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Papua New Guniea, one of the few places where it’s still possible to experience stone age cultures. It’s a country that boasts dramatic natural beauty that’s characterised by jungle-clad mountains and underwater reefs. -------------- Watch more travel videos ► Join us. Subscribe now! ► Arcadia Television Live TV: Be our fan on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► -...!
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Siya and I love to try all different types of travel. So, when Transat Holidays invited us to Panama to try one of their Sun Savvy Collection, we said, yes of course. However, resort travel doesnt mean you have to stay within the perimeter of the resort. You can get out and experience the true culture of a place by taking part in day excursions. How about you? Do you ever stay at resorts? What are your thoughts? What type of traveller do you consider yourself? Royal Decameron Golf Beach Resort ...!
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Visit for the best HD travel videos in the world. Junkanoo is a national celebration of Bahamian culture that is over 200 years old. Though many visitors to the Bahamas arent aware of this party in the streets, director of Educulture Bahamas, Ltd., Arlene Nash Ferguson shares the history and importance of this tradition in everyday Bahamian life. Its said that Junkanoo began under British law, when slaves were allowed three days vacation around Christmastime each year. Taking ...!
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The new, clean Kuta beach! Is Lombok the new Bali? With cheap Air Asia flights it wont stay this quiet for long! I shot a 3-part travel series in Lombok - this first episode we see quiet beaches in the south and traditional cultural villages. Read more here: ACCOMODATION WHERE I STAYED (if you want to stay, please book using these affiliate links so I get commission for the recommendations - thanks so much!) KUTA LOMBOK...!
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According to Aboriginal belief, all life as it is today - Human, Animal, Bird and Fish is part of one vast unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the great spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime continues as the Dreaming in the spiritual lives of aboriginal people today. The events of the ancient era of creation are enacted in ceremonies and danced in mime form. Song chant incessantly to the accompaniment of the didgeridoo or clap sticks relates the story of events...!
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reggae roots world arrabic rai influence panache culture travel in a dream runn records Maastricht reggae band arrab reggae members orriginal from maroco and belgium liege recorded 1994 christian muslim jews and all relegion come together and be ONE the album travel in a dream mixed by mad professor, producers G.J.G. Delvoux , H.J.H. Hensels Les origines, la personnalité du groupe, ses idées : Panache Culture, deux mots qui rassemblent, qui soutienne une espérance vielle comm...!
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Whenever I get the chance to travel I like to fully immerse myself into the culture. Whether it involves engaging with the local people to eating the incredible food. This trip with has been a good mix of both modern and traditional. We got to see the hustle and bustle of Dubai but jlinhh and I were able to find some pockets of peace. Music and SFX: (30 days free trial) Socia...!
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#educational, The BAJAU tribe are nomadic SEA GYPSIES. They can be found in SE Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, with numbers around 100,000. Traditionally, the Bajau, even today, live mostly on the sea. Back in the 1960s all Bajau lived on houseboats, cooking and washing their clothes, etc until the PIRATES came....... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. THANKS! #globalvideopro1...!
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Read more here: An informative video about Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. I take a look at local culture and traditions including trying an upside down coffee called kopi walik, the traditional batik art, jemparingan Javanese archery, taking a ride in a becak, playing masangin between the banyan trees in the southern square and of course the worlds largest Buddhist temple Borobudur and a secret viewpoint. ------ Roxanne ...!
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FOOD / ART / CULTURE / TRAVEL: FROM FACT TO CREATIVITY โดย F.A.C.T. COLLECTIVE เวิร์กช็อปสร้างสรรค์ผลงานอาหารจากประสาทสัมผัสมนุษย์ ผ่านการลงพื้นที่และค้นหาวัตถุดิบจากเยาวราช เพื่อนำมาทดลองจำหน่ายจริง Creative Space Workshop 2015 หนึ่งในกิ...!
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People, Places, Culture, Travel, Adventure, Attractions, Wonderful places...!
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Eritrea Travel | Unique Culture & Friendly People But No Tourists Welcome to my channel and this week’s video is about Eritrea Travel, Unique Culture & Friendly People but No Tourists. Historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically inspiring, Eritrea is one of the most secretive countries in Africa. For those with a hankering for off-the-beaten-track places, it offers challenges and excitement alike, with a unique blend of natural and cultural highlights. Eritrea wows visito...!
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Roots and Culture Travel is founded by a C.S. Porter, 10-year digital slowmad who has been living, working and teaching in over 30 countries as a solo traveler. Our tours are all culturally immersive, unique experiences that benefit the local communities and not the corrupt systems that exploit locals in highly-traveled areas. Our artist in residence program LA CASA brings art to classrooms in under-funded and under-developed areas as both therapy and education. If youre planning to visit Afri...!
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Local customs, observations, and essential tips for traveling to mainland China. Get more advice and details from the full article at INDEX: 1. Travel Visa – 0:44 2. Tipping – 1:13 3. Internet Access – 1:40 4. Dining & Special Diets – 2:09 5. Restrooms – 2:55 6. Crossing the Street – 3:34 7. Rush Hour Traffic – 3:55 8. Taking Taxis – 4:17 9. Flying – 5:36 10. Personal Space – 6:01 11. Spit...!
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This is the very first Bengkayang Dayak Culture Festival in conjunction of the grand opening of the Ramin Bantang Bengkayang cultural hall. The whole regency of Bengkayang was invited to participate. Thousands of Dayaks dressed in their traditional red attire gathered at the stadium for the 8km walk to the brand new cultural hall for the opening ceremony. For more, please check out our web Ini ad...!
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More information about travel to Kraków: Kraków is the Boston of Poland, buzzing with history, college students, and tourists. Even though Warsaw became Polands political capital centuries ago, Kraków remains the countrys cultural and intellectual epicenter. Visit for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe. Check out more Rick Steves’ Europe travel resources: “Rick Steves’ Euro...!
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2020-03-09 POLAND DAILY DAY 397 NEWS S 2 E 397 NET...!
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To be honest: the Ruhr area is not the typical tourist destination but suprisingly it has more to offer than you might think! Especially the combination of Coal and Culture in Essen - or more detailed: the transformation of the industrial area to the European capital of culture in 2010 - sparked my interest. Music: Moving Forward by Dmitry Lifsthiz Zeche Zollverein: Unperfekthaus: Follow me:!
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One of Florida’s primary Gulf Coast cities, Sarasota offers visitors an eclectic blend of culture and fine dining, circus thrills and pristine beaches, and a wide array of shopping opportunities....!
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Cultural advisor, Uncle Earl Regidor, welcomes everyone to the island of Hawaii with open arms and an open heart. He hopes to spread that same spirit to all who visit. Visit to discover more about the Hawaiian Islands, experiences, culture, and all your travel planning needs. Follow along on the #LetHawaiiHappen journey on our social media channels: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: https://www....!
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Traveling to SEoul? Heres some top questions I get on my blog and when Ive traveled Korea. Korean Culture is unique, knowing what to look out for in etiquette is important. Read the written version : Renting a phone in Korea: Watch Part I: Read my blog ...!
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Northern England Road Trip Day 5 - We visit Kingston-Upon-Hull, the U.K. City of Culture for 2017. SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Were Alex and Marko Ayling, vagabond brothers on a mission to explore the world through the people we meet. Stay curious & keep exploring! VAGABOND LIFESTYLE CLOTHING: Follow what were up to: + INSTAGRAM: + TWITTER: + FACEBO...!
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Discover York with local blogger Saf Shaikh ➡️!
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The German city of Dresden is known as Florence on the Elbe. Millions of visitors come here every year to enjoy the sights, such as the Church of our Lady, the Semperoper and the Zwinger Palace.!
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For the last few episodes, we have had “big picture” conversations (which BTW I love). However, as much as I enjoy those types of conversations, and as much as we like to frame them in positive terms, when we think about the state of our politics, divisiveness, intolerance and the closed-minded we often see around the world, it is hard not to think that a certain level, the world is in a dark place. Well, this week we are going to flip the script on all of that. This is an episode about adv...!
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Australian Aboriginal Documentary - Aboriginal Documentary - Aboriginal Documentary HD - Aboriginal Documentary Australian - According to Aboriginal belief, all life as it is today - Human, Animal, Bird and Fish is part of one vast unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the great spirit ancestors. Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the two different Australian peoples: the Europeans want to be forgiven for the tragic colonial period, and the Aborigines try to pre...!
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Learn more about San Antonio:!
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Saudi Arabia is open for travels now! My first impressions exploring Saudi Arabia in Riyadh Downtown. Its a melting pot of people that I have not experienced before. I didnt expect to face that many Indian people, Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc. among Saudi Arabians on the streets. I was highly surprised how open they are to the camera. I thought they would not like people filming on the streets. However, the rule is to be careful with filming women and children, especially faces (dont do it on foc...!
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We took a trip to the land of the rising sun, to find out what the Japan Car Culture is really like and created this four part series travel vlog. In this episode we take a trip out of Tokyo by Bullet Train, where we hang out with our Friends Side and Hima from the Side Project Cafe, who take us on an adventure of custom cars and awesome sight seeing in Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. ► Subscribe to our channel here: — Commercial Free Music from Facebook A...!
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IS JAPAN COOL? - Travel and Culture Guide You’ll find lots of cool stories here about old and new Japan. Get to know more about Japan, and decide whether it’s cool. Real Japan is even cooler! Why don’t you visit Japan on All Nippon Airways?...!
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Legendary Pulitzer war correspondents journalists & photographers AP Peter Arnett, Nick Ut, Tim Page, Don North, part of the OLD HACKS gather each 5 years in Ho Chi Minh City to remember & to honor the fallen during the Fall of Saigon aka Liberation of Viet Nam. With Filmmaker Tiana Alexandra-Silliphant who has been filming in her homeland for over 30 years. Her father was Saigons director of press for South Viet Nam and welcomed all these journalists into Viet Nam. The next gathering will be Ap...!
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Funny Motorcycle Transportation Philippines-style, Culture, Travel. Various modes of transportation in the Philippines...Most by motorcycle. Some amusing..... Anything goes as long as you get there! Watch for follow up clips.... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT,!
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Moldova, the land of good food and good wine. Check out our Moldova Travel Guide to discover the best things to See and Do in Moldova, the most amazing food to try while there and everything about the incredible Moldova. For more videos, subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to activate the notifications: We did work with the Moldovan Tourism Board to bring you to Moldova with us so for more info on the trip, the places we visited, the food we tasted and everythi...!
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Welcome to Fostered Cultures Channel Update & EuroTrip 2019 Summer Announcement! Super happy to announce the plans for the June/July Summer EuroTrip 2019! This time round, we are jetting off to: ~ Rome in Italy (via Kenya) ~ Amsterdam in the Netherlands ~ Barcelona in Spain ~ Budapest in Hungary ~ Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina ~ Split in Croatia ~ Kotor in Montenegro ~ and then maybe some of Albania (don’t hold me to that yet!) Hope youre all as excited as I am! Be sure to SUB...!
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Lomba Tari Dayak Kreasi dari semua Kecamatan di Stadion Baning Sintang. Annual Gawai dayak paddy harvest festival event. Cultural dance competition by all different Districts in Sintang. Indigenous West Kalimantan Borneo tribes. 探索婆罗洲文化 印尼西加里曼丹新钉/新党丰收节日 达雅克原住民传统舞蹈表演. For more info, please check out our post here :!
Channel Title : globalvideopro1 Views : 1057 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-07-31T00:58:53Z
CEBU PHILIPPINES. Traveling harpist, survival in the Philippines. He carries his 40 pound, handmade harp around Cebu City and beyond, playing and hoping he can make a few pesos for his next meal...PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT.!
Channel Title : GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa Views : 196816 DisLikes : Published Date :2016-05-27T23:29:07Z
There are fear-based questions I get asked about being a woman traveling India.Heres top 5 India Travel Tips for Surviving Indian Culture (and surviving your travel questions about it) .:) Part 2 of Travel Tips for India where I share tips on trip planning for India! Ill break it down in a simple way! Read:!
Channel Title : Teletext Holidays Views : 12807 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2009-05-29T09:26:33Z - Video guide to Australias culture and life, from Teletext Holidays....!
Channel Title : BeerBiceps Views : 57400 DisLikes : 109 Published Date :2017-10-09T08:48:25Z
Link to the phone on Nokias website: #Bothie BeerBiceps vlogs: Whats good you guys? Trying to do something new in todays content piece. Were doing our first travel vlog! If youve followed us on Instagram @beerbiceps, youd know that i recently got back from a vacation in Italy. Italy is a travel destination full of food, art, architecture, cheese, tomatoes and more cheese. In this...!
Channel Title : Sara Valerio Views : 109 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-08-24T12:12:12Z
Finally! The last video in my Indochina Trip! Definitely enjoyed my trip in Vietnam as we were able to explore their history and culture. Tour made possible by Klook! HO CHI MINH CITY TOUR & CU CHI TUNNELS TOUR MEKONG DELTA FULL DAY TOUR!
Channel Title : Views : 40940 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2012-01-07T13:06:06Z
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We took a trip to the land of the rising sun, to find out what the Japan Car Culture is really like and created this four part series travel vlog. In this episode we head back into Tokyo city for more car culture stories, from a lowrider scooter, LS Swapped Chevy Belair and much more. ► Subscribe to our channel here: — Commercial Free Music from Facebook Artists in order of the vlog... 1 - Totally Neon by Global Genius http://www.globalgeniusproduc...!
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CUISINE! DUTCH CUISINE! DUTCH STREET CUISINE! CHEAP DUTCH STREAT CUISINE! Were talking Herring, Kibbeling, Cheese, Bittenballen & Friet! Straight from the local market here in Haarlem, near Amsterdam! Like, Share & SUBSCRIBE! Lets Keep Fostering this Culture! #FosteredCulture #EuroTrip2019 #DutchFood #TravelChannel #Haarlem #Amsterdam Follow me on: ~FaceBook: ~Instagram: What I Use: • Canon EOS M50 Mirrorle...!
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The first ever Gawai Dayak event in Putussibau for Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Indonesia. As usual the Dayak ladies came in their most glamourous beaded outfit. So were the men! All different tribes, native from Kapuas Hulu wearing their authentic traditional costume dancing on the field during the opening ceremony. For more, please check out our web Acara budaya Gawai Dayak yang pertama di Kabupaten Kap...!

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