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Hey beauties! These are my personal favorites and must haves for dance. Let me know if you try anything out! xo New videos every Wednesday and last Friday of the month!...!
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with active-wear comes color pallets, a variety of fabrics, designs, and more. For this video, i wanted to share my favorites of all categories !! also peep a sneak peak of what to come of the new E.H.2020 :) LOVE YOU ALL AND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE instagram ➭ @ellhoran subscribe for weekly vids ➭ tik tok ➭ @ellhoran pinterest ➭ ❀faq: How old am I? 10/19/04 - 15 How ta...!
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WANNA TALK TO ME? SEND ME STUFF! P.O. Box 80587 Austin Tx 78708 INSTAGRAM: PLANNER INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: VLOG CHANNEL: YOUNOW: If you are a company that wants to work with me, Email me: [email protected] FAQs How old are you? 15 What camera do you use? Canon rebel t5i What editor do you use? F...!
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Part one of my dance series, so boring I know but it needed to be done, enjoy xx ______________________________________________________________________________ Instagram: @EmmaSeiler_ Snapchat: Emma.Seilerx0x...!
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you loves asked for it so heres a lookbook/haul with the brand fivedancewear!! xoxo...!
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I hope you guys liked this video! Make sure to check out Five Dancewear!!! Subscribe and Enjoy! xoxo -Bella Klassen...!
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Backstage video from our photoshoot for fashion dance brand. More backstage and home videos: Music:!
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I want to be a dancer so bad YSSOOBIN10 [10% off US$49] Below are the links of all the products that were sent to you, kindly include the ones that were shown in the video: Porstina - Wide-Leg Pants Lokin - Drawcord-Cuff Cargo Pants DASE - Chain Necklace Hats n Tales - Embroidered Crescent Moon Cap Hat Society - Twill Baseball Cap Genki Groove - Long-Sleeve Snake Print Mock-...!
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Hey Everyone welcome back to my channel! For this weeks video you all requested to see my dance wear haul... SO THATS WHAT I DID! this took no joke 2 hours to film BAHA Anyways if you like this video dont forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you havent already & remember I post every Sunday (turn post notifications on) LOVE YOUS ALL! ENJOY XO...!
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Some of you guys asked me in the comments to do a video of my DANCE WEAR COLLECTION and here it is!!! Make sure you suggest more videos in the comments, because I would love to hear your suggestions! XOXO, MJ! FOLLOW ME: Instagram: msmorganjean Twitter: msmogranjean Lots of leotards, skirts and more! Whats in your dance wear collection? Let me know! What videos do you want to see next? Let me know! Thanks for watching!!! Music provided by AudioBlocks *** Channel controlled and monitore...!
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♥thank you for watching!♥ I hope this video helps out those looking to buy more practice clothes for their ballroom dance journey, or for those starting out in the sport who need a little guidance :) In this video I talk about my favorite practice tops, skirts, and pants for both latin and ballroom and share some of my favorite brands and stores. HOW I TRAIN AT HOME AS A BALLROOM DANCER SUBSCRIBE!
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OK! Lets get hands on. In this video we will go through the process of making a dance costume from client request to delivery. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - {{Tool Bag}} Design Tools: Ipad Pro: Ipad Pencil: Design App: Adobe Sketch Patter Making Tools: Curved Ruler: Armhole Ruler: Straight Ruler: Pattern Paper: Pattern Weights:!
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☼Thanks for watching!! ☼Subscribe and enjoy! ☼xoxo- Bella Klassen For Business and Promotional Inquiries ✉ [email protected] ✩ Socials ✩ ✭ Instagram Main Account: ✭ Instagram Second Account: ✭ Vsco: Dance wear ✩ ✩ Questions you might have ✩ How old are you? 15 What studio do you dance at? Alberta Ballet School and YYC Da...!
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Great work with the Russian clothing brand dlch choreography @nepachka бэкстейж с фотосессии c @Amir Gumerov...!
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Check out our brand new 2013 Youth Collection. Divina Dance Wear...!
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HELLO EVERYONE I hope you enjoyed watching my leotard collection for 2018!! Comment below your favourite Leo from this video. Make sure you like the video if you found it helpful !! Thanks for watching Xx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡. Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - facebook -!
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Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this video! Mwah xx Subscribe to me here! Follow my Instagram: Follow My Twitter: Music: Wake Up by MBB Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library!
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이발레샵 2배속 발레복 촬영!! #ballet #ballreina #dancewear #발레 #발레복...!
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Hope you guys enjoyed this video!! Make sure you all go check out fivedance wear!! Subscribe and enjoy!...!
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so I recently started a musical theatre college and so here is most of the clothing and dance wear I bought!! I will have a moving vlog and my first week video up soon! Sorry Ive been so busy and its been a mad 2 weeks but uploads will become regular again now! LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL XXXX follow me on Instagram: @oliviagreenhalgh_ —————————————————————————————— ♡ LIV BEAUTY ♡ Instagram: @livbeautyofficial Liv Beauty BACK IN STO...!
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I hope you enjoyed me showing my collection of dancewear over the years! how are you today? comment to talk to me ❤︎ (I also love requests) follow my insta ↓ ★ @avamayvibes i post polls, dance vids, behind the scenes and more! email me ↓ ★ [email protected] ★ if you are interested in working with me/sponsorship or collaboration please use the email above! FAQ: → how old are you? 15 → how long have you been dancing? about 2 and 1/2 years → what do you use to edit...!
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This is how I make my ballet skirts!! GET YOUR SKIRT NOELLE DANCE WEAR: WHERE TO GET MY MERCH: MY 2ND CHANNEL: MY AMAZON SHOP (useful things I love and use almost everyday, I add more things all the time!): Follow my socials: Instagram: @mackenziedaviz Snapchat: @kenzers247 Depop: @mackenziedav1s TikTok: ...!
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My dance gear finally arrived! Im so happy to start wearing them. Heres what I got......!
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Comparing $139.99 pointe shoes and $20 pointe shoes! Which one is better?? SHOP MY DANCEWEAR NOELLE DANCE WEAR: WHERE TO GET MY MERCH: MY 2ND CHANNEL: MY AMAZON SHOP (useful things I love and use almost everyday, I add more things all the time!): Follow my socials: Instagram: @mackenziedaviz Snapchat: @ken...!
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Download Shoptagr: Today I bring you 4 money saving hacks for buying fall dance clothes on a budget - everything from leotards, sweaters, skirts, to accessories. These tips will help you budget your spending and get the best deals you can. Included is the website Start your new year looking like a fashionable ballet dancer without breaking the bank! *This video was sponsored by Shoptagr. Download Shoptagr: Create your Shoptagr Accou...!
Channel Title : Bella Klassen Views : 38822 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2019-11-26T15:47:55Z BLACK FRIDAY SNEEK PEEK CODE: THANKS5 for 30% off!! I wear a size Adult Small in most items :) ☼Thanks for watching!! ☼Subscribe and enjoy! ☼xoxo- Bella For Business and Promotional Inquiries ✉ [email protected] ✩ Socials ✩ ✭ Instagram Main Account: ✭ Instagram Second Account: Vsco: TikTok: BellaKlassen9 ...!
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Weird things dancers do!! A lil exaggerated for your entertainment ;) SHOP MY DANCEWEAR NOELLE DANCE WEAR: WHERE TO GET MY MERCH: MY 2ND CHANNEL: MY AMAZON SHOP (useful things I love and use almost everyday, I add more things all the time!): Follow my socials: Instagram: @mackenziedaviz Snapchat: @kenzers2...!
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TawneyG dancewear :-) Designed by Tawney Giles...!
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〖More Information Listed Down Below〗 ☺︎ ⎡拉下打开信息栏⎦ ✧ Instagram—@irena.yin Hi, this is my first video. Sorry for the shakiness [first time filming with a camera :b] My channel is about beauty, ballet, [casual] fashion, and of course fOOd. I hope you enjoyed this short video & dont forget to… subscribe¡ ✌︎ ⟪Products Mentioned [Order as Shown] ⟫ ⎡产品清单⎦ ⎨Sofiane!
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Metronome Dancewear is the Monterey Peninsulas premiere shop for dancewear for beginning dancers and professionals alike. Whether you are looking for your first slippers for your sweet baby ballerina or a stunning leotard for audition season, you are sure to find just what you need....!
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Filme para Shine Dance Wear direção e montagem Carol Winter direção de fotografia e colour Eli Firmeza...!
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ESSENCE DANCE WEAR: European shop: (choose your country/language) USA shop: Dance Teacher Training & Free Online Program: Dance yourself Free: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: SUBSCRIBE: Afraa Falak, the Essence Teacher who started the Essence dance wear idea: https://www.afraa-bellydanc...!
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Product images Kids Paillette Ballet Tutu Dance Wear Girl Stage Professional Ballet Leotard Dance Dress Multicolor Swan Lake Dance Skirt 89 Hello there Guys, In This Movie Let me Show amazing items and cool gadgets assessment from Aliexpress, I desire enjoy this video. Find the Special Price with Shipping Worldwide! HERE ▶ Price: $US $59.69 Discount: 48% Sale Price: $US $31.04 ↓↓↓ RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS ↓↓↓ Gothic Skirt Vintage Stea...!
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Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this video, Dance Wear Lookbook! If you did then make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe because we are trying to reach 200 subscribers! Use the hashtag #QandBay on Twitter to ask me questions! Shops: Target: K-Mart: City Beach: Dance & Play: Boohoo: Cotton On: Best & Less: http://www.bestandless.c...!
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hey so I guess Ive turned into a dance youtuber.... sorry not sorry I love ballet with my whole heart:) This vid was requested so I thought Id make it despite my collection being significantly smaller than what it once was. MORE DANCE: MY INSTA: @alenamckenze thank you :))...!
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**MASSIVE DANCEWEAR CENTRAL HAUL LEOTARDS UNBOXING! ** Hope you will all enjoy this video! Big thanks to Dancewear Central for making this possible! :) My instagram: Dancewear Central Instagram (I do live classes here every Saturday at 5:30pm) Dancewear Central website: Thank you for watching! Make sure to subscribe for more cool content just like this! Dream Big, Make it...!
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Whats better than an award winning Latin dance dress in nude? . . . having it in RED! See whats new at: Http:// This nude Latin ballroom dance dress has been worn by many winners throughout the year including Miss Dance USA. Not only does it look great on stage for Latin performances but it also works for lyrical dances as well. Get Ballroom Dress Rentals from Http://!
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SO excited to share this dance wear haul with you all! These ballet items from Move Dance are so lovely and the quality is amazing! Move Nava Leotard - Move Oriana Bra - Move Brook Leotard - Move Paris (mesh) Leotard- Move Amelie Skort - Move Footless Tights - Move Convertible Tights - Move Zara Tutu - MY BLOG: https...!
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hey everyone! todays video is a dance video!! i show you guys some really cute dance outfit ideas! these outfits are perfect for dance class/ practice. if you are a beginner dancer this is going to be a really helpful video for you! (: i will show you what to wear to dance! depop: @jazzyle dance playlist! : ANNOYING THINGS THAT HAPPEN AT DANCE CLASS!! // haleys video! :!
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Leotard & Dancewear Organization | Kathryn Morgan SUBSCRIBE: | Instagram: WATCH MORE: Strength & Stretch Workout: This is my ballet and dance wear collection and organization. I show you how I hang up my leotards and how I organize my tights, sweater, and pointe accessories. Plus a few professional dancer secrets! Dance Spirit Magazine: PRODUCTS Eleve Dancewear: Yumiko:...!
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Follow me on Instagram: @elisha.nilsen If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing! Im uploading something new every Wednesday. *Disclaimer, this is meant to be a fun, slightly informative, however mostly entertaining video. Please make sure you wear a dance belt before trying out any ballet moves guys, you can seriously be hurt without one. Check out these links:!
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The MB100 is a split sole canvas ballet slipper by MDM...!
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FULL ONLINE CLASS AVAILABLE AT Music: Criminal Intent Artist: Robyn Choreography by: Brian Friedman Featuring: Madison Cubbage & Zack Vanegas Filmed on location at CLI Studios Edited by: Brian Friedman Subscribe: Business inquiries: Please contact Brooklyn at ____________________________________________________________________ Follow everywhere @BrianFriedman #BrianFriedmanChoreography #BFreeGlobal #TeamFriedman...!
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*NEW LEOTARDS UNBOXING FROM BASILICA DANCEWEAR* BASILICA DANCEWEAR INSTAGRAM: Here is a link to my instagram: Hope you all enjoyed the video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up and leave a comment down below, I always appreciate your input into my channel and I answer as many comments as I can :) And remember, Dream Big, Make it Happen...!

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