEL summer 2020 collection! Cardi B and Jennie Kim have flown for the event. Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid and Anok Yai and Maike Inga are here to impress. I try to learn about all the visual influences of the collection, from Nouvelle Vague film posters, to Anna Karina and pointillist painter George Seurat! Edited by Konstantin Maslakov! Filmed with Julien Da Costa!...!
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Chanel So Black Reveal/What Fits!...!
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Hello Hope you’re all doing great. Here is the bag information CHANEL Pre fall 20A Collection : A92990 B0340394305 Small flap bag with too handle. All black. Retail price in UK £3330 My friend who picked this bag up for me also got the same bag and she did her unboxing video on her channel if you would like to check it out Nena SriSpin lifestyle....!
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I FINALLY GOT IT, A FOREVER BAG FOR ME 😇 this is definitely a more chatty unboxing, but did you expect anything less from me? 💁🏻‍♀️haha well yea! this is the new baby to the collection and just like that i think im done with buying bags for the year 😭 (or so they say) Item specifics: Chanel Rectangular Mini Flapbag in Black Caviar Leather and Silver Hardware (SHW) Reetzy Facebook Group mentioned: Please proceed...!
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Let me know which one is your favourite bag ! Thanks for watching! Follow me on IG : ❊❊ Items Mentioned ❊❊ Starting at 1.) 0:30 Minutes - Hermes Verrou Chaine mini bag 2.) 2.30 Minutes - Christian Dior Small Lady Dior Bag from Cruise 2017 3.) 4:00 Minutes - Chanel Classic Grained Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal Flap Bag 4.) 5:45 Minutes - Chanel CC logo medium black bag 5.) 7:05 Minutes - Hermès Black Epsom Mini Evelyne Bag 6.) 7:50 Minutes...!
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I hope you enjoy this video. Any suggestions how to film videos like this under one hour, let me know! Maybe I talk too much about each bag? Btw, the black interior for the caviar classic flap, stopped being black in 2010, when it was a single flap. Juts wanted to confirm that detail. Follow me on Instagram if you would like to see me wear these bags and don’t forget to subscribe. I have my full handbag collection video coming next week and I am revealing two more CHANEL bags next Wed! I ...!
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CHANEL CRUISE 2020 | Black and Gold Style Instagram:@blackandgoldstyle #ChanelCruise2020 #ChanelPurpleBag #ChanelTiffanyBluebag Hi guys and welcome to my channel! 😀 I attended the Chanel Cruise 2020 launch event in Singapore. The event took place at the Chanel boutique at Marina Bay Sands. I loved a few items, more ready to wear pieces than bags though. This season has amazing jackets and the bow crop tops, that I am so obsessed about. I am still a huge fan of oversized jackets. I like...!
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MY CHANEL HANDBAG COLLECTION - Part 1 | Black and Gold Style Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle #ChanelBagCollection #BlackAndGoldStyle #ChanelBag2019 Hey guys and welcome to my channel. I have been asked to post this video for so long. I am so excited to finally share it with you. Initially I wanted to post only one video. However, I realised that this video is just going to be way too long and I might have to reduce the quality of the video, which is not ideal. So I have decided to split it i...!
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This is LITERALLY EVERYTHING you need to know about the hot new Chanel bag in the game - the Chanel 19 bag. The last bag designed by the late, great Karl Lagerfeld - this is my Chanel 19 bag review - complete with pricing, sizing, pros and cons…ENJOY! ★ SHOPPING LINKS★ (all of the below links are affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you buy an item using these links (Ad) - you dont have to use them if youd prefer not to. You do NOT get charged extra for using the below ...!
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Welcome back to my channel. In this video I review the Chanel classic MEDIUM double flap bag in CAVIAR leather. Watch the video to see what fits, how to wear, my person tips, and my shopping experience. Here are the timestamps of my video if you are looking for quick information: Intro: 0:00 (covers model, size, and price) Pros: 2:07 How to Wear: 3:37 Cons: 5:28 Tips/Personal Notes: 7:11 What Fits in the Bag: 8:33 Shopping Experience: 10:12 CHANEL W.O.C. VS MEDIUM FLAP COMPARISON: https://yout...!
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CHANEL SHOPPING VLOG 2020 Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle #ChanelSpring2020 #ChanelSmallBag #BlackAndGoldStyle Happy Friday guys! My friend and I went to Chanel after the lockdown. It was our first visit to the stores. I have to say, I still feel a bit paranoid going to stores. We have to wear a mask at all times, which is good. I am also using hand sanitizer before and after every single item that I touch. I think this virus made me even more OCD than I was before 😆 Chanel has so many b...!
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Which of Chanel’s two most iconic classic bags is best for you? In this video, I will be reviewing and comparing the Chanel classic flap in the medium/large size with the Chanel reissue 2.55 in the 225 size as well as comparing the standard types of leather these bags come in: caviar, lambskin, and aged/distressed calfskin. ITEMS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO: Black Classic Flap in medium size, caviar, gold hardware (preloved): Black Classic Flap in medium size, caviar, silver ha...!
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Hi everyone! Back with another video! PLEASE READ BELOW... In this video I am comparing Chanels Lambskin So Black Jumbo to the just released Crumpled Calfskin So Black Jumbo. Both are super stunning and definitely Holy Grail bags! As always, thank you so much for watching! If you arent already subscribed, please do so you can keep up with our latest uploads! *If you are interested in consignment, personal shopping or any items we may have in stock - please email us at [email protected]!
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CHANEL SPRING SUMMER 2020 BAGS | Chanel bag unboxing #chanelss2020 #chanelpurpmebag #chanelunboxing Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle Hey guys and happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. I was intending to post a completely different video today. However I went to Chanel and saw all the new beautiful bags and I couldn’t resist. I saw the new purple, grey and white bags. They are just stunning. The ready to wear is not in the stores yet, I will check it out next week and record a new vid...!
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, In this video I rate my Black Handbags from best to worst. What is your best and worst handbag? Please Share. Don’t forget to like. OxanaLV XOXO!!! Subscribe to OxanaLV: My Instagram: Please, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE!!!! Zoomony Bag Organizers 20% Off Code OxanaLV: Zoomoni Website: Suggested Videos: YSL Pu...!
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My 5 most used and least used Chanel bags 2019 Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle #Chanel #chanelbagscollection2019 #ChanelBags Hey guys and happy Friday! I think thisvideo might surprise you. The other day I was reorganising my Chanel bags in my wardrobe and I noticed one interesting thing. Although I prefer Chanel bags in bright colors, I tend to hardly reach for them, some of them I have only used 1-3 times and some of these I have recently unboxed. They are very beautiful and hard to find. ...!
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Its a quick unboxing video of my B-day gift to myself. Chanel Classic flap bag/Jumbo/Black Caviar/Gold hardware Hope you enjoy it :)...!
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Chanel mini rectangular in so black. I have had this bag for 6 months now and its still in perfect condition. Very casual and chic. Sturdy and elegant at the same time. I could not recommend it enough. I love it for its shape, black hardware, size and versatility. Let me know if you like the video and if you want to see more from my collection :-)...!
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If you have any questions, IG msg me @myonelifemychoices see you next time!...!
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One touch of Mademoiselles spirit, one stroke of Karl Lagerfelds genius, 130 hours of craftsmanship under the watchful eye of Madame Jacqueline, head seamstress. In Chapter 13 of Inside CHANEL, the craftsmanship behind the Haute Couture jacket is revealed, beginning with Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch and ending with hours of excellence in the work of the seamstresses. This is Haute Couture according to CHANEL. More on #CHANEL ➺ Watch our #InsideCHANEL playlist: https://w...!
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Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy my exciting new video. Stay tuned for more luxury videos. Please like and subscribe for more content and click that bell to get notifications for when I upload. ----------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: ----------------------------------------------------------------- MENTIONED: Chanel Mini Rectangular in Black Caviar with Brushed Gold Hardware Chanel Classic Zipped Coin Purse in Bl...!
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Hi Everyone! Todays video is a requested comparison video. I compare Lambskin and Caviar - the two most popular leathers Chanel offers. I will perform a SCRATCH test where I actually scratch my lambskin jumbo LIVE - check out what happens! I take you through 4 points which I would like you to consider before deciding which leather you should buy. I hope this helps those of you deciding between these two leathers. Enjoy! xx Mel PLS SUBSCRIBE HERE: Follow me on Instagram:...!
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unboxing CHANEL small timeless classic double flap in black lambskin with gold hardware (GHW) model number: A01113 Y01295 94305 Second of two CHANEL unboxings (pre April 8th, 2015 mark-up) Thank you for watching my video! Dont forget to subscribe if you wish to see more from my channel! :) Follow me on instagram here: xxx Dacob...!
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**sorry for the loud audio, I did not figure out how to change it until after!** Hi everyone, I realized that this bags beauty was not justified so I decided to do a quick re-film to show you the details in daylight! I hope this helps you out and thanks for watching! Good luck & happy bag hunting! - S Follow me on Instagram @SM_luxeloves Bye!...!
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CHANEL LAMBSKIN WEAR AND TEAR | Why I won’t buy another lambskin bag #ChanelBag #ChanelLambskin #BlackAndGoldStyle Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle Hey guys and welcome to my channel. Last year I posted an unboxing of my Chanel square mini in lambskin, which I absolutely love. I used this bag so often and I wanted to record this video for you. After owning this bag in the lambskin leather, I realised that this leather is simply not for me. As much as I love the look of it, it’s way too del...!
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Chanel West Coast talks about Christopher Big Black” Boykins self-confidence - a trait of his that everyone could be inspired by. Catch MTV’s special tribute to Big Black this Friday at 11/10c. #MTV #RobAndBig #BigBlack Subscribe to MTV: More from MTV: Official MTV Website: Like MTV: Follow MTV: MTV Google+: MTV on Tumblr: MTV Instagram: http://instagra...!
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CHANEL HAUL | Chanel Sales 2020 #ChanelHaul #ChanelSale #BlackAndGoldStyle Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle TGIF guys, I am so excited to upload this video. I was finally able to get my dream jacket, which was not on sale and a dress from the cruise collection that was 40% off. I wanted to get these items for a while and I had already lost hope that the store will have them in my size. In this video I am also sharing the items that were on sale. Have a great day and I will see you next tim...!
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Review Chanel shopping tote GST black caviar รีวิวกระเป๋า Chanel shopping tote GST black cavir Dimensions: Length: 33 cm Height: 23.5 cm Width: 13.5 cm Contact me: Line: @shopbrandname Facebook:!
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Thank you for watching my Chanel Coco handle review! It is such a well designed and well executed bag. I definitely recommend it to anyone considering purchasing one. Let me know if you have any questions or share your thoughts on the bag in the comments section💕 Xx Isabelle Time stamps: My purchase story - 1:23 Bag shown in detail - 4:14 Mini comparison with classic jumbo and boy bag - 8:37 What fits in the bag - 13:19 Mod shots - 17:55 Please subscribe=) Follow me on Instagram - @my.sty...!
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Hi Guys! Today we will be doing a wallet on chain comparison between the Chanel Black Caviar WOC and the YSL WOC. We will discuss differences in price, size, compartments and material. We will also be showing you how much we can fit in each bag, and will model the bags to demonstrate where the bags will sit depending on how you wear it. Sorry we seem mellow in this video - we had gotten up early for a fitness class and had just finished and did not eat so we were getting HANGRY :) Please commen...!
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First Impression Review of my Chanel Gabrielle Bag in size Small, Pros and Cons, Whats in my bag, Mod Shots and whether you should get it! Also, watch these related videos: CHANEL GABRIELLE VIDEOS CHANEL VIDEOS Entire Handbag Collection 2020 BATTLE OF MINI BAGS Q&A ❤️ SUBSCRIBE ❤️ INSTAGRAM!
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สวัสดีคะวันนี้กี้มาทำคลิปรีวิวกระเป๋าชาแนลที่ได้ไปช้อปมาล่าสุดนะคะ หวังว่าเพื่อนๆจะชอบคลิปนี้นะคะ ลิ้งค์ unboxing Chanel Gabrielle chevron so black ใหม่ล่าสุด ลิ้งค์เปิดกรุชาแนลบอยทั้งหมด...!
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CHANEL SPRING SUMMER 2020 BAGS & RTW | CHANEL PRIVATE VIP LAUNCH EVENT Instagram: @blackandgoldstyle #ChanelSpringSummer2020 #ChanelSpringSummer2020bags #BlackAndGoldStyle Hey guys and welcome to my channel, I have recently posted another video about the new collection, where I focused on the bags and I unboxed my new Chanel bag: CHANEL SPRING SUMMER 2020 BAGS | Chanel unboxing: I have decided to upload another video from the private launch event in Singapore...!
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INSTAGRAM: LEO_LION_LV Post your pictures on Leos Instagram page: #leo_lion_lv #leolionlv Thanks for joining me today for a Chanel Classic Flap Medium/Large black caviar leather with silver hardware first impressions, what fits inside, comparison to the Chanel Jumbo black caviar leather with gold hardware and modeling shots. Items Shown: Chanel o pouch Chanel o zip coin Chanel o round case Longchamp Hermes Bastia in Noir Louis Vuitton leather cardcase Be sure t...!
Channel Title : Love Luxury handbag Views : 3849 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-03-26T17:38:56Z
Channel Title : Wenwen Stokes Views : 5152 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-06-13T09:28:32Z
Hey guys! Hope you’re all well. As I mentioned on instagram, I skipped uploading last week as I thought it would be best to focus on whats more important at the moment, which is to support the #BLM movement. I took time to listen and educate myself more into black history. To ease back into filming, I wanted to do another online shop with me as you guys seemed to enjoy it last time, this time of course, shopping at black-owned businesses. I found all of these via instagram posts people have be...!
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If anyone has any questons regarding cleaning their Chanel Bag or other bags please comment below and I will try my best to help you. I love bags and probably have one of everything so I am sure I will be able to help. This is the Purse Blog that I mentioned in my video a wealth of information regarding designer bags. Links to products in the video. Just discovered...!
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#chanel #chanelwoc #chanelcaviar #chanelwalletonchain Todays video features my Chanel Wallet on Chain in black caviar leather with gold hardware. I purchased it for $2,200 at the Chanel Boutique in Wynn at Las Vegas back in February 2017. In my opinion, the Chanel WOC is pretty functional for what it is; there are 3 ways to wear the straps allowing you to have a hands-free crossbody look, a mid-length bag, and a shoulder-length bag. I know some may complain that this bag is too small and doe...!
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Its a very short reveal ( Sorry! Its too short) Hope you enjoy it :) Thank you very much for watching ♥ CHANEL Coco Handle, mini flap bag, chevron quilting, black, brushed (aged) gold hardware A92990 Y82234 94305 CHANEL Reveal, Unboxing,CHANEL 2018...!

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