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Join my Discord! Enjoyed the video? Drop a like and subscribe! Thanks for watching! ~---------------------------------------------------------------------~ Links: Cable Clips: Cable Sleeves: LED Strips: Headphone Stand: Fake Plant: ~---------------------------------------------------------------------~ *Social Media Links* twitter: https://twitte...!
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The Desk is where we spent most of our times for working, and if you have a lot of gadgets on your desk, it’s really difficult to keep your desk organized. There are some unique desk gadgets that allows you to keep your desk organized and boosts up your productivity.To help you choose the perfect gadget for your desk, we’ve listed top 10 Best Desk Gadgets You Should Have on your desk to enhance your workflow. Best Desk AccessoriesList: (Affiliate Link) 1. STEALTHO Office HUB Desk Organizer ...!
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Here are my favorite Desk Accessories for your desk setup! From iPhone stands, desk lamps, Pops, and more! Enjoy the video! Thank you Gaze for sponsoring the video! Purchase the Gazepad mouse pad here: Here are the other accessories: Gameboy stand for Apple Watch: Macintosh stand for Apple Watch: Aluminium Mouse Pad: Aukey Light: YouTube Subscriber “Clock”: https://amzn....!
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⬇⬇⬇⬇THE LINKS ARE BELOW FOR BUY⬇⬇⬇⬇ 8 ► STEALTHO Office HUB Desk Organizer ● Amazon United States : ● Amazon United Kingdom : ● Amazon Italy : 7 ► LUMICHARGE SMART DESK LAMP ● Amazon United States : ● Amazon United Kingdom : ● Amazon France :!
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iQunix Spider Monitor Stand - iQunix Edin for Macbook Pro/Air - YEELIGHT Bluetooth Smart LED Bedside Lamp - SlickWraps Justin Maller Gaming Mouse Pad - use code AMANDA to save $5 Use my referral link to get a $5 coupon at Amazon for signing into the Amazon App the first time: FREE 30 trial to Amazon PRIME - Watch NEX...!
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No exaggeration, the Tivoo by Divoom might be my FAVORITE tech desk accessory ever! I really lover the Tivoo, it is good quality, priced right, and looks awesome on any desk in any setup. Not to mention the Tivoo has about 1000 different handy tools besides its awesome pixel art display and great bluetooth speaker. The Tivoo is a great tech desk accessory for all ages and makes for a great tech Christmas gift! --------------------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA------------------------------...!
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I know...more decluttering must be done, but being this organized is nice :) CHECK CURRENT PRICE ↓↓↓↓ ➡ Desk Mat - ➡ Monitor Stand - ➡ Dongle - ➡ Headphone Stand - ➡ Vertical Laptop Stand - ➡ Tablet/Phone Stand - ➡ Desktop Charger - ⚡️Instagram ⚡️ Full Transparency for ...!
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If you spend a lot of time working on your desk, here are some minimal desk accessories that can improve your workflow. Logitech POWERED - BenQ Screenbar Lite - Divoom Pixoo - Logitech Brio - Brainwavz Hooka Headphone Hanger - Taiga - Kevin - Miles -!
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Today we are looking at 5 Top Desk Tech Accessories under $50 for July 2019.  We will be doing under $20 next month. All the links you need will be below! Subscribe! Check out todays items on Amazon: Anker 50w charger: QI Mouse mat: Smart Strip: Charger: Light: Twitter: Instagram:!
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Click Here To SUBSCRIBE: Follow Me on INSTAGRAM: @macennalee HEY GUYS! This week I’m DIY-ing some super cute Desk Accessories for my office that are really easy to make and super customizable…so you can really get creative!! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below & if you love it as much as I do give this video a thumbs-up!! I would LOVE to see what you guys make with this tutorial! Use #XOMACENNA on Instagram so I can check out what you ma...!
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Himalayan Salt Lamps (2 pack) - LED Light Strip - RMJ LED Desk Lamp - New Bee Headphone Stand - Q-Line Underdesk Desk Drawer - Music by Joakim Karud ---------- ALL MY CAMERA GEAR I USE TO FILM MY VIDEOS! Main camera: Panasonic G7 - Adapter for camera: Metabones T Smart - Main lens: Sigma 18-35 F1.8 - ht...!
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Sharing a few adorable items for your home office, desk, or work space...all from Amazon! Enjoy XO Desk Lamp: Desk Chair: Acrylic Wall Racks: Mouse Pad: Mouse: Blue Light Glasses: Phone Stand: Gold Dipped Quartz Popocket: Blog post DIY Nail Polish Wall:!
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THE ROAD TO 100K ►► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ►► FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM►► While these videos are completely free for you to watch, they take a considerable amount of time for me to make, so Id be very grateful if you used my Amazon Affiliate link. (It doesnt cost you a penny lol): Music from Epidemic Sound Watch in 4K My equipment: Camera: Panasonic GH5 (Used Panasonic G7 on videos ...!
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Cable management box: Cord holders: Zip tie mounts: Reusable zip ties: GearTie: Velcro strips: Double-sided tape: Cable management gutter: ●Subscribe for more tech! ●Follow me on Twitter! • My Amazon US Link: ●10% off @ http://lootcrate...!
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My spring 2019 desk tour in my home office, including my cute desk accessories and tech products that I recommend! A lot of them are my Amazon faves! Links below! :) SUBSCRIBE HERE ⤏ VLOG CHANNEL ⤏ SOCIAL MEDIA ⤏ @jambeauty89 FTC DISCLAIMER ⤏ This video is NOT sponsored. This post does contain affiliate/referral links, which means that if you purchase anything through the use of my links with, or, I receive a sma...!
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I get a lot of questions regarding certain products or aspects of my desk setup and so i figured why not show everyone some of my favorite accessories that help build out my mac desk setup. Products mentioned: Autonomous L-Shaped Sit/Stand Desk - Brydge Vertical Dock Stand - OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Logitech MX Master Keys (Mac Edition) - https...!
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Hey everyone! In this video I talk about a few of my favorite desk accessories under $50! Id like to also thank AOTHIA, COSOOS, and EleTab for sending out a few of these products for this video! If you have any products you think would fit this list, be sure to leave them in the comments below! Hope you enjoy! /// Products Mentioned: 1) Desk Pad:!
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THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. Follow me on Instagram! Check out my Snupps profile and follow! Facebook: Twitter: MAILBOX ADDRESS TO SEND CLOTHES/ARTWORK/ETC: RICHIE LE 10216 SE 256th St Ste 103 Kent, WA 98030 Sub to my other channel: Link to RICHIE LE MERCH! JOHNNY CHIM! http://www.IN...!
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Heres my top 5 desk tech accessories for gaming, streaming, or video youtube production as a whole. Must have tech in 2019 for creation! Pro Gaming Chair ► KontrolFreeks ► Twitch ► Instagram ► Twitter ► NEW VIDEO EVERY THURSDAY 🎮 (sometimes Mondays) -----------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Music: Over Rain - Music: The Last Sun - Music: Abyss - Small collection of some cool physics gadgets. Thanks for watching! 1. helicone: 2. hypnogizmo: 3. swinging sticks: 4. maxwells wheel: 5. eulers disk: 6. solids...!
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Links to the products: Salt Lamp: (on sale) Ikea Lamp: RGB Led Strip 5M: Ikea Artificial Plant: Headphone Hanger on Amazon: Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: My Amazon Affiliate Link:!
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This video includes the top 10 cool office gadgets of 2018. These gadgets are really awesome and very helpful. You need to see these cool office accessories at least once. •••••••••••• 🛒Shop On Amazon 🛒 ••••••••••• [1] Cyanics iStick Multi Functional Desk Organizer → 🇺🇸 → 🇮🇳 [2] The Foot Hammok → 🇺🇸 → 🇮🇳 [3] Ep...!
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50 gadgets under $50 might be the dumbest idea yet 😂 My New Desk Setup! #1 Anker POWERCORE 13000 #2 Fast charge your iPhone with this #3 FLAMES for your desk! #4 Seagate 1TB hard drive #5 FIRE Tablet is actually pretty cool #6 A light that plays MUSIC?!?! #7 The little mouse that could! #8 Greatest...!
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Hello everyone! We recently bought a number of items from Taobao and it would be fun to share an unboxing / haul post with you guys! There is bit of hiccups in the video like spelling mistake and being a little near to the items, sorry about that. Will do better in the future, ciao! Thank You for watching. °₊‧ˈ∗ˈ‧₊° 🎀 Taobao links, and more thoughts on our blog : ╰ 🎵 Music : ╰ Done With Wor...!
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These are the best Laptop Accessories to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your desktop battlestation. Now I quickly switch from my desktop to laptop and keep the same great experience. UGreen USB 3.0 Switch: (US) (CA) (UK) Logitech MX Master 2s: To be honest I dont get the hype for this mouse. Much prefer my older G602. (US) (CA) (UK) Logitech...!
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Here are 5 setup hacks to improve your desk / gaming setup! Thanks to LastPass for Sponsoring this video, check it out: • Plate Hangers: • Glorious Headset Trident: • Cable Organizer: • Wallpaper Engine vid: • Foot Hammock: • Keyboard Brush: •Subscribe for more tech! •Follow me on Twitter...!
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Watch this video to find out the coolest desk accessories. Do not forget to Like,Share & Comment on the video. You can buy the Desk Accessories from the Links Mentioned Below! Brainwavz Krudul Duo : Amazon (US) : Anker USB Hub : Amazon (US) : Cheaper Alternative : Divoom Aurabulb : Amazon (US) : Transcend Card Reader (With CF Card) ...!
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Im currently home while my season is postponed, so I figured it was time to redo my desk setup for productivity and gaming with some new accessories. Hope you guys enjoy! Comment suggestions for improvements and what you guys have on your desks! Let me know if you have any questions about my desk setup! ~As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases~ Desk: Skarsta Sit to Stand Desk - Baseball: Bat Mug - Marc Pro -!
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I was shopping on Amazon trying to find a few cool items I could add to my desk setup. So heres what I found... ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: ★ Audible 30 Day Free Trial + 1 Audio Book: ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: 📷 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 👕 TechBlock Clothing: ★ Cololight (...!
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Ive gathered a bunch of cool tech that you can add to your gaming setup! Including a Smart WiFi Power Strip, a USB Fingerprint Reader, an RGB Mouse Mat, an AirPods charging station or dock, an Anker Wireless Charger Stand and finally, a wireless key finder! ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: Cool Tech Under $30 - Smart Power Strip On Amazon: - USB Mini Fingerprint Reader On Amazon: - USB Extension Cable On Amazon: http:/...!
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Central Saint Martins graduate Keyi Chen has reinterpreted a series of common desk accessories as stress relieving devices called Inte-rest-ing that encourage the worker to play at their desk. Chen has looked again at five commonplace office items, reimagining them as tools to relieve the stress of a long working day. Read more on Dezeen: [short URL of post from Wordpress] WATCH NEXT: Accessories for the Paranoid uses fake data to stop your devices spying on you -!
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who doesnt love cute stationery? :D LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and be BESTIES with meee ◢ MY LATEST VIDEOS: ⦿ Winter Foundation Routine ⦿ ermergerd! I made a vlogging channel! ◢ LETS BE FRAANDS! ⦿ My Vlog Channel: ⦿ Email (Business Only): [email protected] ⦿ Instagram: ⦿ Blog: http://l...!
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These things light up Isnt that exciting? Inked Gaming: // WellDesk: Instagram » // Code SWASHIN for 20% off ALL BEVERAGE COOLERS at ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Products: Keyboard: Mouse: Mousepad: Webcam: Microphone:!
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Here is my AWESOME RGB Gaming Desk Setup 2020!! I feature all of the peripherals I used such as Logitech G560 RGB Speakers, SecretLab Omega Softweave Gaming Chair, as well as an Acer Predator 165Hz Gaming Monitor, Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard, Coolermaster Hardcover Mousepad, Razer Naga Trinity Mouse, Corsair Headphones and Stand + RGB lighting by LIFX and how to cable manage your desk and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 💰💰💰 Su...!
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BEST Tech Creator Desk Accessory LED Pixel Art COMBO - Divoom Timebox-Evo & Pixoo - Full Review Show the video some LOVE and comment below! :) GIVE-AWAY Details! 1. Comment why you want one! :) 2. Follow ONE of Divooms Social Media Accounts: - Instagram ( - Twitter ( - Facebook Page ( 3. Follow My Instagram Account - 👊SUPPORT MY WORK ...!
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• See my tech, games and more - • Read the article - • Google Home - • Divoom Aurabox - • Fake plant - • Floppy disk coasters - • LED strip light kit - • $25+ Patrons: Joel Shaw - | Michael Eng - • Websites: | http://difrancouniversity.c...!
Channel Title : Victor Kamanga Views : 2846 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-06-19T21:15:01Z
If youre are look for some accessories to spice up your brand new or existing setup, here are some of the best desk accessories of 2019. #DeskAccessories #MinimalSetup #Minimalist BenQ Screenbar Lite - Bosma X1 Security Camera - RAVPower FileHub - WD Elements External Hard Drive - Siros ANC Headphones - SUBSCRIBE - Second Channel:!
Channel Title : Victor Kamanga Views : 273962 DisLikes : 362 Published Date :2018-01-12T18:00:04Z
Being an online content creator and a college student, I spend a lot of time sitting down in front of my desk setup. If youre in the same shoes, here are some of my favorite desk accessories 2018 that can possibly improve your productivity game. Updated Desk Accessories Video 2020 - Logitech Craft Keyboard - iQuinix Laptop Stand - Satechi Headphone Stand - Logitech Mx Master 2s - ...!
Channel Title : Linda Anna Views : 952 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-07-11T22:30:00Z
Reorganizing my office with new items from the Erin Condren Back to School Collection! Upclose look & links to everything: NEW EC ITEMS: Mid Century Circles Acrylic Nesting Desk Organizer Set: Mic Century Circles File Folders: Gold Triangle Paper Organizer: Clear Square Prism Ruler: Mid Century Circles Accordion File Organizer Box:!
Channel Title : swashin Views : 172503 DisLikes : 329 Published Date :2016-01-31T21:31:08Z
Episode 70 of Pimp My Setup with Jon Prosser! Shark Watches ► Want to skip to a setup? Click view more for time stamps! SUBSCRIBE to swashin! ► Check out Jon Prosser! YouTube ► Twitter ► Skip to a setup: (2:54) - Michael (8:04) - Rayna (13:20) - Cam (19:09) - David (24:02) - Jake (28:32) - Edward (32:39) - Jake (36:59) - Brandon ▬▬▬ LETS BE FRIENDS ...!
Channel Title : Whiskey & Whit Views : 138063 DisLikes : 80 Published Date :2015-12-30T16:15:20Z
Are you looking for a simple refresh? I was, and I decided to start with my desk at work! I spend so much time there, I figured it was high time I gave it a makeover. Here is how I added some chic to my space - on a budget! I did all of these items for under $20!! Watch to see how I created these high-end desk accessories! ★ SUPPLIES + LINKS* ★ ---------------------------------------------------- Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover 2x Spray Paint: Walmart Painters...!
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Download PDFelement for Mac (PDF Editor) Free: Save 50% on Back-to-school sale: Review It to get $5 Amazon gift card free: Rules: - Download PDFelement 7 from Mac App Store and give it a try - Rate and write a review for it on the Mac App Store - Capture your review and send it at [email protected] - Wait for your gift card to come within 2-5 business da...!
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Channel Title : Victor Kamanga Views : 2411 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-03-29T21:16:56Z
If youre looking for some great tech desk accessories to compliment your new setup, here are some of favorite! Logitech MX Master 3 - Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 - Carved Wireless Charger - Blue Yeti X - Harman Kardon Citation One - SUBSCRIBE - Second Channel: Gear I Use - Business Inqu...!
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In this video you will see 5 gadgets, you can use to boost your productivity and comfort when you work from home. ► Subscribe and you may want to hit the bell 🔔 to see a new video every day: 🛍 Everyday Amazon Deals Amazon(US) - Amazon(UK) - Amazon(AU) - Amazon(IN) - New Funded Products on Amazon Amazon(US) - Amazon(UK) - http...!

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