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↓ ↓ ↓ Planner Discount Codes ↓ ↓ ↓ DAY DESIGNER (Affiliate): *10% OFF DAY DESIGNER with code: AMANDA 10 One Time Use Expires: 12.31.20 DAY DESIGNER MINI & BIG SIZE COMPARISON: GET TO WORK BOOKMARK: *TIME STAMP* 17:51 -Daily Planner Starts DAY DESIGNER PAPER WEIGHT= 90gsm (60#) Page size is 7.3 x 9.5 ____________________________________ □ Welcome to AMANDAS FAVORITES! I am passionate about planners, and l...!
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Hi, Sassy Heads This is not an official bullet journal merely my version of a bullet journal, I will be using. I will be showing you how I created my own Bujo rather then buying the journal. For more on how to get started bullet journaling checkout the original creator website which will be linked below. All the products I use in this video will be linked below ( provided I can find them). Thank you so much for watching! My Shop : ( All stamps + Colored Inks used ...!
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Planner Unboxing: Day Designer 2020-2021 Academic Daily Planner Ahh, I am so excited! My new planner has arrived! I just received my copy of the Day Designer 2020-2021 Academic Daily Planner and I am going to unbox it, do a full flip through and give you a review of the planner. I have loved the way that using a daily planner has increased my productivity, and this is the perfect video for you if you are considering getting one of these! TURN YOUR TO DO LIST INTO YOUR DREAM LIFE -New Videos ...!
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Hey whats up you guys!! Todays video is all about how I plan! I have the day designer planner (the daily planner version) and in this video I talk about my planning routine and how I organize my life. Basically this vid was motivation for me to get my life together haha!! This is also kind of like a mini review for the day designer and I explain why I dont completely love it! Day Designer Planner:!
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You want to create your own planner, right? Im going to teach you how to design planner pages in inDesign so, even if youre a beginner, youll be able to do it without a problem. WANT TO FOLLOW ALONG: Go ahead and grab todays FREE Download - its a Cheatsheet that walks you through each step of Weekly Planner Design tutorial so that you can follow along with what Im doing and take notes. - PURCHASE this exact template from the Shop - https://prettyfabulousdesigns....!
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In this video I will be showing you my process for creating a daily printable planner in InDesign from start to finish. Youll see everything from creating a new document to resizing and exporting my planner inserts into multiple planner sizes. I learned a lot of my InDesign skills from a course called automating calendars by Spruce Rd. If you want to learn how to automatically date your planner inserts then you have to check out her course: ...!
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You want to create your own planner, right? Im going to teach you how to design a single daily planner page from scratch using inDesign so, even if youre a beginner, youll be able to do it without a problem. DIY your Planner and learn how to design it yourself. If you liked this tutorial, you might also like the Weekly Planner Tutorial PART 2 of this tutorial where I show you how to open this on your iPad Pro is at FREE Courses mention...!
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WATCH IN HD!!! Hey babes! In todays video I will be showing you guys how I plan using the Day Designer daily planner! Dont forget to subscribe and follow me on my social media! Love ya guys xoxo ♡My Links♡ Twitter: Instagram: Poshmark: Tumblr: Pinterest: Spotify: yanaloveee BUSINESS ONLY: [email protected]!
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Skinny Jeans font is available here: The free bullet journal vector kit is available here: If you enjoyed this tutorial, please subscribe! Check out past tutorials + pick up design freebies over on my blog here: You can also follow along on Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: https://www.pinteres...!
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SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: kiarabell...!
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Free trial or buy InDesign - Get these elements and graphics from my tutorial here - ⭐ MINI COURSE ALERT! ⭐ ========================== Want to learn Adobe InDesign without being overwhelmed? Then enroll in my Basic InDesign Mini Course for Beginners! Enrollment is NOW open! Enroll here - ========================== This tutorial is about learning to design a simple Weekly Planner printable in Indesign. I always ...!
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#etsyprintables ➡️ Need design coaching from me? Simply fill out the form, and I will make a personalized confidential video tailored just for you and email it! You can find my form Personalized Video Telegrams at: How To Start Making Planner Pages For Beginners Subscribe to me on YouTube!!
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Hi guys, welcome back! in this tutorial Im going to show you how to create printable daily planner in Photoshop. You can download the DAILY PLANNER here I hope you enjoy and if you do, please like, share, and subscribe! ♡ SUBSCRIBE ♡ Instagram: @reinagulle ♡ Twitter: @reinagulle ♡ Facebook: ♡ BUSINESS INQUIRIES: reinamariegu...!
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#dailyplanner #plannertemplates #indesigntemplates BUY the NEW 2021 Daily Planner Template Now at // Sign up for: Incredible Workbooks Noteworthy Notebooks Calligraphy 101 Planner 101 Indesign 101 *************** Video designed by Lisa Siefert of Pretty Fabulous Designs SUBSCRI...!
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Join the Club to get this BONUS lovely bright printable from my tutorial - In this in-depth tutorial, I will teach you how I design a daily planner from scratch. Watch to learn how to create your own personalized daily planner. Its going to be a long one, so prepare a cuppa coffee or tea and join me along in this tutorial. Let me know in the comments if you find this tutorial helpful! Resources for this tutorial: --------------- Free trial or buy InDesign - https://...!
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Ever had trouble designing your island? Feel you need a way to test your ideas before committing? Check out this new Island Planner app that will help with all your designing woes! Links: Island Planner App Website - Developer Patreon - Happy Island Designer - Where else you can find me: Twitter - Instagram -!
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Find out how you can create an undated weekly planner in Affinity Publisher—in less than 1 hour. Affinity Publisher is a true alternative to the much more expensive Adobe InDesign, and will help you streamline your design process, save you time, and help you create print-ready book files that are up to spec and ready to rock and roll. THE AUDIO GETS A BIT ROUGH IN A FEW SPOTS—APOLOGIES!!! __________ LINKS DISCUSSED: Affinity Publisher: _______...!
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Printing tips are in this post from my blog: My digital paper shop: PaperCravings: Download the printable I made in the video: Learn how to make printables using other graphic design tools: - Microsoft Word: - Microsoft Excel: - Photoshop: - Google Sheets (free online tool similar to M...!
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Have you ever wanted to launch and sell a custom physical product online? Sign up for Volusion today with my special promo code “siliconvalleygirl” for 80% off any business level plan - In this video, I talk about my experience creating and selling my custom book online, and share with you my advice and best practices if you are looking to do the same. Making and selling physical products online is a great way to build your personal brand and offer value to your au...!
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♥ My very own FASHION collection on Markkit♥ My virtual closet! ♥MUCHOS BESOS MAKEUP BAG and LIPSTICKS♥ ♥I’M ON AN APP! CHECK IT OUT! ♥ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: To see more planner inspiration/ideas and organization check out my blog Where to find cute sticky notes, flags, pen...!
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BY POPULAR REQUEST! Taking your planner to the next level can be daunting, so I have created a series to help newer Happy Planners find your planner peace. In this 3rd video of the Beyond the Basics series, we will learn how to use the rule of thirds to create 10 vertical layout designs that will help you create consistently pleasing spreads, no matter your style of planning! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………...!
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✨ Subscribe:✨ ✨Setting my time planner up for Success✨ ✨Planner organization - Heres how I do it✨ In life, its easy to get overwhelmed or even lose direction when youre disorganized. Keeping habits, setting goals, and just getting things done all becomes much harder in a messy or unplanned life. Thats why my planner is one of the cornerstones of my success. Im able to balance my life, work, and wellbeing i...!
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Today is a case study on the Perfect Planner by Carrie & Co, aka Carrie Green. This is an excellent example of how to sell a high-end luxury planner at a high price point with zero accessories like stickers or pens and do it only once a year as an additional revenue line for your existing business. This planner sold out in pre-sales for $59 + shipping. Carrie Green is the author of She Means Business and online founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Today were walking through What w...!
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My digital planner tutorial that I posted over a year is my most popular video today! Since then, I have figured out new tips and tricks to up my digital planner game, and today, I share those same tips and tricks with you! ✰ watch more ✰ ➭ How to Make Your Own Digital Planner: ➭ How to Create Digital Binder Rings: ➭ Creating Templates for Your Digital Planner:!
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Part 2 of designing calendars is here! Learn how to design the calendar sheets for a planner in InDesign. Watch Calendar Design Part One: #Calendars #InDesign #GraphicDesign [MORE] RESOURCES: 💎Freebies ► 💎Storyboard Template► 💎More Design Templates► LETS CONNECT: 💙Join the Pixel Fam on Discord: 💙F...!
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Here’s a video on how I create my digital planners, notebooks, and journals! What is most important when creating your planner is putting your own stamp on it! I gave you the basic rundown, but you must make it yours! C H E C K I T O U T F O R Y O U R S E L F Noteshelf for iOS: Noteshelf for Mac: W H A T I U S E iPad: Apple Pencil: Keyboard Case: Keyboard Case: ...!
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Hi Everyone! Ever since I saw the Emily Ley and Whitney English day planners I wanted one. The problem is that there arent any 2014 ones left. So I had to make my own!! xoxo Thanks for watching!! Vicky Emily Ley: Whitney English: Monthly Printable: Check out my blog! For more pictures and book reviews and all sorts of things!! Check out my etsy shop: http://www.etsy...!
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Learn how to make printable weekly planners for yourself or your blogs readers using Adobe Illustrator. Read on the blog: Fonts: The Secret: Aristelle Sans: Amatic: This Adobe Illustrator tutorial is perfect for beginners. Im using Adobe Illustrator CC 2017,...!
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Create Daily Weekly planner in Excel. This excel tutorial will show how you can make your schedule in excel to plan your day or week. Down Load Practice Files from ** Useful Excel formulas and Functions ** 10 Most Used Formulas MS Excel Learn Basic Excel Skills For Beginners || Part 1 10 Most Used Excel Formula **Most Impora...!
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Try Skillshare for free: -- the first 100 people clicking the link will receive a 2 months free trial! Hello everyone! today I will guide you through the basics of creating printables in Microsoft Word for everyone who cant access more advanced programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Download my 12 Months Calendar: FTC: This video is sponsored by Skillshare. ************************ Music: Morning Walk by Jonny Easton ************************* ...!
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Create without limits with a subscription to Dont miss another appointment, meeting or deadline! Keep your business and personal life in order with your very own customisable Daily Planner. With the ability to tailor every element to your specific needs, you can do away with the clutter so you have clear vision of the most important things happening in your day,...!
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Create your own digital planner without spending a dime. Join me for PART 2 - lets turn that blank notebook and turn it into an eight-page planner! Make calendars and weekly spreads for digital planning. User these tips and tricks to make your own digital planner. As I walk through creating this planner you will notice lots of tricks and tools you can use in creating your own digital planner! By the end of the video, we will import it from keynote to goodnotes so that you can start planning! Mak...!
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Build your 2020 planner using Canva from 32 pre-designed templates. Add the templates to your Canva account in minutes and begin designing. Template Includes: 3 Planner Covers 3 Monthly Calendar on Two Pages 3 Weekly Calendar on Two Pages 3 Daily Agendas Project Worksheets Meal Planners Fitness Calendar Habit Tracker Goal Planners Checklists To-Do Lists Note Pages Dotted Grid Page Expense Tracker //Download// Get instant access to the Build Your 2020 Planner by clicking the following link: h...!
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#creativeprocess #howicreate #creativenetrepreneur FREEBIE Download - Get the slide deck at Sign up for the Mental Wellness Planner Pop Up Shop Launch at // Sign up for: Incredible Workbooks Noteworthy Notebooks Calligraphy 101 Planner 101 Indesign 101!
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This planner has now been updated and expanded to include DAILY PAGE for 2020! You can see all the details here: This video provides an in-depth walkthrough of my 2019 Studio Digital Planner. Click here for more information on the Studio Planner:!
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// Sign up for: Incredible Workbooks Noteworthy Notebooks Calligraphy 101 Planner 101 Indesign 101 *************** Video designed by Lisa Siefert of Pretty Fabulous Designs SUBSCRIBE for more InDesign Tips & Tutorials LETS BE FRIENDS - Website - Faceboo...!
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Its a busy week, its time to show you how I plan my life as a freelance graphic designer. Ive never done one of these before, but its time to plan with me! ▶ Join the #AlicesArmy Family (btw, you get freebies - yay): ▶ SOUL + FIRE Instagram: Twitter: FOLLOW ME ▶ TWITTER: ▶ INSTAGRAM: ...!
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I cant believe this is finally happening. 2020 Doodle Planner is available worldwide for pre-order November 16th at 11am EST on ✨ MORE INFORMATION Follow us on instagram for more updates on launch day! @shopamandarachlee ▸ What is the 2020 Doodle Planner? The 2020 Doodle Planner is a pre-dated planner that features my hand drawn, black & white illustrations and lettering. There are 12 different monthly themes with weekly spreads, trackers, and various other s...!
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Tune in for the latest Elizabeth Crafts ODS! Join Els for an hour of crafting tips and tricks with the brand new Planner Essentials dies and stamps! HOCHANDA is the Home of the UK’s leading TV channel dedicated to Crafts, Hobbies and Arts. Broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week we work with many of the world’s best demonstrators and leading craft brands to help you discover your inner creativity. Whether you’re a master crafte...!
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Today were checking out the Sacred Ordinary Days Christian Planner that came up in August / September so its a mid-year planner. *************** Video designed by Lisa Siefert of Pretty Fabulous Designs SUBSCRIBE for more InDesign Tips & Tutorials LETS BE FRIENDS - Website - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest https:/...!
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We brought in a real city planner to see how well his expertise applies to Cities Skylines. #ProfessionalsPlay #CitiesSkylines #CityPlanner Cities:Skylines / Paradox Interactive Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeed Multiplayer! GET MORE BUZZFEED:!
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I love how the Full Focus Planner is designed to help you see new perspectives and illuminate whats most important each day. My in-depth review of Michael Hyatts Full Focus Planner! The 4th edition is out today and I think it is a great structured planner with 3 new styles and 7 different colors, including the Black Leather Executive style, 2 Classic colors, and 4 new colors in the Bold style with beautifully designed end pages and two-tone ink on the pages. I highly recommend the Full Focus...!
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Taking your planner to the next level can be daunting, so I have created a series to help newer Happy Planners find your planner peace. In this 2nd video of the Beyond the Basics series, we will learn how to use the rule of thirds to create 10 horizontal layout designs that will help you create consistently pleasing spreads, no matter your style of planning! Note: Additional resources can be found on momruncraft’s Instagram and YouTube channels. It was just brought to my attention that she ha...!
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Introducing: DESIGN YOUR LIFE 2020 PLANNER!! Heres a flip-through of whats inside-- fun monthly themes/designs, a ton of extra productivity pages, and lots more unique features! #DYLPlanner #DYL2020Planner Orders yours (or for a friend) here: If youre in the USA, Mexico, or Canada, you can order here: ----------------- SHOP: IG: FB: SUBSCRIBE:!
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Download the Tutorial Workbook at // Sign up for: Incredible Workbooks Noteworthy Notebooks Calligraphy 101 Planner 101 Indesign 101 *************** Video designed by Lisa Siefert of Pretty Fabulous Designs SUBSCRIBE for more InDesign Tips & Tutorials!

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