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Enroll now in How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro for just $19: In this video, learn all of the elements needed to create your own Eclectic style dream home. If you love interior design, also check out: Courses: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook...!
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Guest experts, tell us simple ways to achieve the eclectic design using scale, material or color. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - Follow Cityline online - Follow Cityline on Facebook - Follow Cityline on Twitter - Follow Cityline on Instagram - Follow Cityline on Pinterest -!
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Take a peek inside designer and shop owner Michele Varian‘s eclectic loft in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. See how she created a home for her and husband Brad Roberts of the Canadian band, Crash Test Dummies, that reflects both of their artistic personalities. The 1890s-era loft is filled with character and one-of-a-kind finds, many of them found on the couple’s extensive travels. The front of the loft, where they’ve set up their home offices, features large windows that look out onto B...!
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This tour of artist and textile designer Aelfie Oudghiriiss Williamsburg loft is full of playful surprises. Follow along as our design editor, Wendy Goodman, reveals one of the most smartly curated and vibrant spaces that embraces color with no hesitation....!
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Foyers might be small in size, but it is big in impact. The style we are going for todays episode is Eclectic. What is eclectic? Its a style that mix and matches different styles so you can just make use of the decor you have in your home already, but within the color scheme. JOIN THE GIVEAWAY:!
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▸ The house is located in the Honthorststraat in a street with several villas and large mansions on the Museumplein and within walking distance of the P.C. Hooftstraat and Vondelpark. This mansion, together with a row of mansions, forms a municipal monument with a marble entrance on the ground floor (this alone sounds super chic of course) with on the right an entrance for the office. There is also a relaxation area with a terrace here. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸!
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Old and new, formal and relaxed, classic and contemporary. Eclectic style means something different for everyone, so how do you create a look that speaks to you? Find out from designer Bridgid Coulter. Subscribe to the Better Homes and Gardens Channel: Official Better Homes and Gardens Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: GooglePlus: http...!
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Designer Tatum Kendrick takes us on a tour of her clients Brentwood home. Her clients wanted a modern update for their traditional home. The result is a unique vibe that’s eclectic yet homey....!
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On, see Lynda Reeves conjure an artist-studio inspired bedroom and seating area in the Elte showroom in Toronto. Learn why she picked the pieces she did, and get her tips on mixing different periods and materials — from reclaimed wood to recycled iron — to convey personality. Watch the next two segments from this episode at, along with hundreds of other segments!...!
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▸ As frequent readers may know, we love clean, streamlined spaces, but also have so much appreciation for spaces that really make a bold statement. That’s certainly true of the home of Courtney Creighton aka Cocollected. She carefully curates a home that is full of detail, charm, and plenty of antiques, while never feeling out of touch or cluttered. Her secret? “Organization is key!” she promises. “Grouping collections of like pieces together makes it easier for the eye to process a ro...!
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▸ A completely restored patrician house that offers all modern comforts while at the same time still having the atmosphere and romance of the 17th century, the realtor is rumbling about this hidden gem in the historic center of Amsterdam. And indeed, it is a beautiful building that Meulendijks and her husband Maickel Weyers have put on display today, and in which much attention has been paid to materials, colors and refined luxury. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸!
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Eclectic House Decor Ideas - interior design — how to decorate an eclectic bedroom. 20 small house decor ideas. cool eclectic interior decor ideas....!
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▸ View from the entryway toward the heart of Marie’s studio. She has added every ounce of her bold personality into her home. Strong colors, cool art, disco balls and faux fur pillows that guests always end up petting at the end of the evening. “People will motivate themselves to live life to the fullest but will still be afraid to paint their walls with color — that’s something I don’t understand. It’s your home, your haven, where you go to be yourself… why would you not extend ...!
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This video is sponsored by HelloFresh - Go to and use code ITSMEANDIE10 for 10 free meals on your first months order! Purchase required. THE HOUSE TOUR IS FINALLY HERE!! What a journey, my friends. Weve been on a mission since July to turn our old Los Angeles home into our dream home/work environment. I have had so much fun DIYing and building and sharing it all with you! Hope you love our fun, colorful, eclectic space! Furniture/Decor Links: Fron...!
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You will definitely relate to this video if youre looking to have a bright eclectic designer home. Comment below to share your thoughts or ask us if you need more information on any particular element from this video....!
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Marcella Lentz-Pope doesn’t do anything ordinary. So, it’s no surprise that she transformed her Brooklyn apartment into The Funky Loft, adding walls to create a four-bedroom space that she rents out to travelers. Explore the colorful space, see her collection of bathroom tchotchkes, plus Marcella tells you the truth about chalkboard walls. Read more about The Funky Loft and rent it on Airbnb:!
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Shai DeLuca-Tamasi gives us a lesson in eclectic design and how to make it look pulled together....!
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▸ Nice and modern apartment with area-efficient design and low-budget decorated and furnished. Cute Scandinavian-inspired design - simple, comfortable and elegant. Small entrance hallway leads to a cute tiny living room with a dusty green accent wall. Small sofa full with decorative pillows. Simple decorations on the wall above sofa. A tiny coffee table, indoor plants and a vintage floor standing lamp complement the living room decor. White open space that brings together a small kitchen and t...!
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▸ Sue Miller of Mad Cow Interiors is a colour, pattern and texture enthusiast and this is very evident in this North London boutique retreat project. The finished result has all the luxury of a boutique hotel but with a characterful homely touch. Every room featured different floor finishes and striking wall treatments. The designers layered curated art & vintage finds selected from various travels and used photographic prints framed from their own collection of work. The designer added bathro...!
Channel Title : House & Home Views : 101067 DisLikes : 56 Published Date :2015-10-26T16:30:54Z
Does a small home office cramp your style? Montreal designer Jean Stéphane Beauchamp shows how to add personality and practicality, turning a former bedroom into an eclectic, hardworking office that feels inviting and cosy....!
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▸ I recently came across this wonderful home of fashion influencer Megan Ellaby and I think I’m in love. Her Manchester home in a Victorian terrace is a celebration of color and eclectic design. From an orange velvet sofa in a blue sitting room to a dusty pink bathroom. There’s not a white room in the house. And despite it being a lot of color it all works so well together. It’s fun, it’s vibrant and it’s a unique home. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸!
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Impressive one-bedroom apartment design. Medium-size apartment in white and gray color with hardwood floor throughout; low-budget decorated and furnished. Living room: comfortable gray sofa, square coffee table and elegant and modern chair, decorated with indoor plants and decorative pillows. Seating area: comfortable armchair, wardrobe and floor standing mirror. Small galley kitchen with white cabinets and black countertop. Small dining room with tiny wooden table and chairs. Nice bedroom with ...!
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On, designers Alana Boychuk and Tristan Fuller of Boychuk+Fuller tour through a spacious, art-filled penthouse they designed for Canada Blooms artistic director Colomba Fuller. Learn how they customized the space to suit Colombas lifestyle, from a quiet home office and small bedroom to a functional galley kitchen and open-concept dining and living area for entertaining. Watch the next two segments from this episode at!
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▸ Loft in a former factory in Hackney Clare Lattin, a London restaurateur, lives in a loft in a former factory in Hackney. She cultivates a sense of « slow life », to escape the hustle and bustle of London thanks to a serene environment made of personal decoration and many green plants. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸ ▸▸ e-book ▸▸ STYLE FRAME: Guide To Designing A Home!
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Designer Erin Feasby of Feasby & Bleeks Design shares a galley kitchen makeover. See how Erin and Cindy Bleeks opened up opened up a narrow space to create a family-friendly kitchen with a dining area and loads of personality. Plus, see inside the home’s stunning family room and living room. The homeowners wanted a white kitchen with dramatic elements, so Erin added interest with a set of black armoires. A reclaimed pantry door brings a hit of patina, while a long dining table with a built-in...!
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▸ Built in 1925, this Spanish Mediterranean–style home has been modernized by acclaimed fashion designer and current owner Johnson Hartig, who bought the property in 2005. Throughout the 14 years of owning the home, Hartig has revamped it into an airy, artistic oasis. The all-white ceilings, walls, and floors serve as a crisp backdrop for bright art and boldly upholstered furniture. A mirrored fireplace in the living room reflects the eclectic designs. n addition to plenty of cabinetry, the ...!
Channel Title : Pineapple DECOR Views : 6746 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-05-26T14:00:05Z
▸ The main bedroom. Anna shares, “We hired painters before we moved in, which we’ve never done before and it made a huge difference to have that done first. I made sketches (on paper with crayons, I’m not tech-savvy at all) of how I thought the rooms would look, but most rooms ended up quite different once we were actually working in the space. There’s only so much mapping and planning that can be done in advance; a lot of decorating is trial and error… It feels like home now, after ...!
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22 Stunning Eclectic Living Room Designs. It is safe to say that you are confounded with reference to how to brighten your living room? Is it accurate to say that you are searching for approaches to customize your space and give it some style? Provided that this is true, here are a couple living room enlivening thoughts to kick you off. In the event that you need to invest your energy in one of a kind living room that is not the same as the living rooms planned in customary or cutting edge style...!
Channel Title : Grig Stamate Views : 5377 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-06-23T03:25:52Z
Inspiring and creative decorating and design ideas for eclectic interiors. Contemporary home interiors in a mix of styles. Eclectic design is diverse, flexible, sometimes inexpensive and fun to create. Check out these beautiful and varied living spaces for inspirational ideas. A diversity of styles of furniture and decorative accessories mixed together to create a fascinating and stylish living space. Thank you so much for watching. » Subscribe to Grig Stamate: RO...!
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▸ Modern materials are not required to hit a high cost. A multilevel ceiling painted in a juicy color with asymmetrically arranged lamps in combination with furniture made of brightly painted leather, plastic partitions, a transparent book group and an amusing print is a model perfectly verified in terms of harmony and comfortable self-awareness. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸ #pineappledecor #interiordesign #scand...!
Channel Title : House & Home Views : 120152 DisLikes : 34 Published Date :2013-07-04T18:23:22Z
On, designer Maia Roffey passes on her tips for adding character and storage to rental apartments. See how she elevated the look of her basic bedroom with traditional panel moulding, an exposed closet system, ikat pillows and a punchy painted headboard. Watch the next two segments from this episode at, along with hundreds of other segments!...!
Channel Title : Emily Vallely Views : 12923 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2019-08-11T19:05:00Z
In this video I give you a tour of my eclectic and elegant living room. My living room is an accumulation of Mid Century, Art Deco, Romantic, and 1970’s decor and furniture. Most of what I have has been accumulated from estate sales, antique stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. Comment down below your favorite thing in my living room and tag me in your vintage living room photos on Instagram! CREDITS Styled and directed by myself. Filmed and edited by Casey Liu. Caseys Instagram: http...!
Channel Title : Pineapple DECOR Views : 22392 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2015-11-19T17:32:54Z
▸ Absolutely beautiful ideas for those who want a lovely romantic vintage home interior decor. Creative decorating ideas with antiquities. Charming old and stylish armchairs and vintage coffee tables for a lovely living room with a nostalgic timeless look. Antique desks, old wardrobes and dressers, vintage paintings, tufted headboards, retro floor standing lamps, etc everything is perfect to create a fascinating home interior decor with a vintage look. Please watch this video and youll be amaz...!
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Channel Title : Pineapple DECOR Views : 29963 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2018-06-06T14:00:01Z
▸ This downtown Seattle condominium captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. An existing apartment was stripped to the studs and reworked to create a warm and masculine urban retreat for an Alaska-based bachelor. The designers created an open plan into which was added a rich textural blend of warm woods, grey stone, and woven wall coverings. Art and furnishings were selected to reflect a stron... SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸!
Channel Title : Cityline Views : 33062 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2017-03-30T15:46:34Z
Designer, Shai DeLuca-Tamasi shares 5 tips for creating an eclectic style room the right now. See how balance, colour, and being adventurous can come in handy when designing this style. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter - Follow Cityline online - Follow Cityline on Facebook - Follow Cityline on Twitter - Follow Cityline on Instagram -  ht...!
Channel Title : House & Home Views : 62570 DisLikes : 36 Published Date :2016-07-19T20:28:51Z
Tour the small, 1,280-square-foot Montreal apartment of Luc Beauvais and Carrie Wertheim — filled with big-impact design ideas. Homeowners Luc Beauvais and Carrie Wertheim lived in their Montreal apartment for three years before starting their reno! With restoring the flat back to its original glory as their main goal, they decorated the home with simple, impactful pieces to give it flow and plenty of entertaining space. What’s left is an eclectic, cozy apartment that they can look forward ...!
Channel Title : House & Home Views : 11145 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2016-11-01T18:04:17Z
Nothing says holiday like a stunning tablescape. Get tips on how to modernize your festive table decor using graphic linens, rustic furniture, unique dishes and more by Canadian artisans. From antique cocktail glasses to one-of-a-kind bowls, these stunning pieces are holiday must-haves — plus they make great gifts! Browse our gallery to discover the Etsy shops behind each piece and then enter for your chance to win a $1,000 Etsy gift card by sharing your holiday table setting inspiration with...!
Channel Title : House & Home Views : 92924 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2015-11-10T20:45:35Z
AyA Kitchens designer Patrick Ryan explains how he designed a gorgeous open-concept kitchen, living room and laundry room with smart storage. See the transitional-style space which combines traditional, modern and eclectic looks into one stunning first floor. Patrick utilized the large layout to give the homeowners plenty of storage options. Custom shaker-style cabinets, fitted with warm birch interiors, are built to the kitchen ceiling for dramatic flow and increased capacity. Pull-out pantrie...!
Channel Title : Miss Mustard Seed Views : 4473 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2015-07-11T02:56:49Z
Kriste and Marian answer a viewers question about blending all of the decorating styles you love. Photos via... The Handmade Home The Nesting Place Jeanne Oliver Designs Inspired by Charm Nicety Live Journal Visit Kristes blog - Visit Marians blog - Connect with Marian - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Insta...!
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▸ The classic image of this house hides a powerful and brave soul that beats to the rhythm of tribal prints, portraits of animals, contemporary art and a stimulating color palette that accelerates the pulse. Thought big! SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸ ♫ #pineappledecor #interiordesign...!
Channel Title : Pineapple DECOR Views : 8824 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-05-10T18:55:31Z
▸ The new generation art gallery. Fanny Saulay opens the doors of her apartment to us, with her husband Thomas Seydoux. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸ ♫ #pineappledecor #interiordesign...!
Channel Title : MICHELLE DIRKSE Views : 6123 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-10-29T04:58:35Z
Our clients wanted a home that was full of vibrant color. We mixed modern, traditional and mid-century elements with local art for a one-of-a-kind space that reflected their personality....!
Channel Title : Pineapple DECOR Views : 19111 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2017-07-03T15:02:52Z
▸ These are not living spaces designed after a single period style. Instead, these are rooms full of variety, filled with delights in the surprise achieved by pairing disparate design elements. (For example, a family heirloom seascape painting in a heavy baroque frame mounted above a mid-century-inspired couch topped with African mud-cloth pillows.) SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! ▸ #pineappledecor #interiordesign...!

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