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Ive discovered THE BEST and EASIEST way to apply contact paper with no bumps or air bubbles! Thanks to the random Amazon reviewer who inspired me to try THE WINDEX METHOD. If youre curious as to how it works, or just want to see an all-around nifty video of my office desk transformation, check this one out! Do let me know if you liked it! :) xo, Holly For more information and pictures, check out my blog! Marble contac...!
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13 contact paper ideas most people have never thought of. Whether you want to redo an old bookcase, give your renter appliances a facelift or even make some new home decor, these ideas are for you! Check out the full tutorials on Hometalk here → Hometalk | Ideas you can do. Share your DIYs with us → FACEBOOK → FACEBOOK → INSTAGRAM →!
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The HONEST TRUTH About DIY MARBLE Contact Paper. Think you know what youre doing when it comes to marble contact paper... let me give you the real tea.... My husband and I are now in our new home. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading videos with more details on our moving process, selling our home, buying a new one etc. If you have any questions please let me know! Turning a house into a home is a lot of work but it can be very rewarding! More To Come Subscribe!...!
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This project took quite a bit to do it was very time consuming, but it is finally complete. I am beyond happy and satisfied with it. Contact paper isnt a permanent solution obviously, but it keeps me content until we move! The paper is waterproof but it CAN be BURNED or CUT/SLICED so just be cautious an youll be good. Its really hard to make things perfect as you can see. Some things are easily noticeable but Im not the one to nit pick. Please dont forget to Like and Subscribe an the paper and k...!
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DIY: Budget cabinet makeover Hi Everyone! It’s my first youtube video. Thanks for baring with me while I learn how to edit these videos and thanks for watching! Subscribe for more DIY, tutorials, vlogs and more. I love thrifting and buying secondhand. For this project here are the supplies you need: Black Wood Contact Paper Decorative Self-Adhesive Film for Furniture Size: 17.71 In X 78.7 In 3M 9019 General Purpose Sandpaper Sheets, 3-2/3-Inch by 9-Inch, Assort...!
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I get it, sometimes its not in the budget or its not the right timing. inthis video i show you how to upgrade your funiture and give your space a facelift with breaking the bank. keep in mind this is a temporary fix til you actually upgrade. supplies needed: Contact Paper XACTO knife and a card I used about 3 white rolls ( 10 ft long each I think) 1 marble roll 1 tan roll ( ised only 25% of that one) COVERAGE: Two nightstand One dresser 1 queen size bed ENJOY FOLKS!!! Music All rights reser...!
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#DIY #HomeDecor #Kitchen LINKS: Contact Paper : Kitchen Makeover Series : 1) 2) Painting Countertops & Epoxy Playlist :!
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I ordered this contact paper from Amazon for $12.99. All I used to apply it was scissors, a sharp blade, and PATIENCE. Including the new hinges, the paint, the new knobs, and the contact paper this bathroom update cost a total of $30. amazon link :!
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DIY Kitchen Countertop Makeover With Contact Paper (HD) I wanted to change my countertop but because I rent, there wasnt to many option. I had to make sure whatever I put, came off without damaging (even though they were already somewhat damaged) the existing countertops. I also had to keep it on a budget. Contact Paper is a great alternative. DO NOT PUT HOT POTS OR PANS ON IT. DO NOT CUT DIRECTLY ON SURFACE! It only takes 2 seconds to grab a cutting board. :) If you have any questions, pl...!
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Hi everyone, in todays video I will be showing you how to use contact paper ! I am covering my drawing board with contact paper in this DIY. Hope you enjoy it! I dont usually do DIY-videos so this is something a little different ~used in this video~ Marble contact paper (US): Marble contact paper (UK): *this is an affiliate link. If you choose to buy something through this link I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!* ~ Where to f...!
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Hi yall! The kitchen in the house Im renting had a lot of potential but was WAY TOO YELLOW so I did what any sane person would do and covered the whole damn thing with marble contact paper. Just kidding, I only did the countertops but it was an easy DIY project that gave my whole kitchen a face lift in less than 24 hours! I ordered 3 rolls of d-c-fix contact paper ($36) and a squeegee ($9) from Amazon. Thats it! Total cost was $45. Stay until the end if you like dogs xoxo...!
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The Biggest TREND in Home Decor!! Dollar Tree Contact Paper ???? Happy Wednesday! Hello Loves! Today I am sharing one of the most trending things in home Decor what is it you ask? Peel and stick wall paper is the biggest trend in all the home decor right now and what a better way to participate in this trend and super inexpensive way and out of the box. Dollar Tree contact paper YUP!!! What you need contact paper a level Exacto knife and a ton of patience and I mean lots and lots o...!
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Have some contact paper lying around? Get new looks all around your home with these brilliant DIY ideas! Perfect for furniture, cabinets and so much more! If you love Dollar Store hacks and makeovers on a budget -- this ones for you! Click here for the full tutorial: hometalk: imagine what you can do. Check out our website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us...!
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Hello Friends! I finally finished this marble countertop contact paper review. So many of you all LOVE how it transformed my small rental kitchen, and I must be honest, I do too! I installed this faux marble contact paper 6 months ago and it has really surprised me. Please Give this video a thumbs up if you think I should do a giveaway. Products Mentioned 4.00ft X 6.56ft Marble Contact Paper As always THANKS FOR WATCHING! SHARE 🔁 | COMMENT 💌 | RATE 👍...!
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In this video I will be showing you guys how I turned my tiled floors into wooden floors using contact paper. This is my first attempt at making a DIY project so there are imperfections, but I hope you guys enjoy the video nonetheless. If you did enjoy make sure you like, comment what you think, subscribe, and also share the video with your family and friends :) Thank You...!
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Today Im reviewing the best DIY Marble Countertop contact paper and Im hosting a GIVEAWAY! | I have tons of Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas all in one place, so subscribe TODAY! VIDEO OF ME REMOVING THE CONTACT PAPER- 50K Marble Contact Paper Giveaway GIVEAWAY Rules: Valid Dates 5/19 - 5/25 of 2020 1. Follow me on IG 2. Like my last post 3. Tag 3 friends under the giveaway post 4. Share my giveaway post to your story and tag me YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL STEPS TO ...!
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Watch Carter Oosterhouse demonstrate to RachaelRay how easy it is to work with BOTH of EzFaux Decors Faux Stainless Steel and Faux Granite...!
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I had so much fun making the video. This home makeover was a lot of work but well worth it. ALL ITEMS USED IN THE VIDEO ARE LISTED BELOW IN THE COMMENT SECTION. IT WILL BE THE FIRST COMMENT POSTED MY ME. Instagram: @KlassyAsIWannaB SnapChat: @KissMy_Klassy26 DON’ T FORGET TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!...!
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This video is about Contact Paper Application. Review video is up on my channel! Subscribe for updates!...!
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❤ Subscribe for DIY´s ❤ Decorated Phone Cases ❤ Costume Jewelry ❤ Baking ❤ Reviews ❤ Thumbs Up and Watch HD! Learn how to apply contact paper with no bubbles, or how to remove them easily. INSTAGRAM → TWITTER → Use #cutesimplestuff if you re-create it! BLOG → - p l a y l i s t s - Desserts →!
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Watch me as I transform our old fashioned kitchen counters into modern, marble counters. This peel & stick contact paper can be used on maaaaaany different things. We are renting so we wanted to spice up our kitchen without breaking the bank and of course without messing up the countertops. Marble is super trendy right now & I feel like it made our kitchen look soooo much better! This is my 1st DIY so bare with me but I hope you enjoy this video & thanks to my snapchat fam who had to watch me ch...!
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Supplies List: Duck Clear Shelf Liner (12 in. wide): Oracle 651 (permanent outdoor vinyl) Black:!
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Hey guys! Due to being home more often because of social distancing, I had the urge to redecorate. I updated the look of my bathroom vanity by using 2 types of contact paper and peel and stick backsplash tiles. Hopefully this video inspires you to do it too! (Btw I totally did it the harder way because 1. its surrounding the sink & 2. I wanted to try to minimize the amount of seams, itll be much faster and easier if you just have a plain counter surfaces) References: - 4 Year Marble Contact Pa...!
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This is an instructional video on how to renovate your bathroom vanitys counter top and cabinets using contact paper. This was posted for an english project. Contact paper used- • similar white marble contact paper: • black wood contact paper: Music in my video- • Rock Angel by Joakim Karud https://soundc...!
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Old Chest Transformation Link to marble contact/ adhesive paper Needed 3 roll to complete 5 drawer chest! Video Link to blonde faux locs/ dreads More information updated soon...!
Channel Title : Whimsy Soul Views : 2739 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-05-08T18:00:01Z
I turned my boring white fridge into a beautiful blue retro-feeling statement piece for just $20!! In this video, I walk you through the process of installing contact paper on your fridge with tons of tips + before and after clips. 🏠Check out my Home Playlist to see more of my apartment: ❤️ Find me on Instagram, I read every DM! ---- More info + photos on my blog post! https://...!
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EXTREME DIY Kitchen Makeover//Rental Friendly/Floor, Backsplash, contact paper & MORE! $300 BUDGET I give my studio apartment a much-needed makeover. Inspo from: Wayna World DIY Channel: Lone Fox DIY Channel - Soap Dispenser: Contact ...!
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DIY Countertop Contact Paper Removal Results (HD) I had this contact paper on my countertops for 7 months and I have nothing bad to say about it. It was a great alternative and would definitely do it again if I had to. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and im still in the moving process but will be back soon. Channel Art by Skitdesigns: Facebook: Website: Snapch...!
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A tutorial on how to cover drawers and dresser with round edges in vinyl wrap. Also known as contact paper, vinyl wrap is a self-adhesive covering for most hard, dry surfaces such as furniture and kitchen cabinets. The use of Self adhesive vinyl wrap is popular in the home and office environment as well as in camper vans due to its lightweight, no-mess and easy DYI properties. Music by!
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Contact paper countertops can be a great solution for ugly countertops and theyre renter friendly. I covered how to apply to rounded corners, around the sink and stove as well as what mine look like after 6 months in my household of 7 people. Timestamps below so you can skip around the video if youd like! View the full blog post here: A link of supplies will be beneath the timestamp. Timestamps: 0:16 Intro 0:40 6 month update, how they h...!
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Things used in video💕 - Marble contact paper 👉🏽 Huangchao inc Marble Paper 16 x 78.7inch Granite Gray Contact Wallpaper Roll Kitchen countertop Cabinet Furniture Upgrades Self Adhesive Paper Cover with Thick Waterproof Peel - Box cutter - Scissors - Card (to smooth down paper) *BeautyWithTys video🙌🏾: CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS🧡🧡🧡 •How to: Box braids on myself https:...!
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Use my coupon code JYOTIIQ2 for Rs200 discount on purchase of or above Rs2000 from #shein...!
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Amazon hacks to transform your bedroom or bathroom, plus trendy decor hacks and diys! I came up with 5 easy and affordable amazon hacks that I hope you all enjoy. Can we get this to 5,000 likes? OPEN ME FOR A BUNCH OF FUN STUFF: Subscribe by clicking here: Check out my Blog: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow my pins on Pinterest:!
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➡️Kitchen counter contact paper 👉🏻 “Marble Wallpaper” ➡️Kitchen cabinets contact paper 👉🏻 “Gray Wood Grain Peel and Stick” ➡️ Blacksplash stick on paper 👉🏻 “Art3d 10-Sheet Peel and Stick” ➡️ Floating Shelf 👉🏻 “SONGMICS Floating Wall Shelf 15.7.....!
Channel Title : Hometalk Views : 73911 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2017-01-10T21:33:40Z
You need to watch Hometalks video to find out how to get your own Contact Paper Floor! This fantastic idea is just one of the many great home makeover projects that you can find in our DIY Makeovers section: Have you been thinking of turning your tile floors into wood? Are you still hesitant or lacking the budget to commit to new flooring? Join Hometalk to find out how to cover your floor with contact paper! All youll need is a roll of wood patterned...!
Channel Title : Sambarrassed Views : 2419 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-05-22T13:00:37Z
Hey guys! Here is my 4-year update and removal of the marbled contact paper applied onto my bathroom countertop. I cant believe I kept it on for so long and its time to remove it... so I can redecorate! To remember: - Do NOT use acetone around the countertop Stay tuned for an upcoming video of what redo-ing the marbled contact paper + adding backplash tile and potentially contact papering grey wood grain onto the cabinets will be like. Marble Paper DIYs (also 4 years ago lol):!
Channel Title : The Mummy Vlogger Views : 30557 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2019-05-03T19:37:42Z
DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER TOUR | CONTACT PAPER | HOME DECOR | IKEA | B&M | HOMESENSE | POUNDLAND | HOME TOUR Hey Everyone! Welcome to my channel and welcome to my KITCHEN MAKEOVER TOUR EEEEK!! I have completed transformed my kitchen on a budget using contact paper and self adhesive vinyl flooring. I have finally got around to showing you all the finished look of my kitchen makeover. I also show you everything that is in my kitchen and where I got it from. I have a mixture of home decor items from...!
Channel Title : ClutterBug Views : 54516 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2018-11-04T11:00:05Z
Lets get organized! This contact paper is so thick and durable, plus it is easily adjustable and wont damage your furniture underneath! Want to update your furniture on a small budget? Give this a try! Here is a link to the contact paper. Its on sale this week for under $10: Want to become an Organizing Expert like me? Take my Organizing Expert Online Course! Order my ...!
Channel Title : Kebba Kebba Views : 4600 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-08-05T18:29:26Z
This is a renter friendly EASY DIY project that will take any kitchen from “blah” to “bling” and it doesn’t take long at all! It only took me one hour to do 15ft by 20in area, which is also the amount of paper that come on the roll, so I had exactly enough to work with! This contact paper is very easy to use and doesn’t cause ANY damage to walls! Contact paper Brand:!
Channel Title : Infinity POSH Views : 12808 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2018-10-30T13:27:51Z
Hello POSH People! Welcome to my Channel. I hope you enjoy this DIY. If your wondering I do use these boxes. Two of them I use for storage in my closet and the other two I use for storage under my bathroom sink. Like, Share & Subscribe! 4 empty boxes 1 pair of scissors 1 exacto knife 3-4 rolls of Dollar Tree adhesive contact paper...!
Channel Title : StoreeOfMyLife Views : 66956 DisLikes : 26 Published Date :2017-03-15T23:00:02Z
Its another DIY Furniture Makeover project! I show you how to apply contact paper to round or curved edges. You can use this technique to apply contact paper to any round or curved surfaces. I’m using the same faux marble contact paper that I used to makeover my bar cart. This time, I use the faux marble contact paper on round shelves. I thrifted this side table and am using the faux marble contact paper to have it match my current home decor. This faux marble contact paper is great for some m...!
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Please join Darla Demorrow with as she demonstrates how to install EzFaux Decors Faux Granite. or!
Channel Title : Kerstinality Lajae Views : 1027 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-05-09T22:51:25Z
For my Apartment Makeover I used 2 rolls of contact paper from Home Depot priced at $11.99 a piece Follow my ig @Kerstinality and stay in the loop because I’m always doing something chile lol...!
Channel Title : Palace on a Budget Views : 15682 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2019-08-23T10:55:17Z
This video will show you step by step how to use Epoxy Resin over contact paper. A month ago before starting the remodeling in my bathroom, I spent many hours trying to find any info about contact paper and how it reacts to epoxy and heat. I found just one very short video where the author assured everyone that it is doable. There was no process showed, no results, no pictures. So I went ahead and planned my own risky adventure and then took a lot of pictures to share with all of you looking for...!
Channel Title : Alaina Animalia Views : 6654 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-03-04T20:55:18Z
This video is an update to the prior video I had done almost a year and a half ago. I applied Marble Contact Paper from Amazon. I hope you like the update! Link to Amazon :!

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