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-Giveaway- NOW CLOSED! The giveaway post is on this account: - Only entries on this account will be valid! Announcement tomorrow!!! 1st of August 2020 at 5 pm GMT! Hello my loves! 😍 Today I am going to show you how to crochet a super cute granny tote/shopping bag. Feel free to share with me your DIYs and creations you do following the tutorials here from the channel, I love seeing everything you do. I really hope you enjoy todays video ✨🌹✨ Sec...!
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EASY to follow instruction! Make different sizes! Great for the environment! FIRST ROW OF LOOPS SHOULD BE 19 *****NOT****** 18. For small bag start with 21 chain, then 20 Sc in first row, repeat for 5-6 rows. First row of loops should be 19 loops. Then repeat. For large bag start with 31 chain, then 30 Sc in first row, repeat for 5-6 rows. First row of loops should be 29 loops. Then repeat....!
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Hello peanut gallery! I came up with a very simple tote bag for beginners. I hope you enjoy! If you need a beginner video for chain stitch watch this: Visit me on Patreon where Im UNcensored!!! Check out my ASMR channel!!! Join my Peanut Gallery facebook group! Please subscribe for a front row seat in my Peanut Gallery!!!!
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Hello. İn this video Im going to show you how to crochet Tulip Bag With A Solid Square. For another bag; Instagram; Facebook; Hello to everyone. On my channel you can find easy crocheting models, crocheting tutorials. I will share with you; blanket models, shawl models, cardigans / vest models, dress and skirt models, hat and beret models and slippers/ booties models...!
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Its getting close to the holidays, and you know what that means? Trick or treating, big family meals together and sharing gifts with loved ones. I dont think this Crochet Drawstring Pom Pom bag will help you with your post turkey coma, but it can help with the trick or treating and the gifting. Its not only beginner friendly, its also a very quick project. It turned out to be super versatile in how you could wear it and use it. It can be carried clutch style, worn over the shoulder, and even ...!
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In this crochet tutorial, I will show you how to make an oval base for the bag. This tutorial is excellent for crochet beginners to learn how to make a double crochet. NEW MARKET BAG: Crochet Hook Organizer: Find more Tutorials here: ETSY Shop: Find me on Social Networks: Instagram: @tanjacrochet Business Contact: [email protected] #TanjaCrochet #Crochet #CrochetBag...!
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MOSAIC BUCKET BAG CROCHET-ALONG: PART 1 (of 3) Crochet Pattern by Yarn + Chai - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Get your FREE PDF Planning Guide Workbook here: WELCOME to Part 1 of the Mosaic Bucket Bag Pattern + Crochet-Along! In this video well crochet the base of our bag. Please note that this pattern is originally part of a crochet-along and it is divided into 3 parts to be ...!
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This tutorial will show you how to crochet a pretty shell stitch purse / bag. This purse is a suitable project for beginners. For my purse I used a 4mm crochet hook and Drops Paris yarn (worsted weight). My written patterns: Follow me on Twitter: Thank you for watching x...!
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In this video, I show how to crochet a simple handbag and share the thought process of its creation. Be on the lookout for additions to this video that show how to make flaps, straps, etc. The yarn used in this video is Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep. If you would like to make the felted rainbow bag that I show in this video, the one I carry with me nearly every day, then you can find the free pattern on my Revelry page here:!
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Written Instructions: More Crochet Tutorials: Learn how to make this drawstring crochet bag pattern with the amazing star stitch! Full video tutorial and free crochet pattern! The Socials! BLOG: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Crochet hooks I like: http://...!
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The Soho Crochet Tote is a quick, easy and modern crochet bag! This pattern is crocheted in one entire piece (even the straps are crocheted directly onto the body) so there is no need for seaming and you only fasten off at the end. This pattern creates a strong and versatile crochet tote that’s perfect for summer, groceries, famers markets or beach days! Free Crochet Pattern - //Materials Yarn - Lion Brand Yarn 24/7 ...!
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For this bag you need cotton yarn and 3mm hook. I used approximat ely 180 gr of yarn. My instagram: my fb: Part 2:!
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Hello Mumshies, In this video Im going to show you how to crochet this Boho Sling Bag. Step by step, easy to follow. MATERIALS Tapestry Needle: Yarn: Lanalon (#3 DK Light Worsted) Hook: 3.75mm Susan Bates Silvalume Scissors MY EQUIPMENTS Tripod: Faux Fur: Camera: Lighting: Dont forget to like, comment, share & SUBSCRIBE :) if you love this tutorial. Lets be friends IG: http...!
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Hello. Today Im going to show you in this video how to crochet drawsing small bag. This is very easy tutorial great for beginners. We will use just single crochet and double crochet. You can use this small crochet bag for anything you want. More video patterns is below. If you will have any questions just write me here below the video or you can write me and follow me on Instagram @tommyssheep. 3 ways how to make MAGIC RING vs chain ring: How to make MAGIC RING: ...!
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카페 주소입니다 뜰래아 다른영상들 보러가기!
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코바늘로 뜨는 국민가방. 망태기 가방뜨기 영상 2편이예요. 2편에서는 옆면과 손잡이 끈 만들기가 소개되어 있습니다. 바닥부터 시작하는 1편 먼저 봐주세요~ 1편 사용실 : 실바람 디바실 3볼사용. 코바늘 6호(3.5mm) 사용. crochet granny square bag *영상 보시고 궁금하신 내용 있으시면 영상 아래 덧글에 남겨주세요.^^ 아델의 컨텐츠 모아보기~(팬하기 눌러주세...!
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카페 주소입니다 뜰래아 다른영상들 보러가기!
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Merhaba bu videoda size yazın kullanabileceğiniz çok güzel bir çanta yapımı anlattım. Yapmasıda kullanmasıda çok eğlenceli. Bu çanta Katie Jones un ücretsiz bir tarifi ben türkçeye çevirerek sizlerle paylaştım. Orjinal tarifin linkini aşağı koyuyorum oradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Bu tarz videolar daha çok gelsin istiyorsanız videoyu beğenmeyi kanala abone olmayı ve yorum yapmayı unutmayın. Beni instagram @mrsyumak hesabımdan takip edebilir yaptığınız projeleri benimle...!
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망태가방 스타일에 입체나뭇잎 무늬를 넣어 숄더백을 떠보았어요~~~♡♡ 앞걸어뜨기 뒤걸어뜨기 하면서 코를 늘리고 줄이고 ~~일정한 규칙에 의해 짜다보면 요렇게 멋스런 입체 나뭇잎이 쏙! 나타나요ㅎㅎ 여름에 딱좋은 안다리아실로 뜬 예쁜 망태가방 이네요ㅎㅎ 제가 궁금하시면~~ 패키지...!
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안녕하세요~ 오늘도 시청해주셔서 감사합니다^^ Thanks for watching, see you! English subtitles have been activated. Please turn on in settings. 화질을 설정에서 1080p로 해주세요^^ Set the image quality to 1080p in Settings :) 사이즈조절: 샘플: 기초사슬 53코 사이즈30*30, 영상 43코 26*30. 기초사슬은 5의배수+3 하시면 됩니다. 3단 영상대로 늘려뜨면 5의배수가 됩니다. 원하시는 콧수를 정하시고 떠보아요^^ Siz...!
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#yarn #knitting #corchet Herkese Merhaba Bu videomda sizlere balıksırtı modelli örgü el çantamızın yapımını tarif edeceğim. Çantam için 2 adet Spagetti Yarnın XXL ipinden kullandım tığ numaram : 6 Çantamızın ölçüleri taban boy :22cm taban en :8 cm Çanta boy : 25 cm yapacak olanlara kolaylıklar diliyorum :) Yeni başlayanlar için, sık iğne nasıl yapılır ▶️ Spagetti Yarn iplerimi temin ettiğim adres👉🏼 ht...!
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The herringbone single crochet stitch is easy to work up and creates the perfect stiffness for this modern Summer DIY bag. The crochet pattern is FREE on and this video tutorial covers all the basics + any tricky parts that you may have questions about. For the full instructions, yardage, stitch counts, etc please visit the blog. DIRECT LINK:!
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لايك واشتراك للاستمراريه القناة وتقديم وتعليم كل ماهو جديد ويدوى من اشغال الكروشيه او التريكو...!
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This is a 4 season purse! Ive really missed making crochet purse. They can get a little more complicated with all the hardware etc, but they are so FUN to make. So, since we could all use a little fun at home right about now, lets get some crocheting done and have some new purse in time for Spring! Its also great for craft fairing, so if you have the hardware and the yarn, nows a good time to build up your inventory with a few of these. Heres the free written pattern He...!
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Hello everyone, hows everybody doing? Im still here and going strong on fresh crochet projects for us every week. This weeks project is an intermediate crochet bag using a crocodile stitch. It turned out really cute, and its very handy for everyday use. Its a little bit of work, but nothing you cant handle. Especially with a free written pattern and step by step video tutorial. You can do it! If you want to add a lining, here is the tutorial for the method I like to use!
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I designed this grocery bag holder to be modern, functional and beautiful. The intricate design is surprisingly easy to create and will make you want to put it somewhere on display rather than hiding it away in the pantry. They also make great market items, as they sell extremely well. For an Ad-free printable pdf, see my Etsy shop or my Ravelry store. Ravelry: Etsy shop: Check out my blog post: ht...!
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NEW videos every Wednesday! Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows you how to crochet an easy mini bag. This cross body bag works up quickly and easily, plus its great to carry when you only want to take along your cell phone, cards and other small items. Also, its worked with one continuous strand of yarn (even the handles and edging) so unless you want a lining, theres no sewing either. And if you want a lining, theres an easy way to do so with craft felt. Plus you can wear it as...!
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Hey guys! I hope this video finds you well and happy! This Crochet Boho Bag is super easy and fun and is perfect for your summer bag needs! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Find the written pattern here: Videos you may find useful How To Crochet For Beginners: How to Crochet Part 2: How To Make A Magic Circle:!
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Amo los bolsos tejidos. Hoy les comparto este precioso bolso crochet que se teje partiendo de un cuadrado. Pueden combinar colores según la estación que quieran usarlo. Espero que les sirva de inspiración. ❤Nuestra colección de bolsos y monederos crochet: ❤Para no perderte ningún tutorial SUSCRÍBETE: ❤Mi otro canal de accesorios a crochet para el hogar: http://www....!
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Its Monday so time for a crochet project. Instead of paying for plastic at the supermarket why not make a fabulous crocheted bag which can easily be folded up to a tiny size to pop in a pocket or handbag? This bag stretches to hold loads of goodies and its integral handles and 100% cotton composition make it super strong and comfortable to carry either in your hand or over your shoulder. Its easy to make this bigger or smaller and easy to shorten or extend the handles. Its so easy and works...!
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Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows you to make and crochet a tote bag or larger handbag. This is a great summer DIY project! Please click on the SUBSCRIBE button to get notified of brand new videos from Naztazia! Or click here to automatically subscribe: You can go to the Naztazia website for the FREE written pattern and a listing of materials and supplies: It really helps to follow along with the...!
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In this video Im going to show you how to crochet 3D Leaf Bag. Its a long tutorial. Thats part 1. Part 2: --------------------------- For written pattern ; -------------------------- Website: Instagram; Pinterest; Facebook; Hello t...!
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hey loves! I hope you enjoy this bohemian crochet bag as much as I do, I got this idea from this cool diy blogger, this is just my version of the pattern. Check her out: Let me know if you have any questions or requests! I will upload part 2 soon xx Instagram: @pudding_cup__...!
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코바늘 헤링본가방 crochet herringbone bag. 헤링본 코늘림으로 점점 넓어지는 세련된 모양의 코바늘 가방입니다. 헤링본 스티치와 코늘림하는 방법 함께 배워봐요^^ 수납력도 좋고 예쁜 헤링본가방. 종이실로 뜨면 여름이랑 찰떡~^0^ 루피실 5볼, 코바늘 9호사용. 실구매처 *영상 보시...!
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Learn to crochet beautiful shoulder bag! Perfect crochet project for beginners! The yarn in this video is Bernat Maker Home Dec and you can buy it here: Find the written pattern here: Check out my tutorial for lining the bag: Share your bag with me on Facebook or on Instagram @handmadebyraine...!
Channel Title : naztazia Views : 198484 DisLikes : 78 Published Date :2019-05-29T14:00:01Z
NEW Videos Wednesday! Hi Im Donna Wolfe from Naztazia Today Ill show you how to crochet a Sweet Simple Tote Bag. This handbag is both fun and functional. This tote is made in one continuous piece starting from the base. Two strands of yarn are held together throughout to create a strong bag. Because it’s thick, a lining is not necessary. And it’s made with just single crochet stitches, so there’s no complicated stitch patterns to remember. Stripes along with pompom an...!
Channel Title : Lyza Walters Views : 199192 DisLikes : 66 Published Date :2020-01-07T21:15:21Z
Crochet round bag easy. Step by step crochet bag tutorial. This is from round 1 to 7 video. This bag has 7 inches diameter. Skill level: easy to intermediate Materials used: Yarn: Medium 4 weight yarn, 99% acrylic & 1% other fiber(rehdeart with love metallic, 1 skein). You can use any yarn. Crochet hook: 4.25mm Size 4 steel hook( use for adding zipper with slip stitching) Plastic canvas ultra stiff 2 circle plastic canvas Small d-rings tapestry needle 44 inches Silver rope chain (I bought it i...!
Channel Title : Jayda InStitches Views : 274129 DisLikes : 121 Published Date :2018-05-25T14:00:00Z
Bust through your cotton yarn scraps and make an easy and super useful reusable shopping bag! Scrap Buster Blanket - Crochet Round Purse - * Etsy Shop - * Shirts & Totes - * Tip Jar - * Crafting Supplies - Thank you for your Support! :) Visit our Website for Tips, Trick...!
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Crochet Basket Bag Watch the video and find out how you can make a Crochet Bag that resembles a woven straw bag! For detailed written instructions of this bag click here: Supplies List: • 3 Skeins of Ribbon yarn 60%cotton 40%polyester 250 gr/125m each • Crochet hook No 6mm (US NO: J-10) • A pair of Round Bamboo handles 13cm inner Dia • 4 stitch markers • Darning Needle • Scissors Like it? Subscribe to our channel: https://ww...!
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Hey Crafters! Welcome to my channel. Im glad you found my video on YouTube. In this video youll learn how to make a easy macrame crochet bag. This pattern is very simple, here I use 4 ply macrame & 4m.m crochet hook. I hope you love this pattern. If you like my tutorial please click the like button, its really motivates me to make more awesome stuff. Thank you 😊. 😍My Other Crochet Tutorial 👇👇 😍Macrame Tutorial 👇👇!
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Merajut Menggunakan Pita Organdi (Crochet With Ribbon) Mudah dan hasilnya sangat menarik! ❥ Materials: -Ribbon (Pita Organdi) 1 inch, 6 rolls @20 yard -Polyester Yarn -Hook (hakpen) 6 mm & 2.2 mm -Ring Handles D-12.5 cm ❥ Facebook: ❥ Instagram: #ribboncrochet Salam, @Hannie Hendra ​...!
Channel Title : All Crafts Channel Views : 518348 DisLikes : 220 Published Date :2012-09-07T03:59:21Z
This crochet bag is the perfect beginner project. If you want to move past a simple scarf and would like to try something a little different this bag is perfect for you. Using 2 strands of contrasting yarn (your color choice) this bag is a good option for using your team colors, school colors, favorite colors etc. It can also be made in a solid color. The color combinations are endless. This is a bag that works up quickly and multipurpose and makes a great gift. Embellish with flowers, emb...!
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Heute zeige ich Euch, wie ihr eine schöne Tasche selber häkeln könnt. Die Produkte könnt ihr hier übrigens auch direkt online bei Amazon kaufen. Amazon Affiliate Link*: Garn Nadel Kamera: Mikrofon: ABONNIERT meinen Kanal wenn Ihr häkeln und DIY liebt und VERGESST NICHT DIE GLOCKE ANZUSCHALTEN: DAUMEN HOCH! -- wenn das Video Euch gefallen ...!
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This is another How To make Crochet Bag Base DIY but this time for beginners.This is also an Oval Basket Base Tutorial that is very useful for your crocheted baskets and your crochet tote bag.You can find all the details and how to Crochet Oval Shape Pattern below and also following the tutorial. Enjoy and Subscribeeee :-) Tchüüüssss Subscribe here : Watch more : Connect with me in social media: https://www.i...!
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Crochet Market Bag Pattern: Dont forget to subscribe so we can keep in touch! Follow me on: Instagram: My blog: Facebook: Etsy Shop: Pinterest: My patterns:!

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