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Learn how to make a tooth fairy pillow with this easy sewing tutorial. Get the free printable pattern from my blog at Hi, Im Dixi from Treasurie and I aim to bring you the best sewing and craft tutorials with really easy to understand instructions. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoy and keep up with my new sewing and craft channel. Your comments mean a lot to me, so take a second to say hello. For more projects, techni...!
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Learn how to make a cute tooth fairy pillow for your little one! Youll have lots of fun letting your little one customize their tooth fairy pillow. :) Thank you so much for visit my channel!! If this is your first time, dont forget to subscribe to get notifications when I upload my new tutorials!! Music:!
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When my older son discovered his first wiggly tooth, I realized that I had the chance to define the Tooth Fairy experience for another generation. As I pondered how the Tooth Fairy would collect our familys teeth, it occurred to me that she has an awful lot of teeth to gather, especially considering the ever-rising world population. It seemed prudent to figure out a way to send the teeth to her for processing, rather than make her visit the homes of all 7,103,000,000 people on Earth. As such, I ...!
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Get Free Tutorial here:!
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Save Turn the milestone of losing ones baby tooth into an enchanting experience with a whimsical tooth fairy pillow. Itll make the occasion much less scary when you add a dusting of tooth fairy magic to it. And youll create heartwarming memories for you and your children to look upon fondly down the road. DIY:!
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This is a quick and easy tutorial for sewing a pillow for the tooth fairy. It can be hung on a doorknob or bedpost, or it can be placed at the bedside of the child....!
Channel Title : KimspiredDIY Views : 11487 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2014-07-18T05:55:49Z Find out how to make tooth fairy pouches. This DIY craft is fun and no sew! This was a Pinspired Project. Sources of Inspiration -!
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Kittys Kreations Boutique PO Box 845 Fallbrook, CA 92088 Template Here: Website: Instagram: KittysKreationsBoutique Facebook: Raverly: Etsy: Craftsy:!
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Staying up late until the kids are asleep? Dont like the risk of waking the kids up when sneaking TF money under their pillow? Problem solved using my technique! Check it out! NO FAIL TOOTH FAIRY TECHNIQUE!!!! HA!...!
Channel Title : Crafty Gemini Creates Views : 27847 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2015-08-26T04:00:00Z - Tooth Fairy Pillow: Easy Craft Project with Vanessa of Crafty Gemini Creates. Vanessa Vargas Wilson shows us how to make a super cute tooth shaped pillow that has a little pocket to hold a lost tooth. To get the materials needed to make this project, follow the links below. Get the free downloadable template here:!
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Subscribe Here: 12 Christmas Sibling Pranks! Sister vs Brother Prank Wars!: Want to collect your favorite fairies at your desk, and spend a couple of lessons for them? Our little heroine did it! Interesting? Then watch our new video just now! Supplies and tools: • Polymer clay • Scissors • Utility knife • Acrylic paint • Pen • Acrylic polis...!
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Subscribe Here: Funny Pranks on Friends! Prank Wars: Everyone goes to school, including tooth fairies. Didnt know about it? Then watch the tooth fairies in college in our new video! Watch More Troom Troom SELECT: Popular Videos: 19 Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends: 16 Edible School Supplies! Prank Wars!: ht...!
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-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Get Ready with Me and Kendall Jenners Moon Whitening Toothpaste -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Dollar tree is a crafters gem! Let me know if you want to see more Dollar tree DIY! I love using inexpensive materials to create fun and fabulous pieces! HOLOGRAPHIC VINYL STARCRAFT HD TOOTH DESIGN MY FAVORITE VINYL STORE SHOP MY AMAZON STORE GET A CRICUT FIND ME ON FACEBOOK h...!
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If for some reason youd actually like to own the tooth crown (Im not going to use it any more) Im selling it here: New channel: The new Instagram:!
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DIY TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW. Hi guys, in todays tutorial I have made a quick and easy tooth fairy pillow. I absolutely love these little things, theyre so adorable and cute. I have made a step by step guide on how you can create them. Iv made 1 with pink cheeks but the choice is unlimited on what colours you can use. I used an applique stitch for the eyes and mouth but you can always use small black and white pieces of felt to create the eyes. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and try it out yourselves,...!
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☆hello☆ hey guys thank you so much for watching my videos I love y’all so so much you make me so happy if you are subscribed 😄 ⋆background music:!
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Tutorial on how I create a no-sew pillow tooth fairy pillow for my little girl Music by DJ Quads For business inquiries email: [email protected]!
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this tooth fairy pillow is quick and easy to make!! Thanks for watching ,,,please subscribe!...!
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Learn calligraphy: Dress: Rhodia paper: Ink: Modern nib alternative: Envelope templates: Origami faves: fish: butterfly: peacock: Affiliate links are used. Your price doesnt change, I get a small percentage of each sale f...!
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This tutorial is for a tooth fairy pillow....!
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Let’s make a tooth fairy pillow! I am a new YouTuber, and I am learning how to sew, I will be making a lot of little DIY videos, and progress to doing more complex projects. If you are a novice or experienced sewer, join me and let’s create a fun community! I am still learning how to sew, make videos and edit new ones, if you have any tips or preferences, write it down in the comment below and I will try to reply to as many as possible. Please Stick around as I am learning and every video ...!
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Heres a quick video on how i made my Sons tooth fairy pillow! :) Enjoy!...!
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There are many ways to make a tooth fairy pillow, this is just one way I have been making them for over 15 years! You can use any 4 square... it can be a fancy fabric, a quilt square, or a cross stitch design. For this pillow I used a lightning bug design by San-Man Originals ( - copyright belongs to San-Man Originals, I make NO claims to the cross stitch design)....!
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AnchorLife5 Etsy Facebook and Instagram [email protected]!
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All info and links below / Todas informacoes em portuguese tbem aqui embaixo ;0) Video em portugues: Hi guys, I used polymer clay for this tooth fairy door set because it is faster. I need the door to be done and ready for the next morning drama ;0) but you can use any clay for tat. Just wait until completely dry to paint your Tooth Fairy door. Materials used in this video: Super Sculpey : Glitter : Pink Glitt...!
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The Tooth Fairy made a pre-visit to install a portal for convenient visits, and you can feel the amazement from our daughters reaction when she discovers it! She had just turned five years old and was full of belief. Subscribe to our channel and like us on Facebook at!
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The ever-popular crochet amigurumi Tooth Fairy Pillow! Follow along step-by-step and create my adorable crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow! They are so adorably cute and so quick and easy to make!! Go to my blog for the free written pattern on!!! Hit like and subscribe for more of my fun, and easy to follow, crochet video tutorials! Thank you very much!!...!
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DIY - Tooth Fairy - Baby photoshoot idea at home! Lexi turned 11 months old today, and she is sporting two brand new baby teeth! Her first of many we hope! Ha-ha! We thought it fitting to celebrate this milestone by turning her into the one and only tooth fairy, out exchanging old teeth for shiny new dollars! If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more :) Follow Me! Instagram: Facebook: #babyphotoshoot #b...!
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Timestamps: 0:01 - cute DIY garden decor 4:34 - cement planter 8:17 - DIY lighthouse 9:03 - wall planter for succulents ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: 5-Minute Crafts YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Craft...!
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UK independent stampin up! demonstrator, Crafty JoJo shows you how to create these cute little tooth fairy boxes! Shop online with Crafty JoJo here: Visit my blog here: Visit my Facebook Group here: Follow me on Pinterest: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: https...!
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Does your little one have a loose tooth (or several loose teeth)? Check out this easy DIY pillow with the perfect pocket for holding a tooth until the tooth fairy can swap it with money or some goodies. This tutorial uses just 1 fat quarter of Sarah Knights (sarah_knight on Spoonflower) Tooth Fairy Pillow Cut and Sew. Available with two different options, this project is a cinch, and will help commemorate the occasion! See the entire collection here:!
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Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video. Subscribe for more. Get the pattern: Facebook: My links: BLOG: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/The290ss STORE: OTHER CHANNEL: PINTEREST: I...!
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Try RESTMORE and get better sleep: In this video we show the unedited video of the extraction of a molar that was very loose. No...this was NOT why the patient was in the ER. She came for a severe asthma exacerbation for which she was going to be admitted, but when the patient complained about the tooth I decided to go ahead and pull it to avoid possible avulsion of the tooth and subsequent aspiration into the lungs. Purchase items from Amazon using this...!
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Craft fair idea #5 Tooth Fairy Tins Thank you for watching!...!
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Join my facebook group Like my Facebook page!
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With current cost of dental care I figured where this piece of floss saved us $399 I remembered the good old days. Figure if we can put a buck a day away for her college days this is a great start.!
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DIY no sew tooth fairy pillow using hot glue #crafttime #handmade #thatsdarling...!
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The first memory of their lost tooth will be forever in their memories as the Tooth Fairy leaves not only a gold coin but some special magical fairy dust to treasure. Follow my step by step guide to make that first loss into the best experience for the rest of their lives. Please like and subscribe for more great ideas like this. Feel free to share and provide some ideas you would like me to create....!
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Tooth Fairy Caught on Camera! Trinity Loses Her Tooth! Subscribe: Check out our New Video: Tooth Fairy Caught on Camera! Trinity Loses Her Tooth! Today has been a long time coming! Trinity has had a loose tooth for a couple weeks now and she has been working really hard to get it to come out! We tried giving her some fun ideas on how to pull her loose tooth out but she was determine...!
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ATTEMTION 90S BABIES: My shiny teeth and me Lol I use to love that show! Whats up guys?! Today for you I decided to make a tooth fairy pillow for you guys so you can make one as well for your little sibling, niece, nephew, son, or daughter. Bubby actually lost his FIRST TOOTH the other day while we were eating at McDonalds. We couldnt find it after he told us he had lost it so we just guessed that he swallowed it with a chicken nugget. Link to the tooth I used:!
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Wofloos lost his first tooth. He keeps it under the pillow and wishes met the tooth fairy. Can he gains that wish?🧚🦷 #woababycartoonvideo #wolfoofamily #wolfoo #kidscartoon ♥ Like, Share, Subscribe and Watch more: NEWEST Videos: POPULAR Uploads: Wolfoo in Spanish: Wolfoo in Japanese: Woa Baby Cartoon Videos - 2D: Our suggestion: Peppa Pig Official Channel:!
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A gift bag for any occasion! Demonstrated as a tooth fairy bag! --- Connect with me: Email me: [email protected]!

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