Discovery Bottles

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Being a toddler can be hard - big emotions and feelings. Redirection is often a good way of dealing with difficult behavior. These bottles can help with redirection as they combine principles of viscosity, colors and suspension to create calming visual entertainment. Great for older children and adults too! These bottles are also great for discovering how different mediums interact and work together. This DIY tutorial shows how to make four different bottles as well as how to get the paint off t...!
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Make your own discovery bottles from Michaels - Product Review with lots of Bloopers at the end....!
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Keep your kids entertained. Brought to you by!
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A fun activity for sight word recognition skills....!
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๐ŸŽฅ ABOUT THIS VIDEO ๐ŸŽฅ As part of my Sensory Bin Series I am sharing 10 ideas for themed I-spy sensory bottles and bags. These are great for toddlers & preschoolers when you want to contain the mess of a sensory bin. All the ideas I share in this video can be used with different themes you might do in your homeschool preschool. These could also be great travel activities for your littles ones. #homeschoolpreschool #sensorybottles #sensorybags ๐Ÿ’ณ PRODUCTS WE USED ๐Ÿ’ณ Find it Games - O...!
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I am putting I Spy bottles in Aydens Easter basket this year. Make some for your toddler or preschooler today! How to color rice: Audio file(s) provided by My Daily Mommy Blog: Follow me on: Facebook: first name: Sarah, last name: MakingLifeSimple Twitter: SarahL0426 Tumblr: MakingLifeSimple ...!
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Using recycled bottles, rice or water and oil and miniature objects you can create discovery bottles that will entertain and fascinate children. Aired 07/30/2010!
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Make a magnetic sensory bottle that wont rust. Its a simple science activity that is safe for young children and great for sensory play! See how to do it here:!
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Children love these easy to make discovery bottles....!
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DIY Discovery Bottles make amazing toys and great educational tools. Need examples for how to play with discovery bottles? Here are two toddlers demonstrating the most basic way to play with our DIY discovery bottles....!
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A quick and easy tutorial showing you how to make the infamous Sensory Bottle! Also known as Calming Jars, these bottles are great for helping to calm babies and children, as well as sensory stimulation for children and adults with Autism and other Special Needs. Instructions/Ingredients: Clear Bottle (I used a 1L bottle) Glycerin (I used about 20ml) Food colouring (Just a few drops) Sequins Glitter Water beads Lego or other small toys (optional) P.S. I got all of my ingredients from Amazon ...!
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I cant believe weve never done this! Its so easy... and so fun! Donโ€™t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F Glitter Bottles SUPPLIES โ€ข water bottle (with water) โ€ข glitter (fine and chunky) STEPS 1. Fill bottle up with glitter - use the fine and chunky kind. 2. Shake it up!! Oil & Water SUPPLIES โ€ข water bottle โ€ข liquid watercolor โ€ข baby oil STEPS 1. Add liquid watercolor to bottle. ...!
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Make a rainbow discovery bottle with hair gel and liquid watercolors. This rainbow sensory bottle is the perfect activity to study rainbows, St. Patricks Day, or weather. Get all the directions here:!
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This moving jellyfish in a bottle DIY is a fun, quick and easy craft project to try. All the materials can be found around the house to make this simple toy. This DIY can also be used as a fun kids science project! Follow my craft board on Pinterest! Music: Touchpoint by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Materials - Clear bottle - Plastic b...!
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Calm down jars, sensory bottles, whatever you want to call them, theyre easy to make at home and great to have around for soothing yourself or your kids!...!
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Sea shell discovery bottles are really easy to make and children enjoy looking at the sea shells....!
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Hey Guys + Welcome back to my Channel!! In todays Video : I show you guys how to make an Anti-Gravity Galaxy in a bottle using simple items you probably have already! I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! Supplies: 1. Empty Water Bottle 2. Measuring Cup 3. Baby Oil 4. Food Coloring (purple and blue) 5. Glitter (any kind) 6. Water Other videos โ†“ How to Make Mint Soft Serve Fluffy Stretchy Slime DIY! How To Make Cream Cheese Slime! | S...!
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How to make loom band sensory bottles, or loom band discovery bottles. These are super easy with only 3 ingredients, and a couple of minutes, and are so calming to watch. Read the full instructions here:!
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Make your own sensory bottles with items around the house. In our video well walk you through 3 versions: glitter, water & oil and nature. Its a simple, inexpensive and easy activity for a baby, toddler or preschooler....!
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INGREDIENTS LIST and LINKS to purchase: - Voss Water Bottle 4 Pack: - Clear Glass Mason Jar: - Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4 oz (Sale Price 53% Off): - Glycerin, 2 oz: - Set of 30 Glitter Shaker Jars (Sale Price 40% Off): - Gold Fusion Shard Glitter: - Watercolor Paint 36 Colors (Sale Price 29% Off): - Food Coloring 6 Color Kit: http://...!
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Sensory Bottles - Make Your Own Tutorial with items around the house. Simple, cheap and easy way to distract a baby, toddler or preschooler. What items have you put in your sensory bottles. And tips and tricks I should know about? Tell me in the comments! MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO (These are affiliate links that benefit The Purple Alphabet so that I can bring you more video ideas!): VOSS Water Bottles: Liquid Glycerin: Pony Beads: http://amzn....!
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Can we talk for a minute about discovery bottles? 1 Ingredient Calm Down Bottles: Rainbow Discovery Bottles: Affiliate link to Ocean Water Beads:!
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This video is part of a Baby Play series where I will be sharing, toys, resources, games and ways to play with your baby. These sensory bottles or discovery bottles are great for children of all ages. They are great for visual and auditory processing. They provide stimulation for the sense of sight and sound for young children. They are easy to make and can be played with by children of all ages in a multitude of ways. We have enjoyed this mini project so much that we are going to be making D...!
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Learn how to make Rheoscopic Fluid! Watch Gracyn show you how to make DIY Rheoscopic Fluid and make sensory bottles. This is a quick and easy experiment that allows children to view water flow. Rheoscopic fluid is also great for discovery bottles! Great kid-friendly video! If you like this video, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Facebook Shop Instagram Email [email protected] Spec...!
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This beautiful sensory bottle is super easy to make! Youll need: colorful water beads, a container to soak them in, a funnel to pour with (optional), water, baby oil, and a VOSS water bottle (found at my local Safeway). You can purchase water beads on amazon. To speed up the process of hydrating the water beads, use very warm water and change it out often. Using this method it only took me about an hour and a half instead of the 6-8 hours it normally takes with room temperature water. Hope you e...!
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Use a recycled water bottle or jar to create a rainbow glitter sensory bottle! There are TONS of uses for these bottles, from a calm down jar to an eye-spy, the possibilities are endless!...!
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Learn how to make a discovery bottle based on a favorite childrens book using a plastic water bottle and small toy items....!
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Great for letter recognition and review. Pattern can be found at ....!
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Diwali is a festival of light, joy and happiness! To get in the Diwali spirit we made these super easy Diwali Discovery Bottles. Hope you enjoy making them too :) FB group link: For more play-based learning ideas and toddler activities pls subscribe! Blog: Facebook fan page: Twitter: Google+: -...!
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How to make an ocean in a bottle. Fun science activity and sensory project for kids....!
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Come check out these neat home made discovery bottles for toddler. They are super fun and easy to make. Be sure to seal the caps with hot glue. Theme song music provided by Almost Summer (30 second version) from Free Stock Music Licence:!
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Finding Nemo!! One of my favorite Disney Pixar movies ever!! This project is inspired by the bouncing jellyfish scene from the movie. Whats your favorite Disney movie? This DIY project is a great homemade toy for the aquarium enthusiast in your life! This also makes a great sensory toy for young kids. Congrats to Frozen Fire for winning the Finn Grass Sword, please check your Youtube inbox. If you would like to be super awesome and donate to my 1st #AIDSLIfeCycle ride, click the link belo...!
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Learn about our discovery and sensory bottles, an interactive and fun way to keep your child engaged. Learn more about Seahorse Nursery: Follow us on Facebook: Check out our Instagram: Find us on Twitter:!
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Be mesmerized by color and light with this easy to make discovery bottle....!
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Sensory or Discovery bottles develops: Language, Math, Social, Science, Sensory-Motor Skills. It also helps in promoting good behavior. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at!
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A simple and fun way to explore moving objects with magnets. Max is using a magnetic wand to pull paperclips out of the bottle with rice to count them ===================================================== โžœ TheDadLab on Facebook: โžœ TheDadLab on Instagram: โžœ TheDadLab on Twitter: โžœ TheDadLab on Pinterest: โžœ Website: ==============...!
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Out in the dump today for a while digging holes, and it lead to some COOL FINDS again. Lots of nice OLD Marbles. Enjoy....!
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In this video, I show you how to make Rainbow Discovery Bottles for your infant or young child. This is a really good toy/activity for your curious children. Its a visual and physical stimulant and your child will love it ๐Ÿ˜...!
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This is a fun and easy project! Sensory and Discovery bottles are great for relaxation, calming big feelings, and as a boredom buster. Most of the items needed I already had at home. The bottles were ordered from Amazon. I hope you enjoy this art project! Happy crafting!...!
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Tutorial of DIY Sensory Bottles made at home for a baby, using water, oil and little toys, glitter and food colouring. Easy and fun kids activity during quarantine or holiday! Experiment at home for older kids...!
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How to Make Magic Color Changing Sensory Bottles for Kids! Fun &Easy DIY Science Experiment! In this video we show you how to make awesome color chaging sensory bottles with simple ingredients you can find around the house. These colorful bottles are half one color and half another, and when you shake them - they mix! You can teach kids how the primary colors red & yellow becomes orange; blue & yellow becomes green, and red & blue becomes purple! And after you mix them, the colors magically sepa...!
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Make brilliant calming bottles easily by following these simple steps! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email [email protected]!

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