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All up to date videos of Eleanor talking! ENJOY! WHERE TO FIND ME: ❤TWITTER: www.twitter.com/foreverpeazer ❤KEEK: www.keek.com/foreverpeazer ❤INSTAGRAM: @ForeverPeazer ❤YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/daniellepeazerx Thank you for watching & subscribing xxxx...!
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Nos siga no Twitter e no Instagram @CalderBrasil92 e se inscreva no canal e ative as notificações para não perder nada sobre a Eleanor Jane Calder...!
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Lets just respect our difference ships and believes and opinion. Why is that so hard? And by the way, its kinda hard to have an opinion on something that their is proof to. Tina is real tho, she exist....!
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Eleanor and Louis partying with friends at Toy Room London on March 8th, 2019. VIDEOS VIA: jadelynguyen, calvinrodgers, jordangreen, akozy | instagram story...!
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I think this is the cutest couple in One Direction, thats pretty much it....!
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My other video!!! her voice its so kiut btw yes she is from England. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrTCeXK9-EY&list=UUw90nfT3gdAvO8ZudWI2sXg Blog: http://retosdeluisap.blogspot.com/2014/05/sobre-mi.html...!
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Eleanor Calder Defends Sophia Smith Over Liam & Cheryl Comments! Subscribe to Hollywire | http://bit.ly/Sub2HotMinute Send Chelsea a Tweet! | http://bit.ly/TweetChelsea Awkward or totally untrue? An article came out saying that Liams ex, Sophia Smith commented on his new relationship with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, but then Louiss Ex Eleanor Calder got involved saying the interview was COMPLETELY FABRICATED! Hey guys Im your host Chelsea Briggs and youre watching the Hollywire Hot Minute! Sub...!
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hi guys welcome back to my channel! Larry Update 1 - https://youtu.be/VnMQPlg0zvc April 5 - May 9 Larry Update 2 - https://youtu.be/4wkDtb0gaGo May 9 - June 18 Larry Update 3 - https://youtu.be/6pa5jUCOr4w June 16 - July 12 in my larry stylinson updates, i talk about anything larry related, anything harry related, anything louis related and any recent proofs! see you next week - Loz :) music - Right Now and Strong all credits to music owners i don’t own anything s o c i a l s instag...!
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The full IG live video from Armstrong Martinss instagram (realarmstronguk_) on October 17th, 2018, featuring Eleanor Calder with Bruce and Clifford Tomlinson!...!
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Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder enjoy a cigarette break before heading into the T-Mobile Arena VIP entrance for the Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather’s Las Vegas boxing bout. The couple arrived in a chauffeur driven 4x4 and hung outside for 20 minutes before heading into the venue....!
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Me and my friends meeting Eleanor in LA in March of 2012 at Starbucks. We met Eleanor inside Starbucks and as she got her drink she told us to come outside with her and talk to her while she drinks it. We talked to her for a few minutes and then she asked us if we knew where Urban Outfitters was. Eleanor is really shy and she barely said anything while we talked with her but she was very sweet! Also, one of the reasons she was extremely shy was because she was ALONE. Louis and the rest of the b...!
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I really like Eleanor and I think she and Louis are the most beautiful couple in the world so dont hate her I am a directioner and love Louis and this is one of the reasons because I like Eleanor she is exact the type of girl who can make tommo happy. xoxo...!
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Ana Becerra gave her side of the airport brawl, claiming she became a victim when Louis gf went on the attack. SUBSCRIBE: http://tmz.me/cLxA82p About TMZ Live: Subscribe to the TMZLive YouTube channel for new clips Monday-Friday at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm (PST). TMZ Live blends elements of the TMZ website with TV for a global conversation that starts in the newsroom and involves viewers from all over the world via skype, phone and twitter. Join Harvey Levin, Charles Latibeaudiere and the rest of the T...!
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Thumbs up for the lovely Calder! :D Links: Blog: http://bellastyle14.blogspot.dk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bellastyle14 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BellaStyle14/153750971350126 Photography Blog: http://all-i-see-is-gold.blogspot.dk/ Tumblr: http://bellastyle14.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/bellastyle14 Polyvore: http://isabella-bondo.polyvore.com/ ask.fm: http://ask.fm/isabellabondo P.O Box ID30517865 Isabella Bondo Hansen Pakkeboks 656 5210 Odense Denmark Than...!
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ello luvsss very short video, im sorta busy with online school and all :( larry crack coming soon! remember to stay safe and tpwk 💗! muahh -f...!
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Follow me on twitter!! http://twitter.com/CalderNation I love you Eleanor ♥...!
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Me pidieron este video muchisimo asi que aqui se los dejo, un poco de la señorita Eleanor Calder, Espero que les sirva de algo para quienes quieran conocerla un poco mas o tengan dudas de ella. @Nikol5SOS en Twitter....!
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The lovely BBC man holding our camera seems to have forgotten about Harry for a bit - saarrryy! For more One Direction stuff go to http://www.sugarscape.com/one-direction...!
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Hello!!! We publish stories of snapchat / instagram since 2016 by Tyler Posey, Arden Cho, Crystal Reed, Taylor Swift, Cole Sprouse, Asa Butterfield, Jessica Barden, David Henrie, Dakota Fanning, Melanie Martinez, Tom Holland, Camila Mendes, Sofia Carson , Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Cardi B, Millie Bobby Brown, Lana Condor, Dua Lipa, Dove Cameron, Bella Thorne, Hilary Duff, Nina Dobrev, Becky G, Kim Kardashian, Hailee Steinfeld, Sabrina Carpenter, Victoria Justice, Holland Roden, Shawn Mendes, Va...!
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Before you all say it, yes I know theyre not together anymore. So, I made this just because I was bored and wanted to. I just hope both of them are happy and stayed friends :) 2:30-2:35 kills me every time because of how it transitions 😍...!
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Happy one year anniversary to one of my all-time favorite couples! I hope you guys stay together for a long, happy time :) Youre too adorable and perfect together. I feel like the song fits Eleanor and Louiss relationship because a lot (not all) of the Larry shippers are saying Eleanor is just a cover for Larry/beard, or people are just saying that Elounor is fake for whatever other reason. So this video is about how Louis is saying that nobody knows about what happens between him and Eleanor w...!
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In this video all the most interesting about Eleanor Calder. My opinion on it:She is very lovely, beautiful, it has a charming smile! And me absolutely all the same what at it was passed. Put LIKE, subscribe for my channel and Ill please you with new videos on different subjects....!
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Song: Scars (Tove Lo)...!
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http://eleanorcalderlife.blogspot.hu/ Egy lány, akinek megváltozik az élete. A magasból a mélyben találja magát. Minden reményét elveszíti, és csak zuhan. Vajon lesz aki segít neki, vagy teljesen egyedül marad? Eleanor Calder Life Ha előzetest/fejlécet szeretnél készíttetni a blogodhoz/fanfictionödhoz akkor küldd el a linkjét az alábbi e-mail címre: [email protected] :)...!
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Hola, este es mi primer vídeo y va dedicado a una hermosa chica que es novia de uno de mis mas grandes ídolos, Eleanor Calder que esta de cumpleaños y cumple unos hermosos 20 años Hi , this one is my first video and is dedicated to a beautiful girl who is a girlfriend of one of my big mas idols, Eleanor Calder that this of birthday and it expires a few beautiful 20 years Happy Birthday xxxxxx...!
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Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder...!
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Loro stanno bene insieme, ci stanno anche da un pò.... Sno sicura che le directioners nn sno daccordo cn me ma anche io sno una directioners!...!
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Credit: http://haveyoutriedcocaine.tumblr.com/...!
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I snorted. Im more interested in my chemistry book which Im willing to throw out of the window or burn than Louis in her....!
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Apologies for the voiceover - Ive got a bit ( a lot) of a cold! x LAST VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq0dV1MjVPU To see what I get up to throughout the week, check out my vlog channel : http://youtube.com/PlanetGabb TWEET ME : http://twitter.com/velvetgh0st INSTAGRAM : @velvetgh0st FACEBOOK : http://facebook.com/velvetgh0st TUMBLR : http://velvetghst.tumblr.com PRODUCTS USED : - rimmel wake me up - rimmel wake me up concealer - mac paint pot : mooncake - anastasia brow wiz - maybelli...!
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Dale like, compartelo & suscribete.♥...!
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Made by @niallmulingar...!
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Fanvideo made for the beautiful Eleanor Jane Calder Enjoy and I hope you like it! Tell me what you think, and no hate please And please follow my Eleanor account on twitter: @xLovely_Hazza...!
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Happy birthday Eleanor❤️...!
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Instagram: trisshhaa Twitter: https://twitter.com/itstrishaa...!
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I do not own any of these material. Credits to the owners. SHARE IF YOU LIKED IT!...!
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One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson arrives to jimmy kimmel live...!
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Stop saying Eleanor is rude or scared. Shes really nice. She ran because of the light. She took pictures with a lot of people at Starbucks later soo And I wasnt the one who said Be my mom. Just saying :)...!

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