Deer Heads

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This is a time lapse of John mounting the buck he shot that he filmed himself shooting with his phone....!
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Visit my website at!
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Quick video on how to do your own European style deer skull mount....!
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In this video professional taxidermist Chris Goch of Backwoods Taxidermy shows and explains how to correctly cape a whitetail buck....!
Channel Title : Carolina ALL OUT Views : 410238 DisLikes : 178 Published Date :2018-08-05T17:19:45Z
Chris Douglas Heads to edge of the Uwharrie National Forest to Montgomery Community College to spend a day with Andy Speer, Head instructor for the Taxidermy Program. Learn how the process goes on this weeks episode! -- If you want to become a Taxidermist contact Montgomery Community College in Troy, North Carolina, USA. - toll free: 877-572-6222....!
Channel Title : Fieldsports Channel Views : 1787706 DisLikes : 2084 Published Date :2013-03-20T19:01:05Z
The YouTube headshot film. This video is designed to show where to head-shoot deer. It is aimed at deer managers only. You may find this film offensive. Head shooting deer is a tricky subject but some circumstances dictate it. In this film were out filming a parkland deer cull. Using a high speed camera we capture the moment a fallow doe is shot in the head. Its not pretty but it shows how clinical the shot can be if done properly. Also, deer manager Roy Lupton uses a fallow skull to explain tar...!
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Like a messed up PeeWees playhouse. But more horror oriented...!
Channel Title : Ultimate Paper Mache Views : 15186 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2019-03-13T16:09:26Z
This DIY paper mache deer head is easy to make with the downloadable pattern. Create your own faux taxidermy wall sculpture and paint it to match your decor. The antlers did make me nervous, until I realized that firmly crumpled aluminum foil would make them strong without any wire. And it was easy. You can download the pattern now at If youd like to see the patterns for the sculptures behind me in the video, go to https://www.UltimatePaperMac...!
Channel Title : Live Free Fish More Views : 17886 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-12-01T21:54:56Z
How to make a European Mount for whitetail deer! Making two European Mounts from my New Hampshire Buck and my brothers New Hampshire buck as well. European mounts are a great way to preserve a trophy and memory from your hunt for a very cheap cost if you do it yourself! Give it a shot! Music: Ohayo by Smith The Mister Smith The Mister Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library http...!
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In this video I show you how to hang a deer mount....!
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Shed Hunting 2019. Follow John Royer as he hunts for sheds in clarion county Pennsylvania. John finds some broken antlers and some dead heads but was only able to find two sheds. With limited time to hunt John had to cut his shed hunting season short. Hopefully more next season!...!
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Channel Title : chezlin Views : 671090 DisLikes : 296 Published Date :2015-03-05T15:50:17Z
Some people had trouble finding a paper mache deer head in stores, so I thought Id put together a tutorial on how you can make your own from scratch! I used Blender to make the 3d figure ( and Pepakura ( to turn it into a paper craft template. Deer head template: Template for Pepakura users(PDO):!
Channel Title : Artimee Views : 6547 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-04-18T18:19:01Z
Learn How to Draw Step by Step in a Fun way! Come join and follow us to learn how to draw. Its simple! Simply Subscribe us for more drawing tutorial. Subscribe us now!...!
Channel Title : TheSlideinn Views : 9915 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-12-13T23:18:48Z
In this video, Kelly will walk you through the different options of hair densities and what youre looking for in order to create a functional deer hair head....!
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Chihuahua lovers know an apple head when they see one. But what exactly is an apple head chihuahua? Whats the difference between an apple head chihuahua vs a deer head? And how do they get their distinctive head shape? I have answers! My video will explain the origins of the apple head in chihuahuas, the molera, and the role it plays. I hope you enjoy our video. If you like it, please click to subscribe from this link. -Subscribe at --...!
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how to add antlers to a mount that has had the antlers removed add your own antlers...!
Channel Title : Ultimate NJ Outdoorsmen Views : 3394463 DisLikes : 2386 Published Date :2016-06-17T03:31:00Z
How to custom dip your deer skull at home with spray paint. Easy, Cheap, And Efficient....!
Channel Title : Chainsaw Chad Views : 7111 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-11-26T21:01:35Z
This Tuesdays video I am chainsaw carving a deer head, not the easiest thing to carve!!
Channel Title : H&E Outdoors Views : 1575 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-12-26T22:45:16Z
This is opening day of rifle deer season in Pennsylvania. November 30th now marks a special day that I killed my first buck in 5 years. I have always been a picky deer hunter and have always enjoyed watching deer from a stand more than anything else in the world. So when I got the opportunity at a beautiful Pennsylvania whitetail in rifle season I had to take the chance. Especially knowing that I was about to go for another year without a harvest. I hope you all enjoy the video and Merry Christm...!
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Win :) click below for the pattern or Hey guys Im back for awhile. I have a few videos lined up to make. Its been awhile and Im sorry! We are expecting our second child in the end of January so this video and the next one will be how tos that we can use in the nursery (hopefully they are both wins). Please stick with me while I...!
Channel Title : Art of Taxidermy Views : 13030 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-12-14T09:04:44Z
A beautiful 6 year old White tailed deer harvested in Saskachewan, Canada. Hope you enjoy the video. please leave your question in the comment area and I will try my best to answer. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Jarico - Island Vlog No Copyright Music: 10 Minute Loop:!
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This video was uploaded from an Android phone....!
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How to cape any deer for a shoulder mount. With a little practice anyone can do it. Just take your time and go slow. A good taxidermist will be able to fix most things but the mount will always come out better if it is skinned properly. Go for it! If you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for our next video feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and subscribing. HAPPY HUNTING!!! SOME STUFF WE USE: Those awesome ORANGE gloves:!
Channel Title : Fancy Vibes Views : 4964 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-01-23T07:01:37Z
In this video i will show you how to make a papercraft deer head. DOWNLOAD A DEER HEAD - Notice - you will find horns on last 4 pages....!
Channel Title : Boots1956 Views : 179425 DisLikes : 64 Published Date :2013-08-23T05:22:21Z
This is a little video introducing our friends at Jims New Life Taxidermy. Ive known them for 30 years. Jim and his staff are excellent taxidermists. They have Christian values. Jim has a dream to teach others one of his passions. Feel free to contact him to learn how. This song in this video is called buck fever it is from the Bone Collector Album....Dallas Davidson off The Bone Collector Album. ... David Cooler (Dog Huntin Man Song) . It is available on iTunes and on Amazon MP3. If you have a...!
Channel Title : Travis Glassman Views : 7015 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-11-19T05:29:16Z
Come along as I film my brother harvest a rutting Kansas mule deer with his Hoyt bow. The Heads Up Decoy played a huge role in our success....!
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Template Download: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Thank you for watching! Subscribe for more interesting videos ----------------------------------------------------------------- Popular uploads: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Created playlists: Cardboard i...!
Channel Title : LethalGamerz Views : 5052 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2017-02-02T05:59:01Z
Here Ill show you guys the best way to hit all 3 deer head using just one rave. Watch Reaper live: Subscribe for more awesomeness: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ifunny: ZSHT360...!
Channel Title : Deer and Deer Hunting Views : 903174 DisLikes : 291 Published Date :2011-03-16T21:17:13Z
For more whitetail deer videos and deer hunting advice head to: This clip shows a buck white-tailed deer breeding a doe. As youll see, the hunter waits until the buck is finished breeding before taking a shot....!
Channel Title : Josh Varner Views : 1125 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-01-31T06:49:10Z
Deer hair work will always be a skill that baffles even the most seasoned tyers. There are constant improvements and innovations that make the muddler minnow look elementary. The best thing to do is learn the basics and build your foundation from there. I hope these tips help everyone out as much as possible....!
Channel Title : It’s Ashley Freeman Views : 323334 DisLikes : 107 Published Date :2015-11-29T02:21:50Z
Just in time for Christmas, I show you how to create the coolest and most inexpensive 3D Deer Head, made out of paper! If I can do it, so can you! Get those scissors prepped... PRODUCT LIST: TEMPLATE & INSTRUCTIONS **antlers are on pages 12-15*** **hang by poking a hole in the back- use a nail or command hook** Designed by Jan Krummrey ( Featured on Apartment Therapy...!
Channel Title : RoeStalker Views : 60820 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2012-09-09T04:09:07Z
Support RoeStalker - become a Patron! A few months ago I uploaded a tutorial in 3 parts how to boil out roebuck head. This was quite detailed step by step tutorial showing how I do it, but I used a saw at one point to cut the skull to speed up the process which is not acceptable if you are dealing with a medal head and every gram counts. This video is showing how to clean the head if you want to get it officially measured by CIC or BASC. The method is just a b...!
Channel Title : John Bellucci Views : 2323 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-01-10T18:12:43Z
The title says it all. In this first video, I tear apart - both literally and figuratively - a real piss poor example of a mounted Whitetail Deer ... and I use the term mounted about as loosely as diarrhea! Yes, it really is that shitty! I also show and explain the need for boiling antlers, with dramatic before and after photos of the uncleaned and cleaned skull plate....!
Channel Title : carrie ann Views : 51200 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2013-08-12T03:49:37Z
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#skullmount #europeanmount #euromount #taxidermy #taxidermist #hunting #deerhunting #flesheatingbeetles #dermestidbeetles...!
Channel Title : JoyAndFun Views : 3205 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-08-17T20:55:56Z
Link to template: (I used the first template download on the page - How to make a cardboard deer head. A low cost and awesome looking decoration! Music credit: Music from Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (!
Channel Title : HawgNSonsTV2 Views : 477961 DisLikes : 4882 Published Date :2011-09-17T08:42:57Z
September 16 2011 Illinois, Lake County 6:44pm Wind E 5mph. 57 degrees. Cloudy Barometer 30.33 Falling Waning Gibbous 82% of the Moon is Illuminated. Hunting BIG Early Fall Whitetail Deer. Spread and Jr. out at the sanctuary. Both Jr. and Spread have shed their velvet and are hard horned now. Ive spent so much time with Spread he feels safe feeding on soybeans just 25 yards from me. Its a rather strange feeling to know he may get killed in just a few days when hunting season starts, so I try to ...!
Channel Title : Knetters Practical Outdoors Views : 121541 DisLikes : 116 Published Date :2018-01-07T04:46:02Z
Which is the best way to hang your deer? Head up or head down? For more of our deer processing videos check out this LINK -!
Channel Title : Allie DAndrea Views : 18994 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2019-01-18T20:30:01Z
Buried for ONE YEAR! Ive always wondered if I could get away with burying my deer skulls instead of boiling them or taking them to a taxidermist.. Shop OUTDOORS ALLIE MERCH! Exclusively designed by me, for YOU! - Check out my lifestyle & apparel brand, Worn & Weathered Sign-up for my newsletter and stay up to date on every adventure and for more big announcements!! Dont forget to share & subscribe!...!
Channel Title : CNN Views : 675494 DisLikes : 775 Published Date :2013-11-12T03:00:47Z
Oh, deer! Does Little Steve Martin get the arrow out of his face? Jeanne Moos has a story that sticks in your head....!
Channel Title : Miss Mustard Seed Views : 3907 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2014-12-19T04:32:00Z
Kriste & Marian discuss the 2014 trend of deer | deer heads | animal heads. Should they stay or should they go? For more inspiration, visit our blogs... Some sites & posts mentioned in the video... Barb Blair of Knack - Mason jar snow globes - Elegant or Ew blog post - Glittered deer tutori...!
Channel Title : Maymo Views : 1181540 DisLikes : 394 Published Date :2011-11-27T05:46:27Z
Dog Terrified of Deer Head : Cute Dog Maymo To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral ([email protected]) Instagram: We prank Maymo the dog, with a deer head which he is scared of. In this prank, the dog is scared of the deer head, so we chase his around with it. Maymo, the dog is terrified to even walk by the deer hear. Cute dog Maymo even starts to howl at the deer head. Truly, a funny dog v...!
Channel Title : Katha Kiwi Views : 5901 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2015-11-17T17:57:32Z
Modellierung eines Hirschkopfs aus Super Sculpey Modeling a deer head made of Super Sculpey...!

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