Diy Candle Jar

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A simple way to transform and reuse your old candle jars and lids! More on my blog: My European Adventure: The Video! RECENT BLOG POSTS: Closet Organization: Mini Makeover Traveling Europe: Grenoble, France -------------------------- MY WEBSITE: OTHER PLACES...!
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Watch our latest craft corner video to learn how to make a mason jar candle You will need -Wax pellets -Wax dye -Long wick -Mason jar -Peg -Essential oils -Glue -Knife -Wooden spoon -Heating pot -Kitchen towel -Measuring cup Step 1: Fill the jar with wax pellets to the top Step 2: Pour the measured pellets into the pot Step 3: Fill the jar again but this time filling slightly below the top. Clean the jar with soapy water and dry with a tea towel Step 4: Add a very small amount of wax dye Step 5:...!
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Makers Cleaning Cloths: We have shown you how to clean out your old candle jars, so now we want to share some ideas on how to use those empty containers. Many of these uses could be used with candle jars that came with lids, but if you dont have one then simply cover where necessary with plastic wrap or tin foil. *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Melissa: Chad: Clean My Space:!
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Don’t throw your candle jar away! We can reuse them with so many diy ideas. Turn them to be your house decoration. I will show you 4 of my idea 1 - garden candle jar 2 - school supply (pen) holder jar 3 - succulent candy candle jar 4 - twine candle jar Materials Succulent (dollar tree $1) Lavender (craft store) Candle jar Rock (1 bag from dollars tree $1) Polkadot Bow (dollar tree $1) Jute twine (dollar tree $1) Scissors Glue gun If you love my idea please subscribe me @ WoW Style chann...!
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If you want to reuse candle wax, melting old used candle jars into brand new ones, this #craftcore video is for you. This video will show our process for melting all the wax out of old candle jars, how to make a guide for your candle wick placement, and how to pour the wax into your new reused jar. #craftcoreDIY Here are the supplies youll need to follow along. (If you buy from these links, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.) - Nearly empty candle jars, the more the better! - ...!
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Here are some practical ideas on how to repurpose your old Bath & Body Works candle jars!!! In this video I will show you how to make a chic organizer for your vanity or bathroom, Cute toiletry jars, and a room freshener/makeup brush holder! *Make sure to LIKE or SUBSCRIBE for more awesome DIY videos (^_^) Thank you! Materials I used: Bath & Body Works Candle Jars 40w Glue gun and high performance glue sticks Birdies from Michaels Craft store $2-3 each (cheaper if you use 40-50% off coupon) Su...!
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These DIY Scented Candles are everything you need to brighten up your home while adding your own personal & colourful touch to it! Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video ► All it takes is a few minutes and by following these basic steps you can make beautiful candles of just about any size, colour, shape, scent and add your favourite decorative items to it! We hope you found this video helpful. Thanks for watching! Until next time, stay tuned, stay Glamrs. Gla...!
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♡ Reuse Bath & Body Works Candle Jars and add some bling to Dollar Tree vase. ♡ 👇🏼💕CUTE & FUNNY MERCH💕👇🏼 REDBUBBLE TEEPUBLIC READ MY BOOK: 📖 A Girls Guide To Pain Free Periods: Natural Remedies to Make Menstruation Suck Less SAVE SOME MONEY HONEY 💸 Get cash back when shopping with Ebates!
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How to Remove Wax from a Candle Jar - 3 Ways *Soy Wax Candles* For business inquiries please contact [email protected]!
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Making candles with water?! Surprising huh? Here are a few simple and easy ways to make a water candle. I mean FIRE ON WATER! Watch the full video to find out how. If you want to make scented candles check this video out (The best part is you can make it with things you have at home right now! No extra costs) ❤Things required:❤ ⭐Glass jars of different sizes ⭐Water ⭐Lamp oil/vegetable oil ⭐Candlewick ⭐Scissors ⭐Transparent plastic she...!
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Hi beauties! In todays video I will be showing you how I repurpose and clean my Bath And Body Works candle jars. Hope you enjoy! #howto #diy #reusecandlejars If you get a chance please say hello in the comment section, I love connecting with you guys there! Also, if were not already connecting on Instagram be sure to follow me at Dont forget to subscribe, its free and fun! Be sure to hit the bell 🛎 next to the subscribe button so that you...!
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H Loves, I always pick up candles from Bath an Body Works candles when theyre on sale. I decided to save a few and re-use them. I hope you enjoy this viideo :-) LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @lovekisses99 FOLLOW ME ON MY Website: ALWAYS SOMETING ON SALE: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @lovekisses99 GET FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE OF $30.00 at Sigma B...!
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#diwalidecoration #glasscandlejar #masonjarcraft...!
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You need to see Hometalks great video and learn how to make DIY Jar Candles! This upcycling project is just one of many craft ideas that you can find in our DIY candles page: for fun DIY candle projects. Are you a fan of candes but find store bought candles too plain or expensive? Have you been looking for a way to use your extra jars? Join Hometalk to find out how to make these great candle decorations that are perfect for any room. With some p...!
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Haiii teman teman ini dia video DIY Candle Jar dari aku yg kalian request setelah video room tour aku sebelumnya! PERLU DI GARIS BAWAHI YAA yang tidak terbiasa dengan kompor ada baiknya untuk diawasi dengan orang tua kalian atau orang yg lebih bisa. Semoga video ini dapat menginspirasi kalian yaahh!! DAN AKU MAU NGASIH TAU JUGA mulai dari hari ini sampai dengan TANGGAL 18 JANUARI aku vacuum dulu yaahh.. dikarenakan aku tanggal 5 JANUARI SAMPAI TANGGAL 18 JANUARI akan menjalankan uas mohon doan...!
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How to make a candle holder (candle jar) out of concrete and a silicone mold from Buddies Artisan Mix. Blog Post about this topic: Supplies (affiliate links to products): -Concrete Mix: -Silicone Molds: -Red Oxide Coloring -Something to stir your mix with: Silicone mixing cups would work well if you want to reuse the cup over and over: -Water -Crafting Apron to protect your c...!
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DIY Macramé Jar Cover in Boho Style. Indoor-Outdoor Candle Holder. Brings a beautiful soft light in your home. It can be used as a vase for candles, flowers or as a decorative accent to your room. This Macrame decoration is suitable for weddings as well for atmospheric garden parties. Please watch more projects from Macrame School here: and Macrame Bracelets here: Thank you! 🔴 All Playlists: ...!
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I absolutely love how these candle jars turned out! Hope you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching xx Subscribe for more: Find me on: ✨Instagram | ✨Etsy | ✨Facebook | ✨Twitter | ✨Snapchat | ✨Pinterest |!
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I saw this idea on Pinterest so I thought I try it and show you how I did it. I always save my dead Bath & Bodyworks candle jars as I can use them for many things. Thanks for watchingxoxo Music by the very talented Jasper Sawyer Sweet potato pie ~email me: [email protected]/ ~Twitter ~Instagram ~Snapchat sugarpuffandflu ~Pinterest!
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Cupcake Candle DIY Scent - This candle is super easy to make, all you need is a few ingredients! If you want to see more DIYs like this please thumbs up this video! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Products Mentioned Mason Jar - Wick - Craft Glue - Corn Syrup - Sprinkles - Soy Wax Flakes - Scent -...!
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This DIY is a perfect outdoor decor. Lights make an outdoor space so cozy and inviting. These hanging candle holders are so simple to make. The only skill you need is tying a knot. When you done hang the lantern to a tree branch and... TaDa! Click for more info below ↓ Blog Post: Subscribe: MATERIALS 1. Glass jar 2. Jute string 3. Adhesive tape Difficulty:⭐️⭐️ Time: ⭐️ ◃▹◃▹◃▹◃...!
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Yeaayy Im coming back with DIY content. Semoga video ini bisa menginspirasi kalian dalam mendekorasi kamar kalian yah! Dan semoga kalian sukaaa❤️ SCRAPBOOK TUTORIAL HERE: 1. Double Slider Card 2. Squash Card 3. Pop Up Slider Card 4. Heart Card 5. Pop Up Box Card 6. Waterfall Slider Card 7. Heart Lock Accordion Card htt...!
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Hey Guys Please hit the like and subscribe buttons, also leave a comment telling me where you are watching from as I always love to know. I always reuse my Yankee Candle Jars and want to share with you ways you can do the same. Follow Me SnapChat: whitelionbeauty Twitter: charlottewtweet: Instagram: whitelioncosmetics Blog: Previous Videos Festival Makeup Look ...!
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Making candles in jars will first require you to carefully select the type of jar you want to use. Make candles in jars with help from a candle making professional in this free video clip. Expert: Jeffrey Schumacher Contact: Bio: Jeffrey Schumacher founded Pure Integrity Candles with his wife, Teresa. Filmmaker: Courtney Shumway Series Description: Ca...!
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Try crafting your own decorations this holiday season with stencils from ! Nothing spreads warmth and joy like handmade Mason Jar Candle Holders. All youll need for these Mason Jars are acrylic paint, a stencil brush, Repositionable Spray Adhesive, and a couple of Crafty Stencils. You can find links to the tools used in this tutorial below: https://mycraftystencils.c...!
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Im going to show you the best candle jars to start your candle business with! You can find all of these jars at These glass candle jars are all very popular, high quality jars that will give your candle company a professional looking product! For the best wholesale prices on candle making jars visit the link above. For all the sizing specifics including amount of wax they hold as well as dimensions, please visit the product page for...!
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Glass jar candle holder | Diwali decoration | easy mason jar craft | festive glitter candle #diydiwalicraft, #diwalidecoration #candleholder #masonjarcandleholder #priknowtomakeit #diycraft materials : _____________ -empty jar - -masking tape/washi tape - -heart shape template - - glue - -glitters - -small beads - -red paint - -scallop scissors - -paper ropes -!
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I mentioned before I would show you guys what I do with all of the candles I buy at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and my favorite candle ever from Yankee Candles so here is how I reuse or recycle or upcycle the jars to use them around my house for storage and organization and they can be really pretty if youre using nice jars. Here is my step by step way to DIY these home storage glass containers. Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Follow me: - Instagram: @missmyluck91!
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Hello Friends! Welcome back to my Youtube Channel! I have another short DIY video for you guys! Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with candles, especially Bath & Body Works candles! I found a fun way to clean out and re-use my jars! We all know if you dont get these candles when theres a sale, they can be pricey so getting your moneys worth and re using these jars is the way to go! I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below! Follow me! All ...!
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Learn how to make this beautiful candle in minutes! You will only need a few items that you probably already have around the house. ...!
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Are you looking for a craft to do? These frosted candle jars are the perfect things for Autumn/ winter, and will look amazing around the house for Christmas. My tutorial covers step by step process of turning your empty jars into beautiful frosted jars. You could use them as candles or makeup storage, on your desk or whatever you want to do with them! To make these frosted candle jars you will need: A glass jar of some kind. Glass frosting spray paint. Paper and scissors to make your design...!
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Makers Cleaning Cloths: Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! In our last 10 Things You Can Toss video we talked about getting rid of old candle jars and we asked if you guys wanted to see a video showing how to recycle / reuse / repurpose these candle jars into handy organizing / storage jars - so here we go! COMMENT QUESTION: WHAT WILL YOU STORE IN YOUR EMPTY CANDLE JARS? *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Melissa:!
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Got 10 minutes and some empty candle jars? This is the DIY for you then! In this video I turn some candle jars into rustic shabby chic storage containers for bathroom essentials. Enjoy! Thank you for watching. Please subscribe :)...!
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Lets do something with those empty candle jars that are just hanging around. This DIY will show you how to clean out your jars so they can be ready to be reused for more important things! Enjoy the video!! Lets keep in touch! :D VLOG Channel!: Like my page on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! __SVC0306 (th...!
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Dont Forget To Watch In HD. Subscribe For More: Watch My Last Video Here: Beauty Haul & New elf + Nyx Products: Any other questions or video request??? Please leave them on the comment box :) -----------------------This is not a sponsored video--------------------------- All products are bought with my own money and are 100% my honest opinion. ----------------------- LINKS-------------------...!
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Create your own mason jar candles! Perfect for wedding or party favors. Read the blog post at: Find more DIYs on our blog at: Follow us on Instagram: @beau_coup Follow us on Twitter: @beaucoupfavors Like us on Facebook: Visit us: Cute by Bensound ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://cre...!
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Its been a long time since my last video.. and I am so sorry, but I am back with a Christmassy video for a gift and decor ideas!!! I hope you enjoy it! ♡ ................................. Music: Carol of the bells - Capital Kings Instagram: MiA💮...!
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In this video, I create a faux marble topped jar using an old candle jar and nail polish. I had a huge nail polish collection at one time, and I didnt want to just throw it away. So, I decided to create something with it. After all, I had originally bought the colors because I liked them. This easy diy craft project was so easy. I was able to upcycle one of my candle jars and give it new life. The only things I had to be cautious of is that I had enough ventilation and a place for the ru...!
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Hi Lovelies! I hope you had a chance to watch the fun collab with my dear friend Sara Lynn aka The DOMESTIC GEEK! Deliciousness + Decor coming together sounds like a match made in heaven, dont you think? Heres the simple steps to creating the DIY Mason Jar Candle Holders that I made for Saras outdoor space. Enjoy! CHECK OUT... Sara Lynns 3 Dinner Party Recipes HERE: MY MODERN FARMHOUSE DECOR!
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Follow my blog to see more? Its free! :D My blog post on the DIY Brush Candle jars: Music by Dylan Bailey: To follow my blog with Bloglovin: ‪‪‬‬ -------------------------------------------------------------- Where else to find me: Website/Blog: ‪‪‪...!
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Two fun ways to make use of an old mason jar lying around the house! A pretty vase and a hanging mason jar candle. We hope you have fun making it as much as we did :) If you like this video give it a thumps up and Subscribe the channel for more interesting videos....!
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Spark your children’s imagination and creativity with these beautiful candle holders and show us how they look with the rest of the Christmas decoration around the house!...!
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