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Hi my drops of magic, I hope you enjoy todays video all on my crystal jewellery collection. I did try to make this video as short as possible by grouping my jewellery into crystal categories, but it seems as though I just cant stop chatting away hehehe! I hope you dont mind me going off on a few rants throughout this video ^_^ Dont worry, theyre good rants.. I think, tehe! DISCLAIMER: Most of what Im saying has come from my own research and experiences when working with crystals. I do encour...!
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How-to wire wrap amethyst crystals into beautiful pendants. Perfect for beginners Watch me make 3 wraps with easy techniques and using 2 different types of amethyst; both from Brazil In this video we will go from the jump how to make the bail and secure the crystals, all of which do not have holes. Chevron amethyst and a new kind of Amethyst are coiled up in this quick 11 minute tutorial. Here I used 18 gauge copper square wire & These links are the closest to the sources I use for my inform...!
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Hello Beautiful People, Me and my good friend cooked up a vibe session with you all. Today we will be wrapping crystals with copper. This is my first time doing so and maybe yours too. Hope you all enjoy this new content. ------------------------------------------------------------ TOOLS NEEDED -------------------------------------------------------- *Copper Wire- * Flat nose pliers- * Wire cutters- * Round nose pliers...!
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Hey guys! In todays video my sister JustJordan33 and I will be making crystal earrings, necklaces, and rings out of a craft book! Except this video took an unexpected turn and we had to do some experimenting. Watch the whole thing to see if our creations turned out well. __ Subscribe for videos every Thursday!☆ Comment down below what piece of jewelry was your favorite!♡ Like this video if you enjoyed! Here are some...!
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as some of you may know, i own an online crystal jewelry business called camarda crystals! i want to start introducing more of this side of my life onto my channel, but today i am announcing the new 2019 summer collection! this collection is now live on the site and 10% of each purchase (no matter what you buy!) will donate the Water For People charity! of course do not feel like you have to buy anything, i mainly just want to talk about what im doing and its more than enough that you are here w...!
Channel Title : Magdalene Rose Views : 27184 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2017-03-19T16:44:16Z
In this video I talk about the benefits of Crystal Healing Jewellery and how and when to wear them // Learn how to create powerful Crystal Grids Join me LIVE on Facebook and Instagram:!
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Patreon: List of Items and Where to Get Them: 1) Rectifier - 2) Copper Wire - 3) Apoxie Clay - 4) Electroforming Solution - 5) Gloves - 6) Third Hand / Clips (not using this one but recommended) - 7) Wire Cutter - 8) Sanding Paper - Could not find the brand o...!
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In this video Lourdes and Tara describe how to use your jewelry to receive the maximum use of the vibrations. For more information on crystals, please go to To receive a 10% discount on your order, please use this code, YTVideo10 on Crystal Blessings!...!
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Got crystal jewelry? Do You Wear Crystals? Caroline Jalango shares about why she wears Crystal Jewelry / Gemstone Jewelry and why she loves it. The therapeutic, healing, protective, high vibration, loving, beautiful light energies of crystals can be carried around with us to help us evolve, awaken, heal and remember who we are. Crystals can be worn as necklaces, pendants, hand rings, bracelets, toe rings and even around the waist. Crystal jewelry has been worn since ancient times and their powe...!
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All my crystal jewelry! This was a requested video, I really didnt even realize I had such a collection! Knotti Roots Shop: Moldavite Energy Experiments 1: Moldavite Energy Experiments 2: Pyrite Video: Welcome Im Rachele and Im all about living a high vibration life= your best life ever. This includes mindfulness, being purposeful with what youre feeding your b...!
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#CrystalJewelry #CrystalCollection #CrystalWitch #WitchyJewelry 🧿Personal Insta: Bonnieeeskye 🌙My Witchy Etsy Shop: 🔮Shop Insta: Bonniesbotanicalco 💞JahdoraGems Etsy: ✨Note: Most of the other pieces are linked in the description box of my crystal hauls. Check out that playlist if you are interested...!
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Unboxing box for July and August 2020. There are some beautiful pieces in this box. Check out this box! If you are a crystal lover like me, I think you will want to check into this cool box! crystals for beginners,crystal healing,subscription box,crystal collection,rose quartz,crystal collection and meaning,subscription box packaging,crystal healing chakra,healing crystals for beginners,healing crystals and chakras,subscription boxes 2020,crystal haul,rose quartz roller,s...!
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DIY - How to Solder Crystal Jewelry with Allison Labarbera! Check out her Etsy store: To view all our crystals, please go to this link, For more information on crystals for various issues, challenges, and ailments, go to this link, To receive a 10% discount on your order, please use this code, YTVideo10. Crystal Bless...!
Channel Title : Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler Views : 36136 DisLikes : 64 Published Date :2019-09-03T18:25:03Z
Chakra Stones can be a powerful way to tap into healing energy to balance and open the energy flow through your chakras... But there is a hidden DANGER with many of the chakra stones, chakra bracelets, pendants and jewelry on the market today! Learn what it is and how to avoid it now! Then... Learn how to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals with Sunlight here: Or Learn more about how to Cleanse and work with Healing Crystals here: https://www.ask...!
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Today we show you how we made these cool crystals from scratch using borax and crystal necklaces with metal leaf accents. We are really happy with how they turned out and we think theyd also make cool presents! If you would like one of these necklace but dont have time/want to make one yourself, check out our blog store linked below :) Tara and Ellen xx You will need: - Pipecleaner - Wire/nylon string - Chopstick/pen - Glass/Bowl - Borax - Boiling water - Food ...!
Channel Title : Gem Collectors with Shawn l Gem Shopping Network Views : 70671 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2018-07-23T15:00:12Z
Shawn brings you a selection of gemstones, jewelry, mineral & fossil specimens in an educational format. Shawn creates one new show a week. Tune in on Thursday! Check out Shawn’s show on Demand at ----------------------------------- Tune into our live show 24/7 to see more fun moments on air! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our other video clips from the show to learn more about our hosts and see what you miss...!
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DIY faux gold dipped jewelry is all the rage so this tutorial is exactly what you need to make beautiful DIY jewelry. Its a quick and versatile project that requires very little skill and just a few supplies. Use larger crystals for pendants and smaller for charms and earrings, the possibilities are endless, so lets get started! If you want to fast forward past the intro where I show pictures of past and future projects advance to 0:55 I buy all my beads already drilled and thus technique doesn...!
Channel Title : Jewellers Academy Views : 72656 DisLikes : 44 Published Date :2015-09-08T11:22:10Z
Learn to make these lovely, on trend, Quartz Crystal Necklaces in minutes with this tutorial with Jessica Rose from Jewellers Academy. Tools and materials you will need: Quartz Crystal Pack (white/clear) Quartz Crystal Pack (Blue) Silver Chain Silver Wire 0.4mm or 0.5mm (AWG 26 or 24) Lobster Clasp Flush Cutters Chain nosed pliers Round nosed pliers Try or for supplies. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a...!
Channel Title : The Crystal Collector Views : 216043 DisLikes : 107 Published Date :2019-06-01T01:20:14Z
This is an exciting video short of finding an extraordinary piece of amethyst found last season. Then taking it to a professional, dubbed The Bearded Gemcutter. From there he takes the piece and creates a masterpiece! Find him on Instargram as well as the Crystal Collector for up to date findings and things!...!
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❤DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold ❤Get it Now: ❤50% Off Today. ❤Free Worldwide Shipping. ❤LIMITED Quantity Available! This DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold 83 Pcs Set contains Various Shapes of molds, which helps you Customize your own jewelry accessories with this silicone molds. Beautifully Handmade: Perfect tools for making great designs of your own, bracelet, rings, and other jewelry. Various Designs: Oval, teardrop, star, heart, flower, etc., a variety of styles...!
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OPEN TO FIND RESOURCES AND LINKS! Final video about buying gemstones with list of sellers is finally here! Open for more details below and link to the downloadable list! How to source gemstones online? How to spot fake crystals? Where to buy cabochons for jewelry making? This video answers these and other questions about sourcing gems. Its also a summary of previous videos of the series, which are listed below, make sure you check them out too! :) ⭐️ LIST OF SELLERS (PDF to download): http...!
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Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collection Unboxing Link for Product Collection:!
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Beaded bracelet making crystal jewelry making useful & easy hi there today i am gonna show to how to make beade bracelet at home its a crystal jewelry making easy step by step tutorial and every one can make this beautiful braded bracelet you can use this beaded crystal bracelet in any ocation so hope that you love my jewelry making tutorial Materials we need red bicone crystal beads, green bicone crystal beads, seed beads, beading thread, lobster clasp, (you can use any kind of clasp) ju...!
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UPDATED VERSION: Hi there! thanks for watching my how to pronounce Swarovski video. This video will teach you how to pronounce swarovski, the crystal jewelry company correctly in English. Subscribe for more and share this with your friends!...!
Channel Title : Tea And Art Views : 8515 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-06-20T15:54:24Z
#Softsoldering #crystalpendant #gemstone In this video I am making a simple pendant showing how to achieve texture. Its really a lot of practice but as you learn you will definitely be happy. Music is copyright free by Kevin Macleod Reversible Softsolder pendant Tutorial: Soft solder Crystal Bracelet from Spoon Adding charms with tiffany technique How I pack my orders?!
Channel Title : Beautiful Scars_sfx Views : 2099 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2018-11-15T03:29:22Z
I like the process of make it and it was very satisfying to watch it grow but the hard part for me was making shape I think I was not supposed to use the whole pipe cleaner but actually cut to size 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 but other than that I really enjoyed it and hope you do to 😘...!
Channel Title : sandrartes Views : 10027 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-03-08T17:34:36Z
A Crystal inside a crystal! :D Crystal pendant that glows in the dark... magical effect! I love crystal molds and its very convenient to have this set to play around and make color combinations :D The glow in the dark pigments are sooo gorgeous!! ***************************************************** The products used in this video are from Funshowcase Products links (*Affiliate links): - *Pendulum Crystal Point Resin Silicone Molds 12-count Jewelry Casting 220-Kits Set Filigree Cone Caps, Nec...!
Channel Title : cutewitch772 Views : 2029 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2017-02-12T22:00:01Z
Have you ever wondered what other people can tell about you just from the crystals you wear? Ive got it covered! With thanks to Jenna Marbles for the unending inspiration, this is What Your Crystal Jewelry Means or What Your Crystals Mean or What Your Crystals/Crystal Jewelry Says About You. ----- Love what I do on YouTube? Support my videos and get behind-the-scenes bonuses on Patreon! Need some guidance from Tarot or Oracle as told by me? Check out my rea...!
Channel Title : Energy Muse Views : 7717 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2017-08-03T18:38:11Z
Crystal of the Week with Heather Askinosie and special guest Sophia Rose was about power banding. Wearing your crystals as bracelets can bring a powerful energy. Heather and Sophia share their current favorite bands and how the energy effects them based on which wrist each piece is on. Aired on 7/31/17 at Energy Muse Jewelry Gift Guide for High Vibes and Cosmic Connection: 5 Tips to Getting Results with Your Healing Crystal Jewelry: Power Banding: ...!
Channel Title : Beadaholique Views : 16603 DisLikes : 21 Published Date :2017-12-15T19:32:39Z - In this special live event, designers Kat and Julie show you their tips and tricks for using Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones and Settings in your jewelry designs. Designer: Design Team You can find the supplies in this video at Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Pendant Setting, Fits Eye Fancy Stone, 1 Piece, Gold Plated SKU: SWCR-4275!
Channel Title : Mahas Treasure box Views : 1240 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2015-09-10T04:21:55Z
Channel Title : Klutz Views : 7418 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2016-12-16T20:27:26Z
Buy now: Explore the science of gems and minerals while crafting 7 dazzling, crystal projects in your choice of colors. With this kit, a stylish scientist can make 3 pendant necklaces, 2 statement rings, a pair of earrings and a decorative colossal crystal. Crystal-clear instructions and fun facts about crystal chemistry spark creativity every step of the way....!
Channel Title : Autumn Mystic ASMR Views : 4445 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-06-06T18:01:59Z
This is a roleplay for relaxation and to trigger ASMR (a relaxing, tingly feeling). ASMR Channel Website: My Etsy Store: My Crystal Website: Instagram: @mysticautumn...!
Channel Title : Jill Wiseman Views : 4342 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2015-06-03T14:00:03Z
Enter to win a copy of Diane Whitings great book, Convertible Crystal Jewelry! Details on how to win and the dates of the contest are in the video. Good luck! The necklace Im wearing in the video is the Butterfly Kisses necklace, which can be found on my website as a kit, and the instructions are in my book, Jill Wisemans Beautiful Beaded Ropes, also available on my website, . For more kits and supplies check out!
Channel Title : Orchid and Opal Jewelry & Beads Views : 4924 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-01-02T17:00:00Z
✿✿✿ ROYAL PLUMAGE COLLECTION: ✿✿✿ ★ Hey beautiful beaders! I am thrilled to share with you the sixth Eureka Crystal Beads Collection! {OPEN ME} Friendly reminder: this is not a subscription box. Treat yourself, and/or a fellow beader, to the exclusive January 2020 Royal Plumage Collection; only a limited quantity are available! This collection costs $56 with FREE USPS shipping (to US); that’s a $28 savings over individual retail prices! This box is a...!
Channel Title : PotomacBeads Views : 6254 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-12-19T13:00:06Z
Allie from PotomacBeads uses right angle weave to create the beautiful Crystal Bow Bracelet. Nestle a shining 4mm Czech Pearl inside Swarovski 5mm Bicones and add some Miyuki Seed Beads; this piece feels like a present waiting to be opened! ⁠Gather your materials to create one of your own! Click here for complete bead & jewelry-making supply lists: USA➡️ EU➡️!
Channel Title : DIY crafts Views : 2007 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-05-07T16:36:15Z
Do It Yourself crystal Jewelry! This video tutorial teaches you to make your own crystal jewelry at home! Learn with fun! I really enjoyed art & craft activities. I hope you will like too. Material used for making crystals jewelry are: Alum powder, Boiling water, food colour, pipe cleaner, thin metal wire, and following Grow your own crystal url You can see paper envelope making videos on following URL Halfmoon envelope: Heart shap...!
Channel Title : Vibhas Fashion Views : 3645 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-04-22T00:12:45Z
This is part of the Fashion Jewellery series from Vibhas Fashions. Learn how to make simple Crystal Bead Chain necklace using crystal beads. Bonus tip on how to make earring using Crystal Beads at the end of video. All the DIY jewellery making videos are in Tamil and explained step-by-step. See what tools are necessary to venture into Fashion Jewellery making and learn how to make simple fashion jewels and accessories matching your Churidars and Kurtis. ▶Watch the playlist to watch more vi...!
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皆様、こんにちは。 Mainee nail TV 酒井です。 いつもご視聴、コメント頂き、 ありがとうございます。 本日のネイルアートは クリスタルアクセネイルです。 ちょっと名前は適当ですがw 昨年末に出したネイルサロン MAINEEプロデュースパーツ ”ANCIENT TYPE U”を アレンジしたデザインを 作ってみました。 また、先日公開したアート にも使っていますが、 クリアのストーン...!
Channel Title : Tea And Art Views : 10746 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2018-05-04T09:40:32Z
#softsoldering #softsolderingtutorial #tiffanytechnique Supplies needed are shown in the video . This is how I do it. Part 2 of the Video Dragon claw soft soldering ring tutorial: If you like to see more another amazing tutorial Soft solder Crystal Pendant Tutorial:!
Channel Title : Product Peeks Views : 4188 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2017-02-21T13:13:29Z
ALEX Toys DIY Wear Grow Crystal Jewelry - Isabelles Corner Grow Your Crystal Jewelry. Earrings, ring and pendants. - 8 shiny accessories from scratch - Grow your own gems and jewelry - Crystals grow and form right on the metal findings - Includes crystal powder, mixing bowl, cups, stir sticks, stickers, pendants, ring, earrings, hooks, jump rings, cord and instructions - Recommended for children 9 years of age and older Free Crystal jewelry kit was provided by Alex Toys for unboxing....!
Channel Title : Simply Rox Views : 715 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-08-18T13:56:05Z
In this video I share some of the jewelry I have with Touchstone Crystal ! Enjoy!! To Browse or Shop!
Channel Title : Eternity LED Glow Views : 19554 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2017-03-25T20:36:33Z LED Light up Crystal Pendant Necklace - Glow Crystal jewelry necklace Shipped From USA – Delivery 2-5 Business Days use Two Batteries LR-626 – Included (Crystal Pendant Length: 33mm – 1.31 Inch) (Crystal Pendant Diameter: 10mm – 3/8) (Chain length: 31cm – 12 Inch) Twist the Head of the Light up LED Crystal Pendant Necklace to Light it up and The LED glow Crystal pendant necklace cycles through the entire color ...!
Channel Title : Stones and Findings Views : 2833 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2012-09-07T15:47:11Z
Create these decadent Swarovski Crystal Earrings using a simple method involving sterling silver soldered rings....!

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