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My favorite poems: Hate takes alot of Love I kneel on the floor, Tears falling from my eyes. I have learnt to hate you, Along with all your lies. Then why do I still love you? Why am i still here? When you have broken me, and still not shed a tear. People say its plain to see, People say its clear. That if i just run away, You would just disapear. But nothing was ever simple, Theres nothing clear to see. I could never run away, From what was once so dear to me. I lo...!
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I put together some of favorite depression quotes... I hope you like it......!
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aye aye aye of course some of the quotes in here are more iconic than others and obviously I forgot some but ayeeeee grab some mixed nuts & cheez whiz and enjoy the video yall let me know if you guys like this vid or naaahhahahhhh THE DRUNK HISTORY OF FOB IS SO DAMN ICONIC YALL YALL YALL YALL and yeah have a gr8 day, get some sleep, eat a potato, and byee guys!! thanks for +420 subs yo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️...!
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Song: Knives and Pens- Black Veil Brides I dont want to hear anything about how emos suck, or how gay emos are cuz honestly i dont give a fuck. K? I really like this song and i thought an emo quotes video would be perfect for this song. Hope you enjoy :)...!
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do not judge...!
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Hi My Lovers! I just wanted to let you know that I do not own the music or the pictures in this video!!! Please Enjoy!...!
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This is my first video...!
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This is a video I put together . Hope you enjoy. Comment and subscribe. Thank you....!
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my twitter: https://twitter.com/yostonys were i got the music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg...!
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some are funny some are sad but i like them...!
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I decided to put this video together of my favorite Emo quotes and sayings i hope you like it. :) Music by: (simple plan- my life)...!
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I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES PROVIDED ALL MUSIC RIGHTS GO TO ORIGINAL ARTISTS Im back with some pretty ok edits? Idk but please subscribe to my lame arse. Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlixLee40875399...!
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To all you emos out there.... Im one too...!
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Hey guys!! iHope you like my FIRST video! Its just a slide-show with some emo quotes :] Ohh, andd iGot all these images from Google Images! Band - Evanescence Song - Wake me up Inside (A.K.A. Bring me to Life) Album - Fallen Released - 2003...!
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Just some emo quotes I found on the internet. Enjoy!...!
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hope you like this vid...!
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I Own None....!
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I gt bored so ya nd i recorded this on my Phone PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!!!...!
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This is emo quotes that I liked Song: scars to your beautiful...!
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Im soooo sorry if anyone was affend or anything and if you need someone to talk to im here...!
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Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can’t always see The pain someone feels - Anonymous...!
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plz no hate comments i made this vid cause i care about people that feel left out that need help and that cant get it, about people that are left behind abandoned or forgotten in the dark all alone with no one to care for them....!
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check it out...i made it for my site...dont forget to visit it.... the song is by Something Corporate....nice one...!
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I dont own anything at all! songs: Taylor Swift: The Way I Loved You Love Story The Best Day Im Only Me When Im With You Crazier...!
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this is something i made for school but they didnt let me show it so now its for youtube the song is from yesterday by 30 seconds to mars...!
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sorry for the poor quality ! :) thanks for viewing my 1st video on youtube !...!
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Basically what the title said... Song is Scarlet by Brooke Fraser. Ighht. Peace....!
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Just alittle video Instagram: love_youtubers_or_gtfo Twitter: avonsbxsic Hope you like it Like comment and share Love you...!
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Song: A Breath Of Sunshine by SKSK Lyrics: Lost myself in an endless goodnight Kept the time by the patterns of the streetlight Couldnt get it right I could never get it right Sadly, this is a wasted conversation Lost on you, lost on you This is a test of my patience Your blue eyes are so cruel I cant escape all the things we said Im taking years off my life with the weight of regret Now theres nothing left There is nothing left to lose Shouldnt I feel alive? I swear that I ...!
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here is a video with unseen pictures...!
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EMO QUOTES for your love hope you guys enjoy it...!
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video i thought i should make when i was bored hope you like it also these pictures are not mine (music by:gregory and the hawk-boats and birds...!
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Kayluhh and Cierra arent really emo, but who doesnt love to put on a ton of mascara and pretend to cut yourself?...!
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I am Physicdisruption just lost my old account so now Im here so I still own this vid...!
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Emo quotes. If you are hurting inside please let people know. Dont keep it in. Those scars are not needed. Mentally or physically....!
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Just bcuz I wanted to...!

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