Echo Park

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A short bike ride away from downtown Los Angeles, the neighborhood of Echo Park is a mosaic of historic homes, small businesses and lakeside green space. Within Echo Park you will also find smaller neighborhoods, such as Elysian Heights, home to the 600-acre Elysian Park and LA’s Dodger Stadium. Also not to be missed is the Angelino Heights area, founded in 1886 and filled with turn-of-the-century Victorian style architecture. Echo Park has a diverse collection of residents; from families th...!
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How a gang injunction is being used to gentrify the Latino community of Echo Park, despite crime being at its lowest levels since the 1950s. Youth CineMedia 2015...!
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Here is a walking tour of Echo Park. Echo Park is one of the best parks located in Los Angeles. It Offers a lovely 2 mile or so walking/running trail with a great view of downtown Los Angeles along with the lake view in which you can also rent a peddle boat to explore and relax. Please Enjoy. A None Music Version will be coming soon . Some Info on Echo Park. Echo Park is a densely populated neighborhood of 43,000+ residents in Central Los Angeles. It contains one high school and eight other ...!
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ECHO PARK Hörbuch Krimi...!
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Sixties protest song. Keith Barbour is still alive and kicking. It was a good song from a bad time....!
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Ex New Christie Minstrel with a song I thought should have been bigger than it was. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to post a comment. The recollections and sentiments youve all shared have made this a very rewarding endeavor for me. Perhaps, if everyone reached out to share something of each other, as weve done here, songs on this topic will no longer be necessary. We can dream, cant we?!
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Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: Echo Park Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Mamie Gummer, Anthony Okungbowa Movie HD ECHO PARK takes viewers inside a diverse East Los Angeles neighborhood where residents contend with life and love while being challenged to define themselves in spite of their zip cod...!
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Echo Park from Bird Songs of a Killjoy, out May 31st on Spacebomb Records Stream/buy: Director of photography / Editor / Director - Tom Salvaggio Production Company - 1211 Creative Follow Bedouine: Music video by Bedouine performing Echo Park. © 2019 Spacebomb Records LLC!
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Echo Park is flanked by Elysian Valley to the north and northeast, Elysian Park to the east, Chinatown and Downtown to the southeast, Westlake to the southwest and west, and Silver Lake to the northwest. The Eastside’s historic Echo Park Lake has finally become a family-friendly destination worthy of its bold backdrop: the Downtown skyline amid the lotus flower blooms and fountains. The lake has been around since 1860—it was once used as a drinking water reservoir, and later as a ...!
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I got so lucky while looking for a studio apartment. I scored a $1,200 apartment in a great location. Angelino Heights (right next to Echo Park Lake) is a beautiful historic neighborhood, full of character and with lots going on all around! I am so close to Downtown Los Angeles, The Arts District, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, & Hollywood! Take a look at how I had to maximize space in such a small space. All the while, making the place feel like my own! S T A Y C O N N E C T E D Insta...!
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Very Rare Documentary i Recorded back then on VHS. The Movie Mi Vida Loca with Salma Hayek based on these Characters!...!
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This is a little homage to my hip and cool neighborhood of Echo Park. What Laurel Canyon was to 1960s in LA, Echo Park is the 2000-teens now. I used to shun this neighborhood for almost all the years I have lived in Los Angeles. But now, the hood has rid itself of the gang criminals who prey on small business and immigrants for protection money, etc. New modern architecture is appearing everywhere. Those Dwell magazine kind of homes are popping up every where. Now, if Trader Joes Management...!
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✅ Subscribe ▶️ Website Order full album (digital only) now from Moonshine Store Order vinyl sampler from: Moonshine Store Toolbox FR Scotch Bonnet UK Juno UK Redeye UK Jah Waggys Mash-up PL Deejay DE Musicam FR ...!
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Echo Park I am bent on a craving Time to change out of date and there is always someone else In the making I will go if you let me for the ones wholl impress me I can fail in and out of love very quickly. I though he was ready to mend my broken heart I fell when he told me he liked to play guitar I know I can be naive, give myself entirely For a man who looks like he knows his way round casually. till someone remind me that He was fond the Godard I am known to be fooled by simple ones cove...!
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In 2013, a Los Angeles County court issued a permanent gang injunction in Echo Park despite crime being at its lowest since the 1950s. Youth CineMedia interviews one of the defendants of the injunction, Mike Contreras, who describes how a historical Latino community is being displaced by upper class hipsters, and how generations of families can no longer afford to live in Echo Park and are being pushed out because of gentrification and things like the Echo Park gang injunction. However, despit...!
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Firefighters searched through the night to find the body of a 23-year-old male victim Friday afternoon. Dave Lopez reports....!
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Part 3 in my series on films of Sunset Blvd. This is one section of Sunset Blvd. that is going through the most drastic of changes in the past few years. It is being gentrified from a Mexican immigrant community to the hipster central area of Los Angeles. Many new clubs, many new restaurants, and little boutiques are popping up here and there. Very interesting to watch and film the slow change. In this video you can see the commerce of both....!
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Whats up guys?! In this special episode, Mini Jig Matt lands a friggin TOAD! His new PB at 9.1 pounds at Echo Park in Los Angeles, California. Hope you enjoyed the video! Like, comment, share, and subscribe for more fishing vids! Follow us on: Instagram: @tipsnbass Twitter: @tipsnbass1...!
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Hello beautiful people! Jon & I decided to get out the house during this pandemic and had a cute date! We went to echo park and rode on a swan. We social distance of course and had our masks on due to COVID-19. Despite the madness happening in the world it was well needed for the both of us to have some SAFE FUN! I recommend everyone who is in Southern California to check it out! They also have swan boats at night as well! #swanboats #echopark #blackcouple #dateday #covid19 Price Adult $11 Chi...!
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A film by Eric Minh Swenson. EMS Legacy Films is a continuing series of short films produced by EMS on artists and exhibitions. His art films can be seen at Instagram : @ericminhswenson Website : Eric Minh Swenson also covers the international art scene and his writings and photo essays can be seen at Huffington Post Arts :!
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The eagerly anticipated Clap Back Yall thought we were gonna sit back and let these lames take shots at us?!
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People living in Echo Park refused to make way for a scheduled sweep of the park. Tina Patel reports....!
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The Washington Heights section of Echo Park was laid out in 1887. The commercial section along Sunset Boulevard dates to the 10s and 20s. This stretch of Sunset Boulevard allows one to see 19th Century Los Angeles side by side with 20th Century Los Angeles. Please register at to vote for Washington Heights and let the City of Los Angeles know about Washington Heights and the History of Echo Park. On Twitter : @valleyspringLHC Tumblr : Echo P...!
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Map apps are sending drivers onto one of the steepest streets in the country. Tonight people who live in the Echo Park neighborhood are fed up. Laurie Perez reports....!
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Gentrification of echo park...!
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02.24.2020 | 12:52 AM | LOS ANGELES - A 58-year-old woman was killed and her 71-year-old husband was seriously injured after being struck and dragged by a hit and run driver as they crossed a street, early Monday morning. Authorities responded to reports of a traffic collision involving two pedestrians down on Sunset Boulevard just east of White Knoll Drive in the Echo Park area around 12:52 AM. Units arriving on scene located a male and a female down in the roadway and a number of good samari...!
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Hello everyone! This is the warehouse box Echo Park had on their site last week. It was 50 dollars including shipping. Let me know what you think!! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: E-mail me: [email protected] Thanks for watching and your interest!...!
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Taken from Kraak & Smaak’s album, Pleasure Centre. Buy/stream: Listen to K&S Spotify Playlist: Follow Kraak & Smaak: Follow Boogie Angst:!
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© 2011 WMG Commentary for Echo Park by Ximena Sariñana from the self-titled album, available now. Download Ximena Sariñana on iTunes: Links: Facebook: Twitter: Website:!
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Echo Park is a densely populated locale of over 43,000 inhabitants in Central Los Angeles. It consists of one high school and eight other schools, and has been home to many notable people. The neighborhood is centered on the lake of the same name. #LosAngeles #during #CoronavirusPandemic Original video: Enjoy the video and consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell. 🔔...!
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Find great deals on this pedal on Click Here Line 6 Echo Park fender stratocaster vox ac30...!
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In 2018, Airbnb guests spent $314 million at local restaurants and cafes. Restaurants like Baby Blues BBQ that serves up delicious slow cooked bbq which has become a favorite in the Echo Park community. SUBSCRIBE ABOUT AIRBNB CITIZEN We are a community of hosts, guests and home sharing supporters who believe that home sharing can help tackle economic, environmental and social challenges around the world. CONNECT WITH AIRBNB CITIZEN Visit the Airbnb Citi...!
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Echo Park is proud to introduce the Travelers Notebook Collection which includes 9 beautiful styles: 2 florals, 2 gingham and 5 solids. The accessories include blank inserts, daily calendar inserts, lined inserts, ephemera, folder inserts enamel dots, photo sleeve inserts, zipper pockets, photo corners and enamel pins. The accessory themes include Mouse and Me Collection, Wish Upon a Star Collection, Fancy Flora Collection, Full Bloom Collection, Metropolitan Girl Collection and Coffee and Fri...!
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Relive the NASCAR Xfinity Series EchoPark 250 at Atlanta Motor Speedway in this weeks Full Race Replay. ---------- Subscribe to NASCAR on YouTube: Visit for the latest news: For more race day in-car cameras check out NASCAR Drive - Shop for your favorite NASCAR gear, diecasts and more: Download the NASCAR Mobile App: Weekend schedule for on-track action: https://...!
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BLOG POST - 6x6 PAPER PAD TUTORIAL- FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - PINTEREST - MUSIC - Music by Jonny Easton Music Used under Creative Commons Moonlight...!
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#echoparkpaper #echoparkpaperco #scrapbooking See the new Remember the Magic Collection here: What new paper collections are coming your way this year from Echo Park? A bunch of really fun ones! See the new product releases from the Echo Park booth at Creativation 2020 in Phoenix, AZ. The Remember The Magic Collection is a super fun bunch of papers, stickers, stamps, and dies for creating memories at the happies...!
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#echoparkpaper #echoparkpaperco #scrapbooking See the Alice in Wonderland No. 2 release here: What new paper collections are coming your way this year from Echo Park? A bunch of really fun ones! See the new product releases from the Echo Park booth at Creativation 2020 in Phoenix, AZ. Alice in Wonderland No. 2 is filled with whimsical rabbits, the Queen of Hearts, tea time and more. Youll love this collect...!
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PLAYING IN THEATERS + NETFLIX STARTING APRIL 15, 2016 ECHO PARK is a lyrical drama directed by acclaimed celebrity photographer turned filmmaker Amanda Marsalis (Vogue, Vanity Fair) and starring Mamie Gummer (CBS The Good Wife, CAKE) and Anthony Okungbowa (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, MOTHER OF GEORGE). ECHO PARK takes viewers inside a diverse Los Angeles neighborhood where residents contend with life and love while being challenged to define themselves in spite of their zip code. Sophie (Gummer) ...!
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Hello everyone! Here is a fun little mini album featuring Echo Parks Bark Collection. Thanks for watching!...!
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Hey Guys❤️ We decided to go to Echo Park to ride the Swans. What a beautiful night, let me tell you. If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE and give us a thumbs up. Also, follow us on our social media. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Keep up with us: LIZZY: Instagram: http://insta...!
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Please Like, Comment and Subscribe! im using an ibanez art320 with stock pickups Check out out my other comparison videos Boss RV-6 VS Boss RV-5: Behringer UT100 VS Boss TR-2: Behringer DR600 VS Boss RV-5: Behringer EM600 VS Line 6 Echo Park: Support me @ Find me @ https://s...!
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----------Expand For More Information---------- ♥Links♥ ♥Shop: ♥Instagram: ♥Pinterest: ♥Facebook: ♥Thank you for watching!♥ Some products may have been given to me to use or for review. Regardless all opinions are my own and I only work with product I love. Some links may be affiliate links. It doesnt cost you anymore to use them but helps support this blog and youtube channel which I gre...!

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