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Chip Foose brainstorms modifications to a BMW M3. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | Hagerty supports, entertains, and informs the automotive enthusiast community across a variety of media and social platforms, including LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM | JOIN our COMMUNITY | Check out ou...!
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2021 Ford Bronco or 1st-gen Jeep Cherokee: Which would you rather have? The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was a pioneer that set the stage for the massive success of the modern day SUV. It had an unmistakable combination of on-road handling, off-road prowess, and a simple, tough, but comfortable design for the whole family. And while the more famous Jeep Wrangler is also more desirable to many off-roaders, the XJ still enjoys a loyal following to this day. Chip Foose sees potential in the clean and unclut...!
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Step into the Foose Design showroom as Chip Foose presents some of his most prized and rare bicycles from his personal collection. This video includes personal stories, bike beauty shots and some classic Foose BMX images! Featured Bicycles: 1906 Columbia-Pope Chainless 1936 Elgin Bluebird 1956 Schwinn Black Phantom 1972 Schwinn Orange Krate 1978/79 Redline Proline...!
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Take a peek at the latest project in the Foose Design shop! This 62 C1 Corvette is getting a complete makeover from Chip and his team. Part 1 in a series of updates! Upgrades include: -Widened Rear Quarters -LT4 Crate Engine with Whipple Supercharger -L475E Transmission -Art Morrison Chassis -Custom Bumpers -Fiberglassed Headlight Bezels -Magnaflow Exhaust System -Custom Interior -BASF Glasurit Paint -One-Off Foose Wheels...!
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Follow Chip Foose and his Foose Design team as they take you through the build process of a 1969 Camaro restomod! Featured segments include fabrication work, interior modifications, reconstruction, the SEMA reveal and full video walkaround of the finished vehicle. VEHICLE SPECS Glasurit Paint – Deep Impact Blue Roadster Shop ’67-’69 Camaro SPEC Chassis LT4 crate motor Magnaflow Exhaust System Custom MHT Foose “Star Thruster” Wheels Custom Arc Audio sound system Custom Interior with ...!
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For the completed build, watch Part 3/3: Or See the completed build photos: Chip Foose of Foose Design presents the concept, design, craftsmanship and assembly of his Ridler Award winning 1965 Chevy Impala, the Impostor. Watch as he sketches the vehicle and talks about the many modifications made. This video was first featured in the Impostor display booth at the 2015 Detroit Autorama....!
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#FastNLoud Mondays 9/8c on Discovery Richard and Aaron check out Chip Fooses garage with hopes of exchanging a Pantera for a new Foose Custom. Watch full episodes: Subscribe to Discovery: Test your Fast N Loud car smarts: Join us on Facebook:!
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Its hard to argue that there is a better builder and designer then Chip Foose. From OEM production cars to killer one of kind hot rods, hes designed it all and won just about every award on the planet. But his design and engineering doesnt stop at automotive. Over they years Chip has designed casinos, theme parks, bicycles and clothing lines. Our crew stopped by Foose Designs in Huntington Beach, CA to take a tour of the recently expanded Foose Design Headquarters. Thanks to BASF Refinish ...!
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George has always dreamed of having his father in laws pickup truck remodelled by Chip Foose and his team. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips: dplay: Follow Quest on Twitter:!
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The iconic off-road vehicle from Ford, the 1966 Bronco was originally intended for utility and off-road prowess. Watch Chip Foose turn this icon into a sleek and modern street machine. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | #ChipFooseDrawsACar #ChipFoosee #HagertyDriversClub Hagerty supports, entertains, and informs the automotive enthusiast community across a variety of media and social platforms, including LIKE us on FACEBOOK | https://www.face...!
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Chip Foose transforms the classic Jaguar E-type coupe into a streetwise sports car with even sleeker design elements. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | Hagerty supports, entertains, and informs the automotive enthusiast community across a variety of media and social platforms, including LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM |!
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Watch Chip Foose put his own spin on a period-correct Duesenberg. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | Hagerty supports, entertains, and informs the automotive enthusiast community across a variety of media and social platforms, including LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM | JOIN our COMMUNITY |!
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Chip Foose and his team at Foose Design have worked tirelessly on their custom 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster in order to reveal at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Unveiled in the BASF Automotive Refinish booth, Chip pulls back the cover on his creation for the first time. Followed by interviews with owner Glenn Woolsey and Chip Foose. We return after hours with Chip as he provides a detailed walkthrough of the many modifications made. Of course we finish with detailed video montage of the vehic...!
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The C5 Corvette has established itself as a performance bargain, but few have ever praised its styling as the best-looking Corvette. To see what might be possible with this 21st-century fiberglass sports car, we asked Chip Foose for his take on the design. With ballpoint pen and a few markers in hand, Chip sketches out his vision about how to sharpen the soft lines of the C5. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | #FooseOnDesign #NeverStopDriving #HagertyDriversClub LIKE us...!
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Chip Foose makes his dream Chevelle by starting with the 1970 model and adding the 1971-1972 rear bumper. Have a look at what happens when both front and rear ends of a Chevelle get the four round light treatment and tell us what you think in the comments! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | Hagerty supports, entertains, and informs the automotive enthusiast community across a variety of media and social platforms, including LIKE us on FACEBOOK...!
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Often ridiculed following its debut in the turbulent 1970s, the AMC Pacer’s radical interpretation of a compact car has since accomplished an impressive feat—it’s become a legitimate cult classic. One part of its shocking design included a large amount of glass to make the car both look and feel bigger, which is something Chip Foose reimagines as a custom delivery van. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | #ChipFooseDrawsACar #ChipFoose #HagertyDriversClub Hagerty su...!
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Exclusive content for the Foose Design YouTube Channel!!! Part seven of the series reveals the final look of this custom C-10! Chip Foose walks you through the many modifications to the exterior, interior, engine, wheels/tires, bed, exhaust, grille and more and even gets the truck on the open road for a test drive. In this eight part series Chip Foose chronicles his custom 1967 Chevy C-10 truck build, showing you projects and solutions you can apply at home along the way. The build was inspir...!
Channel Title : Foose Design Views : 361794 DisLikes : 74 Published Date :2020-04-17T18:18:32Z
Chip Foose shares his thoughts on the loss of his friend, renowned artist Mike Lavallee. He also shares a memory and a piece of art they created together. Mike is famous for having created the True Fire airbrush technique and appeared on numerous automotive reality shows including Overhaulin, Rides and Monster Garage....!
Channel Title : Foose Design Views : 131167 DisLikes : 69 Published Date :2020-06-26T16:17:01Z
Chip Foose and his Foose Design team are handling a restomod upgrade to Victors 1956 Chevy Bel Air In part 1 of a planned series on the project, Chip meets with the client, discusses the planned upgrades, shop manager Josh takes it for a test drive, the body is removed from the chassis, a new Roadster Shop chassis arrives and problems are diagnosed...!
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Complete biography: American automobile designer Chip Foose, was born on the 13th October 1963, in Santa Barbara, California, and has earned his fame and part of his net worth through the reality TV series “Overhaulin”, as well as through his own automotive design company, Foose Design. During his career he has collaborated with the major brands, and also worked with Detroit`s Motor City Casino. His career in the automobile industry has been act...!
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Chip Foose tells us about building his newest creation the Mach Foose Mustang. What youll see is actually a 2011 Mustang GT with a 1971 body that has 1970 rear quarter panels and other body fabrication work. Enjoy! A license to use this royalty-free music was purchased from Hip Hop and Rock Cinematic Trailer 3Music Standard LicensePurchase code: f7d2a344-b779-4036-a81b-09ca6e80de21 Subscribe to KDawgFilmz on YouTube: Like KDawgFilmz o...!
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Two-Lane Blacktop Productions gets the interviews both before and after Chip Foose wins the Ridler for the 4th time in his career. Also see all of the Great 8 Ridler finalists cars. Select 1080p on the player for full HD resolution. ...!
Channel Title : MotorTrend Network Views : 53171 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2015-12-05T11:00:04Z
Chip sits down to draft his design for Toms 78 Trans Am. Dont miss new episodes of OVERHAULIN Wednesdays at 9/8c on Velocity! Subscribe to Velocity: Watch full episodes of Overhaulin:!
Channel Title : Collision Hub Views : 1223924 DisLikes : 399 Published Date :2012-12-20T20:00:45Z
Chip Foose of Foose Designs unveiled the new and improved Eldorod a 1948 Cadillac that was originally built by Boyd Coddington. The Eldorod was the first car Chip ever sketched for Boyd and the last car to leave the Boyds garage. The vehicle was painted with BASF 90 Line Waterborne paint. Video services for BASF provided by!
Channel Title : Foose Design Views : 49082 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-05-25T16:56:11Z
Chip Foose of Foose Design talks about the concept, theme, mechanics and design of his 2015 Ridler Award winning 1965 Chevy Impala, the Impostor....!
Channel Title : Hagerty Views : 125731 DisLikes : 63 Published Date :2019-10-28T17:00:04Z
There are only a select number of automotive designs that have an almost universal draw, and the 1932 Ford Model B stands near the top of that short list. Whether factory or heavily customized, the ’32 Ford has a gorgeous appeal, but why is that? Chip Foose sat down with a pen and our cameras to share his thoughts about how this 87-year-old design is still relevant today. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | #FooseOnDesign #HagertyDriversClub #NeverStopDriving LIKE us o...!
Channel Title : MyClassicCarTV Views : 332932 DisLikes : 110 Published Date :2018-03-12T21:26:18Z
Go for a spin in a couple of Chip Foose designed customs! 0:00 - Intro 1:33 - 1935 Chevy Master Deluxe Grand Master 5:01 - 1935 Chevy Master Deluxe Grand Master Drive 8:20 - 1954 Chevy Bel Air Cool Air 12:17 - 1954 Chevy Bel Air Cool Air Drive #Foose #ChipFoose #Chevy #BelAir #FooseDesign S22E10...!
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Channel Title : ScottieDTV Views : 790943 DisLikes : 130 Published Date :2015-03-13T11:00:00Z
The 1965 Impala The Imposter built by Foose Design to compete at the 2015 Detroit Autorama....It took the top prize the Ridler Award!!!...Very cool Car...Check it out!! Follow me for new awesome videos weekly Mon-Fri!! Special thanks to for the awsome stills in this video! For more cool stuff visit!
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Imagens INÉDITAS da customização de CHIP FOOSE para o primeiro clássico nacional. SHOW DE CRIATIVIDADE!!...!
Channel Title : Views : 278864 DisLikes : 109 Published Date :2015-06-26T21:26:40Z
Watch the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT go from sketch to reality using parts designed by Chip Foose! In the third and final stage of this build, the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT gets a new look with custom painted stripes by Chip Foose, along with completely custom Foose Wheels! Finally, we add brand new MMD by Foose Chin Spoiler, MMD by Foose Hood Scoop, MMD by Foose Rocker Panels, MMD by Foose Rear Spoiler, MMD by Foose Side Scoops and...!
Channel Title : Foose Design Views : 217177 DisLikes : 135 Published Date :2019-09-16T21:26:23Z
The Malones have arrived at Foose Design to take delivery of their custom restomod 1957 Chevy Bel Air! Josh, Foose Design shop manager, walks you through the history and modifications of the vehicle, followed by beauty shots and video of the finished ride. When the Malones arrive, Chip takes them for a drive around the block before handing over the keys to their dream ride. MODIFICATIONS -Custom BASF Glasurit Paint Mix Tropical Teal Pearl by Chip Foose -One-off Hubcap-Style Billet Wheel desi...!
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Lincoln Electric brings you an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the legendary Chip Foose....!
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Impression, a hand built roadster with removable top, is perhaps the finest vehicle to come out of Foose Design. Based on a unique Chip Foose design, the objective was to create the perfect styling for a mid-30s roadster. It contains over 4,000 individual hand built parts, which were machined and fabricated. In fact, only 3 OEM parts can be found on the vehicle: the LS1 engine, the transmission and the center section of the rear end. In this video, Chip Foose tours you around Impression in c...!
Channel Title : ZimmComm Views : 332825 DisLikes : 415 Published Date :2010-03-05T06:06:49Z
John Deere and Chip Foose unveiled a unique tractor designed by Foose Design. This promotional tractor will be touring dealers throughout the country and ultimately given away in a customer drawing....!
Channel Title : Hagerty Views : 107085 DisLikes : 85 Published Date :2019-11-11T16:23:00Z
The 1970 Plymouth Cuda is one of the most sought-after cars from the muscle car era. However, when Chip Foose looks at the iconic design he sees three things in need of changing. Not one to make changes for no reason, here is what he changed and why. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | #FooseOnDesign #FooseDesign #HagertyDriversClub LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM | https://i...!
Channel Title : Drivers Talk Views : 2744 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2017-11-10T22:23:22Z
The Drivers Talk Team interviews Steve Mank about Chip Fooses Imposter build and tells some fun stories along the way. Segment 1 - 0:32 Segment 2 - 12:14 Segment 3 - 23:52 Segment 4 - 35:47 *Times note when a segment starts....!
Channel Title : VAU MAX tv Views : 534768 DisLikes : 56 Published Date :2012-01-20T08:00:07Z
more at!
Channel Title : Gear Vlogz Views : 591821 DisLikes : 271 Published Date :2017-11-21T04:56:16Z
I attended SEMA 2017 just to cover this latest build from SEMA Hall of Frame member Chip Foose. For this project, he mixed old with new in an interesting way by taking the coyote 5.0-liter powertrain and rolling chassis of a 2011 Ford Mustang GT and marrying it with the body and stylings of a 1971 modified Ford Mustang Mach 1. With subtle changes, you would not know like the rear back window was a front windshield off of a Dodge Ram 2500 Van or the rear quarter panels from a 1970 Ford Mustang...!
Channel Title : LamborghiniDallasUSA Views : 22737 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2014-09-02T15:51:39Z
This is a smoke free Chip Foose custom design 1969 Chevrolet Camaro equipped with a 572cid 620HP V8 engine and a Tremec TKO 5-speed manual transmission. This car is finished in a beautiful Bright Orange with Metallic Grey hood and rear trunk along with Blue outline stripe, then Black leather interior with Chip Foose design leather seats. We have all the original documentation on this car, build sheets from Foose, complete photographic history of the build, and drawings from Chip Foose. This Cam...!
Channel Title : Nei Jr Views : 13424 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-08-01T16:12:17Z
A Plymouth Barracuda, restored and modified by Foose Design. Turn up the volume and enjoy the fantastic sound of this engine....!
Channel Title : Collision Hub Views : 272365 DisLikes : 143 Published Date :2012-12-20T19:58:10Z
Chip Foose, legendary builder and founder of Foose Designs teaches SEMA 2012 attendees finish sanding and polish techniques. For the DIY or the professional knowing how to add the final touches to your automotive refinish work gains points with the customers or points in the car show. Foose appeared in the 3M Automotive Aftermarket booth during the SEMA 2012 show and was hosted by founder, Kristen Felder. Watch as Kristen and Chip cover 3M masking tape, precision masking an...!
Channel Title : RamblinAround Views : 353662 DisLikes : 73 Published Date :2012-03-02T17:45:10Z
RamblinAround Store: 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback designed by Chip Foose on the TV show Overhaulin, at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Built by the super team of Jeff George, Phil Brewer Jr., Jimmy Kerlin, Bobby Mikus, Gregg Bond, Bill Cate, Kevin Byrd, Greg Coleman, Carl Richmond, Bryan Fuller, Revo, Zach Merril, and Chip Foose! Nicknamed Gambler 514 because of the custom paint color Chip called Gambler Green as a nod to being in Vegas, and the 514 CI...!
Channel Title : FullpowerTV Views : 139762 DisLikes : 119 Published Date :2020-05-11T17:22:45Z
Após mais de uma década, o Chevrolet Opala que o customizador Chip Foose, da FOOSE Design, começa a rodar e reaparece. Conhecido também pelos programas Overhaulin e Rides, por exemplo, Foose desenhou e colaborou em algumas etapas do processo de construção deste clássico nacional. O projeto foi tocado pela FULLPOWER e por Teco Caliendo, então editor técnico da revista e quem comandava os projetos especiais no Galpão FULLPOWER. Mostraremos em vários episódios os detalhes deste cupê, s...!

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