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In today’s video I cover my process of organizing my design files for projects. This my not be the coolest topic but it’s one that is important. My process is something that is a mix of where I have worked in the past and my current client goes and process. Remember to Subscribe This my not be the organization method for you, so feel free to take this method and expand on it, change it, morph it to your liking. In the end it doesn’t matter what your system is as l...!
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Lucy Feagins talks to Monty ‘On The Couch’ about how The Design Files all began. Follow us for more! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:!
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In todays video, we take a break from designing and I show you how I send files to my clients. Google Drive is the most powerful file sharing platform out there and I highly recommend switching if you havent already. If this isnt for you, how do you send your files? Dont forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more content! Google Drive! One love to MGCKS21! Check him out. My Website! http://garrettmalon...!
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In this video, I show you how I organize all my design folders and files for client work. If youre a freelancer that bases his payments and security around the work youre doing, these files mean the world to you! So having a backup system in place to minimize the chances of data corruption on your hard drive could save the day when it comes! *Sponsored By Freshbooks! Click here to get 1 month free! Great Graphic Design Resources! https://creativemark...!
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The worst thing you can do is have a messy desktop or folder system that will waste time when dealing with projects. Be tidy and logical when creating folder and file names when working on client projects. If youre not careful you can end up with a mess and have to sift through files and can disrupt your design process. - More Tutorials More Perspective - Free illustrative design guide http:...!
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In the video I show you how you should set up your file when designing. Files structure Side Projects Design Blog for this Channel: Daily Number: Illustrated Motion Graphics: Find Tim: Videos: Twitter: Instagram: Intro Music from Thi...!
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Lucy Feagins at CreativeMornings Melbourne. Join the conversation and learn more at!
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Things get super nerdy in this weeks video as I show you how I organise my design project files and give you some tips for keeping things tidy! Please remember to subscribe Design project files can get messy very quickly. Especially when youre working fast and trying to meet a deadline, and who wants to go back in after a project and tidy things up?? By then were on to the next project. This design file organisation system will help you keep your files neat and easy to fin...!
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Date: 4/26/19 Presenter: FDOT Production Support CADD Office, Matt Sexton This module reviews the MicroStation design environment within the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Workspace. Special consideration is given to: • MicroStation Design Files • FDOT Seed Files • Launching MicroStation in FDOT Workspace • File Open in FDOT Workspace • FDOT Discipline Configurations • Creating Files in FDOT Workspace • Design File Settings • FDOT Preferences • MicroStation Hel...!
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Ive spent 10 years learning how I like to name my graphic design and video files. These are my tips on the best way to name design files for organization and SEO. Take over 25,000 premium Skillshare courses for free: - - Free Skillshare Courses - - Illustrator Course: Photoshop Course: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe:!
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The Design Files show us how to style an art wall three ways, using limited edition artwork painted by hand in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio....!
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In this video I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on some things you should always do when preparing your artwork for printing. Special shoutout to Dan from Born and Thread for jumping in on this one! Check out Dans printing below: MY LINKS: My merch: My Instagram: My latest font: My mailing list:!
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50% OFF our Logo Design Bootcamp Course: Graphic Designer Tip #9 - Providing Design Files To Clients Learn about what kinds of files Graphic Designers should be providing their clients and how they should be providing them whether it be on a CD or electronically. Make sure that you are packaging their files up in a way that will make it easier for them to use and send to ...!
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In a world where more and more design teams are spread all over the place, version control is becoming more and more important. This is just an introduction video to an upcoming tutorial about this subject. Read more here:!
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Have you ever downloaded a machine embroidery design online and what sews out is completely different from what was originally shown on screen? In this video John shares useful tips on how you can go about fixing corrupt embroidery design files. Free 30 Day Trial of Hatch Embroidery Software: *Free Embroidery Design: Interactive Digitizing Lessons here:!
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In this video Ill be demonstrating how you can use Adobe Illustrator to prepare and generate all of the proper file formats and variations for a logo design. This video was created to accompany an article I wrote back in 2018 about preparing logo files for clients. If youd like more details about the file formats and variations I include and why theyre necessary, be sure to check out that post here: To generate a ZIP folder at the end of the les...!
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Learn how to view your embroidery design files right in Windows using Embirds ( nifty plugin Iconizer. This way, you do not need to open your files one by one inside your embroidery software to see what youre looking at!...!
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Download Eagle (free 30 day trial): ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Business inquiries: [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you like it! Eagle: Eagle Knowledge Base: Eagle Browser Extension: The must-know Eagle tricks: https://docs...!
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Checkout my Design Course on Udemy: . Subscribe to my Weekly Design Newsletter: Hey there my fellow Designers and Creatives! In this video, we are going to take a look at one of the Worlds Best Design Library for ANY KIND OF DESIGNER & CREATIVE! Presenting EAGLE! Eagle is a Design Library that helps you to get you get organised 10X Better. It is available for Windows...!
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Be inspired to spread joy and add warmth to your home with our video on how to style your home with Lucy Feagins, Editor of The Design Files. Shop Lucys edit here: Read our interview with Lucy here:!
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Autodesk Inventor 2021 is capable of handling large amounts of design data, including different CAD file formats, libraries and library folders, templates, etc. This video gives you an overview of the best practices of setting up Inventor projects, updating designs by leveraging existing and new functionality, as well as keeping datasets healthy....!
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File Structure Dropbox Link → ↓ Gear, Social media links, and more ↓ GEAR Screen Recording – Screenflow → Main Camera – Sony a6300 → Awesome Small Tripod – Manfrotto → GoPro – Hero Session 4 → Microphone – Røde → Camera I don’t use as much – 5D → FOLLOW ME Twitter → Instagram → http...!
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In the third instalment of our collaboration with The Design Files, Lucy shares her tips for styling with colour and texture....!
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Get started with Printful today: ⏳It takes a lot of time and effort to create designs for print-on-demand apparel. Watch this video and follow these easy tips to make the perfect print file right from the start. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Links: 📍 Creating the perfect embroidery file - 📍 Transparency in DTG files -!
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Mike Aubry shows us how to take models created in 123D Design and import and manipulate them in Fusion 360. ► Get Fusion 360 | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER |!
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The Design Files show the story behind the collaboration between the Sydney Opera House and Sheridan....!
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Learn how to prepare 3D models for printing and add them to your MakerBot Cloud Library using MakerBot Desktop. You can add your own 3D models, or download your favorites off of MakerBot Thingiverse, the worlds largest 3D design community. Watch this tutorial to learn more. ...!
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Web-based viewing of models and drawings brings rich visualization right in a browser. Support for over 50 file formats - including AutoCAD (DWG, CAD), DXF, Revit (RVT), IFC, Navisworks (NWD, NWF), and other Autodesk file formats....!
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IN THIS VIDEO In this video, we talk about naming your design files. Im still seeing memes on Twitter and Facebook and I think its time we all use a different approach. BASIC CONCEPT? Every time you save a file you save it as a different version (i.e. website-v01, website-v02) Its a better way to name your files and never use the final methodology. SUBSCRIBE ► 👋 Im Tim Hykes! Subscribe if you have not! 👍 Thanks for every Like, Sha...!
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Did you know that you can save your files in multiple formats quickly and easily, all inside Hatch? Instead of using the export button and doing each file type one at a time, you can do it all quickly and easily watching this video. Save yourself tons of time and convert your files fast with Hatch! *Free Embroidery Design: Free 30 Day Trial of Hatch Embroidery Software: Interactive d...!
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Peek inside this stunning Marie Antoinette styled Cuban apartment in Centro Habana. Pink is the new black....!
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#etsysvgfiles #passiveincome #etsypassiveincome #girlboss #NoSmallCreator Follow me! Instagram: @Alisha__Conn Pinterest: AlishaConn444 Twitter: @AlishaConn1 How to Design And Sell SVG Files On Etsy Link to football graphic:!
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A video showing how to group design files together and combine them into one shipment using Ponoko....!
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In this video I show you how to take you Silhouette Studio files that end with .studio and turn them into a SVG file that can be imported into Design Space and cut with your Cricut Explore. Download Inkscape here: SUBSCRIBE: JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUPs Cricut: Silhouette: ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine —— • CRICUT EXPLORE AIR —— h...!
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In this video we explain the difference between using BX files and opening design files for Applique Alphabets. Please refer to video 1 for installing BX files and saving the new text designs you create. Find Teen Girlz Applique font here: Find Box Font Applique here: Learn more about using BX files in Embrilliance on our blog: http://tinyu...!
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Describes how to use the Create Design Files application for OHDOT CONNECT stanadards....!

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