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Deaf advocate Glenna Cooper shares her personal journey as a Deaf child of hearing parents who were told to avoid teaching their daughter sign language. Glenna shares insight into Deaf culture, including why its not considered rude to tell someone their new hairstyle isnt flattering. Youll also learn about a cutting edge movement in interpretation that pairs Deaf with hearing interpreters. Glenna Cooper is Assistant Professor and Department Chair for American Sign Language Education, English As...!
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This short-film was showcased at California State University of Channel Islands, at an event called Arts Under the Stars. As a director and filmmaker, I want to bring awareness and respect to the Deaf Community and their Culture. Ive done my research, discussed in emails with a Professional Deaf Dancer, and Ive personally took an ASL 1 class on campus to further my credibility about Deaf Culture. Enjoy....!
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Today, more than 40 percent of American children born deaf receive cochlear implants. The technology effectively restores hearing by bypassing the ear and delivering audio information directly to the brain. The vast majority of deaf children who are implanted develop hearing and speaking skills comparable to their hearing peers, thus allowing them the option to “mainstream” into normal schools. Deaf education in the U.S. has gone through many phases. American Sign Language (ASL) is currentl...!
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Watch the full program Can We Cure Deafness and Blindness? Should We? here: PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Actor Marlee Matlin joins groundbreaking researchers in deafness and for a wide-ranging discussion of cutting-edge research and how it will affect lives. Recent breakthroughs in vision and hearing mean many forms of blindness and deafness may soon be reversible. This will not be greeted with universal acclaim. Deafness is not just a disability; it is a culture with its o...!
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Approximately 17% of Americans (36 million people) are deaf or hard of hearing. Still, much of the hearing population would say they never interact with the deaf. The deaf have separated themselves from the hearing, why? Our discrimination and lack of understanding of deaf culture. About Pamela: Born and raised in Columbia, Pamela graduated from the University of Missouri in 2011 with aspirations to volunteer overseas before going to graduate school. She started taking a beginning American Sign...!
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NC DHHS: What is it like to be deaf? Its not so very different....!
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Hi everyone! Happy Deaf awareness month! Todays video is about the dos and donts of getting involved in the Deaf community, mostly for ASL students, future interpreters, and new signers. I have a lot of pet peeves and things to say about this, but I tried to narrow it down to some of the most significant things Ive noticed in the Deaf community. Hope you enjoy this video and maybe learn something! Transcript:!
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Roos Wattel was born deaf. Throughout her life she’s bridged the gap between the hearing world and the deaf world, between deaf culture and hearing culture. And now she is doing the same for museums in the Netherlands. Roos started her own company, Wat Telt (What Counts), that focuses on improving accessibility in the culture & art sector. Roos Wattel aims to bridge the gap between hearing and deaf people as an accessibility consultant. To achieve her goal, she started her company ‘Wat Tel...!
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Davin is a culturally Deaf person and native user of American Sign Language, and hails from a fourth-generation Deaf family in Rochester. Searls is the Executive Director of Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW), a non-profit organization that promotes the self-determination of signing Deaf communities through local capacity building in developing countries. He joined DDW in 2008 after 10 months teaching Deaf university students in Changchun, China. Searls also serves on the National Association of the ...!
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Students and alumni from the American School for the Deaf talk about American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. Interviews conducted in Hartford by the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) for Language, Culture, Communities: 200 Years of Impact by the American School for the Deaf, an exhibit at the CHS, April 28-October 21, 2017....!
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Subscribe to our channel Follow The Stream and join Al Jazeera’s social media community: This episode’s story: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: GOOGLE+: ****************************************­************ On The Stream: Deaf culture and identity. Thumbnail: Oregon School for the Deaf students converse with sign lang...!
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Join presenters Brenda Liebman and Len Aron on a journey through Deaf culture from both hearing and deaf perspectives! For more information, visit:!
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A day in the life of a third-grade classroom at the California School for the Deaf. Read more: View from the Window was directed by Chris Filippone and Azar Kafaei. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic. Subscribe to The Atlantic on YouTube:!
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HEARING CULTURES VS DEAF CULTURES CLICK THE [CC] BUTTON FOR SUBTITLES! Bennys Links: CHANNEL : INSTAGRAM : Come Say Hi To My Social Media: FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM :… TWITTER : Thank you so much for watching and for all your support, you guys mean a lot to me! *sending all my love to you guys* Jazzy xx...!
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Deafness is not a disability – its a community and culture with its own language. Here are some answers to the questions you might have about what it means to be Deaf. Watch more from this series: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Note: When deaf is capitalized as Deaf, its referencing the Deaf community, an important and empowering distinction to those in the community. Transcript available in the comments. Music ...!
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Why are there such low levels of writing and reading comprehension of English among Deaf college students? Why hasn’t English literacy improved in 137 years and has been maintained at a fourth-grade level? Why has this made a devastating impact on Deaf culture? Dr. Kay Amey and Jacqueline Gee tackle these questions, and both are teaching at the college level. Jacqueline is not interpreting but rather talking in her first language, American Sign Language (ASL). They feel the answer is root...!
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Always wondered what Deaf and Hearing cultures are like?? This is the video for you! :) Please click on CC for the subtitles! :) *WARNING* Loud noises are in this video, so please turn down your volume if needed! CREDIT for the downloaded sounds below: Downloaded from Police Pursuit TV show sound effect Horror ghostly passing 001 Small stone throw into puddle, small water splash 1 Small stone throw into puddle, small water splash 2 ________________________ My other video, Deaf...!
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Model, actor, and activist Nyle DiMarco has been breaking down barriers and winning over audiences since 2014. As a fan favorite on cycle 22 of Americas Next Top Model, he became the second male winner and first deaf contestant on the hit CW series. The following year, partnered with Peta Murgatroyd, he took home the coveted mirror ball trophy on season 22 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. DiMarco has quickly become the face of not only the Deaf community but disabled people worldwide (1.4 bill...!
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Panelists discussed how deaf artists portray the integration of deaf culture and community and how those artists define and redefine art for the deaf. For transcript and more information, visit!
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How can we break down the barriers that hold deaf people back? In a powerful talk signed in British Sign Language and voiced over by Omoyele Thomas, Rebekah Afari shares her experience of growing up deaf in a world created for hearing people and calls on us all to tear down the barriers to inclusion together and make her dream of equal opportunities for deaf and hearing people a reality. At TEDxExeter 2018 we focussed on making connections - and building bridges. Our speakers challenged us to r...!
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You can stream new episodes of This Close Thursdays on Sundance Now. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning, News, Thursday, March 1, 2018....!
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The brand new play RICHARD & JANE & DICK & SALLY features Sally, a deaf character played by Treshelle Edmond, who begins learning to sign against the wishes of her hearing father. James Caverly, the Director of Artistic Sign Language, breaks down some of the basics of Deaf culture. Tickets for RICHARD & JANE & DICK & SALLY are now on sale: RICHARD & JANE & DICK & SALLY By Noah Diaz Directed b...!
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American Sign Language resources to teach #children- hearing, deaf, or special needs. *ASL #Teaching Resources - Free videos all ages Free iTunes Podcast ASL Word of the Day (please leave a review) *ASL Teacher Lesson Plans *Online ASL Classes & Tutoring!
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This panel discussed 100 years of sociolinguistic preservation of American Sign Language and its role in the preservation of culture. Participants also discussed the famous filmed exhortation by George W. Veditz and later events that thrust deaf community and culture to the forefront of media and accessibility awareness. For transcript and more information, visit!
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Communication is the very foundation of our ability to thrive in life. But what happens when our disability hinders our ability to communicate? Millions of deaf children around the world lack proper education, which affects the quality of life as adults. Growing up deaf, Nyle now shares his vision of improving the lives of deaf children around the world. He manages to get his message across loud and clear - communication is always possible. Nyle DiMarco is a model, an actor and also an activist...!
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Capitalizing on the Collectivist Culture of Deaf Community Fred Weiner is a native New Yorker, attending New York City public schools and spending much of his free time in the citys playgrounds and streets. It was during those years that he was exposed to an amazing array of people from all walks of life which profoundly shaped his views of the world. Fred left NYC to attend Gallaudet University, but its fair to say that NYC has never left Fred. He has worked in many different settings includin...!
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Hey everyone! We both wanted to explain a little bit of everything about our deaf culture. Hopefully you guys will find this helpful and know a little better about us! Dont forget to subscribe and like our video! Well see you next time in our new video....!
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I do not own the rights to this video....!
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Erin Moriarty Harrelson, 2014-5 Fulbright-National Geographic Fellow in Cambodia, tells us about her time studying deaf culture in Cambodia. Learn more about this fellowship:!
Channel Title : Lifey Views : 8692 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2015-09-04T11:56:44Z Deaf Culture vs. Hearing Culture (Tips on what not to do)....!
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CMU University Theatre presents the Suzan Zeder play “Mother Hicks,” which tells the story of an orphaned girl, a deaf boy, a recluse through poetry and sign language. The performance relies on characters using American Sign Language and has provided the opportunity for the university to connect with members of the deaf community. Read more: Performances will take place Wednesday, Feb. 10 through Sunday, Feb. 14. The cast will perform the ASL and closed caption p...!
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Click the [CC] button for CC! || If CC doesnt show up after youve clicked the button, fiddle with the settings first and then try it again. CAPTIONED BY » Ai-Media. MY WEBSITE » PATREON » TIP JAR » MERCHANDISE » DTV NEWS » BUSINESS INQUIRES » TO: [email protected] BBC: ri...!
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Woodsons interest in cultural differences and how people search for meaning in the world led her to create the deaf character Sean in her novel Feathers....!
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Captioning has been enabled for all audiences. To activate this feature, press the CC button on the lower right....!
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Five deaf American performing artists, who through their use of the American Sign Language, are reshaping American performing art, from satire, dance, to music. Hosted by Nat Wilson and featuring Mary Beth Miller, Ben Bahan, Musign Theatre Group (Ed Chevy, Rita Corey, Bob Hiltermann), and Ella Mae Lentz. Learn more about Deaf Culture at (Copyright music by The Manhattan Transfer has been removed from the Musign performances.)...!
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Participants will learn how to provide culturally sensitive and competent mental health services to members of the Deaf community through gaining a better understanding of the culture and its specific needs. Participants will also gain a better understanding of Sign Language and how this can affect the process of communication in mental health treatment. Participants will learn how ADA applies to working with Deaf individuals in mental health settings as well as how to work more effectively with...!
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28 June 1992. Marlon Kuntze gives a keynote at the American Library Association Annual Meeting. Lons presentation is about Deaf Culture in America. He was a teacher at California School for the Deaf in Fremont, and is now a faculty member of Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Learn more about deaf culture at the San Francisco Public Library:!
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An all-day discussion and workshop series on how historical events and forces have shaped the ways that deaf people define themselves as a culture today, sponsored by the Library and the National Literary Society for the Deaf. For transcript and more information, visit!
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Signing swear words: the stand-up comic bringing deaf culture to hearing people. A short documentary directed by Natalia Kouneli ( Subscribe to the Aeon Video newsletter: Watch more free videos on Aeon: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Wry observations on daily life, sly turns of phrase, and aptly hurled swear words ...!
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Guthrie Nutter is just one of the millions of Deaf people whove experience silly questions or wrong assumptions. Hes decided to take all of that and create a popular YouTube series. Below is the exclusive on his next episode: Ways of Getting A Deaf Persons Attention. Lets Connect: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @DHN_News Instagram: @DHNnews...!
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Shaheem Sanchez is a Deaf dancer and instructor with his own method of feeling musics vibrations to learn a song. Want more? Check out this similar video from AJ+: Subscribe for more videos: #DeafMusic #MusicforDeafPeople #DeafDancing Watch Part 1: Watch Part 2: Watch Part 4 Its a common misconception...!

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