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Color theory is one of the most important aspects of art. Photography is no different. If youre interested in making fantastic images that stand out its a technique youll need to get a handle on. The relationship between photographers and color theory is particularly interesting in that the approach to color has changed entirely over the history of making photographs. In the early days of photography, images were produced in monochrome. It would still be a few years before the autochrome proces...!
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Color plays a unique roll in photography when its used effectively. In the early days of photography, images were rendered in monochrome. Today we have the unique advantage of unlimited possibilities with technology to do almost anything we can imagine, but the challenge of color still remains. Color is most effective when it plays an important roll in the image. Books: Ernst Haas - Color Correction Luigi Ghirri - Kodachrome Saul Leiter - Early Co...!
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Check out Squarespace and save 10% off your first purchase: and use the offer code MANGOSTREET at checkout! In this video, we take you along for another shoot with our models Destiny and Kelsey, visiting two locations with two different outfits — one pink and one yellow. Our Latest Lightroom and ACR presets: ► Models Destinys channel: Kelsey:!
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This weeks episode of Phototalks features Lauren Tepfer. A young contemporary photographer based in New York City. Her work is extremely colorful and vibrant. In this interview she discusses her time spent away from home, her take on the technicalities of photography and how she creates color in her photography work. // Check out more of Laurens work: My work: // Music: The music in this...!
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Autochrome Lumière was one of the first commercially available color processes. There were earlier processes, but Autochrome was very refined and realistic for the technology at the time. Using grains made of potato starch, these grains produced a 3 color space of Orange, Green and Violet to reproduce color. In the early years, Pictorialists embraced Autochrome and were fascinated by its results. But quickly, pictorialists rejected it because of its mechanica, pre-madel process and lack of han...!
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Luigi Ghirri Ernst Haas Dan Winters...!
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Start your free Squarespace trial today at to get 10% off your first purchase. Today we are talking about how to get better colors in your photography! We are going over things you can do when youre actually in the field doing photography and what you can do during the editing process. WHERE I GET MY MUSIC (30 days free with this link)- THE Q (what I made photos with in this video)- Main Video Ca...!
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Song names: Pachelbels Canon in D Minor Hector The Hero Over The Hills and Far Away...!
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The unfortunate history of racial bias in photography. Subscribe today: For decades, the color film available to consumers was built for white people. The chemicals coating the film simply werent adequate to capture a diversity of darker skin tones. And the photo labs established in the 1940s and 50s even used an image of a white woman, called a Shirley card, to calibrate the colors for printing. Concordia University professor Lorna Roth has researched the evolution of s...!
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Harry Gruyaert has been one of my favorite color photographers for a long time. His life and work really makes you love color photography, but also helps you to decide when to think outside of the box and when to stay in. Check out the HARRY GRUYAERTPHOTOGRAPHER film: For photography books or other video inquries please contact me at info (@) You can find this content and more on blog. If you like this vide...!
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5 Ways to use Color Gels in Studio Photo Shoots Learn 5 easy ways to use Color Gels in studio photo shoots! For more editing and photography tutorial videos every week, make sure to SUBSCRIBE! --------------------------------- Model: Rachel Kiser Video, Editing and Music: Omar Padilla Filmed at Redlab Studios in North Hollywood, CA...!
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Understand how RYB & RGB/CMYK Color Wheels came into existence and learn all about Color Characteristics, Harmonies, Psychology, Balancing Proportions, and most importantly, how to actually use them in your photographs. Final Tip: How to Master Color Grading in 2 simple steps! Free Online Color Wheel: ► Skip to ANY section ⏰ TIME STAMPS: 0:36 Invention of the Traditional RYB Color Wheel 1:17 Perception of Color 1:47 Inception of Color Harmony 2:04 Invention of the M...!
Channel Title : The Art of Photography Views : 18052 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2013-03-07T04:39:47Z In this continuation of our composition series, well look at some early color techniques up to what people are using today. Note that this isnt about proper white balance and color correction. Its also not about color profiles or accuracy - were talking about how color impacts composition and how to use it to a nice effect....!
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Are you up for a little (creative) challenge? The COOPH photographers definitely are! In this week’s video they create awesome images, BUT they had to stick to only one color. Sounds tough, right? Well, with their DIY tips and tricks they definitely made it look easy. Have a watch and challenge yourself! Now, get out there and start shooting, but don’t forget to tag @thecooph and #coophshoutout on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our stories. We can’t wait to see your pics! Join ...!
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In this video I go over color theory and how it applies to photography. Follow us on IG: Where we get our music: My Photography Kit: Nikon D850: Nikon Z6: Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8: Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8: Rode Lav Mic: Zoom H1 Recorder:!
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PLEASE NOTE, AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS VIDEO IS AVAILABLE ON OUR CHANNEL. Photography’s earliest practitioners dreamed of finding a method for reproducing the world around them in color. Some 19th century photographers experimented with chemical formulations aimed at producing color images by direct exposure, while others applied paints and powders to the surfaces of monochrome prints. Vigorous experimentation led to several early color processes, some of which were even patented, but the m...!
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Jacques Henri Lartigue is one of the great photographers of the 20th century - known for his whimsical, action based black and white work. Many people are not as familiar with his color photography. Beautiful and engaging, it is very different than the Lartigue were familiar with. Book: Lartigue, Life In Color - Lartigues color photography was done during 2 different periods. The first was his use of Autochrome plates from 1911-1926. Autochrome had a specific look used ...!
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In this video, get a behind the scenes look at how I light my portraits to achieve neon like lighting conditions. Let me know which photo from the video was your favorite! Model: LAST VIDEO: Lighting Equipment: Gels: Hand Grip: _____________________________________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM: http:...!
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Understanding color and using a color palette approach to composition can give more power to your photos, particularly when you want to use accent colors. Limiting these palettes can draw the viewer in to your photo and make a bold statement. Subscribe for more videos! Want to contribute a translation? Watch More Videos: COLOR THEORY IN PHOTOGRAPH...!
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Download the Free Color Theory Photography PDF & Access the Complete Guide at the Following Link: FROM THE COLOR THEORY GUIDE LINKED ABOVE Learn the best color theory photography tips for mixing and displaying colors, in visually appealing combinations, known as color harmonies. Master camera techniques for shooting, and photo editing tips in Lightroom & Photoshop, while creating perfect color harmonies with the following written a...!
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Colored Photographs 1840-1960, youll see things like: a 1915 photograph taken in Saratoga Springs, New York, titled “Broadway at the United States Hotel”, a few newspaper boys taking a smoking break in St. Louis, Missouri 1910, “An everyday sight in 1936- a man posing with his car and the ’City of San Francisco’ streamliner train”, 11 a.m. Newsies at Skeeter’s Branch, Jefferson near Franklin. They were all smoking. St. Louis, Missouri - 1910, 1920s Australian mugshot from the New ...!
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I found some old cool pictures so i decided to make a video. Some of the pictures looks like they where taken today! It may go a little bit fast... I dont own any rights to the pictures. (The picture from 1897 is colorized, but its the only one thats not a real color photo) Check out my new video about music from the early 1900s! If you like this, You may also like: The worlds oldest moving color pictures, from 1901-1902:!
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Here is the perfect method to achieve industry standard colours out of your images. By making use of the industry favourite Colorchecker passport, Radhakrishnan Chakyat takes you through the simple process to achieve the most accurate colours. If you have any doubts that requires clarity, write to us in the comments column and we will get back to you as soon as possible. SUBSCRIBE to Pixel Viilage today. We get MUSIC from Epidemic Sound. Use the below link to sign up :!
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1974 BBC Documentary...!
Channel Title : Shutterstock Tutorials Views : 239041 DisLikes : 98 Published Date :2018-08-21T16:22:42Z - For more info on the 6 cheap ways to light your next portrait photography shoot and other photography tips, follow along on the blog! Make money from your photos/videos - Follow Logan: Instagram - MUSIC: Tomorrow Comes Next by Bedlake - Hands in the Cookie Jar by Bedlake - Sense of Wonder by Ben Beiny - Jackal by Sound Force - https:/...!
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Lets talk again about photographing with intent. In this video I want to talk about what happens in front of your lens and how you can get really effective results by limiting your color palette. Steve McCurrys Afghan girl is an incredible example of this. Its not only a famous photograph but it has become iconic over the years. Everything in this composition supports the eyes including color. McCurry took this image on with a Nikon FM2, 105mm f/2.5 lens and used Kodachrome 64. While many conte...!
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Studio equipment is expensive and you don’t want to be stuck with just one or two backgrounds. If I could own only one background for portraits, it would have to be gray. With a minimal amount of effort, you can turn a gray backdrop into white, or black or pretty much any color you can imagine. You can use seamless paper backgrounds or vinyl backdrops, or even gray material or gray paint on a wall. If you keep light off the background – it will turn black. If you add enough light to the...!
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Full Article: Falcon Eyez F7 Pocketlite with Grid:!
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Hello everyone, In this video tutorial, Ill show you how to Edit Photo Like Professional or Famous Photographer using Photoshop CC 2019. ------------------------------------------ 🔷 SUBSCRIBE my channel for more tutorials : ------------------------------------------ Kalau kalian Suka dengan Video ini, Jangan Lupa SUBSCRIBE & LIKE yaa... ^_^ Silahkan kasih komentar, Kritik & saran yg membangun untuk Channel ini... ------------------------------------------ 🔷 Sto...!
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Here I talk about some photography tips and examples, using 2 of my colored lens filters. The red filter is great for making dramatic landscapes in black and white photography. The portrait filter is great for portraits, evening out skin tones and reducing green/yellow cast. I also show some basics at the end of the video, about attaching filters to both digital and analog/film cameras. I have more cameras and gear that Im excited to share with you. I will talk more about these and tips in upco...!
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understanding and learning a bit of color theory and how COLOR plays a leading roll in how our portraits end up. i walk you thru 5 different color categories for backgrounds: pastel, bright, moody, primary, and neutral. this is also another behind the scenes photoshoot indoors my tiny new york apartment kitchen! it also serves as a little reminder that you don’t need a fancy lighting setup and a ton of gear to create beautiful images. Seamless paper used, in order (size 53 inch) Coral: https:...!
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Get all the details and upcoming book info for The Bite Shot Book Club: The book from this video is the Interaction of Color: Color Aid Papers: My favorite online course for learning Lightroom in-depth: All of my gear can be found here: Want to learn to shoot a camera in manual? Check out this playlist to take you from auto to manual...!
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In 1861, Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell visited the Royal Institute in London and astonished them with his discovery...the worlds first colour photograph. From James Clerk Maxwell: The Man Who Changed The Modern World -!
Channel Title : The Art of Photography Views : 10336 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2010-12-30T19:57:12Z Continuing with the theme of minimalist composition techniques, in this episode well look at the work of Saul Leiter. View more at!
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▶ My Lightroom Presets - Did you know there are only 6 ways to color grade in Lightroom? Here is ALL of them. Check out TourBox here - In this lightroomLightroom tips video Ed Gregory will show you 6 ways you can do color grading in Lightroom. Traditionally we dont use the term photography color grading as typically its used for video production however the concepts are the same. I have covered all 6 techniques in this Lightroom Tutorial for ...!
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This photographic process was put on the market in 1935, with the Kodachrome Film. It is based on the principle of image formation based on the reaction of the color couplers based on the reaction of the silver salts. It is therefore the formation of the color with the dyes that have reacted and that form the final image, because the silver halides are eliminated during the processing. This process absolutely dominated the market and despite the different stability depending on the papers and dy...!
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Using Gels To Change Background Color Using gels to change the background color is a super easy and versatile way to add variety to your portraits and other flash photography projects! Subscribe for more photography tutorials: Watch next: Color Gel Photography - Get Creative With Your Portraits: Start Using Color Gels For Lighting With These 5 Tips: Take Some Damn Phot...!
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In this tutorial, I explore ideas and techniques for experimenting with monochromatic color photography. This is a fun, creative challenge that can expand your image making options in new ways. See more photography tips and insight at!
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Color Gel Photography - Get Creative With Your Portraits Using Color Gels in your photography is an AMAZING way to take your portraits to the next level. It opens up a near infinite amount of possibility and creativity for your portraits, but there are some things to consider in order to use gels successfully! In this video I’ll share those things and show you three different ways you can use gels to take your portraits to a new level! Gels I Use: 🔔 🔴🔴 Liv...!
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The Kobra Gel Kit comes with six pre-cut colored gels each contained within our rigid and flexible clear plastic gel holder. The gels are inserted into a Kobra band that is already attached to a flash. To help white balance in tungsten light, the kit comes with 3 CTOs (color temperature orange) Full, 1/2 & 1/4. To add more for dramatic lighting effects you will find Red, Green and Blue filter. We only use LEE Filters which provide high-quality lighting filters that are accurately consistent fro...!
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How to photograph colour for kids, This Kids Colour Photography tutorial is bought to you by Sharp Shots Photo Club, in this video we show you how to take a great colour photo and give you a basic tutorial on important elements to consider when taking colour photography. We aim to teach kids and teens basic tips and techniques for taking photos centred around certain colours. Taking pictures around coloured items like a red apple can give you beautiful pictures! This video is aimed at teaching k...!
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My entire kit of gear : Atmosphere Aerosol : (cheaper in 6 pack) Favorite gels (for custom fit gels for AD200, AD360ii, AD600, AD400 Pro and AD600 Pro Rosco sheets : Magmod Gels Book (If Its Purple, Someones Gonna die) Band : This video discusses color effect gels and how to use them to get rich, vibra...!
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Learn a unique, easy-to-use, and powerful method to convert your photos to black and white in Photoshop. No need for the clunky built-in B&W tool or expensive plugins. -- Subscribe to the Pro Photo Tips newsletter to receive the very best in Nature Photography and Photo Education: I answer all of your FAQs here: -- Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer livin...!
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Using complimentary, analogous, and monochromatic in photographs...!
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👉Stay Inspired Get The Book on Amazon: A photographic essay on the American South, Africa, and England depicts subjects and objects from everyday life–the inside of an oven, a tricycle, and landscapes.... “William Eggleston, is an American photographer. He is widely credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium to display in art galleries.” Buying through these links help’s to support the channel at no extra top yo...!

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