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These 10 tips from Shutterbug photographer Jordan Matter will take your dance and action photography to new heights while getting you noticed on social media. Video Credits Photographer: Jordan Matter - Video & Editing: Sandy Chase - Producer: Dan Havlik Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:!
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If youre into photography, I want to change your life! Watch this Tips That Matter video featuring gorgeous ballerina Em Marie to see how Im going to do it! Youll also discover how many cool shots you can get with one little lens. Subscribe here: | And follow me on IG for daily photos and videos: Watch our viral 10 Minute Photo Challenge with Em Marie: Video by Sandy Chase Follow Jo...!
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4 years now that Ive been shooting performing artists and especially dancers. Here is my simple approach to Dance photography! Related blog post: FOLLOW ME IG :!
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HELLO EVERYONE Thank you all for watching this video I really enjoyed giving my knowledge from all of the photoshoots I’ve done. Make sure to also comment below if you found the video helpful. I’d love to know Love you all Xx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡. Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - facebook - ...!
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Enjoy this behind the scenes look into another one of my photoshoots... this time of a dancer! Let me know your favorite photo that was featured throughout the video down below & stay tuned for more in the works ✨ Create your new website at make sure to use offer code ‘WOELFEL’ for 10% off your first purchase! This video is sponsored by Squarespace! Model in frame: Isabella Fonte, @Isabella_Fonte, Behind th...!
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▶ Check out my gear on Kit: My first workshop of 2019 was a ballet dance inspired shoot with the incredible @poppyseed_dancer This video covers the first half of the workshop, using a three light Elinchrom studio flash setup. You can also find/follow/support me via: Gear used in the making of this video - Fuji X-H1 body with Vertical Power Bo...!
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A behind the scenes look into a photo shoot with the legendary Peter Coulson. The preparation involved as a dancer and a look into how we get the perfect shot. I hope that this video helps not only dancers preparing for a dance photoshoot but photographers photographing dancers as well. Its definitely not easy, but it its always worth it. L Xx. Peter Coulson - - WWW.TRAINLIKEABALLERINA.COM - Instagram!
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Photographing dance portraits is a great way to capture a fun memory for years to come. Photograph dance portraits with help from a talented photographer who has masterfully honed his craft over the years in this free video clip. Expert: Tim Coburn Filmmaker: Malcholm Reese Series Description: You dont have to be an expert to take great looking photographs...!
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Dance Photographer Lois Greenfield shares with us her insight on how she captures movement and the beauty of dance. Lois Greenfields Website: Subscribe to the B&H Photo YouTube Channel Follow us on Social Media -- -- --!
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Create your own shots and tag me on Instagram stories so I can repost on my own story!! @MissAuti Wow wow wow! I am so pumped to share this vlog with you beauties.. You get to see behind the scenes of a dance photoshoot! I have so many awesome, fairly easy dance poses that you can use the next time youre taking pretty dance pictures. Dont forget to switch up your outfits to get a good variety of different looks.. I cant wait to see what you create!! Thanks to our guest, @zachyoung0 :)...!
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Homenagem ao Dia dos Namorados Coreografia da Musica PERFECT na minha Turma de Hip Hop (STREET DANCE) Intermediario no Studio de Dança Daniel Saboya. Não esqueça de clicar em gostei e compartilhar o vídeo com seus amigos! Isso nos ajuda a crescer cada vez mais! AULAS DE HIP HOP INTERMEDIARIO Terça e Quinta : 22:00HR Local- Studio Daniel Saboya END: Av. Geremario Dantas 235, Tanque ,Jacarepaguá ,RJ Instagram/ danielsaboyadancestudio Pr...!
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Al Morales has been focused on the art of dance photography these past two years. Al has gravitated to doing most of his photography with professional dancers. He didn’t think twice about the idea, because he himself was a former dancer the last two decades. Here is a glimpse of his passion for dance photography with Rachel Winter from San Jose CA, a Studio Company Dancer at The New Ballet School. For more images from the photo/video shoot, go to our Retrenders’ Flickr page @ Flickr – Da...!
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The crew at RETV gets down for some studio time with nationally renowned dance photographer Lee Cherry. Lee takes us through the ins and outs of shooting dance and how he got started in the biz with some great tips along the way....!
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Heres a Behind the scenes video of my shoot with 2 talented dancers, Andrijke and Sanchia. We did a studio shoot with gels. Support my channel with the links below: Consider Buying me a coffee to support the channel: If you want to try Editing using luminar use my link: coupon code OPTICALNOISE for US$10 definite recommendation Follow the dancers on these links:!
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For me dance photography goes far beyond the technical aspects of setting up lighting and the camera. To create a beautiful image takes careful direction, choreography and a close relationship with the dancers I work with. For every shot I produce time is spent with the dancers, refining lines and position, using my knowledge of both dance and photography to bring the two art form together. Dance has always been a very special part of my life, and I do everything possible to ensure my respect...!
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Take a look behind the scenes of one of our powder dance shoots... Theres background footage and final images of amazing young dancers in action as well as a speed edit of one image. See more creative dance portraits here:!
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Do your homework - 5 tips for posing dancers and performers! Related blog post: Some of you have asked for a video on how I pose dancers. In this video I am sharing with you a few basic tips I still rely on when I work with performers. More on my work with dancers: How I handle Natural Light in my dance photography! One light set up when short of time - BTS dance photoshoot https://...!
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Low light and High ISOs in Dance photography SOCIAL ME!
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Create EPIC dance photos with flying fabrics! (Part II) Hi rez pics and more: Create EPIC dance photos with flying fabrics! (Part I) How to remove elements in your photos: Looking for great music for your videos? Subscribe to Artlist and get 2 months free with the link below: The gear used for this photoshoot: Camera: CANON 5D Mark III:!
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Ballerina Em Marie dons a tutu and sprints around the airport, nailing a miraculous TEN PHOTOS in 10 minutes. Then her tutu gets STOLEN! Subscribe here and follow me on Instagram for daily photos and videos: Video by Sandy Chase ( Leotard by Capezio....!
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The CANON EOS R my thoughts as a dance photographer! High rez pics and more: Why all the hate? The best way to know a camera is to test it. 2 weeks with the CANON EOS R, the first full frame mirrorless camera from canon, brought it with me on all my shoots during that period and here are my thoughts on this camera everybody loves to hate! Soundtrack: Eight Times by Alex Pihey Hollow Bells by CXDY SOCIAL ME https://www....!
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Stage Dance Photography Tips Live dance photography can be very difficult due to the lack of control over the environment and subject. Although it has its challenges I love shooting live performance photography! Im going to share my best tips on how to capture dance photography with you even if you are a beginner. Im going to share the behind the scenes techniques I personally used during a Mexican dance performance. ▶ Check out my gear on Kit:!
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Subin Puthumana Phtography Model: Anumol.s Makeup: Sreelakshmi.k.s lights:Sreejith Photography & Grading : Subin Puthumana Contact -9995332916-8921953094 Email:[email protected] Sp:My Bro Akhil M Anand...!
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My GEAR For 2020 Photography/Filmmaking/Vlogs: Camera: Main Lens: 2nd Lens: Telescopic Lens: Tripod: Small Tripod/Vlogging: Wireless Microphone: ND Filter: GoPro Hero 7 Black: My Drone: FIND ME ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram:!
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Capturing the movement of a young gymnast with the help of a couple of big strip lights and a bag of flour. We worked outdoors in warm weather with not much wind - The shoot lasted about an hour and set up took me about 45 minutes before my model arrived. Images were post processed with a color adjustment layer in photoshop and added to the white smoke of the flour using blend if option. it was messy - and fun :-)...!
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In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about the how the collaborative process between artists of different disciplines — photography and dance — unfolds and how the image-maker balances pre-visualization with spontaneous shooting with dancers. On episode 45 of Full Exposure, we hung out with photographer John Kane in his bucolic workspace and home in the hills of north western Connecticut. John’s wonderful workspace is a home and a farm and a studio all rolled into one; a location to ...!
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A look Behind the scenes with Commercial Dance Photography Drew Forsyth, as he uses the Pixapro CITI600 Battery Powered Portable strobe, to capture the motion of a Ballet dancer in a dance studio. To see more of Drews Work, Please Check out his website below: Photo Assistant: Zak Chowdhury Film Produced By: Northreel Features: • Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio receiver. • Utilises IGBT technology for Super-Short Flash Durati...!
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Hi, my name is Martha Suherman, Im Indonesia Nikon Official Photographer. Special Thanks to: NIKON INDONESIA GREEN DOOR KITCHEN DAVID LIUSMAN and all my beloved team. Cheers! Follow My Social Media : Instagram : @marthasuhermann / @marthasuherman / @martha.suherman...!
Channel Title : Gregg Clemons Views : 44617 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2016-06-08T14:07:50Z World famous ballet photographer, Gene Schiavone, offers Young Dancer Sessions. Perfect for college dance scholarship applications, portfolios, auditions, etc.....!
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Dance Moms minis Maesi and Lilly brought their friends, Jade and Isabella, to help them break the incredible record set by Sofie Dossi of 16 photos in the 10 Minute Photo Challenge. If they succeed, fashion designer Sally Miller will give away some awesome products. Subscribe here: | And follow me on IG for daily photos and videos: Watch our record setting challenge with Sofie Dossi: Vi...!
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Explore how professional #ballet dancer Laurent Liotardo combined his love of dance with his passion for #photography to capture the expression, grace and poise behind this moving art form in this iconic shot. Directed by Tyler Freeman Smith Shot in 4K on the Nikon D850: This is the eighth film from our “That Shot” series. Check back on the last Friday of each month for a new episode. Equipment Laurent used in his original shot: Camera: D810 Le...!
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Do you have an interest in dance photography? It has been said, Put a dancer or ballerina in your photo and you will have improved your photo 10 fold. After this workshop, everyone that attended was a believer in that statement. Take a look at our rewind video of the day. I truly was an epic dance photography workshop, this photo workshop in Sacramento was amazing. However, you still have a chance to attend the next one in San Francisco! We realize that p...!
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Sony 90mm Macro: Links to ALL the gear we use: HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the great people that worked on this project with us!!! Tiffany’s Pro Airbrush: The HelloSpace: Mika Deneige: Ana Oioli: Magnus Futrell-Fruhling: Chec...!
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DancePulp goes behind the scenes of the 2013 Fall for Dance photo shoot, with photographer Jordan Matter and dancers from Paul Taylor Dance Company, STREB Extreme Action Company, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Ballet Hispanico....!
Channel Title : Martha Suherman Views : 11515 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-01-28T12:31:10Z
4/4 Episode of Dance & Movement Photography All images captured with Nikon D850 + Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED VR + Broncolor Siros L + Capture One 10 Special Thanks to : Nikon Indonesia Prima Imaging Broncolor All my team Thank you for watching. Dont foget to Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe!...!
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How I photograph a group of dancers - Dance Group photography Tips Everything on my blog: This is something I would like to do more often but unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to do it much in the past years. It’s always a challenge to work with a group of people. Staging and directing them, and creating something together that everyone involved will enjoy. Here are a couple of words on the few attempts I’ve done so far. Int...!
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Stop action Dance Photography in Erie County PA by Frederick Dunn School, performance, Dance, actor, all photographic venues. By Suspended Moments Photography Just Have FUN! And get some photos in the process......!
Channel Title : B&H Photo Video Views : 14204 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2016-06-21T21:30:00Z
Learn how to travel and work with dancers the world over to effectively capture movement and expression at exactly the right time. Omar delves into the world of dance with Fujifilm X Series, sharing his know-how on how to create high-intensity portraits fused with epic global scenes. Omar Z Robles Photography Subscribe to the B&H Photo YouTube Channel Follow us on Social Media -- https://www.fa...!
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Dance photography is a fascinating genre that can turn even the simplest movements into art. If you want more content like this, please subscribe to our channel! We will be publishing photography challenges, photoshop tutorials, lightroom tutorials, photography tutorials, vlogs and giving away presets! Our Social Media Pages: TWITTER: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: https://ww...!
Channel Title : Karl Taylor Views : 72324 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2015-12-03T13:39:52Z
How to shoot Dance with Motion Blur & Detail. Read more here: In this video both myself and Urs Recher look at the techniques for combining fast exposures and long exposures to create a beautiful dance portraits where we reveal both the detail frozen and the motion blur recorded. To do this we use flash and HMI lighting. See more here: Get more photography tips using the links below: Learn about photography kit here:...!
Channel Title : The Art Assignment Views : 1834202 DisLikes : 1647 Published Date :2019-02-28T21:00:00Z
This photograph of young farmers on their way to a dance was taken in Germany in 1914 by August Sander. Except they werent farmers. And the dance they were on their way to was World War I. To learn more about Sun Basket, go to Guest host John Green delves into the real story behind this iconic photograph. To support our channel, visit: Thanks to our Grandmaster of the Arts Vincent Apa, and all of our patrons, especially Yakira...!
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🇺🇸 [EN] Learn Choreography Ed Sheeran - Photograph Step by Step over this link 🇵🇱 [PL] Naucz się Choreografii Ed Sheeran - Photograph pod tym linkiem: Instagram: Facebook: E-Mail: [email protected] Website: #edsheeran #pierwszytani...!
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The video gives you 10 tips when conducting a photo shoot with a dancer and features a professional ballet dancer in multiple poses and moves. You can see multiple poses and moves and see what worked during Kristins photoshoot with Alina Bormotova in Pasadena, California. More of Kristins photographs can be found at Our channel, Yesnomads, provides regular video updates from our life on the road since 2013. We bring you videos from a huge range of locations ac...!
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Advice from a non-pro photographer of University ballroom and latin dance competitions. This is the first of four videos. Matt Cornock....!

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