Covered Bridges

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Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Covered Bridges · Kitchen Dwellers Covered Bridges ℗ 2019 Kitchen Dwellers Released on: 2019-09-27 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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work on them covered bridges SUB TO BE A LEGEND - FOLLOW ME! • Twitter - • Discord - • Instagram - REGULARS Joogie - Fresh - Toasted - Vikk - Lachlan - Alex -!
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Today Im bringing you to an Covered Bridge built in 1870, and we are going to talk about why the United States decided to build covered bridges all over the country. The kissing bridge at Potters Bridge Park is a beautiful, so dont miss this One!...!
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8 Covered bridges in Indiana. Covered Bridges. Cox Ford Covered Bridge Deers Mill Covered Bridge Eugene Covered Bridge Jackson Covered Bridge Mill Creek Covered Bridge Narrows Covered Bridge Newport Covered Bridge West Union Covered Bridge Equipment used: Drone - DJI Mavic 2 Zoom: - DJI Phantom 4 Pro V 2.0: Camera - Canon 5D Mark 4: Tablet Used - Micro SD Card Used - https://amzn....!
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This is a documentary that I produced on Oregons Covered Bridges in 1995....!
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Growing up in Pennsylvania means that Covered Bridges are part of every day life: Charming and useful, all different, and a reminder of forgotten days. I walk or drive over a covered bridge nearly every day. My idea for this video was to give those unfamiliar with these wonderful structures a glimpse. I could only show a small sampling of covered bridges here in Pennsylvania, and of course, there are many surviving covered bridges in other states. Most of the bridges are identified in the v...!
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Tour of the 19 covered bridges of Jefferson Ohio and Ashtabula County. Including the longest covered bridge in the United States at 613 feet long, The Smolen-Gulf Covered bridge is the longest covered bridge in America. Also included is the shortest covered bridge in America at 18 feet, the West Liberty covered bridge. SUBSCRIBE HERE: INSTAGRAM: FACIALBOOK: Drone in D by Kevin MacLeo...!
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VIDEO DESCRIPTION This painting tutorial will take you through easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to create this picturesque Rustic Covered Bridge over a tranquil stream surrounded by a beautiful field of flowers. Using only 2 brushes and 7 colors well create a country landscape with a beautiful wooden covered bridge that sits on a hill. Youll learn how to create a building with dimension and perspective, how to create realistic shadows, and how to make flowers pop out of the can...!
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With our homemade truck camper/ Truckbed Tinyhouse off the truck for some TLC and repairs, we took you somewhere there was no way we could take The Love Hut. This is a tour of 3 Historic covered Bridges in Blount County Alabama, along with 2 of our favorite swimming holes. We also got a lot of work done on the house that we couldn’t have done without it being off the truck. I Hope y’all enjoy. If you do, please hit those like and subscribe buttons, and let us know what you think in the com...!
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Enjoy this Bob Ross scene that includes luxurious green foliage and an old weathered trestle-bridge placed lovingly amongst all the beauty. Season 3 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Mountain Retreat, Blue Moon, Bubbling Stream, Winter Night, Distant Hills, Covered Bridge, Quiet Inlet, Night Light, The Old Mill, Campfire, Rustic Barn, Hidden Lake, and Peaceful Waters. Subscribe to the official Bob Ross YouTube channel -!
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Welcome to our live webcam of the historic Waitsfield Covered Bridge in Vermonts the Mad River Valley. We would like to thank Lawsons Finest Liquids for sponsoring our webcam and being a valued partner!!
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The Kitchen Dwellers & The Magic Beans Sheridan Opera House Telluride CO Live 1.2.2019 Covered Bridges by The Kitchen Dwellers Cameras: Sam Silkworth, Adam Berta, Austin Koonz Edit By Sam Silkworth // Silky Shots...!
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Here is a clip from the documentary and DVD project....!
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The best family vacations are the ones you spend outdoors - where you unplug to recharge. Trade the backseat for the bike seat on the Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway, a 38-mile route with options for all cyclists. It begins in Cottage Grove, crosses the Row River, offers stunning views of Dorena Lake and showcases several of Oregons historic covered bridges.!
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This slide show of Oregon State Covered Bridges depicts the over 45 still existing bridges (many of which are still in daily service), and often in beautiful, out of the way places. The photography is by David and Karen Langsather. Piano music is by Brett Langsather. Our rule is to stop and walk across each bridge; parking is usually available at one end of the bridge. These bridges are supported by large wooden timber trusses and the styles of many bridges show the designers ideas....!
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We admit this video could be a bit niche, but we loved seeing these iconic covered bridges of New England so we wanted to release a separate video from our general Vermont video ( Vermont, we hear, have around 106 of these romantic, quaint, and old-fashioned bridges....!
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Take a covered bridge tour in Southern Vermont and learn about the rich history of Vermonts covered bridges....!
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We travel to Western New Hampshire to the towns of Swanzey and Winchester to explore some of the countrys historic wonders. New Hampshires Covered Bridges. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Exploring New Hampshires White Mountains National Forest and The Basin Geological Formation. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Recorded September 28, 2016 The Hartland Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick, is the worlds longest covered bridge, at 1,282 feet long. It crosses the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada. The framework consists of seven small Howe Truss bridges joined together on six piers. This is one of many videos from my Northeast road trip. Check out the others in the following playlist: From: http://ti...!
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The lure of water rushing over rocks can be peaceful yet energizing at the same time. The charm of New Hampshires historic covered bridges - each with its own unique story. New Hampshire is home to more than 100 waterfalls and 50 covered bridges. In our latest video series we take a look at what makes these so captivating. #livefreenh...!
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Sometimes the fun lies in not doing a lot of research before you go.... Bridges Covered: Mansfield, (crosses Big Raccoon Creek) Conleys Ford, Bridgeton, and Thorpe Ford in Parke County Indiana. Covered Bridges of Indiana has tours and festivals on a routine basis. Produced by the Dozenspeed Channel C. 2019...!
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A new bride crosses an old covered bridge and is transported in time to the 1770s. About to be shackled in an arranged marriage, she dishes out all the spit and fire of 1970s womens lib. Air Dates: First Run - March 23, 1976 Repeat - August 7, 1976 Actors: Kaliban, Robert Martin, Ian Raeburn, Bryna Rowland, Jada Writer: Martin, Ian...!
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Cross a frozen stream under the shelter of a grand covered bridge and enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful Bob Ross winter’s day. Season 19 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Snowfall Magic, Quiet Mountain Lake, Final Embers of Sunlight, Snowy Morn, Camper’s Haven, Waterfall in the Woods, Covered Bridge Oval, Scenic Seclusion, Ebb Tide, After the Rain, Winter Elegance, Evening’s Peace, and Valley of Tranquility. Subscribe to the ...!
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Arnold Graton is one of the last traditional bridge builders....!
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Haunted covered bridges Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more: Get more Boston news: Like us: Follow us: Instagram:!
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The timeless appeal of covered bridges Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more: Get more Boston news: Like us: Follow us: Instagram:!
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Covered bridges have been an integral part in Americas history and growth. 1. The Bridge of Sighs Built by Henry Hutchinson, this famous bridge belongs to Cambridge University and can be found in St Johns College. It was built in 1831 and connects the colleges Third Court with the New Court and crosses over the River Cam. This gained popularity because of the pranks played by some students by dangling a car under the bridge. It was... 2. Bitzers Mill Covered Bridge One of the oldest bridge ...!
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Learn about these remnants of history in the commonwealth....!
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Enjoy a music video and picture slideshow as Buddy Davis and some of his friends build a brand-new covered bridge over his creek. The song is from Buddys CD Hymns of the Wildwood....!
Channel Title : Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Center - Travel Lane County Views : 10586 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-04-01T23:24:39Z Cottage Grove, Oregon is the Covered Bridge Capital of the West with six historic bridges in and around town. Cycle the scenic bikeway that loops through the bridges and discover the former gold rush town with its beautiful murals, boutiques, restaurants and rich history. And all this fun is surrounded by Oregon Wine Country, so cycle on out to the nearby vineyards to taste Oregons famous Pinot Noir. You know you need a getaway when the only cycling you...!
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Excerpt from Emmy nominated One Day Getaway episode Winterset Visit for links to more....!
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Vintage Scenes of Covered Bridges in Ohio....!
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Blount County Alabama has 3 covered bridges more than any other county in Alabama. All 3 bridges are different and have their own unique features. This is my story on them for ABC3340 Focus @4 title See Alabama....!
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Hit the byways of Ohio and see some of our covered bridges. Heres a peek at a few of them. Travel Tip: Check out the Ohio Department of Transportation web site for a listing of the covered bridges in Ohio....!
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This is a video on one of the last two Covered Bridges in North Carolina. It is the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in Claremont NC in Catawba County. It goes over Lyle Creek. Photography and Videography by Keith Hall Photography, Elkin NC....!
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Visit our other channel. is a cable access program that is produced in the Western Massachusetts town of East Longmeadow. ADV TV airs on ELCAT channel 191 and FOCUS Springfield channel 12 Springfield, Massachusetts. We do not monetize our videos. Any ads placed are done so by googles web crawler with regard to third party content. Whenever possible we attain permission from the third parties, unfortunately youtube does sometimes place adve...!
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Few structures in America combine architectural ingenuity, economic necessity, and romantic idealism better than the covered bridge. Today there are just over 100 authentic covered bridges in the state of Vermont, giving it the highest number of covered bridges per square mile in the United States. Producer Dave Fraser and Videographer Mark Langevin went in search of these bridges and started their journey with a visit to the Bennington Covered Bridge Museum, in Bennington, Vermont. Bennington C...!
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Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County is a covered-bridge mecca. WGAL’s Corinne Lillis took in the historic sights on a scooter tour. Ride along and watch the video above for a look at some of Lancaster County’s notable covered bridges. Subscribe to WGAL on YouTube now for more: Get more Susquehanna Valley news: Like us: Follow us: Instagram:!
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We drive from Pittsburgh to Southeastern Ohio and Wayne National Forest seeking Covered Bridges and Mail Pouch barns along the scenic Little Muskingum River. We are saddened by the loss of one of these historic and iconic structures from yesteryear....!
Channel Title : History in Your Own Backyard Views : 1978 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-01-11T15:17:13Z This is the oldest covered bridge in the State of Ohio and one of only 6 double barreled covered bridges in the country....!
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I love making videos about different stuff but seems like every time I turn around its flooded here in southern Indiana. I highly recommend to come see these two spots if you never been down here to see them. If you know anywhere floods like this comment below or send me a link to a video so I can watch it thanks for everyones support and have a blessed new year....!
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Ashtabula Covered Bridges For maps and information: Produced & Edited by New Day Cleveland © 2017 WJW Television, LLC All Rights Reserved....!
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We took a Road trip to the Park County Covered Bridge Festival hoping to buy a few things to decorate the log home. We went to Bridgeton and Mansfield, but there are yard sales and vendors setup all over the county in every town. Facebook:!

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