Chocolate Covered Oreos

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How to make chocolate covered Oreos! Super easy, yummy and fun! Hope you all enjoyed this video! Lots of more content and fun coming soon. So make sure to hit that subscribe button :) Follow me on Instagram for all the fun- Be sure to check out and like my Facebook page- #oreo #Oreo #cookie #bake #cake #howto #chocolate...!
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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. In this video I show you how to make perfect chocolate covered Oreos every time. I also added a bonus tutorial on how to make a chocolate bride topper. Enjoy! Please support my channel by hitting subscribe and the notification bell. Also find me on Facebook and Instagram!
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These are chocolate covered Oreos decorated with white and dark blue chocolate and Wilton silver star sprinkles and silver disco dust. Hope you guys like this simple and easy tutorial for dessert table options. Thank you for the support, like, comment, share and subscribe!! Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oreo Chocolate Mold: Candy Wafers: https://amzn.t...!
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Learn how to make candy covered oreos! Get creative with the top decorations! The sky is the limit on how you can decorate these things! Ingredients needed: -Plain cookie mold Cybrtrayd Life of the Party AO138 -Wilton candy melt (color/s of your choice) available to Joanns, Michaels, Amazon, etc. -Wilton candy melt in pink -Wilton candy melt in white -Wilton white sugar sprinkles -Wilton sugar pearl...!
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Subscribe to Living On A Dime on YouTube! Visit Our Website: Free e-Mail Newsletter: Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos! In this video, I’m showing you how to make easy chocolate covered oreos! (Because, of course, Oreos need more chocolate!) Chocolate dipped oreos are a tasty sweet treat that is especially wonderful for Christmas or other holiday parties! In this video, I cover the oreos with semi sweet chocolate, but you ...!
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Just wanted to add the reason I dont have my hair up in this video is because i feel self concious with it up, putting yourself on youtube is a big thing and i feel more comfortable with it down, if i was making these for customers of course my hair would be up. These were only for me to eat! Watch my Mini egg Oreo video here: leaf glaze varnish!
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Best Chocolate Covered Oreos Recipe Thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe : Do you want to see more content like this? Find us on YouTube Facebook: Instagram: Tik Tok:!
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♡ Hi Everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make chocolate covered Oreos for any occasion. Also a tip on how I melt my chocolate. While youre reading this, make sure to subscribe if you havent already for more lovely videos. Have a sweet day! ♡ Follow me on my Social Media! ♥ Instagram: @prettypastelpastries ♥ Facebook: @prettypastelpastries ♥ TikTok: @prettypastelpastries Products: ♡ Plain Oreo Chocolate Mold:!
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Merckens Chocolate Black Oreo Mold CoCo Channel Mold!
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Chocolate covered oreos are easy and perfect for any occasion. Please Like and subscribe :)...!
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Watch more How to Make Candy videos: So Im going to be making some chocolate dipped Oreo pops. Im going to take my Oreos and the first thing you have to do is split them in half so just a nice twist, and this is a good job for the kids to do and just right onto a cookie sheet. So let me do a few of those, you have to be very gentle with Oreos, probably the greatest cookie ever invented. But I just have my...!
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Cookie Mold: Flower Mold: What you will need: 2 bags of candy melts 2 tblspn of coconut oil Cookies Sprinkles Ziploc Bag Flat sheet pan Flower mold ...!
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Hi guys, in this video Ill be showing you a quick and easy tutorial for making chocolate covered oreos. The theme for this tutorial was snow white so watch the video to see just how easy it is to make these treats. LINKS: Oreo mold: Gold dust: Frame mold:!
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#chocolatecoveredoreos #roses #pink #peach #purple...!
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Cookie Chocolate Mold 3 Pack-!
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This was my first time making chocolate covered oreos and thought I should film it to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy :) By all means I am definitely no pro but I thought it was fun to make. Please subscribe for more videos to come! Of course all requests are welcome. Ingredients: -Oreos (your choice of flavor) -Candy Melts (your choice of color) -Chocolate mold -Plastic ziplock bag -Bowl ✿Also check out my EASY Mini Caramel Cheesecake Bites: 🔵♡Sig...!
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How to make Oreo Pops Tutorial Yummy! Thanks for watching! INSTAGRAM letas_kitchen ADDRESS: Letas Kitchen P.O. Box 3534 Meridian, MS 39303 Carefree by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0!
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Welcome back to Cinderellas Sweet Treats! I hope you enjoy this simple chocolate covered oreo tutorial. These plain CCOs can be decorated in so many different ways for various occasions. They are like a little blank canvas for your edible works of art. Your friends and family will be very impressed with your creations. Everyone will marvel at how impressive and professional they look! If you make these, post a picture of them on Instagram and tag me, so I can like your beautiful Chocolate...!
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How to make Chocolate Covered Oreos using a muffin tin! Enjoy💖...!
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Les enseño el metodo mas rápido y fácil para hacer las oreos cubiertas con chocolate mas bonitas y ricas de mundo! Suscribete al canal aqui 🍪 SIGUEME! 🍪Intagram 🍪Facebook 🍪 Molde para tus galletas: 🍪 Los SPRINKLES son de ...!
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DIY: Chocolate Covered Treats | PARTY IDEAS FAVORS IDEAS | SWEET TREATS For business inquiries only, such as company sponsors or reviews please feel free to email [email protected] Send me mail: P.O. Box 2963 Henderson NC, 27536!
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Thank you for watching my video and welcome back to my Channel! 👑Gumpaste Recipe 👑Fondant Cake Tutorial 👑 Macaron Recipe video please take a look: 👑 Other places to find me: Facebook: Baking with Amna Instagram: Baking with Amna 👑 I really hope you have enjoyed this video and found it useful. If you have please click Like and if you want ...!
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This was done for a demonstration speech!...!
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Oreo mold CybrTrayd AO138-3BUNDLE Plain Cookie Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions, Pack of 3 Chocolate coloring Chefmaster by US Cake Supply 2-Ounce Liquid Candy Food Color Color Yellow Sunflower Plunger Verdental 3-pieces DIY Cake Plunger Cutter Molds Sugarcraft Cake Decorating, Sunflower https://www.amaz...!
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OPEN ME PLEASE Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you how I made these tropical oreos. I hope you can find a few tips and tricks to help you make a few of your own. Dont forget to scroll down for links to the products I used in the video and for my social media handles so you can find me on IG, FB, SnapChat, and Pinterest! #chocolatecoveredoreos #oreos #howtomakechocolateoreos #caketips #verycherrycakes #cinthiamichel WEBSITE VISIT ICING IMAGES FOR Edib...!
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Just wanted to add the reason I dont have my hair up in this video is because i feel self concious with it up, putting yourself on youtube is a big thing and i feel more comfortable with it down, if i was making these for customers of course my hair would be up. These were only for me to eat! These tasted sooooooooo delicious! Incase you wondered what I mixed that fab gold powder with its call leaf varnish which is edible which can be purchased online :) Golden rose luster dust http://edablea...!
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In this video tutorial, you will learn to make chocolate cover Oreos and how to achieve the gold finish. This treat is perfect treat for any Party. Music provided by Sapphire Isle Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License All the tools I use in my video and behind the scenes is tag in my amazon store. Amazon influencer store: If you want to see oth...!
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The website: The book: Insta: Twitter:!
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Get my NEW COOKBOOK: Choc coated OREOS are great No Bake treat for any party, but there are tricks to getting your OREOS coated perfectly - its easy, but not as straightforward as youd think! SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddiction for weekly videos Tools & Equipment: OREO mould or a cupcake / muffin tray Spoon 2 x zip lock bags Scissors Ingredients: Oreo cookies White chocolate (compound chocolate is best) Sprinkles Connect with me on: Facebook: Twitter...!
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How to create Chocolate Covered Oreos using transfer sheets! super easy to master, a little time and effort is all it takes to achieve these super delicious Oreo treats Song by: Counting Stars Instrumental by One Republic FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: ETSY PAGE COMING SOON! .... PLEASE LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR REGULAR CHOCOLATE TUTORIALS :)...!
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In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create pretty chocolate coated oreos decorated with gumpaste flowers. For more dessert inspiration and for tutorial sneak peeks, visit: Materials Used: 12 oreo cookies 500 grams of white chocolate (to make 12 chocolate covered oreos) 3 to 4 tablespoons copha, melted (or coconut oil if Copha is not aailabl...!
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via YouTube Capture...!
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A magical recipe for white chocolate dipped UNICORN oreos that are marbleized! They take just a few minutes to make and are sooooo delicious! GET THE FULL RECIPE: INGREDIENTS: White Chocolate Candy Melts: Oreo Cookies Candy & Chocolate Food Coloring: Toothpicks Edible Gold Leaf: Chocolate Dipped Oreo Molds: EDIBLE GOLD PAINT TUTORIAL: https://a...!
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Easy to follow tutorial on how to make chocolate covered Oreos. The unicorn-themed is still going strong and it is so much fun to create. Amazon influencer store: If you want to see other things that I have created you can follow me on Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:!
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Learn how to make chocolate covered Oreos. MORE VIDEOS TO COME!!!! Ingredients: Oreos Cupcake Pan Ziploc Bags Chocolate. We used candy melts. Scissors Sprinkles(Optional) Microwavable Container...!
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Using the fab mould, candy melts, flavours, sprinkles, stencils and dusts from our online store here:!
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All the tools I use in my video and behind the scenes is tag in my amazon store. Amazon influencer store: If you want to see other things that I have created you can follow me on Amazon influencer store: If you want to see other things that I have created you can follow me on Instagram: Facebook:!
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Click the following link to view all of the products used in todays video: *Take a look at our online shop here: * We ship worldwide to meet all of your cake decorating needs. This tutorial shows you how to make some yummy, Valentines themed, Oreo pops! These pops are super easy to make and only require a couple of items that you may already have at home. This is another tutorial that can be easily adapted f...!
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These molds come in a variety of designs. Great for parties, showers, or holidays. ~ Here are the molds I used in this video ~ Smiley Face: Flower: Dragonfly: To melt the chocolate I used this electric melting pot...keeps chocolate warm while youre working too: Be sure to use a good quality chocolate. I used Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Let them set in the freezer for at least an hour or in the refr...!
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Thanks for watching this mess!! Hope you liked it !! Todoroki: My stuff: Tiktok: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe for more!...!
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In todays video we show you how to make these super easy and delicious unicorn chocolate covered Oreos. We use vanilla Oreos but you can use the flavor of your choice! Comment down below what other videos youd like to see. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos :)...!

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