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10 Tips To Instantly Make Your Dancing Look Less Awkward Learn dance moves to look cool now → Dear STEEZY Nation, When you hit the dance floor do you tense up and get all awkward, not sure what to do with your hands, or cant decipher the mood of the music? Dont fear, STEEZYS HERE! We came up with 10 easy tips to help you look cool while you dance: 1. Be on beat. 2. Dont lock your limbs. 3. Dont cut off your movement. 4. Use everyday motions as part of your...!
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3 Mistakes All Beginner Dancers Make An Easy Way for Beginners to Start Learning Dance! → Hey Steezy Nation, Ever regret some choices you made at the beginning of your dance journey? Us too. Here are the 3 most common mistakes we find all beginner dancers make: 1. Not taking the initiative. 2. Being a fan, and not a student. (When will you learn Earney boy?) 3. Not building a foundation. If you need help building foundations, try STEEZY Studio! Click here for ...!
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hey guys! Im no professional but I put together about 10 tips to help you improve your improv/freestyle! This works for pretty much all styles of dance and I am no professional, but these tips helped me a lot. I also feel like I need to tell you that I filmed this a while ago and am just now getting it up because I was at Dance Makers all weekend (yes I did vlog). So, that will be up soon as well! Love you guys! Thanks for all your support! Muah! how are you today? comment to talk to me ❤︎ ...!
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DOWNLOAD THE AIRTIME APP: WANNA TALK TO ME? SEND ME STUFF! P.O. Box 80587 Austin Tx 78708 INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: Haleydancet TWITTER: VLOG CHANNEL: PLANNER CHANNEL: DEPOP SHOP: (Buy cheaper Erin Condren planners & my dance clothes!) YOUNOW:!
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How To Be A Cleaner Dancer Practice cleanliness by taking online dance classes at Hey STEEZY Nation, Is it being clean youre looking for? Taking a shower and exfoliating can only do so much, so Clay and Jessie of STEEZY Squad go over useful tips on cleaning yourself as a dancer. 1. Pictures 2. Timing 3. Feeling Or as we say here at STEEZY, pppttfffffff. Like youre blowing a raspberry. Like and subscribe if you like what you see! We always want to provide...!
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My Instagram - More Tutorials - #vickypateldance #footworktutorial 3 Famous Dance Moves | Footwork Tutorial in Hindi | Simple Hip Hop steps for beginners Click For Subscribe - My Facebook - About Channel :- Vicky Patel Dance Is Best Dance Channel ...!
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5 Simple Daily Practices To Improve Your Dancing Improve even more with #STEEZYStudio online classes → Hey STEEZY Nation, Feeling stuck on how to improve? Not sure what to do since youre so busy and dont have a lot of time? Dont worry, family. Here are 5 tips to help you improve your dancing! 1.) Stretch (Every Day) 2.) Build Muscle Memory (By repetition of movement) 3.) Watch Dance Videos 4.) Eat Smarter 5.) Actively Listen To Music Always on the go? Chec...!
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Hip hop dance tutorial for beginners on how to do 3 simple dance moves. SUBSCRIBE: TRY IT WITH MUSIC NOW - Watch more of my 3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners videos: Here are a few songs you can try the grooves to: 1. The Weeknd - “Starboy”: 2. AD - “Juice”: Slightly faster tracks: 1. Sage the Gemini - “Now and Later”:!
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How To Pick Up Choreography Faster! Work on your pick up with a #STEEZYStudio class! → Ever wonder how some dancers pick up choreography so fast? These 2 STEEZY Squadders can help you learn dance moves quickly and efficiently! 1) 0:44 – Watch different things at different times during class 2) 1:20 – Start practicing the combo from the previous section 3) 1:41 – Do the move wrong and move along 4) 2:25 – Take multiple classes in a day 5) 2:52 – Expos...!
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If u guys like this 60 dancer life hack video pls subscribe and like this video I worked really hard on this video. Thx Jamie DIY donut bun DIY foot stretcher, yoga block, DIY yoga mat DIY dance bag DIY dance clothes DIY turning board What to pack for dance competition!
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How To Learn Dance Basics (The Right Way!) Learn the basics step-by-step with a #STEEZYStudio class → Hey STEEZY Nation, Wanna become a better dancer? STEEZY’s here to help! We’ve got a definitive guide for learning the basics and leveling up, step-by-step. 💪 It goes like this: Step 1: Learn – the right thing. Step 2: Use Interleaved practice Step 3: Quiz Yourself Step 4: Pace Your Training Follow this guideline to build a strong foundation in w...!
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Jordyn Jones breaks down her 10 Favorite dance moves. Which one is your favorite? WATCH JORDYN IN DANCE CAMP! - Bang Dem Sticks - Meghan Trainor COVER by Jordyn Jones - JORDYN JONES DRIVING TEST FAIL! - → Credits ← FOLLOW JORDYN: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: htt...!
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HOW TO SELF LEARN DANCES PT.2 ⇨ INSTAGRAM ⇨ @emilia.chia Hi Im Emilia♡ Im a 15 yr old living in Melbourne, Australia. I create makeup, lifestyle, vlogs and travel videos! If youre reading this SUBSCRIBE NOW ;) BRANDS/COMPANIES Please email: @[email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tags: mua,vlogs,Australia,Melbourne,dance tutorial,learn dance,how to dance,dancer,kpop dance,learn,lea...!
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How To Dance More Full Out Hey STEEZY Nation, So sometimes we need to ask ourselves, are we really dancing full out? Well Lil Swagg is here to help you figure out if were executing at our highest potential. Heres how to do that: 1.) Know when to use your energy. 2.) Be rooted in character. 3.) Know your counts. 4.) BE A FULL OUT DANCER. Apply these tips and become a more full out dancer in no time. - STEEZY Squad ____________________________________ Thanks To Our Amazing Cast: Lil S...!
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How to Build a Dance Studio at Home Put your at-home studio to use with #STEEZYStudio → Hey STEEZY Nation, Sick of dancing in front of windows? In random parking lots?? In your mom’s kitchen??? ON TOP OF MOVING CARS?! But for real — it’s hard to get your training in when you don’t have a dedicated, private dance space. That’s why in this video we show you how to build a comfortable dance space that’s easy and budget-friendly. Check out these necessi...!
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How to Teach a Dance Routine - 5 Tips Every Choreographer Should Know Wanna level up your teaching skills? Learn from the world’s best instructors → Hey STEEZY Nation, Have you ever attended a dance class and left thinking… Wow, that instructor was so inspiring, so supportive, so AMAZING at teaching their craft? How??? We’ll tell ya how! Watch the full video to learn what makes great dancers into great teachers as well. Let us know in the comments ...!
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3 Ways You Can Learn Dance At Home Wanna start dancing at home – right now? Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial with STEEZY Studio! → Hey Steezy Nation, If you dont live close to a dance studio or dont want to go to one (lets face it... sometimes you just want to stay in), we get it! Thats why we came up with 3 easy ways for you to learn dance at home: 1. Record yourself doing the moves you want to master. 2. Curate a playlist of the right YouTube tutorials....!
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How To Make Dancer Facials Hey STEEZY Nation, Do you need to work on your facials? Is your performance game weak? Well then, its time to mask off. Here are some tips to help you become an excellent performer. 1.) Feel The Music 2.) Record Yourself 3.) Trial & Error Or as we say here at STEEZY, ftmrytae. Like and subscribe if you like what you see! We always want to provide better tips and knowledge for you, so please go ahead and leave a comment with any topics youd like to see us talk...!
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DANCE MOVES FOR BEGINNERS Every person goes to a party for the simple reason of having fun, but what to do if you are having a party at home? This time we prepared some tons of ingenious life hacks for the party! Watch our video and find a whole collection of easy and helpful ideas how to dance like a real star! Learn a collection of dance moves for beginners. Besides, you can teach your friends and have a lot of fun together! A lot of people may say that they don’t need to know dance moves bu...!
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Here Comes the Top 5 dance moves that every beginner should learn. These Moves are Fundamental moves of Dancing . I have tried my level best to explain n make them easier to learn by every beginner! Hope u like this video Thanks for watching! =============================================== watch My Other Tutorials and Dance Covers Here - Follow me on Instagram- Follow my cameraman - https:/...!
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#kpop #kpopdance #kpopdancecover Follow my Instagram @susiemeoww --- Editing program: Adobe Premiere Pro Camera: Canon Power Shot G7X Mark 2 Music: [ Kpop No Copyright Music] GOT7 - ECLIPSE Licence: Creative Commons Attribution ( Source/Author: http ://!
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How To Start Dancing Hey STEEZY Nation, If you ever felt like you had two left feet, this ones for you. Tips On How To Start Dancing 1. Start. 2. Dude...sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something. 3. Go out and have fun! P.S. R.I.P Uncle Phil. Forreal. You the only father that I ever knew. Click Here To Start For FREE! - STEEZY Squad ____________________________________ Thanks To Our Amazing Cast: Jessie Ma - @jess...!
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Give me a P. Give me on O. You get it.. give me POSTURE. Today we chat about how to stand tall like a dancer and how to use your plumb line babehs. We have posture exercises to help flatten out your spine and elongate your body! Don’t forget, good alignment is for in and out of the studio! xo Join my mailing list for exclusive content and what not! Find me on IG @MissAuti...!
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HEYYYY BIHHH were going to help you get to your bag today. Its officially been ONE YEAR since i started stripping & these are just 7 GOLDEN tips i wish someone told me when i first started dancing. DISCLAIMER- Im not telling anyone to start stripping but if you gone do it, do it right! let me know what other stripper questions you guys may have down below! i hope these tips helped you as much as theyve helped me, stay blessed! SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @KIONNAKITANA   Twitter: @misskionna Snapc...!
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ig: @grace_vivian_ tiktok🥴🥴: @gracevivian for everyone asking about my journey and the tutorials i used to teach myself, i covered it in this video!
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Want to learn another dance after this one? Click here: I went to Obé and learned to dance with a PRO! Set yourself up in front of the computer and come learn the dance alongside me!!! Once youve got it down, record yourself doing the dance and tag me on Instagram or Instagram stories (@luciebfink) -- I will repost any videos you send!!! Check out Obé for live and on-demand workout classes: Special thanks to Sarah Burke! Follow her on I...!
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Timestamps: 0:01 - easy trending moves 3:28 - dancers at every party 6:44 - simple dance moves for beginners ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: 5-Minute Crafts YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: htt...!
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In this video Ill show you three simple club dance/ hip hop moves for beginners that you can do in a club, at a party, wedding, etc. VIDEO IS MIRRORED so its easier for you to follow (just treat it as a mirror) thats why my right/left sides are switched :) Please subscribe for new videos posted every week xo Song: Compton Daydream by Push N Glide WATCH ALSO: DANCE TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS Playlist: DANCE TIPS...!
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HOW TO : 50 SIMPLE DANCE MOVES TO USE IN A DANCE BATTLE (ASPECTZAVI VS DC) PT 2. Xoxo - Single by Aspect Zavi FOCUS ⬇️ Like ✅ , comment , your favorite part of the entire video , if your a new viewer & your loving the content . Make sure you smash that SUBSCRIBE button , SS your favorite part & tag me on IG OR TWITTER @AspectZavi_...!
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HOW TO LEARN K-POP DANCES *AT HOME* 🌈✨ if you are new to kpop or would like some BASIC tips & info first then i recommend watching this video too: #KPop #KPopDance #KPopDanceCover ______________________ ☆ TIMESTAMPS 0:10 : covid-19 update 1:03 : basic steps 4:21 : beginning of my learning process 6:18 : demonstration, HOW i learn 10:35 : improving and cleaning up the moves ______________________ ☾ DISCOUNT CODES 10% OFF: - korean snack...!
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▶ FACEBOOK: ▶ INSTAGRAM: ▶ SUBSCRIBE: ▶ Second Channel: ▶ Website: ▶ CALL: +91-9990029978 Make sure you subscribe my channel Because Im going to Upload New Video/Tutorial Every Thursday. Thanks for Watching my video. Contact - [email protected] No Copyright infringement intended. Music is not owned by me. No Commercial use intended. Sub...!
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Footwork Part 1 - #vickypateldance #footworktutorial #housedancemoves in this video i will teach you some famous house dance footwork 3 Famous Dance Moves Part - 2 | Footwork Tutorial in Hindi | Simple Hip Hop Steps For Beginners My Instagram - Click For Subscribe - My Facebook -!
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5 Apps Every Dancer Should Have Want to learn how to dance? → Hey STEEZY Nation, If youre a dancer that has a mobile device, these are the apps that you should DEFINITELY download to make life easier and better. 1. Hyperlapse - helps stabilize shaky footage. 2. Video Rotate and Crop Video - rotate and crop, creative names huh? 3. Shazam - finds the song title and artist of any song. 4. Notetracks - lets you take notes, sketch drawings, and add symbols ...!
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5 Simple Workouts Dancers Should Do Every Day Want more workouts and dance classes? Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial with STEEZY Studio! → Hey STEEZY Nation, Dance better, stronger, and faster with 5 simple workouts. These are recommended for dancers by dancers in every fitness level to increase stamina, improve upper/lower body strength, and build a strong foundation for ALL of your movements. WORKOUTS: 1. Burpees (3 sets x 6 reps, rest for 90 seconds in b...!
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How To Get Over Your Insecurities When Dancing Hey STEEZY Nation, Hope these quick tips help you dance better on stage, in class, or just because! 1. Stop comparing yourself to other dancers. 2. Take ownership over your won growth. 3. Dont get caught up in the numbers. 4. The worst thing is to not try. Like and subscribe below if you like what you see. We always want to provide better tips and knowledge for you, so please go ahead and leave a comment with any topics youd like to see us t...!
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Improving extension In this video I will help you with the Improvement in the height of your legs extensions, strengthening hip flexors and stretch for flexible hamstrings and adductors. Please make sure you are warm before working on these exercise. Linked here below youll find videos for warm up and mini-barres. Mini Barre: Active Warm Up: Once you are nice and sweaty come back to click on this video a...!
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Subscribe: Last Video: THANKS FOR WATCHING ME AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY! ↓ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ↓ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram: Facebook:!
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TIMESTAMPS: 00:04 Easy trending moves you want to learn 03:31 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners 05:52 Dancers at every party ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: 5-Minute Crafts YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Cr...!
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Maybe you describe yourself as “an actor who moves well.” Or maybe you just ignore any audition with a dance component. But if so, you’re missing out on some great gigs—and for little reason. Not every audition will require a full-on tap solo, and Backstage Expert Erika Shannon is here to demonstrate a few basic steps that can help even those with two left feet navigate their next dance call. Breakdown: 0:11 - If you can walk, you can dance 0:33 - Walking movements to practice 1:11 - T...!
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This is one of my favorite dance steps to do, but really hard to figure out. I hope this can help you guys out! Have fun with it, get creative and share your progress!...!
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Limited-edition BLACKPINK IN BILLBOARD box set available here for purchase! BLACKPINK walk Billboard through how to do the dance for their song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Subscribe for The Latest Hot 100 Charts & ALL Music News! ►► Billboard News: New Channel, Same Awesome ►►!
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Welcome back to another edition of How to freestyle dance, Ask A Paradox. I am back to answer all you dance questions. I answered four dance questions in this video regarding how to hip hop freestyle dance. In this How to hip hop freestyle video log i answer to the questions: How to stop repeating dance moves. What to do when you stop growing in dance. How many times should you practive for hip hop freestyle dance. And how to always dance good. How to Freestyle Hip Hop Dance Vlog Q&A: How...!
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Da sich einige ein Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial gewünscht haben, gibt es nun ein A bis Z für Anfänger. Manche Moves sind etwas tricky und ihr braucht etwas Balance, aber wir hoffen, dass euch das Video dennoch Freude bereitet und motiviert. Gebt uns einen Like oder Kommentar und schreibt uns eure Wünsche fürs nächste Video. Falls ihr noch mehr Tricks lernen wollt, ladet unsere brandneue App Polearn herunter. Kostenlos natürlich! iPhone:!

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