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In my brand new series Britain Explained I guide you through the different aspects of British culture. Today were looking at the British education system and how we learn in Britain. Well look at the different types of schools and examinations. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed it. Recommended English Resources: - *English Grammar In Use - - *English Idioms In Use - - *English Phrasal Verbs In Use - *...!
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Ever wondered what the hell Im talking about when I go on about college or uni? Well here it is, explained in full! Twitter: @haribo_41296 Instagram: theclassicsnerd Have a wonderful day guys! See you soon!...!
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Regency Education help with school and university choices and applications in the UK.!
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Hello everyone In this video we are going to discuss about DIFFERENT STUDY LEVELS & DEGREES? A higher education qualification is proof that youve studied a subject to a certain level or that youve completed a specific programme. • Education levels All courses and programmes at universities and university colleges are divided into three levels: #bachelors (first cycle), #masters (second cycle) and doctoral (third cycle). All levels build on the level before. Each course or programme has entr...!
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Subscribe now for more! Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced schools will shut down this Friday until further notice, including cancelling exams taking place this academic year. So what happens now and how do parents cope with school closures? Education Secretary Gavin Williamson answered questions about exams and keeping schools open for children of key workers. Broadcast on 19/03/2020 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Morning Britain YouT...!
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I hope you found this video about how to become a teacher somewhat helpful. Please make sure you do your own research on teacher training providers and degrees to see whats going to be the best for you. I only have a limited experience with certain course types so this list is not exhaustive. Thank you for watching and any further questions leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them if I can. _________________________________________________________________ Socials: Instag...!
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**UPDATE** 23 March - CIE have now announced that all their exams worldwide have been cancelled for the May/June session. They are working with local schools to determine the best possible process for awarding grades. Hi Everyone The UK government have just announced further information on how your GCSE and A Level grades will be decided for students in Year 11 and Year 13. The important information is in my video and copied below: Ofqual, the exam regulators, will develop and set out a proc...!
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A new survey by the National Education Union has found what it calls distressing levels of child poverty in schools. More pupils are coming in cold and hungry, with some even sleeping in their uniform because they dont have pyjamas. Click here to subscribe to Channel 5 News!
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This is the third video in my series on applying to Oxford and Cambridge. In this video we answer the following questions: 1. What GCSEs should I be doing and how many? (0:06) 2. What GCSE grades do I need? (1:11) 3. What A levels should I be doing for my course of choice? (2:55) 4. What about the IB and other qualifications? (3:33) 5. What A level grades do I need? (4:06) Part 1: Basic questions, Part 2: Finance, Part 4:...!
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WATCH IN HD! Dont forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and open up this box, it is full of good stuff! Me! ♡ Facebook : @tamzinlena ♡ Twitter: @tamzinlena ♡ Instagram: @tamzinlena ♡ Snapchat: tamzinlena ♡ Blog: ♡ Business enquires: [email protected] FAQ! - My camera - My age Im 18! - My name My first name is Tamzin, my middle name is Lena, after my great grandma. It isnt a nickname and it doesnt run as one word, some people thin...!
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In this video, were going to take a look at the confirmed changes that Ofqual has made to the exams and assessments in the 2020/2021 academic year based on its consultation. GCSE, AS and A-level 2021 students would do well to pay close attention to these changes. For the most part, it doesnt seem like theres much change from the initial proposal, but there are a few subjects you are all going to want to pay some attention to such as English literature, Geography, Geology, Environmental Science...!
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Being accepted into the University of Cambridge, is the best achievement I have ever had. As it is the BEGINNING of the Academic year, I have created a video informing viewers of my education, and how poor my results where, but more importantly how I overcame expectations. Behind The Scenes Of Youtube: @IBZMO - Snapchat @IBZMO - Twitter @IBZMO - Instagram ___________________________ Business Enquiries Only: [email protected] ___________________________ PO BOX - To send me some seasoning......!
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In this video, I go through what your qualification means and describing the different NQF levels. Some content on the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA_ is also included. There will be a series on the NQF, relating so some qualifications and how to progress in your career, these will include GCC, PR Eng, MBA and more. This information was obtained from SAQA website. Heres where you can find further detail. Share your comments below ---------------------------------...!
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Are you looking to go into further education in the UK and are not sure whether to choose A-Levels or IB? This video explains the differences and will hopefully make your decision easier....!
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👨‍⚕️For Mock MMIs, personal statement reviewing, careers advice: 📝My Medicine revision notes: 📕My e-book on how to write a first class essay: 🗂My Medicine interview revision notes: 📃My Medicine personal statement: 📒My Biomedical Science dissertation: Whats up guys! My name is Kenji and I a...!
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Find out how you can apply to UK Top Uni & Medical school thru UK A levels. Meet face to face with Ms. Yasmin, Chief Education Officer, Oxford Intl College (Top A level College in England) to find out more. Free admission. Suntec Convention Level 3 Concourse Sat 17 Nov 12 -7 pm. Call 61009800 for prior counselling session before event...!
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Welcome back to my channel! Todays video is all about how I got into university without any a levels. Please subscribe to see my journey through university. 🖤Black lives matter🖤 List of resources: Playlist of videos to stream which donate ad revenue: Follow me: Insta: Depop: Twitter: https://...!
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Today is Scottish A-levels and GCSEs results day, and there are terrible results from the standarising with 93% have been lowered with only 6% being increased from the teachers rank... NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR A LEVELS!! many unhappy students on #SQAResults #SQAResultsDay #AlevelResultsDay Hopefully the algorithm be fixed for GCSEs and A Levels!! Please sign the petition I read!
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#gcse2020 #alevel2020 #predictedgrades 1900 schools have be submitted their predicted grades to an educational data lab called FFT and we have our first insight into what you teachers are giving you as predicted grades for GCSE 2020. This report is for GCSE 2020 grades only however I think its reasonable to guess there would be similar findings for teacher predicted grades for A level 2020. The report compared the exam data to 2019 GCSE results so we can see whether in general your teachers ar...!
Channel Title : Mentour Pilot Views : 102133 DisLikes : 37 Published Date :2015-05-31T19:54:46Z What academic requirements are there to become an airline pilot? Are there any? In this video I will try and answer some of those questions. Enjoy! Welcome! On this channel you can expect video-blogs, technical instructions, flying techniques and much more about the wonderful world of commercial aviation and the life of airline pilots. I am using my 13 years of experience as an airline pilot, training-captain and TRI/TRE to give you MY view of the airline business and...!
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BUY MY MERCHANDISE! Business Email: [email protected] PO Box: Anastasia C/O Red Hare Somerset House Strand London WCR2 1LA ♡ - Use this code for free gift-cards! ♡ Disclaimer - I am not trying to brag, all opinions are my own. I will state in the video and in the description if the video is sponsored by a brand or company. FAQ: ♡ Where do you live? Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. ♡ How old are you? I am 16, my bir...!
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Graeme McQueen, Head of Development and Alumni Relations at Warminster School, explains the differences between IB and A-level programmes and talks about possibilities for students of each British Boarding Schools Weekend British Education Fair 22-23 of October, 2016 .!
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Change quality to 1080p (its sooooo much better) | My social medias | Instagram: @sparklegem_ TikTok: @gemmaah01 | FAQ |🌹 How old are you // 18 What do you use to film // Canon 750d What do you use to edit // iMovie Where do you live // South of England Hope you enjoyed todays video! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, comment down below any more videos you wanna see and subscribe to my channel for new uploads every ...!
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Hyperglycemia is the name given for high blood glucose levels. Diabetes UK lists a value of over 8 mmol/L, taken at least 2 hours after the last meal, as being higher than normal. The Mayo Clinic notes that the signs of high blood sugar may not appear until blood sugar level;s rise above 11 mmol/L. Signs that your blood sugar is high can include: • Feeling thirsty • Needing to urinate often • Feeling tired and lethargic • Feeling hungry despite having eaten recently • Not being ab...!
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Heres a short video of someone testing their blood glucose....!
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To learn how to code and start your own journey to passive income, visit and sign up for free. The first 200 people will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription :) In this video, Ill be breaking down the 3 levels to making money online - a video I wish I had seen when I started out on my journey 13 years ago... Timestamps: 01:30 - What is money? 01:55 - The 3 Levels of Making Money Online 02:25 - Level 1 Make Money Online By Selling Your Services 06:10 - Level 2 M...!
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Sozzle about the lighting b x *DISCLAIMER: I sat my A Levels in 2017 and Id love to give more general advice but I struggle to remember a lot of stuff and my advice is probably outdated. When I took my A Levels, not all were new spec so my knowledge is quite limited. Id love to help but I really have nothing more to say other than what is in my videos. Im sure theres lots of people who are able to help more but you can find all my school based videso here -!
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Please support me, as it’s hard being a small creator: Thank you so much for watching! Make sure you subscribe: Social Media/Links Instagram: Twitter: massimogpeluso Podcast: ThroughMyEyes Wordpress: TheRealMassimo blogs Email: [email protected] #College #BTEC...!
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Swahili, a language declared to be the countrys second national language, is not sounding well for a majority of citizens....!
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Weston College can offer you a choice of over 30 A Level subjects and Level 3 BTECs, all taught by expert teachers at our lively and vibrant Sixth Form Centre. Our A Level provision is tailored to help you gain the qualifications and skills that will put you ahead of the competition when applying for university, jobs, or further study.!
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A networking and information event set out how Berkshire businesses can work with education providers to address future skills gaps. Leading education provider Activate Learning hosted a T Levels breakfast briefing on Thursday 21 March in Reading. Continuing falls in unemployment levels, Brexit uncertainty and potential limitations on migrant workers could impact negatively on an already widening Berkshire skills gap. Advances in technology will mean that some jobs will disappear completely, re...!
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English For You - Learning English is much easier now! Elementary Levels - Lesson 1: Welcome This level is for students whit a basic level of english. It is composed of 30 Lessons. Learning English has never been so easy. Note: Buy the students book to learn english faster. Visit: Not:Bu videoyu pekiştirmek için mutlaka çalışma kitaplarını almanız lazım (Students Books). Bu kitaplar sayesinde tüm konuları çok daha kolay öğrenece...!
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Jerudong International School, Brunei, a British International School and IB World School has 320 students studying for their 2 years pre-University courses. This video introduces you to students studying both programmes at the School. Watch and listen to some of the IB Diploma students introduce you to IB Life at JISBrunei! What can studying in Brunei, on the island of Borneo, South -East Asia offer to you? Meet some of the A Level students! Hear their thoughts about the A Level programme th...!
Channel Title : The NCS Views : 875 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-08-03T09:00:10Z
For the third year, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) in East London, UK, has succeeded in securing students offers to study at Ivy League Universities. This year, we’ve managed to gain FIVE offers for students to study at Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. They follow in the footsteps of our alumni Tafsia and I...!
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Source: FE News chat with Lucy Hunte, National Programme Manager, Apprenticeships Talent for Care, with Health Education England about scaling Apprenticeship and T Level delivery at #EPALive in Wembley. The NHS is the largest employer in the UK, with a £200 million Apprenticeship Levy pot. So we asked Lucy to give the sector advice on how to deliver Apprenticeships and T Levels with a large employer with over 350 roles mapped in their or...!
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About Campus Life The MCI Nursing Institute provide high quality, concurrent education to all its students there by crafting a breed of exceptionally skilled, technically abreast & innovative nursing professionals. The main purpose of MCI is to equip the medical field with qualified Graduate and Post Graduate nursing professionals. MCI aims to meet the growing needs of medical education & concurrent health needs with the latest technologies in restorative treatments. We provide value-based educa...!
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Use an easy 6-step method to analyze blood gases for the right answer. Quick and easy! Download the free ebook at!
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Thanks 🙂 and welcome check out my new channel for frequently asked questions dont forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon.🔔 Do watch other video about this topic in this playlist... KAISE BANEGI BODY SERIES | 100% SCIENCE | BY DR.EDUCATION: Science of Supplements | Pre & Post Workouts, Proteins & More | Dr.Education:!
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THE LONDON SESSION Live discussion platform for all aspects of trading and abilities. This is an educational daily stream not a signals service. Although,, Feel free to copy the trades live all will be explained entry, stops and Tp levels every day! Thanks for supporting what we do here. I hope you all gain something from what we are trying to achieve. Help the community we are building grow to rid the world of scammers and fake mentors praying on the uneducated. We do not sell dreams he...!
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This is a bad situation and no year has ever experienced this however, on this channel I want to help spread positivity and happiness. We are not aware of what will be happening however I will keep updating on this channel. If you want daily updates follow my snapchat: inaraandre12 Ring Light: Ig: inaraandre_ and you can contact me on here too. Kepp calm and keep studying - we never know whats coming next! *make sure to change the video quality to 720p if it’s blurr...!
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Digital learning is shaping our future. It’s opening up education to more people than ever before. With Pearson’s online courses, flexible lesson times, a choice of subjects, and interactive learning resources are only a click away. For more information:!

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