Circle Skirts

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CIRCLE SKIRT MATH Radius for your Waist circle = (Waist measurement + 2 inches) ÷ 6.28 OR Hip measurement ÷ 6.28 Using the waist measurement will give you a snug, and less gathered look. And though hips are wider than the waist, the added 2 inches (plus the fact that the waist is cut on a curve, which creates a little extra give in the fabric) makes it possible to get the skirt on around the hips. However, if there is a significant contrast between the hip and waist measurements, go with t...!
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Whats up DIY Fam, in this video I show how to make the circle skirt pattern using a simple calculation method. Basic skirt step by step guide If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to share below. Shop my handpicked sewing supplies here F I N D ME O N L I N E BLOG INSTAGRAM T...!
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Hello everyone and welcome to a new video! This is the second project in my efforts to make a more vintage-inspired-history-bounding wardrobe (I need to find a smaller name for this). I follow quite a few vintage wearers and dressers on Instagram and Youtube, and I have always felt really inspired by these looks (like Rachel Maksy and Shirinatra). I felt like a staple brown skirt would be great for my wardrobe. However, I could never find anything similar to what I wanted in my price range and ...!
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Learn how to make your own circle skirt, without having to insert a zipper! (NOTE: All the maths is the same whether you use cms or inches!) Support me on Patreon: I also have merch! Stretchy fabrics include lycra, jersey knits and spandex if youre on the lookout for some in a fabric store. Buy about 1.5 metres if you want enough fabric to work with (and if you want to make it about the same length as mi...!
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Pattern Making Basics: Circular Skirts Step by Step Tutorial. This Tutorial is for beginners in pattern making and wants to have more knowledge on how to create Circular Skirts. In this tutorial you will learn 3 basic Circle Skirts which are: 1.Quarter Circle Skirt 2. Half Circle Skirt 3. Full Circle Skirt I also shared the calculations and the formulas for each circle skirt lessons. I hope this tutorial can help you achieve your designs and your future patterns. The next tutorial will b...!
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To buy my video courses go to: 10 measurement cutting system: How to make a bomber jacket: How to make a classic womens shirt: How to m...!
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This video shows you how to make a circle skirt from scratch without using a dress form or pattern. Enjoy! xx How To Put In An Invisible Zipper|| Easy tutorial-- Check out my previous tutorial- DIY BRALETTE | SewAddicts-- SUBSCRIBE HERE-- Link to access Chart-- Book- Patternmaking for Fashion Design- Helen Joseph-Armstrong-!
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In this complete guide to sewing a half circle skirt you will learn; plaid matching, invisible zipper installation, waistband finishing, attaching a skirt lining, and sewing a narrow-curved hem. It really is the ultimate diy/tutorial for this classic skirt. You will find the free worksheet on my website: All of my sewing TOOL recommendations: Share your creations with me on Instagram @paigehan...!
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***READ ME: (PICS and TUTORIAL)*** PICTURES OF MY FINAL SKIRT: Hi-Low Circle Skirt Tutorial: Double Full Circle Skirt Tutorial: Connect with me: Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Email | Info (at) FAQ: Want to learn how to sew? Get my FRE...!
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Ive had this video planned for a long time, and I finally got around to making it! Hopefully this will answer any questions you have about the process and be easy to follow. More info: This could be made without a machine. Use a hemming stitch to turn over the hem, slip stitch the waistband on and whip stitch the underside. Backstitch the back seam and zipper. It will take longer but is totally doable! The material used in this video was purchased from Joanns ... If you are interested ...!
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Sewing circle skirts, dresses, and curved hems are fun, but it can be hard to get that perfectly pressed hem all the way around. Ive got a tip for you! Come watch! And youll be pressing and sewing perfect hems, like the pros. Check out my complete Circle Skirt video here: The Cat Fabric is called Cat Nap, from my fabric collection BLUSH, for Art Gallery Fabrics: SEWING MACHINE recommendations: My current sewing mac...!
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Welcome back to my channel guys! In this video youll learn how to sew a skirt. This is a full circle skirt tutorial (cutting and Stitching ). I showed how to calculate the circle diameter, how to fold your fabric, cut and assembled the skirt. This a step-by-step easy tutorial on full circle skirt and its beginners friendly. Have fun watching it. sewing tutorial Dont forget to leave this video a thumbs up if its helpful to you and kindly subscribe if youre yet to do so :) Fashion Designer Ye...!
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Whats up DIY Fam, in this video I show how to make box pleated circle skirt pattern. Sewing tutorial for this pattern here See how to make a full circle skirt pattern here Pattern master & set square If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to share below. Shop Ankara fabrics and more Check out my available sewing class dates a...!
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Hey DIY Fam, in this video I show how to sew box pleated circle skirt. See pattern tutorial here Sunflower print material from here If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to share below. Check out my available sewing class dates and prices here:¤tTab=experience_tab&searchId=9bf90a05-844c-4e...!
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#circleskirt #patterndrafting #alexmariesewing Hello sewing enthusiasts, this is Beginner #sewingproject4a. Learn how to cut or draft your very own Full and Half Circle Skirts. This is a very detailed video and an easy pattern to learn. Read more - Things you need - straight ruler - Curve ruler - Measuring tape - L square - Pencil/Brown Paper Time Stamps Intro - 0:00 Full Circle Skirt - 1:23 Half Circle Skirt - 1...!
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*CLICK TO EXPAND FOR FAQ* Link to the calculator for this tutorial: Link to pictures of this skirt: Connect with me: Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Email | Info (at) FAQ: Got questions about anything you see in my sewing space (machines, sewi...!
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Hope you enjoy watching the video! ******************************************************************* Links Mentioned in the video Our Second Channel :: How to Finish Neckline Using Bias Tape :: How to make Buttonhole :: ******************************************************************** More videos from our channel Umbrella Top Cutting and Stitching :: Full Circle Skirt Cutting and Stitching :: https:...!
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I promised, I delivered, I sewed. Im a sewer (that doesnt look good written down) anyway guess what I made an actual garment and heres the process. Circle skirt calculator: Fabric: PATREON If youd like to support this channel you can become a Patron and gain access to all sorts of extra things! MUSIC From Thematic WHAT DO I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS? Can...!
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Assalamualaikum! in todays video i am sharing with you how i draft a circle skirt! in easssyyyy wayyyyyyy! i never do a calculation for drafting the radius! this is my method! having a template of radius and just fold the fabric and cut straight away from that! This is an easy way to draft a full circle. you can do so much more pattern with circle. a ruffles! flounce! bell sleeve and many more. 🌸 B U Y R A D I U S T E M P L A T E 🌸 🌸B U Y T O O L S 🌸 ...!
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READ FOR MORE INFO :D Here is the circle skirt chart: Use my code: coolirpa for 10% off at The sewing machines I used in this tutorial: Serger - Juki mo-1000 Sewing machine - Juki HZL-G Series Follow Me: ...!
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Ever wondered the difference between the types of circle skirts? Wonder no more! In this video, I show you the full, half, quarter, 3/4, and even a double circle skirt! Circle Skirt Tutorial - Circle Skirt Calculator - Sewcially Distancing shirt: For more pictures of my sewing: IG: Website:!
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Ever wonder what made you choose a circle skirt for your project? I cant seem to get away from choosing circle skirts for my dresses. After dealing with so many circle-cut skirt, Ive discovered ways to achieve a perfect hem! Along with this video which shows a method for hemming cotton skirts, Ive published an eBook where I show 5 other ways to hem circle skirts! ************** EBOOK: ************** In this eBook, I share techniques that wor...!
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**Click here for more info** Learn how to make easy circle skirts in three different ways! The fold over elastic used in the videos is not the same kind used for hair ties. It is a thicker version like would be used for making cloth diapers. Read more in the blog post about this project - Circle skirt with zipper - Subscribe - ...!
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This video shows in detail, a very easy way to make a siimple circle skirt. @moikfashion @youtoocansew email: [email protected]!
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NEW sewing tutorial for this High Low Maxi Circle Skirt. This is not my first circle skirt tutorial so I did a quick explanation on how to draft your pattern. Definitely check out my other tutorials for more detailed info. You can watch my DIY Maxi Dress Tutorial here starting at 5:24 for the explanation. I also have a tutorial on how to make a circle skirt using a bed sheet, one of my faves. HIGH LOW MAXI CIRCLE SKIRT BLOG POST | ENDLESS DIAMONDS MAXI SCARF | htt...!
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Support me on Patreon! Whats the difference between this and a full-circle skirt? A half circle-skirt has *half* the amount of fabric. While still providing a really nice flared shape and a good amount of twirl, its also more practical to wear in everyday outfits (and it doesnt blow right up at the slightest hint of a breeze like full circle skirts do). Dont get me wrong, I still love a full-blown circle skirt, but the half circle-skirt is a bit more subtl...!
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Support me on Patreon! I also now have merch: Previous episode: ********************************************** THE PROJECT Difficulty Level: Confident Beginner Time to Finish: 2-3 Hours 3 Ways To Hem A Skirt: What The Craft: Their Circle Skirt Tutorial:!
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This video explains all you need to know about different types of circular patterns or flare e.g 90,180,270,360 e.t.c. The formula and how to fold each circle is explained in this video. Relax and watch....!
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This is Part 1 in a series of videos answering a question submitted by one of my viewers: Are a Circle Skirt and a Gathered Skirt basically the same thing? Link to second video Why Would You Make THAT? | Part 2, Circle vs. Gathered Skirt Link to the Playlist of Circle Vs. Gathered Skirts Videos!
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Create an easy, simple circle skirt without a pattern! Circle skirts are fun and whimsical. This is a must try! Happy Sewing! Link to Items I like and use: Rolled hem foot: Sewing Machine: Rowenta steam iron: Ironing board: Seam ripper: Thread: Scissors: Pins: China Silk Fabric: https://amz...!
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This is a video on how to cut out your circle skirt on a fabric ......!
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With spring just around the corner (at least on paper), I figured what better time to share a spring time lookbook with you! Todays 5 looks are based on one of the flirtiest and most feminine items you can have in your wardrobe: the circle skirt. Be it short, midi or maxi, high, medium or low waist, there is a circle skirt out there for everyone! And if you want to wear one, but are lacking inspiration, I can solve that for you in less than 8 minutes :) Wanna shop what Ive got? Please know ...!
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This is a detailed and easy method to cut a circle skirt. Please be sure to subscribe and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section....!
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This is my first video! I hope you like this DIY! x Vera ♥INSTAGRAM | ♥TWITTER | ♥GOODREADS | Music: The Gold Lining - Broke For Free I do not own this music TAGS: skirt, fashion, do it yourself, diy, how to make a skirt, circle skirt, skater skirt, without pattern, zipper, sewing, fabric, the bookish pensieve, how to, hobby, how-to, how to make a ...!
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Learn to sew the Charm Patterns Stanwyck Skirt in felt! SUPPORT OUR PATREON for more videos and patterns: Buy the Stanwyck Skirt pattern here:!
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Hi guys!! Today Im goin to show you how to make this beautiful skirt. As you see in the video is actually reall simple. Some important things: - Use a fabric that is a little bit stretchy and to sew the waistband use an elastc thread. This way you wont have to use a zipper and the proccess will be easier. - Always cut less, try it on, and cut more if you need. You know if you cut more than you need, there no turning back. - In the two diagrams I show you in the video you can see what each line ...!
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Link to the pattern: Sewing patterns, matching video instructions and written photo booklets plus a website with all sewing projects will help you get started on your brand new hobby. Just click on the exclamation mark on the video and the links will all pop up. Visit the website If you would like a pattern for this one to get you going - try this Or, ...!
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Watch how I did a circle cut here.!
Channel Title : Views : 137188 DisLikes : 89 Published Date :2017-04-07T16:19:18Z
Get the fabric & supplies you need at OnlineFabricStore: Want more info on this project, including written instructions? Find it here: This tutorial shows you how to make a circle skirt with a zipper using a versatile decor fabric. Shop décor fabric: For more DIY projects, tips and tricks, and inspiration, check out OFS Makers Mill: ...!
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For more how-to instructions and DIY projects subscribe to our Channel! https://www.youtubecom/user/ksproductionstv In the 1950’s, families were growing rapidly and moving out of the cities to the suburbs. Most families had at least one television set, an electric sewing machine and a car as the economy, as well as babies, boomed. Every teenager had a transistor radio and rock and roll ruled the airwaves. Gretchen Hirsch will show you how easy it is to make a retro circle skirt – perfect ...!
Channel Title : Oaishe Views : 440074 DisLikes : 206 Published Date :2015-05-10T04:56:46Z
Hello this video will show you how to make a half circle skirt! Its a really easy skirt to make! And its super cute too! You can make it with all kinds of fabrics. Im using a plaid polyester mix Im not sure exactly but its a fairly thick fabric. I will also show you how to install a zipper to the skirt. I used 1 yard of fabric! My Instagram: Music: EDM Detection Mode Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://c...!
Channel Title : MySewBliss Views : 22817 DisLikes : 24 Published Date :2017-05-23T18:32:49Z
Hey Everyone!!! Here is a tutorial on how to make a circle skirt. You can make this for anyone of any age! Have fun with it! WAIST MEASURMENTS: FABRIC: Find more great fabric here: Elastic: INSTAGRAM: Make sure to give this video a THUMBS UP, SUB...!
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Another Fast, Fun and Flirty Tutorial. For links to fabric options and the tape I mention in the video go to xoxo Mimi G...!
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You may also like: High Low Wrap Coat- Here’s how to make a high low maxi circle skirt with pockets. In Part 1 of this DIY tutorial, we will make our pattern pieces and cut out the skirt. I used a wax print fabric (ankara) to achieve this look. Check out the time markers below to pick up right where you left off. Pocket pattern, fabric suggestions and additional pictures can be found here: Become a ...!
Channel Title : Montoya Mayo Views : 68045 DisLikes : 30 Published Date :2018-04-19T13:23:24Z
Here’s a tutorial on how to make a half circle skirt with pockets. I made my skirt maxi length, but you can use this tutorial to make a midi length skirt as well. In Part 2 of this DIY sewing tutorial, we will sew our skirt. Check out the time markers below to pick up right where you left off or to fast forward through what you already know. Become a VIP here: Pocket Pattern can be found here: Radius and Measurement Guide...!

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