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Hello, it’s me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. Welcome to Part 1 of Making a Crazy Quilt Start to Finish. Today we will be talking about foundation squares and fabrics. You can use muslin, an old sheet or any other type of cotton fabric for your foundation squares. Silks, Satins, Lace, Velvet, Upholstery Fabrics, Fancy prom dresses, Silk shirts, fancy cottons can all be used for the piecing of the blocks. #crazyquilting #crazyquilttutorial #crazyrebecca My secret FB group: https://www...!
Channel Title : Missouri Star Quilt Company Views : 801589 DisLikes : 160 Published Date :2012-05-17T14:50:46Z -- Jenny Doan demonstrates how to use the Crazy Quilt Templates to make a Crazy Quilt. To get the materials to make your own Crazy Quilt, follow the links below: Crazy Quilt Templates by MSQC Fabric by the Yard Omnigrid 8.5 Square Ruler Rotary Cutters!
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Crazy quilting is so much fun for me, so I wanted to share how to make a crazy quilt square with you! After piecing together your square with different fabrics, you can embellish your crazy quilt squares just about any way you want - hand embroidery, beading, machine embroidery, ribbons, etc. This is how you make the piece completely your own, and its such a creative way to do a quilt square, so have fun with it! Please check the playlist for more SEWING Tutorials:!
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After the success with our very first patchwork tutorial, we show you how to do it. ARNE & CARLOS How to do a crazy quilt patch work square by ARNE & CARLOS __ Hi and welcome to our channel! Who are we: Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are highly regarded designers, textile artists and authors. They are best known for their craft books and their original, colourful and visually striking designs. Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background and their ev...!
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#crazyquilting #quilting Create your own crazy quilt heirlooms using contemporary methods with world-renowned award-winning author Judith Baker Montano. Judith is the author of The Crazy Quilt Handbook and Crazy Quilt Odyssey, which together have sold over 250,000 copies. See how easy it is to create this classic Victorian look with Judith as your personal teacher. She guides you through creating your own crazy quilt piece, which gives you the opportunity to practice numerous stitches along the...!
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Learn crazy quilting from Jennifer Cloustens new book, Foolproof Crazy Quilting. Foolproof Crazy Quilting is a visual guide with 25 stitch maps, 100 plus embroidery and embellishment stitches. Crazy quilting is the ultimate art of hand embroidery and embellishment. Buy the book here:!
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How to piece a simple 6 crazy quilt block using cotton fabrics and stitching by hand with minimal supplies. Thank you for watching Ivory Blush Roses, Crazy Quilting and Beyond! The BASIC series covers the basic steps of creating a crazy quilt. Its the perfect place for a beginner to start! Supplies used in this video include the following: - Unbleached cotton muslin - Cotton fabric scraps - Thread - I use Coats & Clark Dual Duty All Purpose Thread - Scissors - DMC embroidery needles - Ruler...!
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CRAZY QUILT BLOCK CURTAINS UPCYCLING FABRIC SAMPLES: Part One! Watch me as I make curtains for my new sewing studio in a crazy quilt style and using my beautiful home décor sample fabric stash. This is part one, piecing the block. In subsequent videos I will embellish the blocks with fancy stitching and/or lace and trims, sew the blocks together and line the curtains with black out fabric. Black Out Fabric:!
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I had a bunch of orange and yellow scraps so I decided to make a crazy quilt! This tutorial includes instructions for piecing Y seams! Ive been wearing this crazy quilt infinity scarf since this fall and finally got around to sharing the video on how its made. You can find the Eclipse quilt instructions here: Leah teaches quilting online through free YouTube videos uploaded weekly. Subscribe to our channel...!
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For more My First Quilt episodes, and other free quilting videos, visit The Quilting Company: Thank you to our sponsors: Hobbs Bonded Fibers Baby Lock Madeira...!
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Beautiful fanciful crazy quilts. Lots of different materials and threads Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:!
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How to Crazy Quilt the Modern Way. Using a sewing machine and all of its built in stitch you can creative a one of a kind Crazy Fan Quilt Templates Here Fabric by Timeless Treasures Machine Bernina 790 Thread By Coats!
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Hello, its me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. Today we are going to embellish a block to within an inch of its life. I forgot I had Judith Baker Montanos book Elegant Stitches. You can get a copy HERE: My secret FB group: h...!
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Hello peanut gallery! I joined the crazy quilt blocks in this video... all of them! I thought maybe Id join just a few then do the rest off camera, but it was so quick and easy that I joined them all while on camera. Next time Ill back it and the quilt will be done! You can catch up on this series here: Thanks for watching! Join my new Peanut Gallery facebook group! Please subscribe for a front row seat in my Pe...!
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Learn how to Crazy Quilt in this video, as taught for 16+ years creating handbags, jackets, vests, totes, quilts, holiday stockings and pillows. Create a wide array of gorgeous and unique fabrics with your fabric stash.Template on the main website, be sure to scroll down and you will see the template linked in RED print:!
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This video is the first of my series in which I share the 11 inch squares I have pieced for a crazy quilt. Dozens of crazy piece samples shown. Some explanation of how its done and how I save my scraps. Thanks for watching....!
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Its Hope Yoder here and I would like to help guide you through two BASIC principals for flawless crazy quilting. Its all about line angles and the center 5-sided piece. Remember the movie Buzz Lightyear? What was his famous line? If you guessed, To INFINITY and beyond you are correct. Visit for more tutorials. Hopes Etsy store!
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Im back with block number 10 out of 24 in my turn of the century, travel themed CQ The Grande Tour. Lots of embroidery on this one, beads, sequins, laces and trims. A preview of block number is at the end. Thanks for sticking with me on this project. As always, I appreciate any likes or comments. Please consider subscribing....!
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Not intended for children under the age of 13. Here I am with block number nine (even if I did slip up at one point in the video and call it number 8. I am constantly calling the blocks by the wrong number. Like, in every video. Its ridiculous. I should be able to remember what block it is for 6 minutes.) Block #9 with a sneak peek at block #10 out of 24 that will make up my big Grande Tour crazy quilt bedcover. This kind of quilt is for display only, you cant sleep with it or you could suffer b...!
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Get freestyle piecing tips to keep your patchwork neat and tidy! Add a variety of shapes and sizes to a base piece of fabric until you get a quilt block that works for you. Get step-by-step direction from Colleen Tauke, Fons & Porter Sewing Specialist, for a successful crazy-pieced quilt block experience! Quilting notions, quilt patterns, and other items you need to create your quilting projects can be found at, including: Shop Fons & Porter rotary cutters and accessories...!
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Easy hand embroidery border line stitch,crazy quilting embroidery,New Borderline Embroidery Dear Viewer, Hope you are enjoying my video. This video about: Easy hand embroidery border line stitch Get more Updates: Please subscribe my Channel: Follow on Twitter: Follow on pinterest:!
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You can watch me make a simple tote bag here Please subscribe for a front row seat in my Peanut Gallery!!! Check out my eBay auctions! See my Shaws coupon deals! Check Out Skylars World (my granddaughter) Send your pet images for a future pet montage appearance to: petmontage...!
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Have you tried crazy quilt embroidery yet? Crazy Quilting refers to the textile art of crazy patchwork!...!
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Find the Crazy Quilt Template Set and Book used in this video here: Other Supplies used in this video: Olfa Ergonomic 45mm Rotary Cutter Omnigrip Non Slip Ruler Olfa...!
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Passo a passo #shanayaatelier #crazyquilting #patchwork Olá meninas! Vou passar neste vídeo como fazer a emenda de retalhos usando a técnica do Crazy Quilting. Depois de pronto ele pode ser bordadinho em todas as emendas e fica liiiindo!!! Espero que vocês gostem! Acesse: Me siga nas redes sociais: Instagram: @shanayaatelier Facebook:!
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A fancy new twist on an old favorite! People have been using scrap fabric for quilting since the beginning of craft. While shopping the other day at a craft show it hit me that every scrap quilt could really show you what a quilter was like. Everything from the size of the block to the colors and patterns showed true expression of ones self. However, not being into quilting I figured Id tried using this method in clothing, and I fell in love!...!
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Hello, it’s me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. I am taking these crazy quilts to the craft show. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will answer them. My secret FB group: email rebecca(at) Happy Mail or a new sign can go to: Rebecca Halley 44 E Main Suite 513 Champaig...!
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Create digital crazy patch designs that look like handwork. Nancy and guest Eileen Roche, machine embroidery expert, show you how to duplicate your grandmother’s crazy quilt hand embroidery stitches with today’s digital techniques—all in the hoop. Learn more and watch more episodes at Read Nancy Ziemans blog and find more inspiration online at!
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Hello, its me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. Its Crazy Quilt Friday, (I hope). I am trying to put the backing on my burgundy quilt, but I need a bigger table!. I am using a upholstery/drapery weight striped fabric which will make it easy to follow the lines. Since I am hand sewing everything it took me a while to finish. No, I did not use batting. No, I will not be washing this quilt unless a cat somehow vomits on it. and even then it will only be a spot cleaning not a toss in the washing...!
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Hello, its me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. Lets put this thing together! I apologize for my shaky camera work. I need a proper studio and set up but we all know that aint happening any time soon. My secret FB group: Happy Mail or a new sign can go to: Rebecca Halley 44 E Main Suite 513 Champaign IL 61820...!
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Dear Viewer, Hope you are enjoying my video. This video about: hand embroidery easy border line design/crazy quilting embroidery/new borderline embroidery Get more Updates: Please subscribe my Channel: Our Social Media: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow on Facebook: Follow on pinterest: https://nl.p...!
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With just a few simple supplies, you can create a beautiful crazy quilt block!   Happy Stitching! Lets go create something beautiful!...!
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How to hand-piece fabric together on a foundation of muslin in a crazy quilt design, with no rules whatsoever! Use the shapes and colors that you love the most, and go with it. SHARE THIS VIDEO: WATCH RELATED VIDEOS: ▶▶▶For tools and materials relating to this video, please visit our Amazon storefront: Thanks for watching!!! ✄┅┅✄┅┅┅✄┅┅✄┅┅┅✄┅┅✄┅┅┅✄┅...!
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Promotional trailer for the DVD, Judith Baker Montano Teaches You Crazy Quilting, from C&T Publishing.!
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Hello peanut gallery! I started a new series for a raw edge crazy quilt! Im calling this one crazy just so I can tap in to the crazy quilt world again. lol I will be making this quilt from beginning to end so stick with me to see how it turns out! You can see my wonky 9 patch quilt series here: and my wonky 3 patch rag quilt series here: Thanks for watching! Join my new Peanut Gallery facebook group!!
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Venha saber como utilizamos retalhos na técnica crazy quilt PATCHWORK ::: Técnica Crazy Quilt - By Fê Atelier O By Fê Atelier mostra aqui no youtube aulas gratuitas como a Costura Criativa, o Patchwork e o Artesanato em geral... Então, inscreva-se para não perder nossas dicas! Acesse as nossas playlists e veja outros vídeos para se inspirar... * YouTube - * Facebook - * Instagram - htt...!
Channel Title : Quilting Daily Views : 6276 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2014-12-26T15:32:03Z
Karen Charles of Husqvarna Viking demonstrates how simple it is to make crazy quilts using a sewing machine. Karen uses metallic threads with heavier cords in the bobbin and two threads at once in the needle to make decorative stitches. She also uses a tear-away foundation to keep fabric flat. Also see what Karen does using a three-hole yarn foot....!
Channel Title : Handy & Crafty Cosiendo con Grace Views : 3996 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2018-01-18T11:02:39Z
En el video de hoy te enseño paso a paso cómo hacer un Estuche – Cartera para Celulares utilizando técnicas muy sencillas de PATCHWORK y CRAZY QUILTING! Es un bello y rápido proyecto DIY No dudes en visitar mi página web descargar el documento PDF con la Lista de Materiales y guía de medidas de este proyecto. Y si estás comenzando con el Patchwork y el Quilting, te invito a ver dos de mis videos: ✅ 7 Materiales Básico...!
Channel Title : Missouri Star Quilt Company Views : 132145 DisLikes : 76 Published Date :2020-04-03T04:00:00Z
Shop Stars and Stitches Quilt supplies here: Download the supplies list here: Jenny Demonstrates how to make a delightful Stars and Stitches quilt inspired by her favorite antique crazy quilt. This easy block is made using the Creative Grids Crazier Eights Template and 10 inch squares of precut fabric (layer cakes). For this project, Jenny chose Kona Cotton - Paintbox Basics Ten Squares by Elizabeth Hartman for ...!
Channel Title : Beautiful Things Views : 4857 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-09-04T06:00:05Z
As a follow up to my crazy patchwork with french seams tutorial I thought Id show you how I make regular crazy patchwork fabric ready to quilt with or make bags etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any items mentioned in my videos that are available online can be found in my Amazon shop* Find me on Instagram @artyfartymack Join my crafty facebook group (3 entry question requirement) https://www.facebook...!
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Hello, its me, Crazy Rebecca Dances With Pit Bulls. My other sign is still at work. I promise to bring it home someday. Lets practice the Cretan stitch. It takes practice to get this even. Dont get all hung up on being perfect! #crazyquilting #cretanstitch #youcandothis My secret FB group: email rebecca(at)crazyr...!
Channel Title : Pano Xadrez por Eliana Zerbinatti Views : 307269 DisLikes : 57 Published Date :2011-02-23T03:58:52Z
Dica para aproveitar tecidos que restaram de outros trabalhos... Ou mesmo para fazer algo sem muitas regras e imposições para aqueles tecidinhos que você comprou! Com imaginação e mente livre você conseguirá fazer um crazy quilt único. Para kits com placa de corte, régua e cortador, acesse Loja virtual: Twitter: @tialili Facebook:!
Channel Title : Susan Taylor Brown Views : 1110 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-03-05T17:55:13Z
Thrift store haul ! It was a good day to go shopping and it will be fun to upcycle fabric for junk journals & crazy quilts Fabric is so expensive so my favorite thing to do is to head to the thrift stores where I can often find pretty fabric for cheap prices. Of course they were originally clothes, but once I rip everything apart...its all fabric for junk journal covers and crazy quilts. Check out the playlist for more episodes in this series:!
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Hello lovely people! Im back with block number 17 of 24 in my travel themed crazy quilt. I have seven to go! Thanks so much for watching and commenting. It means so much. XX...!
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Quilters have been asking and we have answered! The GO! Crazy Quilt Die creates a 6” block and fits a GO! and the GO! Big Fabric Cutters! • • • The GO! Crazy Quilt 6 Finished Die cuts up to 5 layers of fabric in one pass, so with 10 different fabrics and in two passes, you can create 10 scrappy blocks. Bust your stash and create striking quilts with just one die! • • • Products Featured in this Video GO! Crazy Quilt 6 Finished Die:!

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