Contemporary Kitchens

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Are you planning your dream kitchen? if your kitchen layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh your color scheme and details, this video is for you! In this video, I show you 5 TOP interior design tips and trends for a contemporary kitchen in this must-watch guide. I reveal what’s trending in color, finishes, details, materials, counter, cabinets, styles and ideas to beautify your space. I hope you’ll enjoy and use this information! Join our Community:!
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Click here to see all 53 contemporary kitchen designs - Contemporary kitchens are best described as clean and sophisticated. Getting a lot of its style elements from the modern design movement, a contemporary kitchen also blends in traditional design styles. Contemporary kitchens use materials, textures and finishes from today. There are many design influences for the contemporary design movement. Some popular contributors are as mentione...!
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Step inside this renovated main floor by Martha Huk, the chief engineer of build and design firm Hedgeford & Berkley. See how she completely transformed the sprawling space to better suit the client’s sophisticated style and love of entertaining. Marble countertops, rich dark wood cabinets and a 12-foot island give the kitchen a luxurious feel, while a designated bar area, hidden pantry entrance and stylish lounge make hosting a breeze. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the warm and inviting li...!
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Designer Olivia Botrie of Dart Studio eschews fleeting trends for timeless appeal in this contemporary kitchen. Discover what finishes she used, and get her tips on how to keep your kitchen design current. Olivia’s clients were a young couple who wanted their space to feel fun and youthful, while being able to stand the test of time. A subway tile backsplash that goes up to the ceiling, warm wood open shelves and dove grey cabinets create a timeless envelope. To change up the look, Olivia rec...!
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Here’s 100 Contemporary Kitchen Design Photo Gallery .. I’ll be uploading more kitchen interior designs videos .....!
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61 Ultra Modern Kitchen Design Ideas- More Videos- You can search also contemporary kitchen design modern kitchen designs for small kitchens modern kitchen designs photo gallery modern kitchen designs for small spaces modern kitchen design in india modern kitchen design trends modern indian kitchen images kitchen trends 2016 to avoid 2017 kitchen trends kitchen trends to avoid kitchens 2017 latest kitchen designs photos kitchen appliance trends 2017...!
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Designer, Brian Gluckstein, showcases a beautiful contemporary kitchen that highlights the modern trend....!
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Modern design ideas make life more comfortable and harmonious, giving the opportunity to move away from the traditional traditional classic design. The universal modern style of the kitchen involves the application of a number of rules at each stage of its implementation: from design to finishing. In the first place in the kitchen interior are functionality and practicality. Modern trends allow you to move away from the established patterns of kitchen design, bringing unexpected stylistic soluti...!
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Best ultra modern kitchen designs and decorations ideas. ultra modern kitchen designs and decorating ideas photos collections shown in this video. Hope you enjoy it. ALL CREDIT TO OWNERS CREATIONS. Images selected from internet and/or free sources. If there are copyright mistakes, please contact [email protected] well edit or delete its instantly. This video is a photo slide about ultra modern kitchen designs and decorating ideas. For More Design and Decorating Ideas please Subscribe-...!
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Most Modern Kitchens are Contemporary, but not all Contemporary Kitchens are Modern. Confused? Dont worry! Our Goal through this video is to put light on which design style is which, so you can speak confidently when you visit a kitchen design-build team to remodel your kitchen. ============= Woodofa is a new age interior design, furniture & decor company, which helps you to design and build your empty home to a fantastic and lively abode within an affordable cost. After understanding your re...!
Channel Title : Modo Kitchens Pretoria Views : 26 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-08-03T11:14:21Z - Contemporary Kitchen Design and Kitchen Renovation in Pretoria and Centurion Modo Kitchens Pretoria has been the leading company for Contemporary Kitchen design in Pretoria, manufacturing and remodeling Kitchens and bedroom cupboards since 1999. Subscribe for more Kitchen Installation and Kitchen Design Ideas and tips: Post this video on social media with this link: If you have a topic you wa...!
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Best modern contemporary kitchen designs and decorations ideas. 30 contemporary kitchen design ideas photos collections shown in this video. Hope you enjoy it. ALL CREDIT TO OWNERS CREATIONS. Images selected from internet and/or free sources. If there are copyright mistakes, please contact [email protected] well edit or delete its instantly. This video is a photo slide about contemporary kitchen design. For More Design and Decorating Ideas please Subscribe- Joi...!
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Are you Planning your dream kitchen? if your kitchen layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh your color scheme and details, this video is for you! In this video, I show you 5 TOP interior design tips and trends for a contemporary kitchen in this must-watch guide. I reveal what’s trending in color, finishes, details, materials, counter, cabinets, styles and ideas to beautify your space. I hope you’ll enjoy and use this information to create a comfortable and stylish interior...!
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H&H design editor Kai Ethier shares how she transformed her friend’s dated kitchen into a welcoming space fit for a family. See how she added personality and storage with the help of AyA Kitchens for a pretty and practical design. Homeowner Deirdre Matthews wanted a durable, contemporary kitchen, a large prep area and an open-concept design. Deirdre opted for warm walnut cabinets and, instead of marble counters, a porcelain slab countertop. The scalloped tile marble backsplash, which looks li...!
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Another fantastic design by sunbird Kitchen. This kitchen design has classic combination of colors and smart features. Song By: AlumoMusic...!
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Modern kitchen ideas 2020!
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Stunning luxurious kitchen design ideas. Fabulous contemporary design and exquisite decorations. Modern and contemporary ideas for a gourmet kitchen. Here you can find: - Magnificent design with gray marble floor and countertop; master chef kitchen with luxury appliances, crystal pendant lamps and a central island. - Huge gourmet kitchen with large cabinets and two kitchen islands; large marble countertop. More amazing images in the above video. Thank you so much for watching. » Subscribe to G...!
Channel Title : The Kitchen & Bath Channel Views : 132891 DisLikes : 24 Published Date :2011-01-02T18:55:33Z Pedini Designer Kitchen Products high quality Italian designer Contemporary Kitchen / Bath Designs, award winning European Designer Furniture and Cabinets for the modern home.!
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10 ways and ideas for contemporary kitchens....!
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Kitchen designer Tim Huber talks about what makes a kitchen Contemporary. Tim tours a kitchen display at the Affinity Kitchens showroom to introduce the elements of Contemporary design and to show off the displays special features including soft close cabinet doors, unique storage solutions, LED lighting accents and Kohler Karbon faucet. See more Contemporary kitchens in our Photo Gallery at This video is an excerpt from our Design Your Cuisine video series wit...!
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Hey loves, Kitchens have evolved so much over the years and currently they are not only designed to be functional but also super aesthetic! Watch and learn this few tips to creating a stunning modern kitchen. Im also a professional kitchen designer, so if you need a kitchen design all the way to installation, Im right here :) Check out my previous videos for plenty of Interior design tips, Easy & affordable DIY ideas & Painting videos. Background music: –––––––––––––...!
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A great collection of contemporary kitchen designs where you can see what other people have done in their kitchens whether they remodeled or built new....!
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Presented by Diana Stewart, this film showcases Metris contemporary kitchens, including our 2 new signature designs - Contour Curve and Crescent Curve. Metris is an award-winning contemporary kitchen collection presented around 8 inspirational signature looks. Each theme adapts beautifully to almost any home, allowing you to create a bespoke kitchen look and your very own design statement. Metris is exclusively available from specialist retail studios throughout the UK. To see our collect...!
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Contemporary kitchen ideas and some with a splash of color!!...!
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Dubbed the ‘New Arial’, this dynamic kitchen brings forth a variety of trendy compositions that have been perfectly crafted to make your busy, urban life a lot easier. Functionality with minimalist flair is what you get here! Full story at!
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The kitchen is the heart of a home; it is where meals are cooked, meaning conversations happen, and everyone gets the bulk of their nutrition, both physical and emotional. There is something to be said for a sweet, quaint little space, and there is also something significant about a super-sleek, ultra-modern space with all the latest finishes. Kitchen is the hub of your home. A perfect view of home begins with well configured kitchen. A comfortable kitchen is well-planned, intuitively designed a...!
Channel Title : FrankelBuildingGroup Views : 502 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2016-09-29T20:52:43Z - For the past 25 years, Frankel Building Group has established itself as the go-to option when picking a Houston luxury homebuilder. One of the stand-out features we offer to our clients rests in one of the busiest parts of the house – our lux designer kitchens. FBG truly offers a contemporary twist on classic design, and when picking a Houston luxury homebuilder, you can rest easy knowing we have what is best for you and your family in mind – from the d...!
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Whether considering remodeling a home or buying a home take a look at these contemporary kitchen ideas. Our hope is that we can show you many updated kitchens to see what is possible and help you plan for the space that works best for you and your family....!
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Stosa kitchens allow you to choose a coordinated furniture and complete with furniture quality cuisine. Models of modern kitchens, classic and contemporary: discover the cuisine more suited to your needs without sacrificing style. See more at!
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This kitchen cabinet(OP14-068) is contemporary, which can be seen in the bold color combination of black and white, and the sleek counter in the middle....!
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Vintage Bar Stools in Modern Contemporary Kitchen Ideas Vintage Bar Stools Modern Contemporary Kitchens Bar Stools Kitchens Contemporary Kitchens modern kitchen kitchen design kitchen decor vintage kitchen home decor kitchen furniture furniture home interior interior design home ideas home decor ideas...!
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Luxurious kitchen design ideas. Fabulous contemporary design and exquisite decorations. Lets see just a few: - Spacious modern kitchen in gray and brown with large kitchen island and granite countertop. - Impressive gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances and beige color cabinets; large countertop area made from granite. - Large L-shaped kitchen with exposed brick wall; gray cabinets and royal-blue kitchen island with white countertop and nice upholstered bar stools. Much more in the abo...!
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Nearing a century of innovative, award-winning kitchen design, LEICHT continues its long tradition of accelerated production at an incredible value. LEICHT’s impactful design standards have been named “Most Beautiful German Kitchen” in 2011, and they have received iF Design Awards for their light cupboard system, suspending wall units, and multiple awards for innovation and design. With growing worldwide demand and production standards to meet their burst in popularity, LEICHT continues to...!
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This is a Parallel Kitchen at Bagad Properties in Nasik designed by Sunbird Kitchens . It is a contemporary style kitchen with an added touch of royal elegance . This kitchen is a great fusion of contemporary design and some classic rich elements....!
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Danielle designs a big eat-in kitchen with unique bicycle-themed accessories and a colorful modern sideboard on Shop this Room. The contemporary style of the combined kitchen and dining room is enhanced by a metallic backsplash and open shelving. The homes vintage charm is preserved by refinished original French doors between the dining room and living room. Find more great content from HGTV: HGTV YouTube Channel: Subscribe to HGTV on YouTube:!
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Trends Kitchen Design Perspectives - Linking it all together Lindy Small of Lindy Small Architecture talks about a contemporary wood kitchen Read more Kitchen stories at Trendsideas Read this eBook Follow us on Facebook!
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be creativo Subscribe today and give the gift of knowledge to yourself or a friend New Age Contemporary Kitchens 1 : 2 : industrial style lighting 3 : 4 : rustic 5 : 6 : eclectic 7 : 8 : 9 : 10 : 11 :...!
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Take a virtual home tour of this San Diego home and see the contemporary kitchen remodel done by Jackson Design and Remodeling of San Diego, California. The open design of the kitchen complements the contemporary feel of the house....!
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stylize the way you live in... जिस तरह से आप में रहते हैं उसे स्टाइल करें ।। Hi this is channel theminimaldesigns md welcome to all. सभी का स्वागत हैं। About this video: collection of design ideas for inspiration. if u like this video please press like, share this video and if u have any question please write in comments. i will try best to reply to your comment as soon as possible. इस व...!
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50 Gorgeous Contemporary Kitchens Thatll Stop You in Your Tracks What has metallic accents, impeccable attention to scale and proportion, a coat of crisp paint, either bold or neutral, and is completely clutter-free while still boasting a personal touch? The contemporary kitchen of our dreams. When it comes to striking the balance between form and function and tradition and modernity in a kitchen, we have a lot to learn from interior designers.  As such, we compiled our 50 favorite cont...!
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Lube is one of the top three Italian kitchen producers and number one in terms of kitchens produced every year. Europe Construction - Your Complete Kitchen, Bath and Home Remodeling, Construction and Restoration Center in San Diego! VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM: 7938 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA, 92126 Mon.- Sat 10:00AM-5:30PM Call us: (760) 683-9293 Visit our website:!
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A dark kitchen island serves you well in more ways than one. With even small kitchens embracing the idea of a spacious central island, it is barely a surprise that colorful kitchen islands are now more common than ever before. But the black kitchen island is in a class of its own and is a timeless addition that can adapt to changing styles and trends with ease. Check out all the ideas and more at!
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Italian kitchen designer Scavolini creates open and functional kitchen designs for large and small spaces. Whether you want a huge open kitchen with all the trimmings or a combination living and kitchen area in an apartment space, it seems this company has a modern, fun design to suit your needs. The designs are very linear, often with a majority of the cabinetry on one wall, and very geometrical with straight lines and rectangular shapes. The rooms are accented with various finishes and colors ...!
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