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Whether you choose to put baby in a basket, or in bed next to you, its vital that you follow safer sleep advice to reduce the risk of SIDS. For more information visit The Lullaby Trusts website:!
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Anthropology TV caught up with James McKenna Ph.D. Director, Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory, University of Notre Dame to discuss his work looking at co-sleeping and the attitudes towards it....!
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In this video, Dr. Thomas discusses the pros and cons of co-sleeping as well as some of the different philosophies associated with the different options. Everything from newborns to toddlers is covered in this awesome and informative video. Dr. Paul BLOG: Please LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE, or even FAVORITE if you found this video to be helpful. Thank you and remember to SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos. FACEBOOK:!
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Please watch: WHAT I EAT IN A DAY HEALTHY || FULL DAY OF EATING -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Parenting Playlist: Cosleeping is one of those things people hate to admit, its odd. Why keep something so many people do around the world a secret? Its new(ish) to North America, so as usual, people fear things they dont understand. In effort to shed light on something very natural that many famili...!
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Experts from Cook Children’s discuss the dangers of co-sleeping. #cook100years Go to, our streaming channel to hear the remarkable ways we are improving the health of children....!
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Harvey Karp discuss the dangers of babies sleeping with parents....!
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The number of SIDS cases in the United States has dropped significantly over the past twenty years. Part of that success has come from the pediatric advice about co-sleeping. That is to say, be very cautious about sharing a bed with your baby!...!
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Shop safe co-sleeping here: Nuna Sena: Nuna Sena Mini: 4Moms Breeze: Ergobaby Swaddler: Oilo Sleep Sack: Dock-a-Tot: ...!
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Dr. James J. McKenna, PhD, director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame shares: - the science and history of co-sleeping, - the need to define the terminology - why public policy is based on social norms instead of science, - why public policy is unethical, as it withholds information about cosleeping - WHY THIS IS ALL GETTING READY TO CHANGE AS BREASTFEEDING RATES INCREASE - and how parents can become empowered and stand up for what is essentially a...!
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Learn more about The Beyond the Sling at Author of BEYOND THE SLING, Mayim Bialik discusses the myths and truths surrounding co-sleeping....!
Channel Title : Kids In The House Views : 2918 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-06-23T19:45:49Z Doctor James McKenna explains the relationship between the baby and the mother with co-sleeping. He goes on to share that breastfeeding becomes more frequent with co-sleeping, which contributes to the babys growth and wellbeing. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Celebrities Give Parenting Advice -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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The decrease in numbers of deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) after the “Back to Sleep” campaign in the early 1990s has been followed by a slow but steady reduction of almost 50% since the late 1990s. However, it is not clear whether the subsequent fall in SIDS rates results from avoiding placing infants in the prone position to sleep or the uptake of other more recent advice. In this video, Peter Flemming, professor of infant health at the University of Bristol, describes new...!
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Co-sleeping, or sleeping with your baby in the bed with you, is dangerous for several different reasons. In this video, Dr. Jamie Kondis of St. Louis Children’s Hospital discusses why doctors advise against co-sleeping or bed sharing. Plus, she offers some safe alternatives for parents, such as room sharing, with your baby’s crib right next to your bed. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: h...!
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Women face a lot of pressure when they become mothers – whether that pressure is from yourself or others. Thats why were starting a new series called Mom Pressures where we discuss all the pressures mothers face on different topics. This months topic: baby sleep topics! Watch Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh discuss baby co-sleeping, sleep training, and sleep schedules and all the pressure they felt when deciding what to do. Share the pressures you felt in the comments. JOIN THE FAM! Private Fa...!
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The best mama trick for peaceful and restful nights. How to get a full nights sleep from day 1 with your new baby while fostering their security and your peace of mind. Such a beautiful and natural practice. *If you appreciate the content and free information that I share in my videos, please consider visiting my business where I sell beautifully hand-made postpartum self-care products - Bengkung Belly Binds and body care:!
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Watch more expert videos on raising a baby - Author James McKenna, PhD, shares the essential guidelines for parents on how to co-sleep safely with your baby. For more expert baby sleep advice, visit Professor James J. McKenna is recognized as the worlds leading authority on mother-infant co-sleeping, in relationship to breastfeeding and SIDS. In recognition of his work in 2009 he was admitted as a Fellow into the select body of the ...!
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Watch more expert breastfeeding advice videos - James McKenna, PhD Anthropologist and Author, explains the research based benefits that breastfeeding and co-sleeping have for a baby and the parents. For more expert parenting advice, visit -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Celebrities Give Parenting Advice -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Basics of Babies 9.22.18...!
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Today Im sharing our co-sleeping setup! Ill show you what we use to safely bed share and how we handle nighttime diaper changes. Do/Did you co-sleep with your baby? What kind of setup works for your family? Bieskin Reusable Bamboo Baby Liners: (For a limited time, use code THEMOMMY for 15% off your purchase!) Save $10 on a DockATot at Purchase a DockATot on Amazon: Thirsties Diaper Covers: http://am...!
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A county safe sleep advocate warns about the risks associated with co-sleeping after a baby died earlier this year. ◂ The ABC Action News app brings you the latest trusted news and information. ABC Action News is Taking Action For You with leading local news coverage, Certified Most Accurate weather forecasts, and award-winning I-Team investigations. ABC Action News, WFTS, covers local news in Tampa Bay and Florida. iPhone: Android: http://...!
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A quick guide to keeping your infant safe during sleep. Links and more at!
Channel Title : MDedge: news and insights for busy physicians Views : 13276 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2012-01-20T21:57:43Z
Dr. Lee Beers discusses SIDS and the importance of clear cribs. She explains to parents why they have to fight the urge to co-sleep with their infants....!
Channel Title : Baby Care 101 Views : 1127 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2017-09-20T00:18:31Z
Co-sleeping next to your baby is incomparable says James McKenna, PhD. We were able to show in a sleep laboratory that the same mom-baby pair sleeping together over successive nights varied tremendously in the amount of breastfeeds the baby would get by virtue of the baby either sleeping in bed with the mother and/or sleeping in another room very close by. Indeed it really surprised us, it was almost like two different families that were being measured. The closer the baby to the mother, the gr...!
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Hey Im Vanessa Kanbi a mum with 2 mixed race kids & a lovely fiancé. Oscar is 4 & Mya is 7 months old. Im sharing my Co-Sleeping experience, why I do it & how to do it safely *in my opinion*. I Co Sleep with my 7 month old baby in the bed & in the Chicco Next 2 Me. I show my unbiased likes and dislikes of the Chicco Next 2 Me Crib. The cry-it-out method didnt work for me and I find its better for me breastfeeding to co sleep as I get more sleep & better for baby to co sleep as she is more relax...!
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Parenting expert Nanny Robina shares her advice for getting your baby sleeping in his or her own crib....!
Channel Title : Citytv Views : 4324 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2014-11-12T15:10:43Z
Nanny Robina answers this mothers question about transitioning her childs sleeping arrangements....!
Channel Title : Kindred Media Views : 11699 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2013-08-25T21:07:36Z
After defining What is Co-Sleeping? and How Science and History Support You Co-Sleeping With Your Baby in Kindreds videos on this channel, James J. McKenna, PhD, director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame presents some of the safety guidelines pioneered by his research and other cultures since the beginning of human history. Lisa Reagan, Kindreds editor, interviewed Dr. McKenna at the More than LATCH conference in Chesapeake, Virginia in February 201...!
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Today Im taking you along on our journey to better sleep. Sleep training isnt for everyone - no judgement here - but it has done wonders for us! And every baby is different. But here is how we sleep trained our 5 month old son while still continuing to co-sleep. DM me on Instagram for my P.O. Box! Shop our stuff: --- SOCIAL MEDIA // Instagram: Twitter: My website: https://www...!
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Director of the Pediatric Sleep Center at Weill Cornell, Dr. Haviva Veler weighs in on whether or not parents should co-sleep with their children....!
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Sharing with you guys our co-sleeping / bed sharing experience so far with our 6 month old! Let me know if you co-sleep or bed share too! .. .. .. .. .. .. ✩ Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE ✩ As always, thank you so much for watching... XOXO Amanda Muse - CO-SLEEPING: Myths, How To, Why I Do It ✩ Friend Me on Social Media ✩ IG: erika_moulton Twitter: @theErikaMoulton Snapchat: erika.moulton Business Inquiries [email protected] CAMERA I US...!
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Welcome to my channel! I upload a new video every Monday-Friday! :) Be sure to subscribe! Diaper Bag: Stroller System: Burp Cloths: Elephant Swaddle: CONNECT WITH ME! Follow me on twitter! Facebook: http://...!
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Hey everyone, My name is Michelle Nguyen. Welcome to my channel, I would love to have you as a subscriber. I hope this video teaches you how to co-sleep safely ! 🤍 Article links📃📄📑 The Safe Seven Bed sharing guide Benefits of co-sleeping and other guidelines Amazon links🛍 King bed rails Http:// 🤍 NGUYE...!
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How to Night Wean While Co-Sleeping If you happily co-sleep with your baby or toddler, but youre ready to night wean, check out this video! Youll find all the tips you need to wean off night feeds and get your baby or toddler sleeping through the night, so you can all get the rest you need! Discover how to night wean while cosleeping, with Jillys easy, step-by-step method. Will Night Weaning Improve My Baby’s Sleep article:!
Channel Title : The Real Daytime Views : 676679 DisLikes : 97 Published Date :2016-09-29T23:00:01Z
During this REAL moment, Tamera asks for advice on how to get toddlers to sleep in their own bed....!
Channel Title : ABC News (Australia) Views : 254 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2012-07-06T10:36:16Z
A Victorian coroner has warned that parents who sleep in the same bed as infants are putting the childs life at risk....!
Channel Title : Doctors Circle - Worlds Largest Health Platform Views : 1988 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2016-03-24T07:13:29Z
In Indian scenario most of the parents usually up for core sleeping core sleeping is near to the mother or in the crib, so this is usually preferred in the sense there are lot of benefits that increases the bond between the mother and the baby, helps in easy breastfeeding especially in the night no frequent waking up and going to the other place the mother also maybe tired so this is more beneficial, it increases the milk production and increases the bonding between the mother and this makes the...!
Channel Title : Annas Big Adventure Views : 10567 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2019-09-14T07:15:00Z
Its time transition from co-sleeping to Montessori floor bed. Jacob is now confidently crawling and we feel it is not safe for him to continue to sleep in our bed so we are moving him into his nursery and on to a Montessori floor bed. Follow our transition. Jacob still doesnt sleep through the night and he is nearly 12 months old. The floor mattress makes it easy to settle him, or simply bed down next to him. I would love to hear about your experiences with your child and how you are gettin...!
Channel Title : Channel Mum Views : 6792 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2016-05-12T15:00:49Z
Do you share a bed or room with your baby or do you prefer everyone to have their own space? Channel Mum vloggers discuss what works for them in this latest Mums the Word debate. Do your children share your room and/or bed? Please share your experiences in the comments below. Watch more mums experiences and advice on co-sleeping here Read expert advice from SIDS on how to sleep safely with your baby: Daily Mail article: Ta...!
Channel Title : Iowas News Now Views : 292 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-05-21T03:17:35Z
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- More infants are losing their lives in the state of Iowa, and its all because of where a baby might be sleeping. Just this year, four babies in Des Moines have died due to accidental smothering; three of those deaths happened this week. Compared to 2014, there were two deaths from similar causes. Due to the rise in deaths, healthcare workers are urging parents to heed the warning. New mom, Adria Jones, said she likes to be around her 6-week-old baby as much as ...!
Channel Title : 123 Magic Parenting Views : 276 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-05-23T18:32:35Z
Dr. Thomas Phelan, author of the 1-2-3 Magic parenting guide, shares tips on transitioning your child from co-sleeping to their own bed....!
Channel Title : Hapa Family Views : 1481 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-12-19T14:35:44Z
27 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | CO-SLEEPING WITH NEWBORN (ROOM TOUR)! // Ashley shares all about babys development at 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2, as well as her own pregnancy symptoms. And dont forget to stay tuned for the belly shot! :) **NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, & FRIDAY!** SHOW SOME ❤ AND SUBSCRIBE: ALL PREGNANCY VLOGS: FAMILY VLOGS: MOMLIFE VLOGS: https:...!
Channel Title : Kids In The House Views : 2001 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2014-07-09T14:00:05Z
Watch more expert videos on raising a baby - James McKenna, PhD, shares advice for parents on the best three things that parents can do to help reduce a babys risk of SIDS. For more expert baby sleep advice, visit Professor James J. McKenna is recognized as the worlds leading authority on mother-infant co-sleeping, in relationship to breastfeeding and SIDS. In recognition of his work in 2009 he was admitted as a Fellow into the sele...!
Channel Title : dailyRx Views : 1220 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2013-05-10T19:00:12Z Co-sleeping increases risky breathing but it is not likely significant danger for healthy babies. Im Erin White and this is a dailyRx Feature. Among the great debates in parenting is the decision of where babies will sleep: in the parents bed? In a crib next to the parents bed? In another room? A recent study shed a little light on how ...!
Channel Title : MissCharmsie Views : 49210 DisLikes : 57 Published Date :2017-11-20T01:21:59Z
This video shares the steps I took to sleep train my baby from co-sleeping to sleeping in his crib in his own room at night. I started sleep training at 7 months, and my baby is now 9 months and it only gets easier with time. At the 9 month mark, I can now place my baby in his crib at night and he will get himself comfy and fall asleep without crying ( on most nights ) ...if he does cry now, its typically no more than 5 minutes ( sometimes he just needs to burp again! ). I NEVER thought I would ...!

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