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Among all Belgian draft horses, Petra is the strongest. Her owner is Stefan Creemers. Petra is het sterkste Belgisch trekpaard....!
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Check out the 9 Largest Living Horse Breeds In The World! From the strongest horses to the most beautiful horse like the belgian draft horse, this top 10 list of biggest horses around the world will amaze you! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB...!
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Jim shares his top 5 feeding practices for draft horses while unharnessing and brushing his Belgian Draft Horses after a morning of working in the woods....!
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this educational video shows the procreation and birth and first days of a draft horse foal geboorte van Parsifal van de Schaliënhoeve...!
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Belgian draft horse at work in a grass-land in Berlaar (Belgium) Admire the calm nature of a Belgian draft horse. Belgisch trekpaard aan het werk met de weide-eg in Berlaar. Cheval de trait travaillant...!
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List of Draft Horse Breeds in North America Draft horses are among the most robust and obedient of all horse breeds. Some can weigh up to a ton or more, while others may weigh little more than 800 pounds. Bred for their power, stamina, and calm temperament, draft horses were mainly used for farm work and driving until mechanized farm equipment and passenger vehicles came along. Some breeds are still used for traditional work, but others are entering the show ring in dressage, pulling, and jumpi...!
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Farrier is Stenn Schuermans. Hoefsmid Stenn Schuermans uit Lier toont vakmanschap. Het paard is van de familie De Wachter uit Beerzel (Putte)...!
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The Draft Horse, Tack and Equipment sale from Waverly Iowa, 2015...!
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Belgian draft horses and other horses in the international horse procession at Hakendover on Easter Monday 2018 (Belgium), with the horse gallop around the Tiense Berg. Paardenprocessie 2018 van Hakendover met aandacht voor de galop van de trekpaarden...!
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Lets take a ride in my draft horse, and enjoy his song Learn, sing and dance with Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes #KidsSongs #NurseryRhymes #FarmSongs My Draft Horse - Kids Songs In order to collaborate with all the families that must stay in their houses due to the current world situation, the Zoo Songs Games App arrived, especially for the little ones in the house. They will be able to play all the games for free. Wifi or Internet aren´t necessary. Solve puzzles, learn numbers, discover c...!
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Draft Horse Show and competition at the Young Living farm in Utah. Featuring teams of Percheron Shire Belgian and Clydesdale draft horses from all across North America....!
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Woodart is a channel that show all Woodworks: - Giant Trees Felling Climbing Near Houses with Chainsaw STIHL! Dangerous Lumberjack Skills - Building Wooden Frame House From Scratch Time Lapse! - Sawmill Factory Processing in Japan, Germanm, USA ...... - Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw and Axe ...................... SUBSCIRBE NOW: https://bit.ly/2G3V7ST If you have any question, please COMMENT BELOW or CONTACT US directly before doing anything. Thank you EMAIL: [email protected] Song: Musicby...!
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The best draft horse pullers in the Nation come to The Villages in Florida. The event is put on by Terry and Glendora Yoder and Chris Hatfield...!
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The Brabant is a Belgian breed of draft horse. It originates from the Brabant region of modern Belgium, and is one of the strongest of the heavy breeds. Want to see more like this? Check out our HORSES PLAYLIST here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLluXVEduKUCdEFNlSND5YkbX6eKPpulo2 Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LivestockBreeds #LivestockBreeds #FarmAnimals #Homesteading Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music...!
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In the forrests around the monastery of the Trappist Fathers in Westmalle (Belgium), a team of 2 strong Belgian draft horses pull a long (25 mtrs) and heavy log. Mark Gommers en zijn vrouw, leden van het aangespannen trekpaard aan het werk in de bossen van de Trappisten van Westmalle...!
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My daughter Abby and I are out raking hay on this hot summer day....!
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Woodart is a channel that show all Woodworks: - Giant Trees Felling Climbing Near Houses with Chainsaw STIHL! Dangerous Lumberjack Skills - Building Wooden Frame House From Scratch Time Lapse! - Sawmill Factory Processing in Japan, Germanm, USA ...... - Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw and Axe ...................... Strong Draft Horse Logging - Horses Moving Big Logs SUBSCIRBE NOW: https://bit.ly/2G3V7ST If you have any question, please COMMENT BEBLOW or CONTACT US directly before doing anything....!
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A documentary of the Percheron horse in the America. You will learn the history of this horse breed, the traits of the Percheron and why people used this horse for work, and still do. Joe Mischka interviews people who farm and show Percherons as well as breeders. There is discussion with members of the World Percheron Congress, and Percheron Horse Association of America as well farmers using these work horses for the horsepower on their own farms. The footage of Percherons plowing, driving,...!
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Although barrel racing is a very popular equine sport, its rare to see draft horses barrel racing. This video was taken at the end of the annual draft horse show at the 2013 Georgia National Fair in Perry. Its one of the few draft horse shows in the country that offer the class....!
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Super draft horse Gloria op de Hottentothoeve in Bonheiden as a workhorse and as riding horse. Gloria is een ideaal trekpaard om jonge menners op te leiden, maar zorgt ook voor ontspanning als rijpaard in stap, draf en galop....!
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Join us on our first cultivation of the garden plot this year. We are using our draft horses Bill and Lady to do the job....!
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My wife Brenda and my daughter Trudy are helping me out today. They each have a pair of horses and a different tedder and we are comparing how they work....!
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This is the second video in a series where farmer and teamster Donn Hewes of Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, NY demonstrates how draft horses and mules are integrated into his farm operation. This video was filmed and edited by Peter Carroll of Peter Carroll Productions in Ithaca, NY and funded by the generous contributors to our Small Farm Videos Indiegogo campaign. This video resource is offered by the Cornell Small Farms Program....!
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Meet the biggest horses in the world. If you are passionate about horses, you can not miss this video. Here the summary of the top 10 of the largest horses that exist on the planet. -Sampson Sampson is a Shire horse born in 1846, in Bedfordshire, England. It became known because it measured 84.8 inches on height, being at his time the tallest and heaviest horse in the world. -Zeus This horse had the name of the god of the Greek mythology, Zeus, thanks to its incredible 86 inches and its 310...!
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We have had a stretch of very hot weather. And I am still haying, so Im sharing a few of my thoughts on working horses in the heat. I will also show how we put hay in the barn....!
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Filmed in Edmonton Alberta at the Farm Fair International Heavy Horse Pulls. Produced by Tumbling T Productions...!
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Farrier Jorgen Briers & horse vet Leen Vanderwegen - from Belgium trimming hooves of a Belgian draft with angle grinder... .www.hoefsmidjorgen.be...!
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The Westerfelds raise Belgian draft horses just outside of Batesville, Indiana. They breed and raise the horses, as well as compete in shows across the Midwest. Learn more about this family operation and how their operation works!...!
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Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is a 501 c3 Tax Deductible Non-Profit Rescue. We are located in Mount Airy, Maryland. We are committed to saving draft horses from slaughter, and adopting them into new homes as trail and schooling horses...!
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Horse pulling vs tractor pulling video : Stan Smits en Roland Crevits location: Ravels (Belgium) Date: august 23, 2015 organisation: 27e Oldtimer festival Ravels Trekpaarden vereniging het zestienspan, Kaatsheuvel (NL) A team of 16 Belgian draft horses as well as a John Deere tractor pulls a weight transfer sled. The winner is the one who can pull the sled the longest. Going to the end of the 100m track is named FP (full pull, see the displat on the sled). Een zestien-span Belgische trekpaarden ...!
Channel Title : Rural Heritage Views : 32946 DisLikes : 21 Published Date :2017-06-29T19:36:58Z
Michael Wildenstein demonstrates how to remove a shoe and trim the front hoof of a draft horse for farming and general use. He uses his young Percheron Pat for the demonstrations. There are many helpful lists displayed (see below) as different processes are explained. Micheal starts off giving us important information on what the farrier and the horse need to know before shoeing. 1. Be physically fit. 2. Well trained horse. 3. Understand the process and physiology. 4. Horse trained to sta...!
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125th national Belgian draft horse exhibition- competition of the stallions of 4 years old - beautiful stallions but an accident is in a small corner Prijskamp voor de hengsten van 4 jaar - 8 december 2019...!
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5 Biggest Horse Breeds. Most horse breeds fall around the median average in the equine world. Adults tend to be around 15 hands and weigh about 1,100 pounds, with stallions perhaps a little taller and heavier. Then there are a select few horses that are part of the biggest horse breeds in the world. The horses in this category can stand upward of 20 hands and weigh more than 3,000 pounds. Despite their size, virtually all of the largest horse breeds are coldblooded in temperament, which means ...!
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Lets play and sing in the farm with all our friends Learn, sing and dance with Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes #KidsSongs #NurseryRhymes #FarmSongs Tracklist My Draft Horse Mrs. Cow Bartolito Lola the cow Zenon´s farm Mr and Mrs Turkey The Green Horse I have a dairy cow Froggy Froggy Little Yellow Chickadee Six Little Ducks The Rooster won’t Wake up Early Turuleca The Chicken...!
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Horse ploughing Bemesten en ploegen van een akker in Merelbeke Alfons Vernaeve bewerkt zijn veld om wintergraan te zaaien Belgisch trekpaard, Cheval de trait Belge, Belgian draft horse, Belgisches Kaltblut BTbevordering, VBBT...!
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When most people think about workhorses they think of the Clydesdales, which are much bigger. The Suffolk Punch is a smaller breed, but in some terms, more honest....!
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Michael Wildenstein , Certified Journeyman Farrier (CJF), demonstrates how to remove a shoe and trim the rear hoof of a draft horse for farming and general use. Michael continues from the previous video that worked on the front hoof. He removes a rear shoe following this procedure to remove nails from a crease shoe: 1. Cut or straighten the horseshoe nail clinches. 2. Loosen the nail heads within crease. 3. Use pull off tool to pry heel up to draw nails out. 4. Use pull off tool or crease nai...!
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Its mud season in Minnesota. At Alans parents farm, its too muddy to use the tractor to feed round bales to the cows. That is where Leonards bale mover comes in handy! Stub and Stoney can haul hay in the mud where you wouldnt dare drive a tractor through right now. Follow along with Jennifer, as she rides with and does some mudding with real horsepower!...!
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Honouring the mighty draft horse...!
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👇 Additional resources including stats and spawn locations below 👇 https://www.gtabase.com/red-dead-redemption-2/animals/horse-breeds/belgian If you know any more sites with useful information, let me know so I can add it to the list....!
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Hooking up the drafting teams and going for an early season pull with some vintage implements....!
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It happened near Mabel, Minnesota, earlier this month, when two Belgian horses — Prince and Molly — helped pull a big rig up an icy driveway, KTTC-TV reported....!
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Jason Julian of Legacy Logging in Wisconsin shows and tells much information about draft horse logging. Jason started his Logging Logging Business after much experience in his own woods and to fill in winter months to supplement his farm work. He often works on a site for 3-4 months of the winter, camping out with his horses. He is now booked out two years and can be selective about the jobs he accepts making sure they fit his schedule, team and approach. This video shows Jason working to th...!
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Jeff the Nature Guy and guest host Alexa talk about the recent loss of Jake the Belgian draft horse at ZooMontana, and visit with his buddy Goliath as they talk about the life span of horses....!

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